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Fiery Bird's press conference was the focus of the entire Yanzhou entertainment industry. All the invited media were large firms. Smaller and medium firms that were not qualified enough to be invited could only wait outside. Even if they could not be first to publish news from inside, news from the sidelines was good enough.

Unfortunately, they could only photograph the shapes of a few flying cars.

Fiery Bird's Yanzhou Branch was located in Qi'an's city center, a short distance away from Silver Wing Tower. But as a mark of respect for Fiery Bird, and to display their own status, the company had specially arranged for a longer and more luxurious flying car that had an image of Polar Light and the Silver Wing logo. On the day of the press conference, after Fang Zhao reached the office, he set off together with the other members of the department in the car the company had specially provided.

"So many people!"

Surveillance cameras were installed on the outside of the car. Those in the interior could see the images being recorded of the situation outside.

Outside Fiery Birdy's Yanzhou branch, other than the media that were unable to enter, there were also fans. Those fans wore clothing that had the emblems and insignias of the e-sports clubs they supported, and some had certain team members' aliases printed on them. For example, letterings and numbers, or some used their full name. Ke Zimo might have suffered a defeat in yesterday's practice match, but that had not affected his popularity.

Every time they saw a car from an e-sports club approach, the fans below screamed and shouted maniacally. When Fang Zhao and the others arrived, the people from Transcendental e-Sports Club arrived as well. Down below, howls and shrieks were coming from the Transcendental fans. When they saw a car window open and a head pop out and waved toward them, the shrieks became even more intense.

And regardless of which e-sports club they were fans of, they were all Fiery Bird fans.

Fiery Bird was really the biggest winner.

Fang Zhao caught sight of the constantly changing images on Fiery Bird's Yanzhou Branch building. There were images of Polar Light as well as group photos of the other e-sports clubs and a few promotional videos.

Fang Zhao brought his members and entered the building. The staff there told them the press conference would be held upstairs but that it had not yet started, so they could freely wander about.

A number of people were walking about in the first floor hall. The interior was a dazzling combination of science and games. There were holographic projections as well as material exhibitions. The 1st to 10th generation game consoles were all on display, as were their past games and the motorbike that had been all the rage these two days, T-Rex.

This time around, Fiery Bird had indeed been the biggest winner. They had garnered a lot of attention, viewership had been great, and their peripherals had been publicized.

The previous day's practice match had let everyone see the debut of the T-Rex, and now Fiery Bird had even made a material model. For this press conference, a material model of the T-Rex would serve as good publicity.

The models of T-Rex were divided into two categories, the type used in 2S and BOOM's practice match, the racing version, and the entry level model, the street version. The two versions would be available for purchase at the same time.

The racing version used in the practice match was slightly different from the street version. The bottom was entirely sealed up, and its lights and reflectors had been removed. The tires were different, and its exhaust pipes, handlebars, and gearbox had all been modified.

This had been carefully made by Fiery Bird. The racing version had been specially made with the purpose of yesterday's practice match in mind and had been made using references to Old Era technology and then modified.

Looking at these models, yesterday's race had not just been to publicize the game but also to publicize the peripherals as well. The map released for the practice match did not have many interfering factors, such as people or objects, as they had all been removed all for the purpose of speed and spectating. That was why, other than a few obstacles on the roads, there had been no other loose items, pedestrians, or cars.

But outside of these sorts of professional race settings—on normal roads, for example—or when the game was officially released, the one used by players would be the entry-level street version.

The racing version and street version might have seemed alike but, upon closer inspection, the differences were rather obvious. The racing version was like a wild beast full of killing intent ready to pounce at any moment. As for the street version, it had a more personalized touch to it.

What about gamers who were too young to enter "Battle of the Century"? They were even too young to enter the training platform.

No worries, there was the model.

Fiery Bird never ever gave up on young gaming enthusiasts.

This models came in scales of 1:18, 1:12, 1:4, and all sorts of standards, and they cost between 1,000-20,000, according to the size or where they could be deployed. Made from an alloy, they could be controlled through a person's terminal. The biggest difference with those in the game were probably their power size. These models did not use petrol but ran on rechargeable electricity.

With even more convenient and clean energy sources, why use methods from the Old Era.

Fang Zhao let his department members roam freely. He would head to the exhibition platform and see what other peripherals Fiery Bird had made in the past.

Ahead was a quarrel between members of e-sports clubs. It was not really a quarrel of sorts, just a butting of heads and exchanging of words, poking fun at the other party's pain.

"Wait till the official game is released; it won't be that simple then. Don't tell me you think that you can ride like that once it is officially released? Everything you see on TV is special effects, and in games, they are all imitating reality. When the time comes, there will be lots of obstacles on the ground. If anyone can do those impossible moves we saw from the practice match in the game once it is officially released, I won't hesitate to call him daddy!"

Fang Zhao's footsteps faltered slightly, and he looked over in that direction.

The insignia's on the people gathered there showed that they were members from 2S and Big Dipper e-Sports Clubs. Ke Zimo was also there, but he was not looking too good, probably from something a Big Dipper club member had said. And the words that had just been said were from a 2S member.

