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Chapter 723: 723

Rhode had to admit that this statement was quite the style of a ‘Necromancer’ and even Bayer had a whole new level of respect’ for him . Rhode got someone to place the corpse above the horse back and brought all the ‘spoils of war’ back to the fortress . Upon sensing the aura of death, one of the Battle Angel inquired and Rhode came clean with everything since he wasn’t the one who cast the evil undead spell anyway . After confirming that there wasn’t any evil aura exuding from him, the Battle Angel left without saying a word . Bayer and Frederick were equally speechless .

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Thereafter, Rhode invited them to inquire about the ‘Zombie Puppet’ . Serena hesitated for a moment and eventually nodded after failing to resist her curiosity . On the other hand, Bayer refused politely, but this didn’t mean that he bore a grudge against Rhode . Instead, this was his first battle with the Undead Creatures, after all, and the treacherous enemies had left him baffled and mentally exhausted . He felt even more uncertain after hearing Rhode’s description of the situation, which was why he looked for his men to talk about his ‘personal experiences’ in dealing with the Undead Creatures . Whereas for the ‘Zombie Puppet’, he wasn’t too mindful . Since Rhode had arranged a time to share with him the findings on a later date and Serena and Frederick were also with him, he didn’t have much to worry about .

Bam .

Rhode tossed the corpse on the ice-cold floor in the prison cell and the deep sound echoed between the walls . Serena knitted her brows in silence while Frederick whistled as he was more interested in this underground prison than the corpse .

Rhode had chosen the cell at the extreme end . Back then, the designer of this prison seemed to have the intention of imprisoning massive creatures, which explained the enormous, circular space with manacles and leg-irons . Rhode currently didn’t have anyone worthy of being imprisoned in this special cell, but for the sake of avoiding panic and trouble, he had chosen it .

The underground prison was dark and dim . Chilly air shook the candle flames and sent chills down Serena’s spine . She had never been to such a place . She looked around while trembling with fear . The echoing mourns of grief from the prisoners left her uncomfortable .

“Sir Overlord, how do you intend to…”

Frederick pointed at the corpse curiously . After a few moments, he felt that something was amiss . He approached the topic from another direction, but didn’t know what to say . He let out an awkward cough .

“… do it?”

“You guys will know soon . ”

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Rhode didn’t give a specific answer . As a player who had fought against Undead Creatures for years, he knew what condition this young lady was in . Indeed . No matter how they saw it, she was a corpse, but the situation wasn’t this simple . Rhode spotted traces of corpse solidification . In other words, her body had been modified when she was alive perhaps for the sake of maintaining this form after her death . For example, they could treat this young lady like a human-shaped balloon . When she was filled with spiritual energy, she wouldn’t be different from ordinary humans . But, when spiritual energy left her, she would deflate and become a corpse .

Since that was the case, it would work after pumping spiritual energy into her like a balloon .

Rhode held the necklace hanging on his chest and injected spiritual powers .


Everyone widened their eyes in disbelief .

The young lady’s stiff, ashen skin slowly softened and ‘restored’ with signs of life . Her stone cold body became warm and in the blink of an eye, a show of the resurrection of the dead was staged before them, where even Lize and Marlene were baffled . They had never seen similar things happened…


The bewildered young lady opened her eyes and groaned weakly . Frederick stared at Rhode at a loss .

“S-She revived?! Sir Overlord, how did you do it?”

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Frederick’s scream resounded in the chilly underground prison . The young lady knitted her brows and was horrified as soon as she saw the people around her .

“W-Who are you people?!”

She cowered at the corner and widened her eyes in terror . Lize went up to console her, but Rhode pulled her back . Then, he approached the young lady .

“Think harder . You should know who we are . ”

The young lady quietened and became calm . But shortly after, she turned terrified and acted cautiously .

“Y-You are from the Light Mainland?”

Serena, Frederick, Marlene, and Lize felt rather fresh with her inquiry . They had never been asked this question . After all, most humans lived under the Light Dragon’s soul protection and were basically the people of Light Mainland with only differences in the regions and countries where they resided . This young lady’s strange way of asking proved her identity .

“That’s right . Do you still remember what happened?”

Rhode didn’t feel anything wrong . In fact, he was also amused when someone asked him this question when he first arrived in the Country of Darkness . However, he had gotten used to it after all these years .

The young lady lowered her head as though trying hard to recall . Then, she muttered .

“My… my master ordered me to head into Light Mainland… to… investigate . T-Then, we met an ambush… Master lost… and… I… I…”

She shuddered, lifted her head, and revealed the look of fear again .

“M-My spirit . Master has…”

“Your spirit is with me, young lady . ”

Rhode lifted the necklace on his chest and swayed it before her eyes . She fixed her gaze on it and after a few moments, knelt respectfully as she laid her forehead on the ground .

“Dear master! I beg for your kindness . Please don’t destroy my spirit . I’m willing to heed all your orders . My body and spirit shall belong to you forever . You can do whatever you want to me, but please don’t punish me . I’m willing to be your most despicable, lowest servant…”

“S-Sir Overlord?”

“Mr . Rhode?”


Perhaps due to the drastic change in the young lady’s attitude, everyone was speechless, except for Gillian who laughed cheekily at the side . Rhode wasn’t surprised by the young lady’s behavior . Even though there wasn’t such customs in Light Mainland, this was extremely common in Dark Mainland . Spirits were more like a currency for transactions . Almost everyone’s spirit belonged to their masters and as long as they committed a mistake, their masters would torture their spirits as punishments, which was the most unbearable pains in this world . The pain spread from inside out to every corner of their spirit, where even death wouldn’t rescue them and vanishing in a puff of smoke was their biggest fear . It was due to this that they treated their masters who held their spirits as superior beings .

“Anyway, stand up first . ”

Rhode was a modern man, after all . He didn’t find it interesting for a young lady to shudder and sprawl before him . He took two steps back and put away the necklace . The young lady hesitated before slowly standing to her feet . But even so, she wrapped her arms around her fearfully like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow . Everyone couldn’t imagine her being the sly Lich . After all, both of them felt so different to them .

“Tell me your name . ”

Rhode said . The young lady kept her head low and replied softly .

“Reporting, my dearest master . My name is Sara… I was Sir Cullen’s Corpse Slave . ”

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