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Chapter 741

“T-This is…”

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Nell froze at the sight of the fluttering tentacles . Even though she wasn’t a Mage, she knew what they were because there were no lack of chances to interact with magic in both Carlesodar City and the Country of Darkness . At that moment, Nell revealed some fear in her eyes but shortly after, she came back to her senses, let out a snort, and lifted her head proudly to shoot a look of disdain at the young man before her .

“I thought you were gonna be an interesting human . It seems like you’re just a lustful dog . Hmph . Lowly human . You can do whatever you want with me, but you would be a fool if you think that I’d surrender . Do you think I will tell you everything that you want to know, you maggot?”

“You can’t say it this way, Miss . Nell . ”

The smile on Rhode’s face didn’t change at all . On the contrary, it widened into a grin .

“This is the nature of humans . Besides, I’m not foolish enough to think that a Dark Elf will provide me intelligence for free . Come to think of it…” Rhode scanned her meaningfully . Among the female Dark Elves, Nell’s figure was considered relatively slender and this might be related to her being a warrior and not a spell caster . In the game, most female Dark Elves had great figures with well developed chest and this ‘Dark Elf’ here looked as though a leopardess who would pounce on one anytime . There was a tough, powerful side of her in her soft body which let out a strange, wild charm like Anne’s . However, if Anne was just a puppy who loved to shake her tail before its owner, Nell would be a dangerous, yet charismatic leopardess . It was especially so for her spotlessly white, dewy skin . She was like the perfect combination between the surface Elves’ refined elegance and the Dark Elves’ gorgeous eroticism . Her armor and weapon had been completely stripped and nowhere to be found . Currently, she was only clad in a skintight thin top and shorts . Although the clothes were made of coarse material and weren’t appealing, they failed to conceal her natural beauty .

“… I just haven’t seen a Dark Elf like you, that is . ”

Nell gritted her teeth to his sarcastic remark . Of course, she knew what he meant and his eyes were roaming brazenly on her body . Although she had been criticized for her skin color since young, it didn’t mean that she was used to such remarks, especially from a shameless male human .

Damn it . No matter if it’s the surface or underground, humans are so weak and cowardly . They’re nothing more than slaves . What rights do they have to remark upon my appearance?!

“As an owner, it seems that my hospitality to my guest isn’t good enough . ”

Rhode scrutinized her . Around four days had passed after Nell was captured . She didn’t consume any food and only drank water . Not only that, but she also couldn’t shower, of course .

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Due to the grease on her scalp, her white long hair had stuck together in chunks and became terribly messy . Filthy dust also stained her dewy skin, which made her uncomfortable . Although she was a warrior, she was still a woman, after all . No women could tolerate such days .

But even though Rhode sounded apologetic, he didn’t appear sincere . He stretched out his hand and snapped his fingers . Shortly after, the little mermaid emerged from behind him and gazed curiously at her master . Then, she shifted her gaze to Nell . Rhode didn’t say much but simply gestured . The little mermaid nodded happily, extended her hands, and a round water ball emerged before her to wrap Nell entirely . Read more chapter on NovelFull

Nell struggled instinctively . She pushed her head above the water ball, but before she spoke, the black tentacles lurking in Rhode’s shadow darted out .

The tentacles slithered into the water ball smoothly, bound Nell’s ankles, and pulled her long, slender legs apart . One of the tentacles slipped into her top and in the blink of an eye, her soaked clothes were ripped violently and her alluring, naked body was revealed .


Nell snarled instinctively . She subconsciously tried to cover her chest, but the steel chains stopped her . She struggled for a while and quickly gave up after realizing that it was all meaningless . However, she glared fiercely at Rhode and treated him as a complete enemy . Rhode was sure that if he released her now, she would surely tear himself apart .

But based on her current strength, it was impossible .

Rhode didn’t respond . He shifted his thoughts and shortly after, the pitch-black tentacles roamed her body . They wrapped around her perky chest, slim waist, slender legs, and firm arms to give her a clean scrub .

Feels great .

