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Chapter 844

In this world, there was something one couldn’t change no matter how one improves one’s strength, found how much equipment, or associated with how many powerful beings . That thing would always be beside one as though the most devoted partner no matter how wealthy or poor one was . It was the…

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 Unlucky Looting Aura .

 As the three strongest players in the game, Rhode, Canary, and Mini Bubble Gum were the most powerful in every aspect—this also included their Unlucky Looting Aura . Canary’s Unlucky Looting Aura was the strongest, where she could only loot money . Mini Bubble Gum’s Unlucky Looting Aura was placed the second, where she could only find plain equipment . On the other hand, the equipment that Rhode found was either damaged or unqualified, which was why none of the equipment in his arsenal was looted by him . They were either found by Marlene, created by himself, or received from mission rewards . A long time ago, Rhode had already given up the ‘unrealistic’ hopes of receiving the equipment which he wanted through looting corpses himself .

 Humans… often lose some of the most important things when they receive strength at the same time…

 The chills gradually disappeared while the breath of spring filled the forest . Fresh green shoots once again showed up on the dry branches and green grass broke through the soil layer covered by snow and fallen leaves, striving to show their presence in this world .

 “It seems like I’m destined to work hard my whole life…”

 Rhode strolled on the mountain path leisurely, constantly lifting his head to gaze at the blue clouds while letting out helpless sighs . Apart from Anne who continuously stuck around him, there was also a young lady wrapped in a white robe joining their journey . She wore a wide triangular hat and held a staff that was taller than her, slowly following them .

 It wasn’t unreasonable for him to feel so bored . Preparations were needed to light up the tinder, but the current biggest threat could be considered temporarily dispelled after the Country of Darkness and Light Mainland signed the truce agreement . In an instant, Rhode became an idler . Although there were matters that he should be concerned with as an overlord, he had handed political matters to Marlene, intelligence gathering to Gillian, and military affairs to Orchid Heart . It could also be said that apart from eating, sleeping, and occasionally having fun in bed with Anne and Lize, he had nothing else to do . Rhode also finally understood why there were so many ancient nobles who loved such a shameless lifestyle . After all, in such an undeveloped society where the Internet didn’t exist for communications or games to spend time on, having fun in bed could satisfy both physical and mental desires, so why not?

 Of course, the others couldn’t be this carefree . Marfa, Joey, Randolf, Sol, and John followed Rhode’s instructions after returning to the fortress to pick a team of elites who could adapt to the Land of Chaos and engaged in training, in preparation to light up the tinder in the Land of Chaos . Rhode hoped that his elite team could receive training using the Battle Mage Group’s secret techniques and breakthrough their limits, reaching at least level 40 .

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 However, he couldn’t continue slacking away like this . No matter what, he was still a player by blood, and hitting creatures, leveling up, clearing dungeons, and going on adventures were his ultimate desires . In this first year of his arrival in this world, he had led an uptight life . And now that he finally could lay down his burdens and relax, he wasn’t used to it .

 As a Spirit Swordsman, Rhode had never thought of switching classes . Besides, the Spirit Swordsman excelled in many more aspects than ordinary Mages . Moreover, as the walking library, his knowledge was no less than that of the elder Mages who submerged themselves in a sea of knowledge all day . Even though there were no boundaries to the sea of learning, there would still be a limit, after all .

 Moreover, what depressed Rhode was that after he handed Bell to Christie, Christie immediately ‘got bored with the old’ and threw him aside . According to Canary, Christie had been spending time caring for Bell when she wasn’t meditating . Not only did she pick clothes for her, but she also guided her in learning various etiquettes . Currently, Bell didn’t even know how to use utensils and used her bare hands to eat . Perhaps it was this rare, enriching lifestyle that led Christie to temporarily ‘forget’ about Rhode and for unknown reasons, Rhode felt a heartache…

 Fortunately, after idling for a week, Rhode finally found something that piqued his interest . According to the research from Canary and Lapis, they confirmed that the Sphere of Mystery wasn’t complete trash and there was still a possibility to repair it . Besides, just as Rhode expected, the Behermes Family indeed possessed knowledge about creating its core . As for the material… It was rather tough to gather .

