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Chapter 942: 942

Why did this happen?

 Lapis couldn’t understand where exactly her plan went wrong . But now, it was all too late .

 What should have been a quiet room for Rhode and her turned into a bustling one . Other than Anne, Marlene, and Lize who were in the room, Canary and Mini Bubble Gum also brought Angelina over . Then, Gillian came out of nowhere too . Now, the perfect and dreamy tea session became a lively gathering . Lapis was completely speechless .

 But she didn’t know that the main reason for this was due to her .

 If only Anne were around, Lize and Marlene wouldn’t have stayed because they knew what would happen next . Besides, Anne wasn’t one who would be mindful of sharing the same bed . So in order to ensure their ‘safety’, Lize and Marlene usually wouldn’t stay in the room alone with Anne . But after seeing Lapis around, they temporarily gave up this thought because no matter what, Lapis didn’t have such an intimate relationship with Rhode yet . With her around, at least they wouldn’t be rolling on the bed with Anne .

 It was the same for Mini Bubble Gum . She had decided to take the initiative and wait for the tea session to be over . As long as she followed Canary’s instructions, things would turn out fine if she looked for Rhode afterward . This was why Mini Bubble Gum and Canary remained in the room while Angelina stayed close to them as a servant . As for Gillian… From the start, she had been showing a peculiar, cunning smile as though she was enjoying the show .

 In other words, the main reason why things ended up this way was due to Lapis’s harmless presence!

 But now, Lapis wasn’t in the mood to consider these issues . Sweat trickled down her forehead as she gazed at the basket before her . The biscuits and red tea were almost finished . No matter what, no young lady could resist eating them and this meant that everyone had taken the potion . As for the results… Lapis didn’t even want to think about it!

 Not only Lapis, but Rhode also felt that something was amiss .

 For some unknown reasons, he felt rather excited and no matter which young lady he turned to, he would fantasize having intimate touches with her . Not only that, but he also discovered that his head was filled with erotic images of them in bed . It felt as though he was a man who finally came out of solitary and had seen women for the first time in his life . Furthermore, with his rich experiences with women in bed, his fantasies were much more realistic . Fortunately for him, his determination level was high and could easily suppress his urges . But he had begun considering if he should hold Marlene and the others back to fulfill his desires . However… Changes always came faster than the plan . Oftentimes, necessarily things wouldn’t change simply due to his will .

 “Leader! Anne can’t take it anymore!”

 At this moment, Anne pounced on Rhode, embracing and forcing her lips on his .

 “Mmm… Mmm…”

 The young lady’s aromatic scent assailed his nostrils and he widened his eyes in astonishment . At the same time, time had as though been frozen and the clamors were instantly silenced .


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 Rhode pulled her away and looked at her in surprise, but the young lady didn’t seem to realize what she had done . She was blushing and looking at him with a thrilled glint in her eyes . Rhode was familiar with this expression but the problem was that… It wasn’t an appropriate time for that!

 “Leader, let’s do it . Anne can’t wait any longer . Anne loves Leader the most today! Let’s do it!”

 Anne quickly stripped her armor and wrapped her arms around him . The other young ladies didn’t stop her immediately . Instead, they blushed while watching the adult-rated show . On the other hand, Gillian also narrowed her eyes and enjoyed the view .

 “Wait, Anne, this…”

 Rhode stopped struggling before he finished his sentence because the fair, alluring body had captured his attention like a bewitching spell . But at this moment, he suddenly felt another warm sensation around his arm . He turned around and saw Lize’s reddened face, looking at him meaningfully .

 “Mr . Rhode… May I? I’m…”

 Although Lize hadn’t taken off her clothes, from a certain perspective, she seemed more daring than Anne . She hugged his arm tightly and placed his hand between her legs, continuously rubbing her private area . Suddenly, he felt yet another soft sensation on his back . He immediately recognized the person from her familiar groans .

 “Rhode… Me too…”

 Marlene’s voice was sweet and tempting . Although she wasn’t as brave as Anne and Lize, she had proven to him that she couldn’t wait any longer .

 “W-What are you girls doing!”

 Mini Bubble Gum jumped on her feet and widened her eyes in disbelief . At the same time, the main culprit, Lapis, lowered her head in utter embarrassment . Even though Angelina didn’t say a word, her gaze became blurry too . Canary twitched her brow slightly, observing the group of girls amusingly . Then, she went up to Rhode and embraced his other available arm .

 “Yes… This seems like fun . We’re gonna be playing an adult game now . Bubble, do you want to head out first?”

 “What kind of joke is this!”

 Mini Bubble Gum yelled in embarrassment and swiftly stripped off her clothes .  Didn’t I come here for this today? Why would I back out at the very last minute?!

