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Chapter 658: 658

The dazzling halo emerged .

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Rhode had never been this calm . Countless lightning bolts struck from the sky and constantly flowed around him . Moreover, there was a faint, unpleasant smell lingering in the air . Even with the enhancement of elemental resistance from [Sisko’s Fantasy], he felt the electricity permeating through his body . The piercing pain engulfed him entirely, but he didn’t give up or escape . He gazed forward silently at the dazzling halo and stretched out his hand .

The brass wrist guard on his right wrist changed its color instantly . Then, his right hand was quickly covered in a layer of pitch-black, dense shadow . Not only that, but the dazzling lightning brilliance also exposed the distorted impurities within the shadow .

At this moment, Rhode’s right hand touched the dazzling halo .


No one knew what happened . The crowd simply heard a loud explosion and they felt as though the world before them had been completely destroyed . The ground trembled violently . The dark clouds in the sky rolled and rumbled, and the lightning bolts dispersed in all directions . In an instant, everyone laid down to the ground quickly and the neighs of the warhorses were completely devoured by the loud explosion . All the men could do was hug their heads and await the end of this horrifying scene .


The explosion blasted Rhode into the sky and he crashed heavily to the ground . He groaned from the immense pain from his back . The numbness, tingling, and piercing sensation were as though the lightning bolt had penetrated his body and wreaked havoc all around . However, Rhode ground his teeth and resisted the dizziness before flipping around and standing to his feet . He held his chest and forcefully swallowed the substances that were almost thrown out of his throat . He clutched his sword and lifted his head to look forward .

It was a ghastly sight . The dark clouds above had dispersed to nowhere, revealing the azure sky and warm sun that illuminated the place . However, the snow-covered field had as though turned into a large, mushy puddle of mud and was riddled with scars . In the distance, everyone laid twisted on the ground . Even though they weren’t seriously injured, the lightning bolts that had gone out of control brought a certain extent of harm to them .

Lauren stood blankly on the spot . His collected expression had become overwhelmed with shock and astonishment . He looked at Rhode with wide-opened eyes, revealing an unbelievable glint . Even though he appeared to have the upper hand, it was apparent from his messy hair and tattered clothes that the truth was otherwise .

But now, Lauren couldn’t care less as his mind was filled with unprecedented shock . He never thought that this young man could actually break through his Mystic Realm!

I succeeded .

Rhode revealed a glint of satisfaction as he gazed at Lauren’s expression . He knew why Lauren was surprised, of course . The strength of his swordsmanship had merely exceeded the basic standard of Legendary Stage while Lauren was at his Peak Legendary Stage . Logically speaking, Rhode shouldn’t have been able to dodge the Mystic Realm because it was the symbol of the Peak Legendary Stage and also the materialization of ‘one person, one world’ . In that world, Lauren was the ruler and God . Those who weren’t as powerful as him would be dead . As for his Mystic Realm, it was basically impossible to break through .

But players were beings who turn impossible into possible .

A long time ago, the forum broke into a controversy when the players transcended into the Legendary Stage and attained the strength of the Order Dimension and Mystic Realm . Did level difference necessarily represent the difference in player strength? In the early stages of the game, many players who entered the arena and met top-rated players who possessed the Mystic Realm didn’t stand a chance at all . The players were resentful as this destroyed the balance of the game in their eyes because, previously, the differences weren’t that huge even though level differences existed . There was no hope for players with a 10 level difference, but with three to five levels apart, players could rely on their equipment and skills to survive . However, the existence of the Mystic Realm broke the conditions . Even with a level difference of one, one would still head down a dead end if one only had the Order Dimension and not the Mystic Realm .

This problem had been discussed spiritedly on the forums . Some players felt that it was unfair and unreasonable, while some believed that this was the welfare for top-rated players and it was the weaker players’ own problem if they wished to challenge someone stronger than them . Some other players used the construction mechanism of the Mystic Realm for theoretical discussions to find a way to crack the Mystic Realm .

Got to say, ideas were always thought up by humans . After all, two heads were better than one, and finally, the players found a way to crack the Mystic Realm .

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The Mystic Realm was a superior technique . In the Dragon Soul Continent, the stronger the might of the technique, the more time it needed for preparation, just like Lize’s spiritual spell casting . Although basic spiritual spells could be cast instantly, advanced spiritual spells required chantings . The time needed for formidable magic spells by Mages was even longer, which was also why the Mage players had created the ‘Flawless Casting’ technique . As for the Swordmasters, they needed time for ‘charge up power’ before releasing advanced swordsmanship techniques . All these skills could be interrupted and the same went for the players and BOSSes . In fact, one would also require time to cast and expand one’s Order Dimension and Mystic Realm . Of course, the time required was only three to four seconds . However, the players wouldn’t let off even a one-second technique when the opportunity was presented to them .

So, what about the Mystic Realm? How to disrupt it if one could do it? Physically? Or magically?

