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Chapter 839: 839

“Yes, Leader!”

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 Anne responded . She lifted the shield and dashed forward in a powerful whirlwind where the silver and dark flames swiftly made way for her . She leaped and reached out for the white crystal . At the same time, the Chaos also noticed her presence and instantly released multiple shadow tentacles at her . As a Shield Warrior, she was more of an expert in self-defense than anyone . She rolled back nimbly to dodge two of the tentacles . Then, she brandished the shield and the tentacles quickly retracted as though they were electrocuted . If it were an ordinary shield, perhaps the Chaos wouldn’t flinch . But, what could they do to the King’s Protection that was immune to the Chaos?

 Anne seized this opportunity and got out of there . Then, the blazing silver and dark flames merged to stop the enemies from giving chase .


 Rhode let out a sigh of relief . Then, he leaned on the pillar beside him while waiting for the end . Snow drifted around him with knitted brows as she watched the blazing heat because water elemental Elves didn’t favor flames at all . On the other hand, Celia and Celestina were speechless as they looked at Rhode in astonishment .

 “How did he do it?”

 Celestina puckered her brows and whispered to Celia .

 “These Chaos Creatures aren’t easy to deal with, but I didn’t expect Master to eliminate them just like this . Really . I haven’t had enough fun yet . These Chaos Creatures shouldn’t be this weak, right?”

 “I don’t know, Big Sister . ”

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 Celia knitted her brows too . She shook her head while scanning the pitch-black Chaos on the ground . At this moment, they almost vanished due to the flames .

 Rhode gazed at Anne who approached him with a grin . Of course, he heard the conversation between Celestina and Celia . However, he didn’t give them an explanation . This was the ‘cheat’ technique of the Spirit Swordsman against a core contaminated by the Chaos, also known as the Chaos core . Everyone knew that after the battle began, the Chaos core would choose the individual with the highest level and there would be no differences from the targeted individual in terms of spells or skills .

 At the start, many player groups were eliminated when facing the Chaos core . The first phase was still manageable, but during the second phase, the Chaos core would replicate as many Chaos Creatures as possible and the player groups would be divided completely . There couldn’t possibly only be attackers and tankers in a group . If the BOSS entered the second phase and coincidentally separated the supporters and healers—the players had to be prepared to run .

 Even Starlight suffered from this tactic by the BOSS . Back then, it was all thanks to Mini Bubble Gum’s formidable strength that they barely made it out successfully . If not, the consequences were unimaginable .

 After several failures, Rhode discovered that the Chaos core was the weakest during its transformation . Starlight adjusted their strategies based on this fact . They waited for it to transform before launching all their attacks . However, it could only transform thrice and the duration was short, less than three seconds, where even Rhode couldn’t demand his men to deal enough damage to eradicate the BOSS .

 But if they could extend the time…

 Before the battle began, the Chaos core would target the strongest individual for replication, But, what if there was another being who turned up and was stronger than its earlier target?

 The Chaos core would be confused and release its form to replicate the stronger being!

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 This was the Spirit Swordsman’s ‘cheat’ . As mentioned earlier, the Chaos core’s replication choice depended on the target’s level . If there was more than one target with the same level, it would then be based on their strength . If only a Spirit Swordsman fought the Chaos core, the Chaos core would undoubtedly replicate the Spirit Swordsman . When the BOSS entered the second phase, the Spirit Swordsman could summon spirits who were stronger than himself . Although it was rare for Spirit Swordsmen to possess summoning cards like Celia and Celestina, Spirit Swordsmen possessed several techniques to enhance the strength of the summoned spirits . As long as the Spirit Swordsman’s summoned spirits possessed an attribute that was stronger than him, the Chaos core would switch its target . The instant the Chaos core switched its target and the summoned spirits were deactivated, it would fall into confusion . When that happened, it would be the best chance to deal the highest damage…

 This strategy was developed by Rhode and also the reason why he deactivated the Taboo Halo almost immediately after activation . Celestina’s and Celia’s strength depended on Rhode’s growth . It could also be said that their strength was only slightly weaker than his . However, with the enhancement of the Taboo Halo, they would temporarily grow into the Intermediate Legendary Stage, which Rhode currently wasn’t in . Therefore, upon sensing the increase in strength from Celestina and Celia, the Chaos core gave up Rhode as a target and switched to the two sisters . At this moment, Rhode canceled the Taboo Halo and the Chaos core fell into confusion . Rhode seized this opportunity and the results… were decided .

 “Boss, is this what you want?”

 Anne stretched out her arm and presented the white crystal . Rhode nodded and accepted it . Shortly after, a line of system prompt emerged before him .

 [Received the contaminated Core]

 Good .

 Rhode nodded in satisfaction . Then, he tossed the core to Celia .

 “Celia, purify it . ”

 “Yes, Master . ”

 Celia caught the crystal and closed her eyes . Shortly after, silver flames emerged on her palm and enveloped the white crystal . As a Battle Angel, she was an expert in purifying the Chaos . After a few moments, the silver flames gradually faded off and a puff of black smoke emerged before vanishing into thin air .

 “Done . ”

 Rhode witnessed the puff of black smoke vanishing into thin air and shrugged before taking it over . Next, all he needed to do was to place it back and reactive the defense module in this refuge…

 At this moment, the group heard a mournful scream . Rhode turned around in shock and witnessed the bulging dark sphere that was devoured in flames . Then, the flames surrounding it retreated and it transformed into a strange, tetragonal, star-shaped crystal .

 A fog erupted from within .


 Celia and Celestina widened their mouths in astonishment . They clearly sensed that the Chaos was about to be eradicated, so where did this powerful force come from?!

 “Damn it…!”

 On the other hand, Rhode sulked at this sight . He rarely cursed in anger at any occasion, but this thing actually made him .

 “That damn old man! I knew he was a bast*rd! Damn it!”

 Rhode glared fiercely . Before he explained to Anne and the others the situation, he hurriedly gave a command through the spiritual communications .

 “Gillian, do it . Destroy this place!”

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