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A vase crashed onto the floor, shattering into countless fragments.

"Why did you invite that b*stard, Daddy!?"

Helen stood in the living room, glaring at Keller who looked solemn.

"Now isn't the time to throw a tantrum."

Looking at his daughter's swelled face, Keller sighed. But expression immediately hardened again.

"In any case, someone else saved your life. At least you need to say something, have you forgot everything that I've taught you before?"

Keller raised his voice considerably, causing Helen to shrink back slightly. But once she realized her own cowardice, she stood back up straight again.

"I don't care. Anyway, I hate that guy! I will never thank him even if you kill me!"

"You...! You spoilt...!"

He pointed his finger at his rebellious daughter and shook with anger. He couldn't figure out why his usually docile girl would suddenly become so stubborn.

"Go back to your room. NOW! Tonight, little lady, you're grounded!"

"I'm not going anywhere! Hmph!!"

Helen stomped her stubby feet fiercely and turned around, leaving the room in a huff. Keller watched as his daughter's figure disappear behind the door, then, he sat back on his chair and gave a huge sigh. At this moment, it was as though his face aged another ten years.

He was exhausted.


Ben walked up to Keller's side softly and bowed respectfully. He looked at his Master's worn expression and hesitated for a while before asking, "About Miss..."

"Keep an eye on her. For tonight, don't let her out of the room."

Keller waved his hand and sighed once more. He pinched his brows with one hand while impatiently gesturing Ben to get out of the room with the other.

Keller waved his hand, then sighed. He was holding his forehead while impatiently waved his hand.

"Just... just go back. I'm tired, and I want to rest. Report to me when the gentleman arrives, I will personally welcome him."


After receiving Keller's order, Ben immediately left. Keller closed his eyes for a long time and said nothing. Right now, the pressure on him was too much for him to handle. Not only family matters weighed down on him, but the Merchant Association was also a problem. When they tried to kidnap his daughter to threaten him, he resolved to draw the line with the Merchant Association. Never would he have thought that those guys with only money in their brains would suddenly become so bold. But ever since he firmed his resolve, he decided not to associate with them anymore. For safety reasons, he even ordered Helen not to go out, or at least until the matter concluded. Surely he'd expected that Helen would be extremely displeased about being grounded, but still, as the head of the family, he had to be responsible for everyone.

Keller had a feeling that something was wrong these few days, but he was unable able to figure it out. Although there was no activity in the Golden City yet, Keller knew that once that girl made her move, it
meant that his position as head of the family would be over.

Keller shook his head to throw these negative emotions and thoughts out of his head. Since he couldn't figure it out, then he wouldn't think about it anymore. This time, the dinner party would be graced with the presence of the Mercenary Association's President and the Duke. He must grasp this opportunity to discuss with them about this issue in depth as it was of utmost importance. Furthermore, he couldn't afford to wait until the last minute to solve it.

Initially, Keller did not intend to reveal certain matters since it was the Merchant Association's internal problem, but after the attempted kidnap of his daughter, he felt that something was amiss. If it were just an ordinary commercial dispute, they wouldn't have exerted such an extreme method to force him to comply.

No matter what, it was still better to have some sort of preparation.

Thinking up to this point, Keller couldn't help but recall the young man who saved his daughter's life. Although Deep Stone City was a small town, finding one single person still wasn't an easy task. However, Rhode, in particular, was somewhat infamous, thus, investigating information about him wasn't as tricky as Keller thought it would be.

Once he stepped into Deep Stone City, he was immediately assessed by the legendary Sereck and won. After that, he managed to become a leader of a mercenary group with only two people. Then, he spent his money to purchase the ill-famed Cyril's Haunted House. Furthermore, according to rumors, the young man's appearance was absolutely beautiful. Frankly, if not because of the fact that his feats were nigh impossible based on his circumstances, then it'll be hard to believe whether he was actually trying to attract attention or not.

Astonishingly, this young man had led his 'mini' mercenary group to subdue the Necromancer in Pavel Cemetery which was a four Star-Ranked mission. Even though many people doubted the legitimacy of the mission props, the Mercenary Association's staff affirmed the people that the Necromancer's head and staff were the real deal.

Rhode didn't realize that he was the focal point of many people currently. The fact that he could lead a few people to complete such a dangerous mission meant that he must be someone extraordinary. Mercenaries were also humans. Naturally, they wished to work for the strong as they often put their life on the balance.

