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Chapter 598

This battle wasn’t easy for Rhode .

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If the phantom possessed Lize’s actual strength, Rhode would’ve gotten rid of her in a split second . Although he wasn’t sure what the Mind Devil had done, it had magnified Lize’s mental strength and in her mental world, she possessed powerful competence and strength . It was due to this reason that Rhode and Anne didn’t have an easy time against her .

From their previous encounter, Rhode realized that the phantom was a BOSS between level 60 to 65 . Fortunately, the phantom didn’t have Lize’s strength and its speed, strength, and reaction was similar to the BOSS . Apart from that, she couldn’t use any special skills nor the usual spells which Lize used .

However, the fight was still tough .

Because Lize understood Anne and him too well .

As a Cleric, Lize had always acted as the supporting role during battles and she naturally had to understand her companions’ battle styles . But now, her experiences had become Rhode and Anne’s deadly weakness . Even though the phantom couldn’t cast any spells, it managed to dodge Rhode’s fatal ambushes with its level 60 BOSS attributes . Not only that, but the phantom had also deflected Anne’s attack and healed herself .


The ear-deafening crash numbed their ears .

The twin daggers and the pitch-black whip collided, releasing countless sparks into the air . The phantom twitched her brow and let out a chuckle . Then, she swung forward with all her might . Rhode felt an immense might coming from the whip and he retreated decisively with a somersault . At this moment, a dazzling spiritual radiance exploded from the whip and streaked across the air, brushing Rhode’s clothes .  Bam! The flat marble ground shattered with trails of ghastly damages and the powerful blast pushed Rhode forcefully away for up to 10 meters .

“Aiya . What a waste . You’ve avoided it again, Mr Rhode . ”

The phantom withdrew her whip and caressed it gently . She revealed a tyranny grin that Rhode had never seen before .

“But this makes it interesting, doesn’t it, Mr . Rhode? I’ve never seen you yelling out in pain . You’ve always looked like this: confident, like nothing can waver your spirit . But, what now? Do you think you can defeat me here? What a foolish thought . But I don’t care at all . You can try, Mr . Rhode . And I will let your taste the pain of failure and despair . By then, I will make you kneel by my feet and pray for my favor . Ah… Just this thought is enough to send chills down my spine!”

The phantom trembled as she spoke . She let out a soft moan and lashed the whip in her hands forward, breaking the sound barrier in the air .


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A deep rumble like rolling thunder sounded . Then, the sky above him darkened instantly . He stepped back subconsciously and he disappeared into the shadow that expanded wildly . At this moment, a massive figure descended from above and landed before him .

It was a massive, 3 meter tall Angel Statue . But, unlike the other statues, it didn’t have feathers on its wings . Instead, the wings were bare bones, moving like spider legs . It held a large stone hammer in one hand and a shield in the other, facing forward expressionlessly like a puppet . Frankly speaking, it indeed was only a puppet .

There’s no end to this .

Rhode puckered his brows . In this mental world, the owner of this space was the most powerful . Although the Mind Devil could entice, it couldn’t manipulate the mental world . This was why it borrowed this method to lure its prey and destroy the threatening enemies on its own accord . This process was also used to lure its prey into repeating itself and for self-recognition . There was a saying that a lie that was repeated thousands of times would become the truth, which was especially applicable in this mental world . If the Mind Devil continued to misguide Lize into thinking that Rhode and Anne were enemies which she must annihilate, Lize would be brainwashed into thinking that it was the truth . Even without the guidance of the Mind Devil, Lize would make the same decision and this phenomenon had already shown itself . Initially, there was nothing else apart from the phantom and Lize in this sacred hall, which proved that the Mind Devil could only manipulate the phantom in the deepest part of her mind . But now, with the appearance of other enemies, it showed that Lize was slowly repeating this knowledge and recognizing their existence .

If Rhode didn’t get rid of the Mind Devil quick enough and release Lize from the mental world, Lize would take over the baton from the Mind Devil and destroy them while following the repeated process . When that happened, Rhode and Anne would be incapable of saving the situation . This was Lize’s mental world and in other words, it was a micro world where Lize was the God . In this place, nothing could stop her from doing as she pleased .

