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Chapter 745

Rhode didn’t think that it was strange for a Dark Elf to join the Undead Army . However, he was surprised after hearing about Nell’s background—she was actually the leader of an assassination squad directly under Balende, which was not an easily achievable position . It was due to this identity that Rhode instantly had a hunch that he might be able to get more information than he expected .

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In fact, this was the truth . Rhode received a lot of intelligence that left him baffled .

She was the leader of the 1st ‘Night Blade’ assassination squad directly under Balende and was responsible for murdering and eliminating opponents who taunted Balende’s prestige . Simply speaking, if one were to treat Balende as a giant, Nell and her men would only be a tiny presence in his gigantic toe . The reason why she came to Rhode’s territory left him speechless . He thought that Nell was abiding by Cullen’s order to investigate on his army . After all, the enchanted field was present and he eliminated several of Cullen’s scouts, so it wasn’t too surprising that Cullen dispatched Dark Elves who were experts in assassination and spying .

But Nell’s answer stunned Rhode because the Dark Elves were actually here for his life . The reason was simple . Balende knew that Rhode was the main culprit who eliminated his elite team . Not only that, but Rhode had caused them to lose the Bone List, which led to the intelligence network set up in the Munn Kingdom by the Country of Darkness to be destroyed . It was due to this that Balende sent Nell to teach Rhode an unforgettable lesson .

Rhode’s expression remained unchanged, but he cursed inwardly .

It was during the Midsummer Festival when I killed the Vulture . It’s late winter now and Vulture isn’t even Balende’s trusted aide . Must Balende bear a grudge for such a small matter?

However, when Rhode learned from Nell that it was Di who passed the news to Balende about Rhode killing the Vulture, Rhode instantly cursed that shameless Vampire for biting the hand that fed him .

Rhode admitted that Balende was ruthless . The latter ordered Nell to sneak into the fortress and investigate Rhode and the people around him . If it was possible, they could find an opportunity to kill Rhode and if Rhode’s strength exceeded their expectations, they could target the ones around him and assassinate the person with the highest authority to wreak havoc in the fortress . Not only that, but they could also light the fortress up in flames as Cullen attacked with the Undead Army .

Fortunately for him, he discovered this group of Dark Elves before they struck . If not, it would be a tragedy . Rhode was an expert in backstabbing, but he definitely couldn’t tolerate others in returning the favor . Besides, he was clear that Nell held a high chance of success in assassination . Just based on her level, she was stronger than Marlene, Lize, Serena, and the others . Apart from Anne, almost no one could survive her attack . Moreover, the young ladies were fragile spell casters and wouldn’t usually cast defensive spells out of battles . Their lives would be over if Nell were to sneak into their room while they were sleeping .

Not only them, but even Lapis and Christie would also be in danger . Even though the former was the last Alchemy Elf of the Behermes family, she surely couldn’t survive an assassination . As for the latter, she was always delicate and poor in health . Even though Lydia had given her a magical accessory that made her immune to disease, it was useless in improving her health . Currently, she still couldn’t overexert and would be drenched in sweat even after basic activities . If a delicate girl like her were to be targeted by the Dark Elves, it would be as though a lion targeting a defenseless sheep who was just born .

Although Rhode arranged for many Thief class mercenaries including Joey to secretly watch over others, they would still be useless in the face of a master assassin .

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Perhaps it’s about time to train a group of Thieves .

Rhode didn’t need the protection of the Dark Elves because strictly speaking, Nell wasn’t as powerful as him . Besides, as a player, he was more experienced in assassination than her . But he could introduce her to Joey and the others to learn how to become true assassins . Of course, the Dark Elves’ natural traits couldn’t be passed on, but it was possible for them to teach the assassination techniques that they mastered .

Yes . I just hope they won’t suffer too miserably during the training .

For a second, Rhode mourned inwardly for the coming tragedy for Joey and the others . Then, he asked the most important question—the background of the Night Wyvern .

Rhode asked Sara about it after he returned from his investigation . But she was Cullen’s personal Corpse Slave, after all, and held no rights to attend military meetings . On the other hand, Cullen was an army commander and naturally wouldn’t spout nonsense before his servants, which was why Sara wasn’t aware that a Night Wyvern had joined the army . But Nell was different . She was Balende’s direct subordinate and even though she held a lowly status, she was still a squad leader and had the right to join military meetings .

But even so, when Rhode and the others heard the truth from Nell, they couldn’t hide their horrified expressions .

“Out of boredom?”

Mini Bubble Gum lifted her teacup and widened her eyes in astonishment . On the other hand, Canary elegantly covered her lips and pondered . As usual, Orchid Heart looked as though she was half awake and no one knew if she heard it or not .

“Yes . ”

Nell stood in the shadow at the corner and sensed the presence of three legendary beings including Rhode in the room . It was especially so for the two young ladies, where their imposing aura left her breathless .

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This young man…

Nell gazed at Rhode with complicated emotions . Then, she continued .

“This is all that I’m aware of, Master . Sir Cullen didn’t wish to have a Night Wyvern joining his army either, but Her Highness Erin insisted on joining the front line out of boredom, so he can only agree . ”

The entire room went into silence . Mini Bubble Gum puckered her brows while Canary held a finger to her chin . Rhode’s and Orchid Heart’s expression remain unchanged .

“Got it, Nell . ”

Rhode nodded and gestured to her .

“We have something else to discuss . You may leave first . ”

“Yes, Master . ”

Nell turned around, left the room, and shut the door . Rhode wasn’t worried that she would do something in his disfavor . The curse oath bound her soul and body, where it would make her taste torturous pain whenever she harbored any sinister thoughts . Moreover, Rhode was confident in grasping the Dark Elves’ aura . At this moment, he sensed that she stood in the shadow around the stairs . It was apparent that she was still confused about her current position after she was ‘reborn’ . But Rhode wasn’t in the mood to console her .

Rhode let out a bitter smile .

“This time… Our troubles are really huge, everyone . ”

“Yes… Leader . Huge trouble…”

Mini Bubble Gum revealed a bitter smile too while Canary sighed helplessly and shook her head .

“Is anything the problem, Mr . Rhode?”

Marlene looked curiously . Then, she shifted her gaze to Canary and Mini Bubble Gum . She didn’t understand what left the three of them were feeling so helpless about . Marlene remembered that Rhode and Canary were always confident and never showed such emotions . What was the reason behind this…?

“Is it about the Night Wyvern?”

“We don’t really care if it’s just an ordinary Night Wyvern, Marlene…”

Mini Bubble Gum shook her head, lifted her teacup, and pursed her lips . However, she just didn’t drink .

“The problem lies in the name . ”


What’s wrong with the name? The Night Wyvern seems like a troublesome enemy . But… Why haven’t I heard anything about a powerful being named Erin in the Country of Darkness?

Marlene pondered .

“You haven’t heard this name before, but I can give you a short, simple introduction . ”

Rhode let out a bitter laugh .

“In the Country of Darkness, there’s only one Night Wyvern named Erin, whom they call Her Highness . You may not know her, but I’m sure you know who her older brother is . ”

Rhode paused .

“The current Dragon Soul Heir of the Country of Darkness—the Dark Dragon Ion . ”

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