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Chapter 915

Chapter 915: Lurking Dangers

“Lapis . ”

Rhode turned to her and said .

“You’ve completed your task with the magic weapons and just as Marlene said, we don’t have the required money for mass production now . But I will use part of the finances to ensure that this mass production plan doesn’t freeze . During this period of time, I hope you can use the ancient magic knowledge that Marlene taught you to create more suitable power devices and magic furnaces . ”

The civilization of the Dragon Soul Continent wasn’t considered backward . If not, they couldn’t have possibly produced magic cannons and warships . The core of the power devices was based on magic furnaces and like a Sphere of Mystery, they were absolute secrets of a country . However, as the magic furnaces were too huge, it wasn’t convenient to transport them . As for the production of the magic furnaces, it was even more challenging . In the late stages of the game, players only managed to modify and improve the magic furnaces slightly because the blueprints were extremely rare to find . In the entire game, only five guilds including Starlight possessed the relevant blueprints and every blueprint would vanish after learning it once . It was due to this that wars for the rights to the blueprints were common among players .

And now, Marlene had awakened as one of the six Deity Wardens, this meant that she naturally possessed the ancient magical technologies and wisdom . Rhode discovered that in the past, the technologies in the Void Dragon’s country were as highly advanced as the world he came from . But it was a pity that after Chaos invaded and destroyed the country, the Void Dragon’s country that was seen as the leader of magical technologies vanished into history . At this point in time, most of the magical technologies that every country grasped were rebuilt from the remains of the Void Dragon’s country . Perhaps the Country of Darkness was an exception because according to Marlene, the Country of Darkness seemed to have their unique magic system and didn’t utilize the design of the magic furnaces…

Rhode decisively made Marlene activate the [Gifter of Knowledge] skill and impart all the core knowledge and information of the Void Dragon’s country into Lapis’s brain . This way, Lapis could instantly understand the wonderful, ancient magical technologies . If she could master and put them into work, Rhode was confident that the rejuvenation of his territory would just be around the corner .

Got to say, this BOSS system feels awesome .

“Yes… Sir . ”

It was apparent that Lapis wasn’t willing, but she eventually nodded . Lapis was no longer that timid little girl who hid behind the safety of everyone . After being around Rhode for a long time, she slowly became mature and wasn’t fighting on her own anymore . The problem with the lack of Alchemists was finally resolved . Apart from the students who Marlene recruited, the Ocean Elves learned several alchemy techniques and became her handy assistants . Lapis was unlike her old self who worked throughout the night to provide magic equipment for everyone . She was more like a researcher now and not purely a creator .

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“Ann, I don’t want to interfere with affairs regarding the merchant alliance, but you’ve got to remember that they come with ill intentions . Understood? Of course, we can’t publicly fall out with them so for now, negotiate for the less important businesses and remember not to get too involved . Report to me and Marlene about the progress anytime . Got it?”

Marlene and Ann might not understand what the merchant alliance was plotting, but Rhode understood their intentions clearly . The merchant alliance was an independent citadel, also known as the ‘Country of Commerce’ . The merchant alliance was made up of mostly merchants from the Light Mainland . Although they seemed like an organization that served a specific group like the Mercenary Association, Rhode knew that they weren’t as innocent as the Mercenary Association . Merchants were rich and they hoped to gain status and authority that money couldn’t buy them . The merchant alliance’s ultimate goal was to become an independent country like the Country of Law .

It was due to this that when Rhode guessed their intention after hearing that they came knocking on his door . It was apparent that they intended to take this opportunity to control his Void Territory and fulfill their dreams of becoming the ‘Country of Commerce’ .

Rhode wouldn’t agree with them because their ultimate goal was to control the commercial trade of this continent . This way, they could compete against the Country of Law which was currently controlling the entire economic circulation . The merchant alliance would surely fall in defeat if they relied upon themselves against the Country of Law . But perhaps it might be enough if they used Rhode’s name . Of course, Rhode wasn’t interested in being used as a gun to go against the twin dragons . Perhaps most people saw that the merchant alliance was merely an ordinary and kind organization . But Rhode knew that this wasn’t as simple as they thought .