 And this was also the reason why he was here .

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 “How far are we from the Devil Gulf, Leader…?”

 Anne yawned as she followed him sleepily . But even so, she lithely dodged the branches and stones while the young lady holding the staff beside her was like a nimble bird passing through the gaps, avoiding thorns that could slash her wide robe .

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 “It’s right over there . ”

 Rhode came to a halt and gazed down from the hill . There was a 100-meters-wide, pitch-black fissure against the hillside like the enormous smile of a devil . There weren’t any creatures around it, not even any signs of humans were visible .

 This was a border not known to anyone in the Munn Kingdom—the Devil Gulf . A rare place that was connected to the land of devils .

 The Dragon Soul Continent used to be a perfect protection that divided the Chaos and Order . However, during the early battles, the Order protection crumbled . Not only because fragments of the sky revealed a place like the Land of Chaos, the ground also cracked and connected to the bottomless abyss of the devils .

 We shall rely on this for the EXP…

 The old general stepped onto the platform and gazed sternly at the flowing magma river . The smell of sulfur and scorching heat struck his face, but he wasn’t mindful at all .

 “How’s the situation?”

 “Our men have repelled five waves of devils today . According to our men from the rear, they will be calling for reinforcements and when they arrive, I guess we can relax a little more . ”

 “This is also due to the skeletons scrambling away from this place . ”

 The senior scoffed . He clenched his fists, grit his teeth and his tone of voice turned resentful . As the commander of the Munn Kingdom army encamped in the Devil Gulf, he understood the situation that was happening on the surface . He had the strongest army apart from the Battle Angel Army in the entire Munn Kingdom at the moment . However, he couldn’t go any farther thanks to these devils and couldn’t return to the surface and slaughter the Undead Creatures who had threatened their people . Although the Undead Army had also arrived at the Devil Gulf previously, they immediately left after wandering around the border .

 Hmph . How would I not know why those bast*rds don’t dare to fight me .

 The general’s army was the final line of defense guarding the devil’s seal . If the Undead Army were to infiltrate and defeat them, the seal over the bottomless abyss would instantly lose its effects . When that happened, endless amounts of devils would emerge to the surface . But come to think of it, if it weren’t for the fact that the exit of the Devil Gulf was located in his homeland, he would love to see the changes that the devil army would bring if they invaded the Country of Darkness instead .

 At this moment, the general’s trusted aide spoke hesitantly .

 “Erm… Sir General, why don’t we consider the Holy Maiden Statue?”


 The general pondered for a moment and fell into deep thoughts after letting out a deep snort .

 Holy Maiden Statue .

 The weapon that a certain overlord created that was successful against in wiping out skeletons from the Country of Darkness . Frankly speaking, the general was also tempted to purchase one after receiving this report from the surface . According to the report, the Holy Maiden Statue was extremely powerful and also maintained the strength of Order . But…

 The general was also concerned . No matter what, it was a top secret that they were in this place . At least in the Munn Kingdom, not many people knew about this Devil Gulf and the fact that there was actually an army stationed here . Therefore, he couldn’t possibly be like other overlords or commanders to purchase one openly . Moreover, what left the general dubious was that the statue wasn’t actually something in the royal family’s possession . Surely he wouldn’t want to write a report to Her Royal Highness Lydia to purchase one, right? This wasn’t a problem about money . In order to protect the seal, the royal family had been spending billions in this place and he, as the general of this place, couldn’t possibly abuse the royal family’s trust on him to spend money freely, especially when the nation was in this situation…

 A series of hurried footsteps sounded as an orderly panted his way to the platform .

 “Reporting, Sir! I-I received news from the rear that they discovered sightings of devils!”

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