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Chapter 846

“Who are you people?!”

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 The soldiers were stunned to see Rhode’s group, where some even pulled out their weapons and gazed with uncertainty at the strange-looking group . But they couldn’t be blamed for this reaction . Although the Devil Gulf didn’t ban anyone from entering, ordinary mercenaries and locals basically wouldn’t come to this place, apart from soldiers who transported food supplies . And now, who were these people…

 The soldiers were baffled when they witnessed the shiny Spirit Bird hovering in midair .

 “We’re the 9th Patrol Unit of the Devil Gulf Army . May I know who…”

 One of the soldiers who appeared to be their captain put away his weapon and with the radiance from his torch, he witnessed the pile of devil corpses around him, which astonished him . As the patrol captain, he knew how annoying these devils were . But they were actually slaughtered perfectly by this group of trio . Although the number of devils who escaped from the chink was more than this, not ordinary person could eliminate them this easily .

 “My name is Rhode Alander, Honorary Knight of Her Royal Highness Lydia . ”

 Rhode announced and retrieved a badge from his pocket, displaying before everyone .

 “I came to the Devil Gulf for an important investigation . Could you please lead the way?”

 This young man is the rumored mercenary overlord?

 The general scanned the young man curiously, at the same time recalling the intelligence he received from the surface—Rhode Alander . He could be considered a legendary figure who established a mercenary group by himself and defeated two guilds in a row in the Midsummer Festival . He had also received Her Royal Highness Lydia’s conferment for his outstanding performance in the internal battles, stepping into the realms of the nobles from a mercenary . Not only that, but he also secured his fortress’s defense twice in a row, eradicated the Undead Army, and obtained the production method of the legendary artifact by the name of Holy Maiden Statue . There were a lot of rumors about him among the nobles and soldiers . Most people thought that he was born in the Eastern Plains and entered the Legendary Stage at the young age of 20 . He also had two legendary spell casters in the Peak Legendary Stage around his side .

 How strange . Does the Eastern Plains have such a powerful family?

 But there was a point in the rumor that was undoubted .

 “Mister… Alander, I didn’t expect to meet you here . ”

 The general swallowed the word ‘Miss’, thanks to his wonderful self-control . He finally understood why the gossip and rumors often reminded people about not mentioning Rhode’s face . If it weren’t for Rhode who wore a male, straight, black formal attire, perhaps he would have thought that he was a woman .

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 “Rhode will do, General Kaplan . ”

 Rhode gestured and said .

 “Frankly speaking, I also didn’t expect that the man, known as one of the three nation’s lions, who won multiple wars and eventually died from his illness, would show up before me, General Kaplan…”

 This was the truth . In the game, even though Rhode had been to the Devil Gulf, he was hired as a mercenary and attended to tasks assigned by the orderly and assisted the garrisons to eliminate the devils . Besides, due to the difficulty of this area, players rarely attempted it . Moreover, the players naturally skipped this place after the Country of Darkness invaded the Munn Kingdom, which was why Rhode had never been sure who the general of the army encamped in this place . But now, it was different . As Lydia’s Knight (although it was only Honorary), his identity was no longer that of a civilian or noble . Instead, he represented the royal family, which explained why Kaplan didn’t mind his presence .

 “Haha, that is all in the past . ”

 Although the general sounded humble, there was some sense of pride in his tone . No matter what, this young man remembered his glory from his young days .

 “It’s no different from death to be stationed in this place . After all, not anyone can enter this place and the royal family doesn’t want their people to know about here… But, forget it . There’s nothing much to complain about . So, what matter do you have on hand, Mr . Rhode? Could it be that the royal family…”

 “This was what happened . ”

 Rhode put up a stern expression . Of course, he couldn’t possibly tell Kaplan that he was here to search for his holy sword cards .

 “I’m sure General Kaplan has heard of the happenings in the Eastern Plains earlier on, right?”

 “That’s for sure . ”

 Kaplan responded solemnly . Everything that happened in the Eastern Plains had led to the Country of Darkness signing the truce agreement . The public thought that the Munn Kingdom had successfully resisted the attacks from the Country of Darkness, which was also one of the reasons . However, the true reason that forced the Country of Darkness back was due to the evidence which Gaya presented to Lydia—the record of Chaos Beings among the Undead Army .

