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After Fang Zhao said this line, the room sunk into silence.

It was so quiet that only breathing could be heard.

The specialty tea leaves of Teasandsea had a refreshing scent to them. On a blistering hot day, the scent would let people feel a pleasurable cooling, but now, under this sort of silent and stagnating atmosphere, it caused one to feel a little chilly.

Both parties in the room were trying to outlast the other in keeping their composure.

Roman's penetrating gaze studied the young man sitting on the opposite side of the coffee table.

It wasn't as if he had not given any thought to Fang Zhao's purpose for appearing here, and he had even suspected that the other party had come because of "Founding Era." He had very quickly given up on that thought, as from what he had seen, the possibility was so low that it was completely impossible. Furthermore, Fang Zhao had indeed been helping the police with a case and had appeared elsewhere on the cruise when the auction had started. Therefore, Romans doubts had been cleared in no time.

But now...

Roman abruptly shattered the silence in the room. "You still dare to even think about it!"

The circumstances in front of him showed that not only did Fang Zhao dare to think about it, this youngster had even said it out loud right in front of him.

If he hadn't received a proper explanation about the unfortunate events involving the suspect a short while ago, he would even suspect the whole incident to have been an elaborate ruse!

However, Roman really did not like it when actors beat around the bush when in front of him either.

Having been a director for so many years, he had seen countless film emperors from every continent. He only instructed actors as a director during filming, and actors trying to play games in front of his eyes would find it hard. Furthermore, now that Roman's status was already so high, he disliked it when minor actors tried to beat around the bush in front of him.

He had never expected that the one in front of him had not even tried such a thing. Fang Zhao had gone straight to the point!

Roman squinted and once more studied the person in front of him. Did he speak this way after fully understanding my temperament?

"I have studied many historical resources and understand the martyr Fang Zhao. I cannot deny that on many fronts, you are indeed very similar to the Fang Zhao in the drama series and that there is some resemblance between you and the image I have envisioned, which has given me lots of inspiration. I can let you become a body double. Given your agility, I can draw up a contract for you to sign right now. But!" At this moment, Roman's entire demeanor changed. It was as if a raging tempest had surged, enveloping the entire area around the coffee table. "If you want this role, that is basically impossible! You aren't even an actor. At present, you don't even have a single representative work, and you completely lack acting experience! You, what can you use to fight for it?!"

Fang Zhao's gaze did not back down from Roman's change in demeanor, nor did he lose confidence or appear weak. On the contrary, he replied, "For this role, I can act better than all the others."

"Representative works! Awards! Only these are the most direct proof of your ability, not empty promises!"

"That is why I'm asking for a chance now, a chance to prove my worth," Fang Zhao replied.

Why had he looked for Roman?

Because Roman dared to use newcomers. This was an unconventional gambit!

Fang Zhao had analyzed a lot of people to try and find a breakthrough. Roman was the best place to start. Only here would he be able to fight for a chance!

The room once again fell back into silence.

It was so quiet that the sound of Roman's fingers rubbing the rim of his teacup could be heard.

Fang Zhao did not add anything further, instead continuing to wait in silence. There was no need to say too many unnecessary words in front of this globally acclaimed director. Roman would make his own judgments.

After a short while had passed, Roman said, "You studied my temper beforehand."

Roman loved to promote fresh talent in his own works, as he loved to unearth gold that had been neglected and buried away. He loved to "wipe away the grime on a pearl" so he could see the instant when it glittered!

He loved creating stars!

When his career finally concluded, he wanted to look back at his accomplishments, that night sky full of resplendent stars!

If a question was posed: "Among the people from the entire project with the authority to decide such a thing, who among them had the highest possibility of using fresh talent?"

The answer would be only Nova Roman!

Every newcomer that had been pushed forward by him would make it big, and those with brains or who could speedily adapt to this industry had already stood on the golden pedestal in the entertainment circles.

However, for the "Founding Era" project, Roman had originally decided to go about it conservatively. Now that he had met Fang Zhao in person, though, he was wavering.

A revolutionary film project like "Founding Era," according to Roman, naturally had a different significance, but his internal raging ambition and his tendency to take risks caused Roman to change his original outlook.

Not only was Fang Zhao not considered a fresh newcomer, he wasn't even an actor. However, what harm was there in giving him a chance? Who had asked this youngster to suit Roman's tastes!? And furthermore, Fang Zhao was practically the same as the image of the role Roman had constructed in his mind!

Never mind, just consider it me repaying the favor.

In his heart, Roman had found a very good excuse for himself. Should Fang Zhao fail, and if others were to ask about it in the future, he would be able to explain.

"On account of the inspiration you have furnished and you saving me, I shall give you a chance. However, there are some things I have to say. 'Founding Era' is a revolutionary project. The role of the martyr Fang Zhao is an extremely important one. Even as the lead director, I don't have full authority, and I can't just decide alone." Roman added extra emphasis in his tone. "Ten days from now, I will give you a chance for an audition! But this is just a preliminary trial. If you pass this stage, your audition video will be put together with the audition videos of other actors and sent for the second round of selection. After those videos have been filtered, the ones that pass will be shown to the other policy makers and a vote will be called to decide. You have to prepare well!"

Fang Zhao had to make mental preparations for being overlooked, facing those policymakers with high authority, and dealing with the vicious looks from other great masters in the film circles!

After he had said all this, Roman's penetrating gaze once again became warm, like the gentle breeze after a torrential downpour. He didn't look at Fang Zhao and instead gazed out the window and brandished his hands, indicating that Fang Zhao could leave.