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Rhode felt the texture of her body from the tentacles and nodded inwardly . This was another enhancement to his swordsmanship technique after he transcended into the Legendary Stage . With the enhancement of the Dark Dance Swordsmanship, he obtained the ability to control shadows to a certain extent . Apart from being able to blend into the shadow, he could also use the shadow as a part of himself to manipulate and attack . Of course, he could change their usage occasionally… At this moment, the tentacles were as though his extended self and a materialization of his will .

“Y-You this lowly… Argh!”

Nell felt ashamed and resentful as the slippery tentacles slid across her body recklessly . She glared at Rhode with wide-opened eyes and cursed him in the evilest terms in the Dark Elves’ language . Then, at this moment, a tentacle wrapped around her neck and tugged her head into the water .

Nell struggled to keep her head above the water ball, but the tentacle held on firmly . After a few moments, it finally let loose and retracted, to which she hurriedly gasped for air .

“Haa… Haa…”

Then, Rhode’s calm, apathetic voice sounded .

“It seems that apart from cleaning your body thoroughly, you need a mouthwash too . ”


Rhode’s smile remain unchanged to her murderous stare . But at this moment, one of the tentacles extended and made a taunting gesture, and Nell froze speechlessly .


Shortly after, she felt that something strange was happening to her body .

The ice-cold water stimulated her skin while the tentacles skillfully cleaned every inch of her body . Nell felt that they weren’t only washing, but also searching for her weaknesses . They tangled, wrapped, and touched her body that was rather numbed by the ice-cold water . Then, a burning sensation inside her spread throughout her body and dissipated the cold sensation . At this moment, she had lost all mood to ridicule and berate Rhode . She gritted her teeth to strongly refuse the unfamiliar sensation . At the same time, the wrath inside her burned wilder .

Damn human . I’m gonna kill you! I’m definitely gonna kill you!

Although she was full of hate and vengeance, her instinctive reactions failed to follow the will of the Dark Elves . Shortly after, the deep groans which she let out when tolerating pain turned into somewhat sensual gasps while reddish pink smeared across her white, fair cheeks . She trembled to the stimulating touches of the tentacles, but unlike how she avoided them before, she seemed to be craving for them much more .

Rhode narrowed his eyes .

“I didn’t expect that you’d be feeling lustful in this situation . Rumor has it that all Dark Elves are lustful creatures . It seems that it is true . ”

“You… I’m… not… ahh…!”

Nell instinctively refuted, but at this moment, one of the tentacles slid up her legs and the thrilling sensation interrupted her train of thought, which forced a moan out of her . This infuriated her because Elves, in general, were extremely sensitive to touches . The surface Elves avoided body contact and only friends who they approved could touch them . But the Dark Elves were the complete opposite, where they used their bodies to entice others in order to gain supreme happiness . Not only that, but the motive of their sexual intercourse wasn’t purely an act out of love, but was generally for the sake of reproduction . If they could give birth to powerful girls with formidable magical abilities, it would be beneficial to the entire family .

But within the family, only the matriarch held the rights to reproduce . After all, pregnant females were fragile . If they didn’t possess powerful strength or positions worthy of being protected by bodyguards, their lives would be at risk from the other family members .

Nell had never touched any men before . Dark Elves in the underground world spurned her skin color and her lack of magical talents predetermined that she couldn’t give birth to offspring with magical abilities . On the other hand, most of the population in the Country of Darkness was undead . One couldn’t count on the undeads for having interests in mortals . Perhaps the Vampires who treated lust as etiquette might have a market, but for the Death Knights… Forget it .

It could even be said that this was the first time she had been touched by ‘someone’ . This fresh, unfamiliar feeling terrified her . She ground her teeth and focused her will of the warrior in resisting the waves of assault . However, she stiffened as soon as the tentacle slid between her ample buttocks . Although she was inexperienced in this aspect, she knew what Rhode was up to as a promiscuous race of the Dark Elves .

“Wait, human . T-That isn’t for…”

“I’ve told you, Miss . Nell . A thorough cleaning of every inch of your body… Including the inside . ”

This was the first time Nell’s complexion turned pale and Rhode snapped his fingers with a grin .

At the very next moment, Nell felt an incomparable pain entering from behind her and it tore through her body and soul .

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