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For adapting training, other than basketball, Fang Zhao played football and badminton, rode a bicycle, drove a car, practiced archery, and many other events. The realism he felt got more and more intense, as if he was really standing in an empty room and playing with all this equipment, not inside a game.

When Fang Zhao exited from the adaptive training mode, he was sweating profusely. As he separated from the game console, only then did he realize the casual attire he was wearing was entirely soaked and his entire body felt as if he had really done all those sports.

How mysterious.

Fang Zhao looked at the taut muscles on his arm before using the sleeves of this shirt to wipe sweat off his face. He turned to face Zachary and Boken who were standing there in a daze.

"Are they any problems?" Fang Zhao asked.

"No... No problems." Zachary glanced at the display showing a bright red "91" then looked at Fang Zhao who was still standing there and asked, "Do you feel anything abnormal? For example, headaches or no sense of balance?"

Fang Zhao walked a few steps, then jumped on the spot. "Everything seems to be fine. Only... at the moment when I was leaving the training mode, I felt a little dizzy, but I was all right after a few seconds."

Zachary checked all the results displayed on the screen that showed readings of his bodily functions. All these had been taken when Fang Zhao was in the training mode. These readings showed that Fang Zhao was not lying and he was perfectly fine.

"When using the 10th generation for the first time, separating from the console for the first time will indeed cause a little dizziness. In the future, after using it a few times, it will not occur anymore." Taking a look at the final figures, Zachary lamented. "Mr. Fang, how was the experience of using it?"

"Very good," Fang Zhao replied. "It's very easy to get addicted."

A proud smile appeared on Zachary's face. "To be able to let players become addicted is our greatest accomplishment. Seems like Mr. Fang also knows how to find joy in games." It seemed like this gaming console would not be sold after all.

"Boss, can I try it?" Zuo Yu asked in eager anticipation.

Fang Zhao looked toward Zachary. "Can he use it?"

Zachary nodded his head. "This machine's owner is you, Mr. Fang. As long as you authorize it, he will be able to use it."

Zachary taught Fang Zhao how to set up the authorized users.

"All done. This gentleman can enter and try it out," Zachary said.

Once Zuo Yu entered the training mode, Fang Zhao saw that the last screen in front of Zachary displayed a "76." Zachary then explained to Fang Zhao the meaning of that number.

"This gentleman is also adapting very well." Zachary watched the numbers jumping up, turned his head, to Fang Zhao and asked, "He is your bodyguard, right?"

"Yes." Fang Zhao saw the misgiving in Zachary's eyes, so he asked, "Are there any problems?"

Zachary thought about what to say before shaking his head. "Nothing." He just thought that this bodyguard's adaptability would probably not be higher than this young man who said he was a composer. Although the value rose up, this was probably because Zuo Yu had used a lot of similar machinery. Just now, when Fang Zhao had been using the machine, Zachary had talked to Zuo Yu and knew that Zuo Yu was an old hand.

Zachary's eyes were on the charts and numbers on the screen, and Fang Zhao was watching the machine lying on the floor in wonder.

Just now, he had been the one wearing the gaming suit and lying there. Being totally immersed in the adaptive training mode, he had not known what the situation outside was like. Now he knew that, when he had been vigorously exercising in the adaptive training mode, outside of the mode, his body had seemed sedated, only slight trembles being seen.

The machine that covered the surface of the body was full of sensors. These sensors would gather all sorts of data and would transmit it to a processor. Finally, it would appear as charts and numbers in front of Zachary.

The adaptability value that was at 76 rose to 87 before coming to a complete stop.

Zuo Yu separated from the machine with a satisfied grin and was soaking wet. "Indeed, the experience compared to all the older game consoles is way more intense. It is worthy of being called the 10th generation. Most likely, compared to the real power suits, there won't be much difference... 87?!"

The grin on Zuo Yu's face turned into shock when he saw the value. "I only got 87?" He still remembered that Fang Zhao had achieved a value of 91 a short while back.

Zachary grudgingly said, "Exceeding 85 is considered first rate; this is already very high."

"My boss got a 91 just now!" Zuo Yu felt that his own ability had been looked down upon.

"Your boss has an impressive adaptability," Zachary said.

"I was from the special forces!"

"Your boss... is still your boss." Zachary could only think of this reason.

