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Chapter 782

“Wait, Sonia . ”

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 Andre scuttled and arrived before her worriedly .

 “Is anything the matter, Andre?”

 “Do you really intend to do that?”

 “… What you meant was…”

 “To become the military representative and remain in contact with that guy?”

 “That’s right, Andre . ”

 Sonia’s brows twitched when she heard Andre addressing Rhode as ‘that guy’ and a look of dissatisfaction emerged on her face . However, Andre didn’t notice as he knitted his brows and spoke hesitantly .

 “I don’t think this is a good idea, Sonia . You’ve indeed interacted with that guy . But have you forgotten? Back then, didn’t that guy treat you badly?”

 Andre sensed Sonia’s body tremble . Even though her expression remained the same, her reactions affirmed his thoughts .

 “Sonia, I can ask them to send someone else instead…”

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 “Are you willing to go with me, Andre?”

 Sonia asked and Andre was astonished . He gazed blankly, knitted his brows uncomfortably, and nodded after a few seconds of hesitation . It was due to this that he didn’t notice Sonia’s sense of disappointment hidden deep in her eyes .

“Of course, Sonia . If it is possible, I will surely accompany you . ”

 “I just casually said it, Andre . You don’t have to take it so seriously . ”

 Sonia revealed a gentle smile and shook her head slightly . Then, she took a step back .

 “Don’t forget your duties, Andre . You didn’t come here to have a chat with me . Didn’t parliament member Carlson fight for your permission to assist in the front lines? Don’t you want to use this chance to start afresh? Have you forgotten the words you said to me before you came here? This is your chance for rebirth . You won’t crumble just like this and will stand up once again… This is your belief, isn’t it?”

 “… Of course, Sonia . ”

 Andre gazed solemnly at the young lady .

 “I’ve never forgotten this, Sonia . I won’t hide from my fate . This time, I will embrace all challenges bravely . This is the courage that you’ve given me and I will remember it forever . ”

 “That’s good to hear . I believe that you’ll succeed . ”

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 Sonia smiled and turned around .

 “Alright then, I should get going . I have work to accomplish . ”

 She spoke so softly that it was almost inaudible .

 Anne laid across the wooden table and yawned lazily . Beside her was Orchid Heart who seemed to have entered dreamland . She sat quietly on the chair, rested her hands on the black book on her thighs, and nodded as though dozing off .

 They couldn’t be blamed for feeling bored . After all, this was a fortress on the front lines and there was no entertainment . Even though the military didn’t arrange for Rhode and his team to live in a place like the pigsty, there weren’t too many luxurious rooms around either . As a military base, the room decorations were extremely plain . Even in this commander’s room where Rhode resided, there was nothing special . Apart from the wooden table, shelf, and fireplace, there was only an ice-cold, hard single bed . The other ordinary rooms were narrow and only had wooden tables and beds .

 Fortunately for Anne, she had been a mercenary for a long time and was used to leading such a life . In the past, she had spent nights in the open and a bed was precious enough for her . Even though she felt bored, she was glad to be spending time with Rhode now .

 However, Rhode wasn’t as idle as her .

 He knew what it meant by ‘the enemy of the enemy is a friend’ . The anti-parliament forces turned up by his room and expressed their goodwill . Rhode used the opportunity to rope in potential allies . Of course, he was aware that this Winter Castle battle was essential to his status and influence to others in the future . In the past, Rhode’s individual influence was only limited within the Munn Kingdom and the northern region of Paphield . The people of other regions had only heard news about the young overlord and if they were able to maintain a favorable relationship with Rhode, it would be beneficial for his plans in the future . With such a great chance to raise his reputation, Rhode definitely wouldn’t waste it .

 It was due to this that while Anne and the others were idling by doing nothing, Rhode and Gillian were incredibly busy . Since people hoped for him to command the army, Rhode surely wouldn’t reject them . He regrouped the army of the southern battlefront by making his 5000 troops the core . Of course, if this was the only matter on hand, he and Gillian wouldn’t be this busy . In fact, there was something which involved a goal that Rhode couldn’t let others in on .

 “According to the intelligence report, the group of skeletons is getting closer to the Winter Castle, Master . ”

 Gillian fiddled with the report in her hand and chuckled confidently .

 “How long more?”

 Rhode said and continued to gaze at the military sand table . This left Gillian sticking out her tongue and displayed a pitiful face as though she was emotionally hurt . However, she quickly regained her usual smile .

 “Around two days . By the way… I heard that the internal group is having a huge quarrel . ‘Her Majesty’ may not be able to arrive here as soon as she thought . ”

 Rhode twitched his brows . He knew what Gillian meant . Last evening, there was a report from the front lines that the final defense of the Winter Castle had crumbled to the Undead Army . If it weren’t for the Light Dragon Soul’s protection that stopped them from advancing during the day, perhaps this Winter Castle would have also collapsed .

 According to the news, there would be around 70,000 Undead Creatures that would attack the Winter Castle and what made him glad was that the Angel of Sorrow’ Charlie wouldn’t be here . At this moment, Charlie was being restrained by Archangel Boulder and Serene . However, it should also be said that thanks to Archangel Boulder and Serene, the Winter Castle didn’t manage to receive timely assistance from the Battle Angel Army—this was also why the Light Parliament had no choice but to revolve their thoughts around Rhode’s Holy Maiden Statues .

 But this way, there were changes to the plans .

 The Light Parliament had initially planned to allow Lilian to arrive at the Winter Castle before the Undead Army, in order to boost the morale of soldiers in the battlefront . However, to their horror, they didn’t expect the Undead Army to be this quick . Under such a circumstance, they could only delay sending Lilian here until the Undead Army was defeated .

 There didn’t seem to be any problems on the surface . However, Rhode had some suspicions after receiving this news .

 If Lilian was an ordinary young queen, there would be nothing wrong if the Light Parliament did so . However, she wasn’t an ordinary human, but was the Light Dragon . Under the protection of the Light Dragon Soul, Lilian should be invincible . In other words, the Undead Army would not be threatening if she was here . The holy spears of the Holy Maiden Statues relied on the source of power from the light rule . Besides, as the Light Dragon Soul Heir, Lilian could easily melt the Undead Army in the power of light in the swing of her arm . But now, the Light Parliament actually stopped Lilian from coming and protected her instead?

 How strange… Why did they do that? Could it be that the Light Parliament isn’t aware of how strong the light power is? Or are they afraid that Lilian will display her might and win over the people?

 This wasn’t totally impossible and Rhode realized that the situation was rather fishy .

 Knock knock .

 At this moment, someone knocked on his door and interrupted his thoughts .

 “What’s the matter?”

 He looked up and asked .

 “Reporting, Sir Overlord . Miss Sonia is here to report to you as the representative of the alliance . ”


 Rhode twitched his brows .

 “Let her in . ”

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