Seeing Fang Zhao glancing at them, Ke Zimo, who was holding in his pent-up frustrations ,vented it out on Fang Zhao. "What are you looking at?!"

The others also looked toward the direction of Fang Zhao.

"Mr. Fang." Big Dipper's captain Yi Yuan recognized Fang Zhao, introducing him to the others. "Silver Wing's Polar Light project producer, composer, and a new star in the entertainment circles."

"I know him. We even bought quite a lot of products that Polar Light endorses. You know the one from Muzhou?"

"Four Elephants."

"Yes, yes, yes. That brand really is not bad. We are still using it now."

"Mr. Fang, where is your one-hundred-million-dollar curly-haired dog?" a member of Big Dipper asked.

The whole team had talked about this Fang Zhao person before, so they knew a little about him.

Hearing the words from the Big Dipper members, 2S side also pieced things together.

"Oh! That dog worth one-hundred-million belongs to him?!" exclaimed 2S's vice captain, Abu.

However, as Fang Zhao was not part of the e-sports circles, their everyday knowledge of news outside of e-sports was limited.

Big Dipper's captain Yi Yuan thought of something. Looking at Ke Zimo he laughed. "Mr. Fang shares the same name as Yanzhou's leader during the Period of Destruction. Martyr Fang Zhao was my idol, so I have a deeper impression of Mr. Fang."

The matter with Ke Zimo talking about the Period of Destruction leader Fang Zhao and using his deeds as an example was known by everyone.

Fang Zhao looked at Ke Zimo over on the 2S side. "Not seeing does not mean it doesn't exist. What you can't do doesn't mean that nobody else can. Even if you doubt, when it comes to the martyrs, there should at least be some form of respect. Do take note in future."

Ke Zimo sneered. "Who do you think you are?! Having the same name as a martyr and you really think you are a leader?" After all, the only people here were them, and there was no media around. Fang Zhao was also from a different circle, so Ke Zimo did not care much about him.

"Ke Zimo!" Captain Xie He reprimanded him. Turning to Fang Zhao, he flashed an apologetic smile. "Of course we have utmost respect for the martyrs." They could not afford being burdened with the accusation of not respecting martyrs. But they only respected the martyrs, as for other people... they did not have the right!

"I heard that Fiery Bird might cancel Polar Light's endorsement deal in the near future. I hope when that time comes we still have the chance to meet you here, Mr. Fang." Xie He smiled politely.

"No problem, I just have to swipe my card." Fang Zhao fished out a golden VIP card. It had been sent over together with the invitation yesterday. Generally, unless Fiery Bird actively recalled the card, it would always remain valid. The cardholder could enter the Yanzhou Branch building anytime. Even if he no longer had his status as a producer, Fang Zhao could still enter this building.

Xie He's face became rigid, but he quickly recovered. He then probed, "Mr. Fang also plays Fiery Bird games?"

"Yes, although I haven't played them for long."

All the members from 2S and Big Dipper present simultaneously had slight grins. In their hearts, one word appeared—newbie.

Hadn't played for long; if not a newbie, what could he be?

"May I know what sort of console Mr. Fang is using?" Xie He asked.

"10th generation 'Rhapsody'," Fang Zhao replied.

Ke Zimo: "..." I, your father, only use a 9th generation version!

No one bothered hiding their looks of envy and jealousy.

"You actually use a 10th generation?!"

"Can you handle it?"

All the 2S and Big Dipper members felt heartache. Because there was a limit on the 10th generation, in all these e-sports clubs, generally only the team captain would use a 10th generation. All the other members would use 9th generation consoles.

What a waste! Too wasteful!

To actually let such an amateur use a 10th generation!

"This is no wonder, then. All users of the 10th generation are given the golden VIP card by Fiery Bird," Xie He said. However his main point was not this. "Has Mr. Fang thought of selling the 10th generation? Actually, Mr. Fang, you just started on games; there is no need to use the 10th generation. For the new game 'Battle of the Century,' the sixth generation and above can be used. After all, using the 10th generation will cause a great deal of discomfort if you can't use it well."

The Big Dipper members also looked toward Fang Zhao. If Fang Zhao had the intention of selling, they would all fight for it. As professional e-sports athletes, they would always be inclined to using the newest equipment.

"Not for sale. I seem to use it rather well," Fang Zhao told them.

"Price can be negotiated."

"I'm not lacking money."

Remembering that the other person had a dog worth one hundred million, Xie He really had no way of using money to change Fang Zhao's opinion. As for Fang Zhao saying that he "seemed to use it rather well," that Xie he did not believe.

Looking at the time, Fang Zhao did not continue on. He went to round up the rest of his team, as the press conference was starting soon.

After Fang Zhao left, Ke Zimo had a sinister smile on his face. "What do you guys think, if we kill him in game till he doesn't dare to log on, will he stop playing?"

The others there looked pensive.

It seemed like... it made a little sense.

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