Confirming that usage would not be hindered and having gotten an adaptability of 90+. Zachary was not the least bit worried that Fang Zhao would encounter any problems. He sent a copy of a detailed guide to Fang Zhao and left a means of contact. "If there are any issues with the machine, just call this number. Even if I am not free, my colleagues will rush over and help you service it."

As they had other tasks, Zachary did not stay for too long. After exhorting a few important points to Fang Zhao, he left along with his assistant. The casing that had originally been used to store the 10th generation machine was also taken away by them.

After showering and changing into a set of clean and dry clothes, Fang Zhao called out to Zuo Yu, who was still sitting there bewildered. They would be heading back to the company together. Although he was now a manager that did not need to handle matters personally, he still had to return occasionally to keep an eye on things.

The game console had already been delivered and installed. In the next few days, he would probably spend a lot of time playing. Today, he wanted to head down to the company and ask if there were any more documents that required his signature or approval.

After a round in the virtual projects department, Fang Zhao held on to a set of documents that Zhu Zhen had handed him and took the elevator to the film department to check on some of the programs that Polar Light and the film departments were collaborating on.

Entering the elevator, Fang Zhao noticed five others inside: an older manager and four youngsters who seemed like university students—three guys and a girl. Most likely, the parking garage above was full, so they needed to come up from the lower garages.

The manager recognized Fang Zhao and laughed as he exchange greetings. "Manager Fang, heading to the top floor to give your report?"

"Nope, I'm heading to the film department. You brought newcomers again?" Fang Zhao remembered him bringing another group of youngsters a while back.

"Yeah, these four are here to receive priority development," the manager said, not hiding anything.

Fang Zhao understood. These were probably part of the company's reserve strategy. With the entertainment market being dominated by gaming, the company would transfer over these dual profession gamer-actors and give them prioritized development.

The five of them were also headed for the film department. When the elevator doors opened, that older manager did not step out first, instead making an "after you" gesture to Fang Zhao. Originally, two of the youngsters had lifted their legs to step out, but seeing their manager do that, they retracted their step.

After Fang Zhao was some distance away from the elevator, a few of the youngsters then asked their new manager, "Who is that?"

"The number one in the virtual projects department. You guys are new here, so you wouldn't be familiar," the manager told them.

"Also a manager?" A youngster wearing a baseball cap pointed in the direction he'd left. Finding it hard to imagine, he continued, "That guy is a department manager? He looks to be around the same age as me. Is he famous?"

"Yes, he is the manager of the virtual projects department. A while back, Fiery Bird's sound effects department head even mentioned him. Back then, you guys were having sealed training and did not pay attention to entertainment news. That man is really impressive. The virtual projects department rose up under his watch, and he is the new star of music composition circles. He is so great he can even discuss terms with Director Duan. Back then, everyone shunned the virtual projects departments, but now they're finding ways to try and squeeze themselves into the the department. The benefits are great, wages are high, and the prospects are plentiful."

"Sounds really impressive, but we do not have much of a relationship with him. He is not part of the gaming circle," a short-haired girl playing with a gaming device in her hands said indifferently.

"That's true, but in the future, if you meet him around the company, do take notice," the manager exhorted.

"Got it~." The four youngsters agreed but did not really think much of the matter. Music and composition seemed too far away for them, and they would not be joining the virtual projects department. No matter how impressive the other person was, it did not really affect them much. At most, just giving way to him in the company would do.

When Fang Zhao found the film department's manager He Hao, he was watching a live broadcast of an interview.

He Hao knew that Fang Zhao did not know much about the gaming circles and thus explained, "2S e-Sports Club's ace Ke Zimo's popularity is on the uprise." Thinking of something. He Hao laughed. "This brat even slighted your department today."

He Hao told Fang Zhao about this morning's news. At that time, Fang Zhao had been at home for the installation of the game console, and had not paid attention to the news."

"This brat was not satisfied with Fiery Bird's choice of a virtual idol to be the spokesperson. He felt that they were the most professional and wrote a few letters to Fiery Bird's headquarters requesting a change in spokesperson. He felt that endorsement of a game should be done by the most professional and outstanding people. Seems like Fiery Bird's side gave him some slack, so Ke Zimo seemed particularly happy today. He thinks that the virtual projects department have gotten all they can for the last time and won't be so lucky in the future."

