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Yanzhou military district.

A civilian flying transport gradually drew closer. After identity verification, the transport landed on the parking ground.

People in the military district took one look at the flying transport and knew who it was. Generally, other than military flying transports and those with special labels, ordinary civilian flying transports were not permitted in the area. But with the buzz all over the news about Project Starlight, everyone in Yanzhou's military district knew, even those that did not pay attention to entertainment news.

However, the military district was different from Yanzhou's other cities. Even if the people there were curious about the youngest star in Project Starlight, they wouldn't be like people outside the district and engage in random discussion. Neither would they stare endlessly at the flying transport. The people here went about their jobs and posts as per usual.

Disembarking from the flying transport, right away, Fang Zhao could feel the contrasting atmosphere here compared to outside. It was way more solemn. If it were any other youngster that had not experienced this sort of setting, they would probably feel unease.

In the military district, Duan Qianji's husband, Hong Lou, had been making arrangements. A quick-witted junior officer had been assigned to fetch Fang Zhao.

As Fang Zhao would be undergoing his military service this time around, Zuo Yu would not be following. However, nobody here made things difficult for Fang Zhao. Naturally, they wouldn't, given Duan Qianji and Hong Lou's backing, as well as the influence of Project Starlight.

It was reasonable to say that many people in the military district, especially high ranking officers, did not think highly of celebrities from the entertainment industry. However, due to the amount of funding coming in thanks to Fang Zhao, these people were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

The military district was still lacking funding, let alone those far-off and remote planets that were still developing.

There were donation drives in society from time to time, and the amounts were huge, but military constructions had high even higher expenditures. Furthermore, as the distribution of funds was uneven, this resulted in a number of planets not having enough investments to keep up with the development plans. Poorer places stayed poor as the military expenditures were unable to be distributed there.

This was also the reason why there were many hidden details and monetary transactions in the military. Everyone wished to find more funding via all sorts of method. Securing funding for accelerating construction would count as a merit and help toward speedy promotions.

One example was having an instantaneous communication network between planets. Having a formidable communications network and safeguarding it required a lot of expenditure. Each communications installation for accessing this network was also extremely expensive, and the ordinary population absolutely had no chance to use it. Currently, only important military branches and an extremely small number of large-scale enterprises could use it.

Some remote planets in the preliminary stages of development only had one such communications installation on the planet.

This time, planet Baiji's high-ranking officers were delighted. Given that Fang Zhao was one of the five stars for Project Starlight, as long as he had the ability, he could garner support and donations from fans and Baiji would have a second communications installation. This was no longer a pipe dream!

With an upgraded communications network, problem-solving would get more efficient and construction could be sped up!

In line with this thinking, how could they not accomodate this person that was bringing in funding while undergoing military service? Furthermore, this was a plan pushed forward by the top brass. How could they not support it!

Therefore, Baiji's highest ranked officer, Shanta, had specifically contact a few old friends at Yanzhou's military district to help look after Fang Zhao. Fang Zhao was an artistic youth who dabbled in music and games and was not very tough. If they did not know how best to treat him, then just pamper him like a mascot. After all, after a month, he would leave for Baiji.

Those over at Yanzhou's side thought in their hearts: That goes without saying.

After all, Fang Zhao was a Yanzhou citizen. Although his military service would not be in Yanzhou, as long as Project Starlight obtained results, Yanzhou's military district would also reap the benefits.

Instructions from the top brass were for Fang Zhao to be assigned to the specialized group for military training.

The so-called specialized group were people who had technical expertise in certain areas, such as medicine or engineering, and who were headed to the same location.

These people with technical expertise had all completed their military service, but at their current jobs, to get promoted, they required more experience and contributions. Following the military service group to a remote planet to participate in construction was a way to gain experience. Though arduous and rather dangerous, the rewards were great, and it was worth the risk.

Among the batch about to head for Baiji, of all these technical experts, the youngest was also over 40, while the oldest had just passed 100. However, human lives in the New Era were longer, and 100 years old was still considered middle-aged.

First Frontline's assigned reporter, Kevin Lin, needed to report Fang Zhao's daily life to his superiors. He would also be required to take part in military training, but this sort of training for military service was not a problem for him.

"The people of the military district are clearly looking out for you. That is why you were assigned to the 'specialized group'." Kevin Lin rarely took the initiative to speak to Fang Zhao. He even placed emphasis on the words "specialized group" in a bid to provoke Fang Zhao's ego. "If you wish to participate in normal military training, I can..."

Before Kevin Lin even finished, Fang Zhao had started walking over to the specialized group.

Kevin Lin stood there with his mouth agape. He had originally planned to advise Fang Zhao to participate in normal military training. This way, he would be able to write a draft praising Fang Zhao's commendable spirit to his superiors, but who had expected that Fang Zhao would actually decide to train with the specialized group! How would he have the nerve to praise Fang Zhao?! Wasn't it said nowadays that youths in their teens to 20s were unable to bear hardship? Totally useless!

Kevin Lin went online to check on his other four colleagues who were also following celebrities. They had begun to write at a tremendous pace. In Project Starlight's first batch of five stars, besides Fang Zhao, the other four had applied for normal military training!

Kelvin Lin did not even need to go online to guess how the internet would evaluate Fang Zhao.

For Project Starlight's first batch of five stars, the other four were: Mazhou's Andre, a film star famous for his thrilling and hot-blooded action films; Fritz from Huangzhou, a reputed singer; Woo Tianhao, a professional race driver who was one of the younger generations of Woos, the aristocratic family in Tongzhou, and lastly, Lee Xiaoxiao from AJiNazhou (Azhou) a celebrated show host known for his lively and comical expressions that could draw laughter.

As a specially dispatched reporter, Kelvin Lin hoped that Fang Zhao would do something more compelling during the military training's free time, but when military training started, Kelvin Lin was disappointed once more.

The group had just finished running. Fang Zhao was not even sweating as he sat over on the side, chatting amiably with some older technical staff.

Kelvin Lin retracted his gaze and let out a long sigh.

His colleagues' stars were either singing or dancing, sparring with military district soldiers or amusing others with jokes and stories. When those actions were filmed, they could attract the views of many more fans.

Looking over at Fang Zhao's side, oh, today he is discussing construction theories with an engineer.

Kelvin Lin was some distance behind Fang Zhao and looked as if his soul had left his body, like he wasn't himself. How he wanted for something interesting to write about, but over here, it was only "construction theories," "species evolution," "communications network," and other boring topics.

At the end of every day, when Kevin Lin submitted his draft to Frontline First's chief editor, he could only put on a bitter face. What can I do? I am despairing too!

He just knew that he'd had the worst luck getting assigned here.

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