Ordinary spells and swordsmanship techniques were useless against the Mystic Realm . The powerful being casting the Mystic Realm was as though the protagonist of a magical girl anime, in a state of invincibility . No matter if one was stripped naked and posing, one wouldn’t be harmed one bit, even from formidable spells and swordsmanship techniques . This was also why many players were dissatisfied with it . Thereafter, there were many players used the Mystic Realm as an invincible protection skill . Not only could they be invulnerable, but they could also revive in perfect condition within it . At the same time, their offense and defense values increased drastically and they could use unique techniques with high damage output . Fortunately, the Mystic Realm required a massive amount of spiritual energy to maintain . If not, every player would cast their Mystic Realm wherever they went .

But in the end, the players discovered the weakness of the Mystic Realm .

It was a brand new world created from a powerful being in the Peak Legendary Stage using one’s special qualities . In other words, it was an Order Dimension .

And the sworn enemy of Order was Chaos .

Everything was most vulnerable in the early stages of growth . As long as one cast a Chaos technique that was capable of destroying Order while the enemy was casting his Mystic Realm, it would break the Mystic Realm entirely .

Coincidentally, Rhode had an artifact with him that was capable of this .

Rhode gazed at his wrist . The brass wrist guard was no longer covered in dark fog and it had returned to its usual look . An indistinct magical radiance flashed through the complicated and mysterious pattern before vanishing to nothingness .

[Historical Wing (Ancient . Fantasy . Bronze) — Created in Chaos . Forged in death as its smelting furnace . Comply with Order to exist within the crack]

[Guardian of Space — Any attacks targeted at holder will miss with a chance of 35%]

[Will of Order — Order Scepter (Level 5) (Available once per day) Holder can cast an Order territory with the size of (5S x 5S) . Immune to the effects of the Chaos Forcefield]

[Devastating Chaos — Chaos Shadow (Level 1) (Available once per day) Holder can cast a Chaos Shadow with the size of (3S x 3S) and those apart from the holder will go through a round of resistance identification (30 Willpower) Those who do not pass will be affected and the effects will be similar to the Chaos Realm]

[Eternal Presence — Artifact will not be destroyed]

[Meteor Force — Holder’s strength level +3]

Chaos Shadow .

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It was this skill that Rhode had used to break Lauren’s Mystic Realm . He cast the Chaos Shadow on his right hand and extended his hand into Lauren’s Mystic Realm, allowing the Chaos power to disrupt the formation of Order . This was why Rhode wasn’t afraid of dealing with Peak Legendary beings . After obtaining this artifact, he was basically unthreatened in the face of an Order Dimension or the Mystic Realm . Of course, the prerequisite was that he met only one Peak Legendary being per day .

However, he didn’t cast this skill against Lauren riskily . After all, this skill needed to assess the target’s willpower in order to work . With Lauren’s strength and level, it wasn’t difficult to pass the assessment . Besides, Rhode didn’t want Lauren to detect his Chaos energy . On this continent, Chaos energy was detested by everyone . He was sure that if Lauren sensed that he was able to release Chaos energy, he would be dragged into the Church for investigation even if the Ocean Trade Route incident had nothing to do with hi . Breaking the Mystic Realm only required Chaos energy to interfere with the formation of new Order and it wasn’t necessary to launch attacks on the Mystic Realm caster .

“What did you do?”

Lauren stared at Rhode vigilantly . He had never heard that the Mystic Realm could be destroyed by someone . In his eyes, Rhode had turned from an admirable young man to a threatening presence . The domain of Order was an amulet for beings in the Legendary Stage . It was also the source of their arrogance and strength . And now, Lauren’s Mystic Realm had been completely destroyed!

“That’s a trade secret, Mr . Lauren . ”

Rhode sensed immense pain permeating throughout his body . As a user of Chaos energy, even though it was only an instant, the devastation of the Order energy had inflicted serious damage to him . Fortunately, Rhode had a strong constitution . If he were an ordinary Human, perhaps he would be crippled even if he weren’t dead . But even so, Rhode tolerated the immense pain and gazed at Lauren .

Lauren twitched his brows . He lifted his sword and strode toward Rhode . Even though Lauren was injured from the backlash of the Mystic Realm devastation, he naturally wouldn’t be gravely hurt as a powerful being . Besides, Lauren could see that Rhode had been harmed heavily as he was as powerful as a spent force .

Lauren tried to capture Rhode due to obligation previously, but now, he hoped to capture him because he wished to know the truth . What did Rhode do to break his Mystic Realm? This hadn’t happened in the past! But Lauren also knew that this stubborn young man wouldn’t expose his secret this easily .

Since he isn’t willing… I’ll have to use force then .

Here he comes!

