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Chapter 933: 933

Chapter 933: You’re Seeking Death!

Highland City is just right ahead .

The captain of the Pale Blue Army gazed at the ruined city gloomily . Just a day ago, he received orders from the Light Parliament to suppress the riots in Highland City . But it seemed like the situation was better than he expected . Other than the billows of thick black smoke, everything seemed to be well under control . It seemed like the Alanic Family had successfully suppressed the riots . Tsk, how annoying! How would I not know what those superior old farts are planning . I’m so unlucky to be chosen for this!

The captain looked at the pitch-black sky in resentment . The dazzling stars, silver star ring, and enormous sun—this ridiculous place sure is creepy . Damn it, I suppose hell looks similar .

“What happened?”

Shortly after, the army arrived at Highland City . However, what caught the captain by surprise was that the entrance was tightly shut and there were no soldiers on the watchtower or city walls . Not only that, but the entire city was also in absolute silence . Apart from the breeze of the wilderness, the city seemed completely dead .


At this moment, the captain spotted two triangular flags hanging on both sides of the entrance . They had a black base, as well as an eye-catching, white cross symbol . Why are the flags here?

“This is the end, you worthless scum!”

All of a sudden, the army heard a crisp, childish voice . They looked up subconsciously and saw a petite young girl standing on the city wall above the entrance . She had pigtails and was clad in a white robe for Clerics . She crossed her arms and looked down upon everyone in disdain .

“Who are you?”

The captain asked sternly . The young girl let out a snort and lifted her chin with pride .

“Who do you think you are? Don’t you know that you should report your name before asking for someone else’s? Idiot! Stupid! Brainless! Forget it… It seems like a group of fools like you with less than 30 IQ can’t understand logic that smart humans with high IQ can . Alrighty then, I shall cut the crap . ”

The young girl coughed a couple of times . Then, she puffed out her chest and sized up everyone with narrowed eyes .

“Listen up you idiots down there . This city is now serving Leader… No, the Void Dragon! In other words, this city belongs to the Void Territory and is Starlight’s turf! I’ll crush any idiot who finds trouble with us! Go back to where you came from, tiny worthless shrimps! You hear me?! Useless trash with battle strength lower than nine and EXP less than five!”

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In an instant, the captain and his soldiers fell into a strange, awkward silence . They were speechless . Although they predicted the possible situations before arriving here, they didn’t expect this at all . There were no rioters or fights and schemes between nobles, but instead there was this young girl who didn’t make any sense .

“It seems like it’s impossible to communicate with these low-IQ NPCs…”

Mini Bubble Gum held her forehead and shook her head .

“All right, I shall drop my 135 IQ to your level that is lower than low! Cough cough . Listen up! Highland City has declared their subordination to the Void Territory . In other words, Highland City no longer belongs to the Country of Light . So… A bunch of lackeys like you from the Country of Light get lost from my sight right now! Also, you have even entered Void Territory without permission . Who do you think you are? Shoot . I give you two choices; get beaten up by me before you scram or before you scram, get beaten up by me! Pick your choice!”

“What did you say!?”

The captain sulked . He finally understood the situation now . Damn it!

As one of the captains of the border army, he knew the risks involved with Highland City in this area . In fact, before the Void Dragon soul protection stabilized the land of Chaos, he and the other captains had proposed to their superiors to dispatch their army and station them in Highland City . If not, no one knew what twists and obstacles would arise if this issue wasn’t settled promptly . However, the idiotic old farts of the Light Parliament were afraid of causing disputes with the Alanic Financial Group . As a result, they bid their time waiting for the perfect opportunity .

This is the so-called ‘perfect opportunity’? Highland City has been dominated by the Void Territory already! What should I do?

The captain pondered in silence while gazing at the petite figure above them . There was no sound or clamor in Highland City . Although he didn’t know the situation inside, the fact that this little rascal was so arrogant proved that the Void Territory must have gained control over the city . Hold up . Could it be that the riots in the city were the doing of the Void Territory? Surely they didn’t send their army into the city while the riots were going on to gain control, right? If that’s the case, this situation will be a big trouble .


The captain came to a sudden realization .

He had been sending his soldiers to monitor the city all along . There weren’t too many people accessing the city apart from the merchants . But the merchants were also from the Country of Light and had no relations with the Void Territory . On the other hand, he didn’t witness anyone from the Void Territory entering Highland City apart from the emissaries who made up less than 10 people .

According to the intelligence, the ones capable of opening up the land of Chaos must be incredibly formidable . Since they possessed strength in the Legendary Stage, it wouldn’t be hard for them to repress the city . But… Do I just walk away? We may face dangers if we force our way through . It should be the right choice to retreat before getting into a clash, since it’s the fault of those idiots . I should let those old farts clear up their own mess! But… It doesn’t fit our identity as the ‘Pale Blue Army’ if we back off now . Besides, we’re unsure of how strong they are, so we need to probe to a certain degree . Hmph…!

The captain lifted his head and glared at the young girl .

What kind of joke! A new territory not giving a damn about the Country of Light?! Does this young girl really think that her arrogant claptrap can scare us away?!

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“We won’t back off just like this . Highland City belongs to the Country of Light . As soldiers of the Country of Light, we…”

Before the captain finished his sentence, the young girl snapped .

“In other words, you’re asking for a beating!”

At the next moment, a pure, dazzling light beam shone on the army from the sky . Along with thunderous rumbles, violent explosions and powerful airflow erupted in the blink of an eye, smashing an enormous sunken hole on the ground .

“What are you trying to do?!”

The captain snarled in dismay . He didn’t expect this young girl to be so powerful . What shocked him was that she immediately launched her attack on them! Oh mighty lord . He had never seen anyone disregard the prestige of the Country of Light . This was as though declaring war with the Country of Light!