 The situation’s development was much faster than Rhode had expected . Within three days of Lydia passing the evidence to the Country of Law, the Country of Law requested for the Country of Darkness to stop the war in the name of the Judgment & Ruling Twin Dragons and also asked the Country of Darkness to thoroughly investigate the traces of Chaos that mingled in their own army . The Country of Darkness had no intention to defy or drag the situation . Shortly after their army pulled back, they signed the truce agreement with the Country of Light and began their investigations . On the other hand, the Munn Kingdom had the same response . Lydia immediately dispatched three Battle Angel Armies to surround the Falcon Peak, sweep the place, and stop any Chaos Beings from showing up . Surprisingly, the Country of Light, which wasn’t too mindful about the Chaos Beings, didn’t ridicule and mock the situation . After all, everyone knew how terrifying the Chaos was .

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 “I was also there when we fought against the Chaos Beings . ”


 Kaplan wasn’t too surprised . After all, as a militant with the highest rank, he had also seen the report . On the other hand, Gaya also didn’t keep all the credits to herself, so she didn’t try and make Rhode’s group a secret in the report .

 “Frankly speaking, I thought that it was strange that the Chaos Beings emerged at such a timing . I heard from Her Royal Highness Lydia that there is no progress in the investigation of the Eastern Plains . Whereas for the Country of Darkness, I guess they will only inform the Country of Law if they made any discoveries . This is why I came here, which is widely known to be related to devils and Chaos Beings, thinking that I may be able to find some clues from the devils . ”

 “Oh? Is that so?”

 Kaplan didn’t realize that Rhode had actually played with his words . He said that “he came here” and wasn’t “will come here” or “wishes to come here”, which made Kaplan think that Rhode represented the royal family . Besides, his identity as the Honorary Knight was also proven with the badge . Kaplan didn’t know that Rhode’s true intention wasn’t to investigate the Chaos Beings at all .

 Kaplan knitted his brows and pondered deeply .

 “But, Mr . Rhode, please pardon my rudeness . I’ve been here with my men for a long time and haven’t discovered any abnormal activities with the devils . At least from what I judged, they seem to be behaving as usual; only trying to break through the barrier . But, since you’re investigating the Chaos Beings, we will do what we can to help you . ”

 Kaplan let out a chuckle .

 “Of course, I won’t be able to help if you want to capture a devil for interrogation . After all, none of us here understands their language . ”

 “Don’t worry about that, General Kaplan, I have my ways . But, I’m sure you know a lot about the Devil Gulf after being stationed here for a long time . I look forward to your help . ”

 “No problem . ”

 The general nodded proudly .

 A warm, stuffy heat stuck their faces .

 “We’re almost there…”

 Rhode stood by the wall and gazed at the lava river in the distance . At the end of the deep underground was an opening that connected the bottomless abyss . Although the fissure was already sealed by the enchanted field, the devils were still trying to barge their way to the surface .

 That is the place .

 Rhode stretched out his right arm . Shortly after, the radiance of a summoning ritual shone and Gracier and Madaras’s cards emerged in his hand .

 Activate . Fate Exploration .

 A combination of green and white brilliance pointed at the deep underground . But at this time, the instant the gentle magical radiance entered the darkness, it turned maroon and Rhode sensed a strong, bloody agitation!

 It was only an instant and Rhode felt as though the world before his eyes had been smeared in blood . The strong sense of murderous intent struck and stunned him . Before he reacted, he heard a crisp voice .

 “What… are you doing, Master!”

 A pitch-black card emerged before him and its ice-cold, dark aura held back the violent maroon, sending a chill down his spine . Rhode instantly canceled the skill and the overwhelming sensation vanished .

 “… You’re asking for death, Master . ”

 Celestina showed up before him . She erected her brows and glared .

 “I didn’t expect you to find her . But you’d better be more careful with your current strength . ”

 “Yes, thanks for your reminder . I’ll be careful . ”

 Rhode wasn’t embarrassed by her warning, but nodded firmly instead . Honestly, the four holy sword cards didn’t apply such tremendous pressure on him before . That murderous intent earlier on was so crazy, real, and powerful that it left him breathless . It was a pure menacing attitude toward him and theoretically a ‘weapon’ . But…

 “I didn’t expect you to care for me this much, Celestina . ”


 “I’m really sorry, my beloved…”

 Rhode gazed blankly at the demon young lady and said softly, extending his hand to caress her cheek gently . Celestina stood in astonishment as his fingers moved to her neck and continued to slide down .

 “You… You…”

 “Yes… As a reward, I shall…”

 “Where are you touching!”

 “Your breasts . Yes, they feel good to the touch . Unlike your younger sister’s, yours are really soft . ”

“Go to hell!”

 Shing! A pitch-black sword emerged from thin air, slashed, and brushed Rhode’s hand . Then, Celestina furiously disappeared in a black mist .

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