So, who is this young man?

What kind of person is he?

Keller closed his eyes and mused to himself.

When the night fell, the quiet environment soon began to brighten up.

A chandelier refracted countless of lights as many luxurious carriages moved back and forth. Now was the best time for nobles to interact with one another. Whether if it was a formal or informal banquet, they were here to enjoy themselves.

And so, tonight's banquet became extremely lively.

"This place could actually house these many people?"

The Old President walked down from the carriage, muttering unhappily while observing the nobles donned in fancy clothing.

"Whenever I come here, it feels as though I'm entering a market. Hearing thousands of ducklings yapping in my eardrums is extremely upsetting!"

"Well, old friend, Mr. Keller rarely invites us. Don't be a grumpy old man."

Compared to the Mercenary Association's President who wore a casual outfit, Sereck was dressed more elegantly. The Deep Stone City's celebrity absolutely resembled a nobleman with his stunning attire. On his waist, his iconic magic sword hung loosely.

"That man is just trying to stir up problems."

Ignoring the dissatisfied eyes from the attendant, the Old President entered the grand hall, then, he took out his pipe and tapped on the door.

"If not, why did he become low profile? See, even Klautz that wily old fox came. It seems like there's a really huge problem."

"Maybe. I heard that something happened to the Merchant Association, but... if that was the only problem, he wouldn't look for us, the Mercenary Association, nor Klautz to help him solve whatever issue he is facing. What do you think is the problem?"

"I'm not interested in these troublesome things. If there's someone who dares to look for trouble, I will just hammer him to death, don't you think so?"

"That may not be right, since..."

Sereck hadn't finished his sentence before the door opened once again.

The noisy hall suddenly became quiet.

For these nobles, there were only a few things that could attract their attention. But now, they've completely shifted their focus to the three new faces who walked down the hallway.

Rhode was naturally at the front. He wore a dark set of clothes, emphasizing his pale skin and thin body shape which made him appear like a frail child. His dark, long hair fell onto his shoulders, and his eye-catching face combined with his usual cold expression was giving off a strange charm.

Following behind him were two ladies who were equally dazzling.

Marlene's dress wasn't much different from the usual; she was still in her luxurious robe which perfectly matched her movements. Her ruby wand by her side emitted an elegant aura.

Meanwhile, compared to the other two, Lize's dress was more modest. She was in a sparkling white dress, as though she was a white lily which aroused love and affection from people.

Everyone in this hall were outstanding individuals, but these three newcomers still stood out with their unique aura which drew the attention of so many people. Soon, some groups began to whisper and gossip.

"Hmph... It looks like the banquet was a little better than I thought."

Marlene completely ignored the crowd around her and looked around.

"M-Marlene, that's too rude."

Lize stretched out her hand and pulled Marlene's sleeve gently.

"You don't have to mind it Lize, just relax."

However, Marlene apparently did not take Lize's advice seriously.

"We're here to have some fun. Moreover, this lady is willing to participate in this low-class banquet; it's already enough to give him face."

Just after Marlene ended, a well-dressed middle-aged man with a staunch face entered the hall. After noticing Rhode and the others, his eyes lit up and quickly made his way towards them.

"Hello, Mr. Rhode... I am Clayor Keller. I've heard about you from my daughter and hoped that we could meet since then. Right now, my wish is fulfilled. On behalf of the Keller family, I welcome you to this banquet."

"Don't be modest, Mr. Claytor. It's my pleasure to receive your invitation."

Facing the middle-aged man before him, Rhode replied in neither humble nor overbearing attitude. While he obviously wasn't a noble, he participated in similar events back in the game. Though he didn't personally experience it, he saw it many times. Back in the game, he could recall at least two or three typical noble dialogues.

Hearing Rhode answer, Claytor displayed a pleasant smile. Then, he switched his attention to the people behind Rhode.

"You don't have to be that polite, Mr. Rhode. These two people are...?"

"Greetings," Marlene took half a step forward and slightly raised the hem of her skirt, "My name is Marlene Senia, very pleased to see you, dear Mr. Claytor Keller."


Hearing Marlene's answer, Claytor was stunned for a moment. His face immediately flashed a trace of surprise and looked at Rhode.

Is this man associated with the people from the Senia family?

What is his identity?

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