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Chapter 938
Chapter 938: An Unsettling Heart

“In other words, the Pale Blue Army lost?”

“Yes, Your Majesty . ”

Although Lilian’s childish voice sounded stern, she couldn’t hide the joy inside her . She sat on the throne and although her expression didn’t reveal her thoughts, it was apparent from the slightly rolled-up corners of her mouth that she was delighted . She was totally fine with the loss of her army while Sonia stood beside her and showed a bitter smile .

Sonia was bewildered when she heard that Rhode became the Void Dragon . Even though she had submitted to him entirely, she didn’t expect him to have such a powerful background . What made her rather concerned was whether Lilian would change her attitude toward him after hearing this news . Of course, Sonia wasn’t a dragon soul heir so she couldn’t consider the matter from Lilian’s perspective . But come to think of it, if the ruler of one country realized that her close friend became the ruler of another country, would she think that the friend got close to her only to make use of her? If it were Sonia, she definitely wouldn’t let this matter off .

But what surprised her was that Lilian didn’t express any anger or resentment at all . Instead, she seemed relatively excited that Rhode became a dragon soul heir . If it weren’t for Sonia spending a lot of time and knowing that Lilian was an innocent child, Sonia would have believed that Lilian might actually be a scheming person…

Moreover, Lilian also seemed pretty interested in the development and reports of the Void Territory . She requested for intelligence from the Light Parliament almost everyday and had even abandoned that little bit of power which she finally won over from them some time ago . Not only that, but she also constantly discussed with Sonia over how the Void Territory should develop . Sonia suspected that Lilian might even defect to the Void Territory if she were to lead her . One might even believe that Lilian was the ruler of the Void Territory judging from all that enthusiasm from her .

Sonia found herself at her wits’ end . She realized that there was a world of difference between the thoughts of dragon soul heirs and ordinary humans . She also discovered that Lilian had a small sense of belonging in the Country of Light . In the past, it could be argued that Lilian had a child’s mentality, but the fact that she was unconcerned with the casualty reports proved everything . Unlike the past, these reports were clearly written with the number of casualties now, but she just didn’t seem to mind at all .

It also wasn’t right to say that she didn’t seem to mind because in fact, she responded .

“It’s their fault . A bunch of idiots . Who asked them to anger Big Brother Rhode . ”

If the Light Parliament were to hear these rebellious words from her, they would probably faint on the spot .

“Did the bunch of idiots from the parliament stop finding trouble with Big Brother Rhode?”

“Yes, Your Majesty . The Light Parliament has temporarily stopped their attacks on the Void Territory . After the previous battles, there were some issues with the military configurations in the border army and they needed more time to regroup and set up . I suppose they will need around four months for that . ”

Sonia was right because Canary and Mini Bubble Gum had slaughtered almost 30,000 soldiers and crippled the border army . The Light Parliament didn’t expect the two young ladies to possess such incredible strength that cripple their army in less than five minutes . After the loss, they used the excuse of ‘force majeure’ to ‘temporarily’ stop their attacks to ‘snatch’ Highland City . Of course, perhaps the Country of Light’s border army would have a tough time in the future .

“Hmph . I knew those idiots weren’t capable . They clearly witnessed how powerful Big Brother Rhode was during the Dragon Soul Ceremony and still stirred trouble with him? So foolish!”

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For some unknown reason, Sonia suddenly realized that Lilian seemed more like a spy than her .

“Ah… When will I meet Big Brother Rhode . I want to see him…”

“Erm, please pardon my rudeness, Your Majesty . The Country of Light and Void Territory are in a tense situation now . Perhaps you can’t…”

“I know, Sonia . Those annoying fellas! Hmph! How irritating!”

Lilian curled her lips and smacked the seat handle . Then, she revealed a grin .

“Heh heh . But maybe I will get to meet Big Brother Rhode in a short while . Yes, it’s about time for that . As long as I receive the invitation, those idiots of the parliament won’t be able to stop me . Heh heh . I shall let them die from their anger!”

Sonia looked curiously . Even though she thought that she knew Lilian, sometimes she just couldn’t understand what she meant . It was during such moments when she realized that dragon soul heirs and ordinary humans were indeed different . But… Sonia sharply detected the meaning behind the word ‘invitation’ .

This left her dubious because she understood Lilian’s interpersonal relationships after spending half a year with her . It could also be said that Sonia was her only friend in the Country of Light and she couldn’t possibly invite her for something . Although it was possible that Rhode and Lydia would invite her, she didn’t think that the Light Parliament couldn’t say no to them . After all, no one knew what exactly Lilian was up to all day, so as long as the Light Parliament announced that she was sick and couldn’t head out, it would solve the problem, right? But Lilian seemed so confident that the parliament would accept the invitation… It was so strange .

Lilian, who was under the control of the Light Parliament, should understand their capability more than anyone . But why was she so confident and who exactly would be sending her the invitation?

At this moment, Rhode ended his ‘break’ in Highland City . After obtaining another holy sword card, he returned to Grandia and couldn’t care less if the Country of Light sent another army . Since he had the system to notify him of any intruders, he could simply send Canary and Mini Bubble Gum over to teach them another harsh lesson . Although he could choose to wander for a longer period of time, he received great news that made him return to his city .

The Sphere of Mystery ‘Wind Enchanted Field’ had been repaired .

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“So this is the Wind Enchanted Field . ”

Rhode exclaimed at the exquisite and adorable sphere . He couldn’t help but recall the first time he received the Sphere of Mystery ‘Mirage’ . Back then he couldn’t even move it and had to get Anne to handle the troublesome issues . But now, he easily lifted this extremely heavy Sphere of Mystery like a plastic ball, which made him feel that it was rather unrealistic .

