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Chapter 996
Chapter 996: Intersection of Past, Present, and Future (1)

Rhode’s complexion looked horrible . Really, really horrible . He gazed speechlessly and helplessly at Erin who led the way .

“Alright, Rhode, can you stop pulling the long face like your dad just died?”

“I know, Canary . I’m just…”

Rhode waved his hand at her, not knowing what to say . The reason was simple . He was totally speechless at Erin’s luck . Erin’s luck was not like Marlene’s, where Marlene effortlessly looted godlike equipment, nor like the trio’s, which was as black as the Bottomless Abyss . On the contrary, she followed her heart’s desires and it was apparent from the items that she looted from Grazite’s body .

They were neither godlike nor trash . Instead, they were what most players would be envious to find . From the perspective of rarity and expensiveness, these items were indeed second to none . But the problem was that… they were completely useless in battles!

Rhode looked sullenly at the exquisite items in his hand . There were sculptures and gorgeous, exquisite jewellery, such as the Astral Crystal that could project the astral world to reality, an illusory mirror that would make one look prettier, and a magic harp that could play melodious tunes anywhere… What in the world? Just what in the world are these? Where’s the indestructible armor? The mighty, magnificent weapon? And rare, mysterious magic spells? Should I even bring these useless gadgets home as decorations?! Grazite, you scoundrel! You’re one of the strongest Devil Monarchs in the abyss! Don’t you feel shameful bringing these gadgets with you? And a miniskirt that can attract the opposite gender, do you think you’re going on a date with the Demogorgon?!

All of these items that Erin found had something in common—pretty, rare, interesting… and useless . Rather than saying that she was simply unlucky, Rhode thought that it was due to her nonexistent interest in powerful weapons and equipment . On the contrary, she was simply trying to find items that were in line with her aesthetic . But she couldn’t be blamed, after all . As the Moon Princess who was invincible half of the time, she wouldn’t be fascinated by the so-called godlike weapons and armor . She was satisfied with these items and as for Rhode… He looked ahead and was reminded of Lydia . He instinctively shivered to a chill down his spine and made up his mind to never let those two loot corpses on his behalf anymore .

Rhode shifted his gaze ahead to Christie who was eagerly discussing the exquisite murals and sculptures with Anne and Erin . Along the way, Rhode had also more or less revealed some secrets about the Deepest Labyrinth to Erin . After learning that the labyrinth was built by the Void Dragon with the help of the other four Creator Dragons, her curiosity piqued greatly, especially after witnessing the murals and patterns that were completed with an ancient, necrotic style . As an ‘artist’, her eyes glinted as she curiously scanned the works of art, while describing their meanings and histories to Anne and Christie .

Rhode wasn’t too mindful of them . After eliminating Grazite, he followed Karin’s instructions to use his dragon soul powers to activate and control the teleportation rituals of the Deepest Labyrinth . Then, he sent the group of mages from the Mage Tower back to the surface and made them leave with the other pathetic mages who were waiting outside for them . Rhode continued to lead his group through the teleportation ritual . They didn’t need to fight their way to the bottom because a single switch in thought inside his head could bring them directly to the 100th floor . This was how convenient having the BOSS template was .

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What presented before them wasn’t the dangerous, unknown, and endless maze that they expected . Instead, it was a corridor that spanned a few hundred meters . Its length extended ahead as though connecting to the end of the world . The magic crystals on both sides of the corridor emanated a warm radiance, illuminating their path . The mystical murals and carvings on the floor that depicted a war, race, and the past, present, and future of the world . Magical radiance flickered from time to time as though transmitting certain messages throughout the space .

“How far ahead, Karin?”

We’re almost there… Master . ”

Karin lifted her head and gazed forward, answering quickly .

It was just as she said .

A tall and enormous metal door appeared before them all of a sudden . This wasn’t logical at all because Rhode was certain that there was nothing in front of him except for the endless corridor . And yet, at the next moment, they blinked and this huge door appeared as though it was always there and hadn’t moved its position at all .

Erin came to a halt curiously, widening her eyes at it . Angelina took a few steps back anxiously as she sensed an immense pressure that was no less than the Dark Dragon’s . It felt as though there was a vicious beast standing before the door and it would pounce on her as soon as it was opened .


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Rhode stepped forth and stretched out his right hand . Then, the huge gears within the metal door spun . The meters-wide metal brackets sealing the door slowly loosened and slid to the sides like a pair of gigantic pincers releasing its prey . The door gradually opened .


Mini Bubble Gum exclaimed, while Rhode blew a whistle . It wasn’t strange that they had such a reaction because they couldn’t be more familiar with the view behind the door… There was a throne as tall as a pyramid with its surroundings ornately decorated . The natural light from countless, coalesced precious gems shone from the ceiling and illuminated the palace . The only thing different from the game was that the Void Dragon wasn’t lying on the throne and awaiting the arrival of the brave challengers . Instead, it was a crystal minaret that towered into the cloudy sky, emanating a faint, pure brilliance as countless runes spiraled around it like the huge advertisement screens in Rhode’s world .

“What is… that?”

Even Erin was speechless at this magnificent view . There were many kinds of beauty, but nothing could compare to the level of shock of a man-made object presenting itself majestically . The power of nature was incomparable, and people would only respect it . But when faced with man-made objects, any intelligent life would feel a sense of pride and longing, apart from the sense of admiration .

“I don’t know… But I suppose we’re in the right place . ”

Rhode sspokeaid, sauntering to the foot of the pyramid . Shortly after, a long crack began to reveal in the middle of the sleek surface of the pyramid, opening up widely to both sides and exposing a hidden staircase .

Apart from Rhode, no one else stepped closer to the structure . Erin narrowed her eyes and scanned the crystal minaret, before moving to the side quietly . Rhode turned around and looked at his group . Anne was looking at him curiously and excitedly in her usual self . On the other hand, Christie was seemingly concerned . He showed a gentle smile at her, before turning around and exchanging glances with Canary and Mini Bubble Gum . They received the final answer in one another’s gaze .

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“Alright then, I’m making my way . ”

Rhode wasn’t sure what he would be getting, but he couldn’t possibly do nothing . Perhaps this would be the place that would answer all his doubts . Why did he transmigrate to this world? What exactly was this place? Why did it become like this? What was going to happen to them? And how would they continue living? Everyone had their own future . Any choice he made might unknowingly change everything about the people around him and them .

Perhaps they didn’t have a choic, to begin with .

Rhode ascended the stairs, gazing at the crystal minaret and suddenly came up with this thought . No matter if he was in the original world or this world, if it was science or magic, he believed that the fate of humans was held in one’s own grasp . People could make decisions that would change their fate in the future . But what if fate was just a mysterious net and all choices would eventually lead to the same ending?

Ignorance was actually a kind of happiness, just like how some people believed that they weren’t brainwashed, but in fact they were always accepting the intelligence of the brainwashing . Some people believed that they were the ones who controlled their fate, but weren’t aware that everything they did was predetermined in their lives . The more one knew, the more pain one would suffer from . But the problem was that almost no one knew whether they truly understood the truth of fate in this world… just like Rhode, who was standing at this place now .

Rhode shook his head at this thought, before stretching his hand out and touching the surface of the crystal minaret .

Along with his action, the information-transmitting runes increased their moving speed . Then, the system prompts appeared before his eyes .

[Detected Dragon Soul Powers———transmit, zero point activated, searching for outer plane signal———outer plane signal connected———signal connection complete———activate backup information transmitting system]

[Point Connection Complete]

At the next moment, Rhode felt the world around him being devoured by a dazzling white radiance .

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