If Fang Zhao had not brought up this request, perhaps he might have discussed with Fang Zhao and analyzed the historical figure Fang Zhao more, but now, there was no need.

"The entire selection process takes a long time, and the competition is very intense. Whether you can make it depends entirely on you. You have to be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses," Roman said unhurriedly.

In 10 days' time, if the results were satisfactory, he would give Fang Zhao an official chance to be in the running and would surely give Fang Zhao guidance and assistance. But that was all he would be able to do for Fang Zhao.

Fang Zhao stood up and sincerely replied, "Many thanks!"

After stepping out from Roman's place, Fang Zhao returned to his own room on the cruise before giving Duan Qianji a call. He needed a professional acting instructor to come over and give him guidance. Even if he was only showing his inherent qualities, he still needed to grasp the necessary acting techniques, and online coaching had its limitations. Also, Roman would not be able to provide Fang Zhao with much help, so 10 days was actually very tight.

Yanzhou, Silver Wing headquarters. The time zone was different; it was still daytime here.

In the top floor office, Silver Wing boss Duan Qianji had been frustrated recently. The few big name film stars in the company were all in the midst of fighting for roles. Duan Qianji had already provided all the assistance she could give, but not a single one had been able to lock down a role. Even the company's top-rated He Lisi had yet to receive a final contract.

But of course, Duan Qianji also understood that there were many other entertainment companies that were as anxious as Silver Wing. Everyone was having the same feelings.

Duan Qianji got her assistant to pour a cup of coffee and was about to go over the latest reports. It was at this moment that she received an incoming call from Fang Zhao.

"Fang Zhao? Aren't you on a long vacation—important matter? All right, go ahead, I will listen to it... Cough, cough, cough..." Duan Qianji, who had been sipping on coffee to freshen herself up, choked when she heard Fang Zhao's words.

Duan Qianji's assistant shot her boss an astonished look. Recently, she had not seen her boss so excited.

But right now, Duan Qianji could not bother about anything else. The shock of Fang Zhao's information had been too forceful.

"Who did you say it was?! Are you sure it was  that Roman?"

Probably only top-rated film stars could get the opportunity of a screen test from Head Director Nova Roman, and if those top-rated film stars lacked some tricks, they wouldn't even get that chance. As for others, they wouldn't even get to see Roman's shadow, let alone an opportunity for an audition.

Yet Fang Zhao, who wasn't even in the showbiz circles, had actually obtained a rare opportunity for an audition from Nova Roman.

Duan Qianji tried to control her fluctuating mood, but when she spoke, her tone still contained disbelief and surprise. "Where are you now?"

"Teasandsea Cruise Ship No. 9," Fang Zhao replied.

"He is really on the cruise?"

There was too much smoke online. An hour ago, there had been many people saying that Director Roman had participated in the auction, but it had very quickly been refuted by others saying that they had not spotted Roman at the actual venue. There had only been someone who had a similar body shape to Roman. People treated this as Roman duping them once again.

She could not believe that this was actually true!

"All right... Prepare yourself first, and you must absolutely not leak this information externally. I will send someone over immediately!"

Now, Duan Qianji was even more nervous than Fang Zhao. She had known that Fang Zhao was definitely up to something when he had applied for the vacation.

And when he was up to something, it would be a big matter!

Regardless of how Fang Zhao had gotten ahold of this opportunity, Duan Qianji was only looking at the result right now! An opportunity meant hope, and with hope there was a possibility! Every single opportunity had to be grasped.

After ending the call, in line with Fang Zhao's request, Duan Qianji went to browse through a few satisfactory names and checked on these people's arrangements. Following that, she made a call.

On a certain floor in Silver Wing tower, an actor was coaching over 10 second- and third-rate actors. Shen Wei was signed to Silver Wing on a special contract as an instructor. He received a call from Duan Qianji and left.

This batch of students thought that Shen Wei had stepped out to make a call and would return very quickly. However, 30 minutes had already passed and Shen Wei had not returned. Instead, it was another younger instructor who came over. "Senior Shen Wei has something to attend to. I will be taking over this week's training sessions."

When the students heard this news, suspicions and doubts surged like a torrent in their hearts. However, they tried their best to maintain "we understand," "we will cooperate," and "we are quiet and obedient" looks.

But the instructor was able to see through it from the twinkling in their eyes from time to time, as well as their lack of focus.

However, this much-younger instructor did not say anything. He also knew what this bunch was thinking. Actually, even he had his own suspicions.

The training classes had only started two days ago, and they were changing instructors now?

Changing instructors was not something uncommon, but circumstances now were different. This was a sensitive time.

Unless some actor in the company had landed an opportunity for a screen test? Otherwise, the company would not be so urgent in transferring Senior Instructor Shen Wei away.

Very quickly, this information spread through the company.

"Was Shen Wei really transferred out for the time being?"

"Indeed, it's been verified!"

"How is the progress of the companies top-rate and first-rate film stars? Which of them has gotten an opportunity for a screen test?"

"No idea. Information about that bunch is kept under tight wraps. Even if they got a chance for a screen test, they wouldn't reveal it."

"All we can do is wait, then. Let's see which entertainment reporter will release the news first."

"Speaking of entertainment reporters... Where has Wang Tie gone to? Wasn't he given the title of Yanzhou's Paparazzi King? He's been so quiet—there hasn't even been a fart from him!"

"Recently, there really hasn't been any news of him. At this sort of time, being too quiet doesn't seem like his style."

"I having a nagging feeling in my heart, as if he is up to something big."

"Actually, there is only so much in these circles. The roles are all determined by the status of the industry. How big can it even get? Whatever stirring and hyping in the news is ultimately just going to be something that makes sense and is expected!"

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