At this moment, he realized how much he had grown . No, perhaps he should say that he realized how much strength he had restored .

Compared to the ‘Mirage’, the ‘Wind Enchanted Field’ more or less had some value to him . Its most important function was to manipulate wind to form an indestructible storm barrier around the city but it was completely useless with the absolute space barrier in place . Apart from that, the two remaining features of the ‘Wind Enchanted Field’ was the ability to control weather (Rhode, as the Void Dragon, also had this authority, so this ability was pointless), and fill the sky with powerful wind element, which was the only feature that he was interested in . With this feature, he could create winds within his territory for the floating boats to sail on .

This was hugely beneficial news . Although he could also rely on Marlene and Lapis to create magic warships that didn’t need to rely on winds, that would be a major project that couldn’t be completed quickly after all . At this moment, his territory was still in the construction and developmental phase, so he needed convenient vehicles like the floating boats . Moreover, Marlene’s Senia Family had also agreed to dedicate their own floating boat technology and ships for transportation, which made it essential for him to generate winds in his territory .

But compared to the ‘Wind Enchanted Field’, Rhode was more fascinated by something else .

The Modified Zero Refining Equipment that Lapis created for him .

After his alchemy equipment shattered in the battle against the Duke Fiend, he had never equipped a similar one, mainly because of the harm he received . Although he relied on the alchemy equipment and survived several crises, the damage he received was huge . But now, after obtaining the Illusion Crystal, he reignited the idea of having the alchemy equipment . As he had reached the Legendary Stage and attained the ‘Indestructible’ property, this meant that the items on him wouldn’t be destroyed even if they were blasted by magic cannons . Even if it were a tattered piece of cloth, it would be protected by the ‘Indestructible’ property as soon as he wore or held it . From a certain perspective, it could be considered invincible .

With the endless source of energy from the Illusion Crystal, he had unlimited spiritual powers which was massive for him to maintain card spirits in battle . But he didn’t expect that Lapis would do better than expected .

“Lapis, are you ready?”

Rhode returned the Sphere of Mystery to its original position because it wasn’t time for it yet . Lapis, who was gazing at him anxiously, returned to her senses and picked up an item from the table .

It was a silver, metal bracer . Unlike ordinary ones, the edges of this bracer had three small, silver chains that were connected to rings of various sizes .

“All ready, Sir Rhode . I have polished the Illusion Crystal and hidden it within the silver chains connecting the rings and bracer . It can provide unlimited spiritual powers to you and of course, to allow for a smoother flow of spiritual powers, I etched several magic rituals to ensure maximum output in the shortest time… Also, I’ve fused fine gold and magic crystals to create a backup storage for spiritual powers for emergencies…”

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Rhode nodded in satisfaction . He took over the Modified Zero Refining Equipment and equipped it on his left wrist . Shortly after, he instantly felt a powerful surge of energy flowing from his wrist to every part of his body . The energy slowly merged with him as one . If his spiritual powers were a pond, the Zero Refining Equipment would be the spiritual powers connecting the inland pond with the ocean, flowing smoothly and endlessly into his body . It seemed like Lapis’s skills indeed lived up to the name of an Alchemist Master . The Illusion Crystal was considered one of the highest-grade alchemy materials . If he didn’t have someone like Lapis, he would rather hold onto the Illusion Crystal everywhere he went and definitely wouldn’t come up with this idea .

“E-Erm… Sir Rhode . ”

Lapis hesitated and said with uncertainty .

“It isn’t safe to allow spiritual powers from the surroundings to flow into your body . I think you should be careful about it . Even though the source of energy from the Illusion Crystal comes from the surroundings, it doesn’t belong to humans after all… Sir Rhode, if you feel like something is wrong with your body, please let me know . ”

“Don’t worry . You’ll be the first person I notify if there’s any problem . ”

Rhode patted her head and Lapis revealed a blush on her pale complexion . She lowered her head shyly, twisting and turning the long robe before her . Rhode didn’t seem to notice her reaction and he retracted his hand .

“You did well and the repairment of the Wind Enchanted Field is also successful . Thank you . ”

“Y-You’re welcome, Sir Rhode . This is my job . ”

“I know, but you must also take care of yourself . Even though you’re not the only one doing the research now, you’re still our important companion . Don’t shoulder every responsibility by yourself . Look for me or Marlene if you face any difficulties . As long as we can resolve it, we will do our best for you . ”

Rhode patted her shoulder, turned around, and headed out . Lapis lifted her head, gnashed her teeth, and took in a deep breath . Then, as though she had made a decision, she suddenly yelled .

“… Sir Rhode!”

“Is anything the matter?”

Rhode turned around and his gaze made her head turn empty . The courage that she mustered vanished into thin air and she lowered her head helplessly .

“No, it’s nothing much, Sir Rhode . I just want to know if… I can take a break?”

“Of course . ”

Rhode didn’t feel astonished by her request . Come to think of it, she had basically been working everyday ever since joining Starlight . Although he rarely forced her for anything, the pressure on her shoulders were indeed huge for a young lady like her .

“It’s about time for you to take a good rest . If you have the time, head out to Grandia together with Christie and Bell . If I recall correctly, you haven’t had the chance to explore the city yet, right? Taking occasional breaks is essential too . ”

“Yes… Sir Rhode . ”

“Good . ”

Rhode said and left the room . Lapis lifted her head helplessly, let out a long sigh, and sat on the chair weakly like a puppet without strings .

“It looks like I still can’t do it . I feel so nervous whenever I see Sir Rhode…”

Lapis shifted her gaze to a booklet on the table with all sorts of potion formulas written inside . She revealed hesitation in her eyes .

“It seems like… I may just have to give it a shot . ”

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