These few reputable e-sports clubs were no longer having sealed training. The reason for sealed training was to keep their training methods and tactics secret. Sealed training was for the teams to get used to the game and come up with methods to tackle things they did not understand. When they started their practice, the image would not have been beautiful, and if videos were released, they might even lost fans. Now, though, after becoming proficient through lots of training, videos released now would be able to stir up lots of fans.

In the New Era, there were too many e-sports clubs. As they were still mainly business driven, they need to guarantee their own strength and capture the hearts of fans.

Especially at this juncture that only happened once every ten years. From a business point of view, these e-sports clubs no longer needed to maintain their cold and indifferent attitudes. From time to time, they would release a few videos or accept interviews.

For example, videos of Big Dipper e-Sports Club's captain taking his team out to drive cars from the Old Era, or videos of BOOM's team riding motorcycles around the city as training.

And this time, 2S e-Sports Club and BOOM e-Sports Club had organized a practice match, and the event was motorbike racing. They had already spoken with Fiery Bird's branch, and when the time came, Fiery Bird would released a map on the public web for them to compete on.

And Ke Zimo was the main talking point of this practice match.

In the interview, Ke Zimo seemed very flamboyant. "It is merely a normal vehicle from the Old Era and is a little more difficult to operate. But for me, it is considered really easy; I can master it easily. Actually, my house has a bike manufactured according to Old Era vehicles. I have used it in the last few years, and have not encounter much difficulties in games." 

The host of the program asked, "Why did you choose BOOM e-Sports Club as your opponents for the practice match? This is your first practice match after the pledging ceremony, right?"

Ke Zimo waved it off with his hands. "It can't be helped. Only BOOM e-Sports Club has professional racing gamers. The other few teams are too weak." There was an added emphasis on his last three words.

There was no need to say what sort of reaction the other three clubs had when they saw the news. They were all termed as Yanzhou's five strongest, yet this brat actually publicly belittled them during an interview.

"You all also know that my other profession was a racer, and I won many youth racing championships. However, after I switched to electronic competition, I haven't taken part in these sort of competitions anymore, and I also didn't take part in this year's championships. Still, I feel that, on this level, I don't have any worthy adversaries. Even though I have not taken part in these championships, I have not stopped training for games. The vehicles during the Old Era were much harder to maneuver, but I am the best driver in my team." As he spoke, Ke Mozi lamented, "I really wish I could pit myself against the generation from before the apocalypse."

"If you had the chance to compete against the older generations from before the apocalypse, who do you think would win?" the host asked while laughing.

"Me, of course!" Ke Zimo flashed a victory sign toward the camera. The smile on his face was not the joking sort but a rather haughty one. He really felt this way.

"That little fellow is really full of himself," Fang Zhao suddenly said.

He Hao nodded his head in agreement when he heard Fang Zhao. "That little fellow is a little crazy, but he does have a frightening talent. He came from a line of racers and he has a dual profession. He really has the ability to back up his words, though. But mentioning the older generation before the apocalypse is a little lacking in manners. Obviously he knows that it is impossible for these older generations to still be living, so who can prove that he is better than them? Only his words?"

Fang Zhao laughed but did not say more.

The interview continued on. Ke Zimo did not feel like he had said anything wrong. He still continued emphasizing, "Actually, I feel that everyone should just face up to history. The older generations during the Period of Destruction have all been overglorified. All those mentioned in textbooks are too perfect and exaggerated. Just one look and you can tell they are all fake. Of all the videos that have survived from those periods, none of them have been able to prove the situations written in those textbooks. I am a professional racer, that's why I know best. Some of those things that are mentioned are really impossible. For example, the celebrated leader from the Period of Destruction Fang Zhao could ride a motorbike and shoot accurately. Even when he his bike was knocked down, he could still flip a few times, free fall 20 meters, and still land properly and continue riding. Isn't this all nonsense? Did they think it was a sideshow? It's simply an insult to my IQ!"

Fang Zhao: "..." little brat!

The host of the broadcast gave a forced smile. Many viewers watching the broadcast online also approved of what he'd said and left comments requesting that portion be removed from history books.

As the interview was ending, Ke Zimo faced the screen. "The model we are using for the competition is a motorcycle that Fiery Bird specially designed. The level of difficulty is really high. For all the newbies, I have a word of advice: don't bite off more than you can chew. Newbies should not court disaster and try it. When the time comes, just watching us will do."

Fang Zhao exhaled sharply.

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