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 “I like Leader too so why must I back out! These unrelated girls should be the ones leaving!”


 The final restraint in Lapis’s mind shattered completely .  That’s right . If I continue this way, I will forever be an unrelated person to Sir Rhode!

 And this was the end of her rationale .

 Rhode didn’t know what led to this . He blanked out for a few minutes and when he returned to his senses, he found himself on the bed with several naked young ladies under and beside him, moaning to his caresses .

 “S-Sir Rhode…”

 It was Lapis who was right under him . Her face had reddened and she shut her eyes, calling for his name desperately . She clutched onto the sheets but her ‘torment’ wasn’t over yet . Instead, Canary and Anne who were laying by her sides teased her chest playfully . Although it didn’t seem like it from her appearance, in fact, Lapis actually had a rather ample chest . Even though hers wasn’t as large as Anne’s, the shape and softness was just perfect .

 “Can I really do it, Lapis?”

 Although Rhode had fallen into the vortex of desires, his head was still clear . Even though he dreamed of having this day with the young ladies, it did seem like Lapis was behaving peculiarly . He had more or less realized her feelings for him but guessing and affirming were two totally different matters .

 “Yes… Sir Rhode… I don’t want to be alone anymore…!”

 Lapis shut her eyes and raised her head . This was the first time that she behaved like a spoiled child .

 “Besides… Isn’t Sir Rhode my guardian who vowed to protect me forever?”

 What?! She still remembers it…

 Rhode twitched his brow . This happened way back when Lapis was officially recognized by the Behermes and their ancestors’ consciousness confirmed that Rhode was her guardian . As this matter happened a long time ago, he had forgotten about it already . After all, he had too much on his plate back then and the new identity wasn’t beneficial to him at all . But now…

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 He looked at her and suddenly realized that she seemed pretty adorable . He couldn’t believe that she actually remembered this matter and believed in him innocently . At this thought, he extended his hand and touched her cheek gently . Then, he stooped over and kissed her lips .

 “I got it . I will protect you, and everyone forever…”


 Lapis bit her lip and clutched Canary’s and Anne’s hands . But at the same time, deep in her heart she felt incredibly thrilled and anxious .  T-This moment is finally here!

 She felt a warm, rock-hard object tearing through her last and most precious defense, puncturing into her body .


 The emptiness in her head was instantly filled with immense pain and joy that engulfed her entirety . She lifted her upper body and stuck as closely as possible to Rhode, feeling the burning heat from his body . She felt as though she had melted in the extreme heat of friction while the soreness from under her waist eradicated the numbness around her body . Her head was in a complete blank . She shook her head desperately, letting out unimaginable moans . At this moment, the other young ladies crowded over, gazing in envy and admiration at her enjoyment . Not only that, but they also instinctively caressed their bodies and indulged in their shameless and licentious acts .

 “Wait… Wait… Big Sister…”

 On the other side, the naked Bubble had curled up in Canary’s arms like a small, exquisite doll . Her twintails were already loosened and her black, flowy hair covered her body .

 “I… said… with Leader…”

 “I know . But I have to get you ready…”

 Canary gently stroked across Bubble’s body with her fair, slender fingers, leaving the latter shivering sensitively .

 “Bubble, your reaction sure is adorable . I’ve always wanted to try this and it seems like your reaction is as cute as I thought it would be . Yes… and this place…”

 “No, Big Sister, no… I can’t… hold back anymore!!”

 Suddenly, Bubble spurted a clear stream of fluid from between her legs before twitching and laying back onto the bed . Her listless eyes gazed at the ceiling as Canary chuckled and caressed her cheek .

 “Hmm… You’re so sensitive down there… Huhu… It’s about time now . ”

 As though responding to Canary, Lapis’s moans became louder and were as though frantic screams . She twisted and turned as though she was struggling to escape and yet, she seemed to enjoy the strong entries into her body . Rhode thrust his hip forward and she shivered, signaling the peak of her comfort .

 “No… No… S-Stop!!!”

 Lapis embraced the man tightly, wrapping her legs around his waist as though becoming one with him . After a few moments, the powerless young lady fell back on the bed and released the grip in her hands . Although she didn’t say anything, her feelings were apparent from her half-shut, blurry eyes, reddened expression, and smile of satisfaction .


 Rhode kissed her cheek before shaking his head and pulling out from her . But suddenly, he felt another person below him . He looked down and saw Bubble with her messy hair, holding onto his ‘holy sword’ . She looked at him shyly with eyes glinting in excitement .

“It’s my turn next… I won’t allow you to get cold feet, Leader!”

 To Rhode, the night had just begun .

 And it probably wouldn’t end soon .

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