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Yan Biao did not spend too much time on planet Baiji before returning back to Earth. Yan Biao appeared fine as they were leaving. He had gotten to meet his comrades and had been living well since he had been discharged. Although there was some regret and a slight reluctance to leave, people always had to move forward and look to the future. After adjusting his mentality, he felt more carefree.

On the contrary, Zuo Yu was really reluctant to leave. This foreign planet garrison was how he had always imagined it to be. These constructions in progress were where future immigrants were going to stay. He had not seen enough yet!

However, as Memorial Day was approaching, Zuo Yu could not continue staying on planet Baiji either. He and Yan Biao had a scheduled space flight to catch. As Memorial Day drew closer, certain construction sites ceased operating, as the workers all wanted to return back to Earth and celebrate with their families. There were too many people and too few scheduled space flights. As the time drew closer, it would be harder to schedule a return trip, so it was best if they left earlier.

Fang Zhao had given them a Memorial Day vacation. Recently, there had also been fewer production crews in the film entertainment complex, so not much manpower was required to keep an eye on things over there. Two of Yan Biao's old comrades would not be returning back to Earth, so they would stay they and keep watch.

Great-Grandfather and Great-Grandmother Fang had also decided not to return. After so many years, this was the first time they had gotten a chance to celebrate Memorial Day in a military district. This could very well be the last Memorial Day they would get to celebrate in a military district. In the future, as they aged, it might get inconvenient to travel far, let alone leave Earth and galavant on foreign planets.

Fang Zhao was different from the other outpost soldiers. He was only undergoing temporary military service, and generally speaking, conscripts had it slightly easier and got to enjoy a Memorial Day vacation too.

The two Fang elders had already helped Fang Zhao tidy up his quarters so he could have a good rest on Memorial Day.

This Memorial Day, the top brass had given conscripts a three-day vacation. In the early morning of Fang Zhao's first day of vacation, he brought along the water tank containing the "rabbit" from the outpost to the base's family area.

Kevin Lin also tagged along to the base. Given the nature of his profession, the base had arranged special quarters for him. However, Kevin Lin was very busy. He had already planned for a week-long "Military District Memorial Day" program. This had also been the column's request. Now he just needed to let Fang Zhao show his face for a bit during the live broadcast every day and Kevin Lin would not bother him after that.

Even without having a daily mission, Fang Zhao did not stay idle. He brought out the second draft of the script, which had been distributed to the consultation team, and checked the contents for areas that might need amendments.

As he looked through the script, as before, Fang Zhao connected to the internet and opened the consultation group's discussion platform.

The bunch of big shots were still as lively and did not realize it was close to Memorial Day. When heroes of the Period of Destruction were mentioned, these specialists would get very engrossed in chatting.

Fang Zhao had also been talked about many times. These bunch of people also knew that discussing too much about the personal affairs of the few great generals was not too good. If they went overboard, the big families of the respective continents would take issue, but for Fang Zhao, they did not need to worry about anyone looking into things. In any case, that leader did not have any direct descendants.


Five hundred years had already passed, who even cared if you were related to him!?

During the initial stages of the New Era, seeking favors through family ties had not necessarily brought about many benefits. Now, 500 years later, it was even more unlikely.

Therefore, even if there was anyone put on the pretext of being "Period of Destruction leader Fang Zhao's relative," it would do them no good.

However, when some people mentioned unsavory rumors about Fang Zhao, even without Fang Zhao himself saying anything, the old head consultant personally made a statement and listed some excerpts from the memoirs of Su Mu, Lu Xi, and the others to vouch for Fang Zhao's character.

Today, as he watched these bunch of people getting exhilarated from discussing important leaders of the Period of Destruction, Fang Zhao did not interrupt, as per usual.

For history of the Period of Destruction, Fang Zhao remembered those events that he had personally experienced, but regarding matters of the other continents, he might not know as much as these bunch of specialists who had studied the Period of Destruction.

Even for Yanzhou's history, if Fang Zhao said too much or mentioned too many details, especially for things that were hard to find evidence of, it would arouse suspicion.

After all, the setting for a historical drama differed from that of a game. The emphasis was also not the same. Thus, when Fang Zhao found stuff in the script that was not suitable and he could find evidence to back up his point, he put forward the examples. As for the rest, it was up to the screenwriters to do their part.

Watching these people start to gossip once more, Fang Zhao found it really funny.

Today, the style of the discussion platform had changed yet again. Today, this bunch of big shots were in fanboy and fangirl mode.

"My idol is well versed in art and warfare and has an impressive and imposing bearing!" a historian from Jinzhou enthusiastically said. The person he was speaking about was Jinzhou's Great General Chu Yuanjin.

"My idol is confident and elegant. His remarkable feats are unrivaled!" A historical archaeologist from Tongzhou eye's lit up like a fan when he talked about his idol. He was talking about Tongzhou's Great General Woo Tong.

"My idol is powerful, had bold vision, and was a natural beauty!" a historical literature scholar said. The one mentioned was Lazhou's "empress," Lakalina the First.

Following these were proclamations of adoration for Su Mu, Renault, and the others.

Every Founding Era great general had countless adorers. Even if many of these historians loved to unearth the private affairs of these prominent characters, choosing not to talk about these few great persons' personal affairs was doing an injustice to academics. But even after knowing that these people were not perfect, it still did not change their adulation for these great persons at all.

In the New Era, people viewed these heroic characters of the Founding Era with reverence and admiration. This was their conviction.

Each Founding Era general went through a round of praise, and Mr. Head Consultant paused but could no longer hold it in. "My idol is brave, a strong fighter, and a man of many talents!"

However, the moment Mr. Head Consultant said this line, a few others added, "He was an impressive person indeed, but he had ill fate."

Ill fated. This was the evaluation these historians had of Fang Zhao.

Having fought in Yanzhou for 90-something years, just as the fighting had been about to cease, he had fallen and had not even left behind a single direct descendant.

When historians talked about Fang Zhao, they had the same enthusiasm they had toward gossip, but at the same time, there were sighs and they felt sorry.

Watching these people start to sigh about the "ill-fated leader," Fang Zhao had rather complicated feelings. He had never expected that these people would feel this even more greatly than him.

However, for this matter, Fang Zhao did not take it to heart. In his previous life, just before he had died, he had felt regret, but the regret had been that he would not get to see the day the fighting stopped. As for anything else, he hadn't worried excessively about it.

Furthermore, he had obtained the chance of rebirth. This was something those old friends of his had never gotten.

Laughing soundlessly, Fang Zhao continued reading. After he finished reading through the second draft, he marked the areas with problems and added words onto it before sending it to the head consultant.

Back on Earth, Mr. Head Consultant had just finished chatting in the discussion platform. After he disconnected and was lamenting about Fang Zhao's bad luck with a few colleagues, he received a message notification. Looking at the sender's name, he could not help but laugh. "Whoa, just as we were talking about him, that little fella appears."

"What? Your disciple?" the person beside him asked curiously.

"You wish. It is a little fella from the consultant team. I heard that he was recommended by the Interplanetary Fund. He has a really firm grasp of history," Mr. Head Consultant said.

"What? Showing concern for the younger generation? There are so many juniors and young ones at the academy, but I have never seen you even say a single line of praise for them."

"This is different." Mr. Head Consultant glanced at the sender's name once more. "It is rare for this person to not be inhibited by that name."

The few people beside the head consultant gather around to look at the sender's name displayed on the screen and laughed. "No wonder. Having the exact same name as one of the leaders of the Period of Destruction is not easy at all. If he isn't careful, he could easily be stifled by the weight of that name."

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