Rhode lifted his sword and stood silently on the spot . Even though Rhode was injured, it didn’t mean that he didn’t have any strength left in him . Lauren had made a wrong judgment once, and Rhode didn’t mind letting him commit another again . On the battlefield, forcing the enemy to make mistakes was the best way to win .

One step, two steps, three steps .

Lauren approached closely . Rhode sensed that Lauren was preparing himself, just like a jogger on his warm up phase . At this moment, Lauren was using the opportunity to regulate his strength and get ready for a one-shot-kill . On the contrary, Rhode stood sideways on the spot . His right hand clutched onto the pitch-black sword while his left hand was behind him .

Four steps, five steps .

Lauren’s right arm muscle tightened . The sword in his hand trembled . Everything was developing in the right direction, and next would be a matter of life or death .

Rhode twitched his wrist .


He swung out his pitch-black sword and its straight blade instantly transformed into a menacing viper, widening its mouth and pouncing at Lauren!


Lauren let out a cold snort . At this moment, his sword aura had reached its peak . He stepped forward .

When Lauren took the first step, his sword and him were still individual entities . However, they merged together on the very next step . The dazzling lightning sword aura enveloping them pulsed . The spirit and strength coalesced from years of tough training became a perfect embodiment . The violent, choking aggression felt as though a gush of stream that formed into a huge sword aura wave!

The dark shadow vanished in the enormous wave, but Lauren turned around along the momentum and streaked across an indistinct trail of blade ray, slashing toward nothing . However, at the next moment, a razor-sharp black blade emerged and crashed heavily into Lauren’s silver-whitish blade .

“That’s the end for you, young man!”

Lauren thrust his sword down with all his might while Rhode couldn’t resist the powerful force, especially in this condition . Rhode hurriedly retreated and at the same time, Lauren deflected his black sword away . Rhode was defenseless and a single slash would take his life…

A single slash .


A crisp collision rang .

Lauren widened his eyes at the pure white blade obstructed him . Behind the blade was Rhode’s smiling eyes, which Lauren didn’t see . Rhode laid the sword horizontally before his chest and the holy, white blade resisted Lauren’s lethal attack .  Damn it . Where did this other sword come from?!

Lauren’s movements stagnated, but he didn’t stop . He struck out again and again and grew increasingly terrified . This young man’s calmness had exceeded his expectations . Although Lauren knew that Rhode wasn’t easy to deal with, he recognized him as merely a potential junior back then . But now, Lauren discovered that this young had become a worthy opponent and enemy!

Lauren knew that this young man’s strength was far from his . But he observed that this young man’s movements had surpassed his expectations from their exchange in slashes . He didn’t know what the young man did to weaken his strength and even destroy his Mystic Realm . Moreover, how did this sword appear out of nowhere? Lauren swore that this young man definitely didn’t have a second sword with him!

I can’t drag this any longer!

Lauren stared fiercely .

The ear-deafening thunder roared .

The lightning bolts permeated on the silver-whitish blade erupted in all directions, shaking Rhode’s footing in the deep explosion . Rhode swiftly retreated, but Lauren struck his blade forward closely . A dozen incomparably dazzling light blades exploded and engulfed Rhode entirely .

Cling! Cling! Cling! Cling!

Rhode sprung back in a crisp clashes of swords . Lauren didn’t hold back anymore . He leapt forward and the lightning bolts under his feet struck like a powerful stream .

This is the final battle .

Rhode lifted his right hand . Two cards emerged between his fingers and vanished seconds after . Then, he widened his palm and a faint halo spread with him in the middle .


Rhode collapsed heavily to the ground . At the same time, Lauren thrust his sword toward Rhode’s shoulder with all his might while Rhode had as though given up all resistance . He laid on the snowfield and quietly welcomed the menacing attack .

Suddenly, two daggers crisscrossed and negated Lauren’s attack .

Lauren stared in disbelief . Two Elf girls wrapped in snowy white cloak stood before Rhode and the daggers in their hands stopped the silver-whitish blade from penetrating farther . Endless lightning bolts pulsated on the silver-whitish blade, but it failed to get closer to them .

Then, Lauren watched as Rhode stood to his feet slowly . A battle angel clad in sky-blue armor walked out from nowhere . She held a sword with a blade burning in holy flames and placed it before Rhode .

Legendary Stage .

Lauren sulked as soon as he sensed the strength emanating from the three young ladies . He never expected that the young man would have companions of such a supreme caliber . Although the three young ladies had only just entered the Legendary Stage, judging from their aura, Lauren sensed that their strength was extraordinary . He had never seen a Battle Angel shrouded in such immense holy powers . The two Elf girls were even more mysterious . Although they had stood before him, he couldn’t lock onto their aura at all . He couldn’t even sense their presence using senses other than his sight as though they were nothing more than phantoms . Lauren lifted his head and scrutinized Rhode . Where did this young man come from?

Then, he heard Rhode’s calm and apathetic voice .

“Shall we continue, Mr . Lauren?”

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