“Do you know what you’re doing? You’re declaring war with the Country of Light!”

“So what? A bunch of useless scumbags like you dare to threaten me with that weak, idiotic country who can’t take down the undead army? Come if you’ve got the guts . Send out 10,000 soldiers and I’ll kill 10,000 . Send out 100,000 soldiers and I’ll slaughter them all! You NPCs really think that you’re humans?! You came to Starlight’s turf without permission and are still acting like a bunch of arrogant bastards? Huh? So what if you’re from the Country of Light! You’re seeking death by taunting me!”


Mini Bubble Gum leapt into the sky, dove, and crashed into the ground heavily . The dazzling radiance from her body erupted like she was a bomb . The massively powerful light beams swept across the enemies and even the flat ground became full of potholes . The soldiers collapsed in disorder .

“Sh*t! Retreat! Retreat!”

The captain’s heart sank to the bottom . He fled and ordered as loudly as he could . The soldiers escaped in panic as the petite figure wreaked havoc with her light beams . No matter what, this was too terrifying for them to witness .

“Oh yeah! It feels the best to massacre those sluts from the Country of Light! Yeaaaaaa!”

Mini Bubble Gum thrust her right fist forward, and a white light beam erupted and blasted at the fleeing soldiers . In an instant, the exploding airflow, soil, dust, and screams turned the battlefield into an unprecedented hell .

“Yea———! Thousand-man slaughter! I’m the true dynasty warrior!”

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Mini Bubble Gum jumped on the spot in exhilaration . But it still wasn’t enough for her .

She spread her arms apart and pushed her palms forward . Then, white radiances began to coalesce on her palms and within a few seconds, the radiances had gathered to form two light spheres that were the size of basketballs . In the blink of an eye, hundreds of light beams emanated from the light spheres and blasted the fleeing soldiers into bits .

“Hahaha… Awesome! Nothing makes me happier than seeing the people from the Country of Light die before my eyes . This deal with Leader is the best one ever!”

“This little rascal never changed . ”

Rhode shrugged while watching Mini Bubble Gum blast her light cannons at the pitiful soldiers . In terms of grudges against the Country of Light, Mini Bubble Gum was definitely in the top three within Starlight . Apart from the destruction of the Munn Kingdom, another main reason for her hatred came from personal grievances that happened before she met Rhode . Back then, she had spent a lot of money to purchase the border territory connecting the Munn Kingdom and the Country of Light . The territory had a favorable geographical location and it took lots of effort to construct the buildings . Mini Bubble Gum was initially thrilled to establish her kingdom, only to have her dreams crushed by a sudden war . Not only that, but she was also fooled by them .

She received a mission from the Country of Light to assist in defending their territory . However, the Country of Light used her as the shield to attract the undead army’s hostility and didn’t send any troops to support her . As a result, the undead army trampled over and occupied her territory, which she had spent hundreds of millions of gold coins on . What made the situation worse was that she had set her respawn point in her territory . Back then, she was only an ordinary Cleric with above-average equipment and had no powerful offensive stats . In order to reset her respawn point to another location, she would need to escape that territory first . As a result, she was killed over a hundred times by the undead army in her attempts to escape from her territory to Golden City . As a result of her tenacity, she finally succeeded after spending an entire day running away from the undead army .

Thereafter, Mini Bubble Gum abhorred the Country of Light . After Rhode destroyed the Country of Light later on, she even grumbled on the fact that the Country of Light couldn’t respawn like monsters so she could crush them repeatedly .

“Don’t you want to join in the fun?”

Although the battlefield was bloody and gory, Rhode felt as though he had returned to the game as he watched the matchless Mini Bubble Gum slaughter the enemies . Sigh… He reminisced the days of them leading a large group of players, wiping out the Country of Light, and spreading warnings of death and destruction . Now that he thought about it, those days were filled with unprecedented sweetness and blissfulness . After all, it was such a reminiscent treasure to experience how everyone worked with a common purpose…

Rhode shrugged helplessly and turned to Canary .

“Not this time . ”

Canary shook her head and smiled at the utterly defeated army . What terrified the soldiers more was that as they attempted to retreat, they were stopped by the sudden appearance of an invisible light barrier . Now, they had nowhere to run .

“There’s too little of them this time . I can get rid of them in an instant if I joined her, but I might as well let her exercise . There will be plenty of chances for me in the future too since the Country of Light… has a huge population . ”

Indeed, Rhode had no intention of getting into war with the Country of Light now . After all, both sides had to be on the same level for either of them to stand a chance of winning . 500 ants still couldn’t move an elephant . Who would even treat it as a battlefield? A new territory had to display their powerful strength so they wouldn’t be looked down upon by others . And now, Mini Bubble Gum and Canary were carrying this duty .

Angelina heard Canary’s words and felt a chill run down her spine . In fact, as a noble of the Country of Darkness, she wouldn’t feel anger, sorrow, or fear when she killed someone . But ironically, the light-hearted conversation between Rhode and Canary terrified her . It was as though life was only part of the game and it was the same for humans or any other beings . Besides…

Angelina turned pale as she watched the petite young girl brazenly wreaking havoc with her light of destruction .

Although many things had happened along the way, she suddenly recalled that her mission wasn’t complete yet!

Even though Mini Bubble Gum seemed to be in a great mood now, if she were to know that Angelina didn’t complete her mission…

Angelina shivered in chills as she observed how Mini Bubble Gum swung her arm and the enormous light beam descended from the sky to burn a large group of soldiers into ashes . Even humans with high resistance to holy light are immediately burned into ashes; what will happen to a vampire like me?!

Angelina stole a glance at Rhode .

I must, must think of a way to survive!

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