“This decides it then . Perhaps we will have a tough beginning just like Marlene said, but we’re better off than being controlled by others . Next…”

Rhode sulked and revealed an ice-cold expression .

“Let’s talk about the Country of Light and Highland City . ”

The listless group instantly gazed at Rhode and put up stern expressions . This topic was much easier for them to understand as opposed to the economical and internal affairs .

After Rhode cast the absolute wall of Order, his dragon soul protection gradually expanded and stabilized the central regions that were corroded by Chaos . There were two locations among the central regions which caught his attention were the Sail Harbor and Highland City .

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Their geographical locations were similar to that of the Land of Atonement . After Rhode opened up the land of Chaos, the fuzzy Order was stabilized and the living conditions of the residents became much better . Not only that, but their geographical locations were also important to him . One of them held the crucial maritime channel connecting the Void Territory and Country of Light while the other was the rear border of the Void Territory and Country of Light . If Rhode could control these two areas, it would mean that he controlled the specific connections and blockades of the Country of Light . He had sent emissaries to the two locations in the name of the and requested for the residents to surrender to him as they were under his dragon soul protection .

Rhode thought that everything would turn out well because before his dragon soul protection expanded, the two areas weren’t specially liked by the Country of Light and were even seen as banishment regions for sinners . The Country of Light had never cared for them and even exploited them by every means . Rhode believed that these two areas would happily accept his request .

However, he was only half right with the Sail Harbor responding warmly to his request while the Highland City firmly rejected him . Not only that, but the Country of Light also caught wind about this and became restless .

“Sir Overlord, since they aren’t willing to surrender, we might as well let them perish on their own . Why do we care about them? We have more than enough things to care about in our territory . ”

Sol said with knitted brows and this time before Rhode said anything, Marlene objected .

“That is impossible . The Highland City is located under the Void Dragon soul protection . According to the Creation Rule, any cities under the dragon soul protection belong to the rightful dragon soul heir . If we acknowledge their independence, won’t anyone be able to build their cities whenever they like in our territory? Also, if we allow this to happen, what will the others think about us?”

“But now, the Country of Light doesn’t seem to be leaving the matter at that~”

Gillian sat on the chair, narrowed her eyes, and waved her index finger .

“They claimed that they support the Highland City, strongly condemned our actions, and even said that they will do whatever it takes to support the independence of the Highland City~”

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“Anne thinks that we should get into a fight with them and let them have a taste of our power!”

Anne grumbled furiously .

“But… If we use violence… won’t others think that we are too…”

Lize said worriedly .

“It doesn’t matter, Lize . Since they don’t want to surrender, we should teach them a lesson . It’s the same situation as last year . Didn’t they stop their nonsense after Her Royal Highness Lydia defeated the group of southern idiots? Anne thinks that disobedient children should be spanked!”

Lize sighed and gave up trying to argue with Anne . She felt that Anne made sense, but… Marlene obviously had a different view .

“It isn’t good timing for us to start a battle . It is mostly refugees in our territory who craved for peace and harmony . If we start a fight now, they will surely feel tense no matter how much time we take to gain victory . So, I don’t suggest using this method and this should only be used as a last resort . Besides, we can’t confirm if Highland City has the same opinion as the Country of Light . We must do some investigations…”

“This settles it then . ”

Rhdoe raised his arm and interrupted .

“I will send men to investigate Highland City before deciding our next step . I feel that it must be that damned Light Parliament stirring trouble in the back . ”

“Are you going there too, Rhode?”

Marlene revealed a difficult expression .

“Your identity is different now . If you’re heading there personally… It may easily cause problems . ”

“Don’t worry, Marlene . ”

Rhode twitched his brows and revealed a smile .

“Although I’m heading there myself, I didn’t say that I’m going there as ‘Rhode Alander . ”

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