Even after Rhode defeated the Mind Devil and released the mental world, it might also permanently affect Lize’s spirit and mind . There was such a setting in the game where there was a limited time for players to stay in the mental world . If the player defeated the Mind Devil in the given time and released the mental world, the victim would be safe . However, if the player exceeded the timing, the victim’s spirit and mind would be impacted due to the deep brainwashing by the Mind Devil . The victim could count themselves lucky if they were left in an unstable mental state after being released . Some might even become walking corpses or go crazy in worse case scenarios .

Rhode didn’t wish to face such a situation, so he had to put an end to this battle as quickly as possible . However, meeting force with force wasn’t a great solution in the mental world . Lize didn’t know any swordsmanship and she used simple battle techniques to resist and attack Rhode .

If it were others, they would be seeking death if they did that . However, this was Lize’s mental world and she held the most authority . Her strength, speed, and reaction were above Rhode, which was why even though the phantom used only the basic techniques, Rhode couldn’t deal with her easily .

“I’ll leave the statue to you, Anne . ”

Rhode said without turning around .

“I will get Snow to help you . Protect yourself well and it will be good enough to contain it . Don’t think about destroying it entirely, understand? Hold it back as far as possible away from me . ”

“Anne understands, Leader . ”

Anne nodded . She raised her shield and stared at the statue . At this moment, Rhode activated his [Dark Dance] and in the blink of an eye, he blended into the shadows and bolted toward the phantom like a slithering viper .

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The Angel Statue detected Rhode’s movements . It raised its stone hammer and smashed it on the ground, sending a deep, deafening impact that shook and resounded in the entire sacred hall . The slithering shadow slipped past its stone hammer and struck forward swiftly . The Angel Statue lifted its weapon once again…


Anne’s shield streaked across the air and crashed heavily on its chest . The Angel Statue flinched and forcefully stomped its feet on the ground . Then, it turned to face Anne .

“Come on, big guy!”

Anne had no sense of fear at all . She smacked her shield loudly to taunt the enemy .

“Show Anne what you’re made of!”

The Angel Statue lifted its stone hammer and brandished forward without hesitation .

The shadow emerged .

The crisscross blades flitted by the phantom and she sprung back to dodge Rhode’s attack nimbly . She displayed an arrogant smile and gazed at Rhode .

“Mr . Rhode, it’s useless no matter what you do . Isn’t it easier to be obedient? No, that’s fine too . It’s more fun for you to disobey me . Huhuhu . I like the way you are now, Mr . Rhode . Only will I feel the blissful happiness after dominating you this way . Resist all you want, but no matter how you resist, Mr . Rhode, you will eventually become mine . ”

“I didn’t expect that you longed for me that much, Lize . ”

This time, Rhode didn’t launch forth another attack . Instead, he laid his daggers before him in a crisscross stance and gazed at the phantom .

“Yes, Mr . Rhode . You’re too naive . ”

The phantom narrowed her eyes .

“I’ve always been by your side, but you’ve never known my feelings for you . Why? Why have you always been unwilling to respond to me? Forget it . It’s useless talking about it now because from now onward, you will become mine . You’re only allowed to live and die for me . You can’t hug other women other than me and you can’t do shameless things with them all the more! Your entirety belongs to me!”

The phantom clasped the straight, stiff whip in her hands and bent it so hard that it cracked slowly . The corner of Rhode’s mouth twitched and he revealed a mocking smirk .

“I didn’t know that you’re so possessive, Lize . But it’s a pity that I don’t belong to you . ”

Kacha .

The air around them froze instantly and it felt as though a thick layer of ice had enveloped the entire sacred hall . The phantom widened her eyes, bit her lips, and gazed at Rhode with a pale expression . Her ears revealed anger, hatred, and disbelief .

“What… What did you say?”

“As for me, I don’t like to be controlled by a woman and I don’t belong to only one woman because I have too many women around me . ” Rhode spread his arms apart and revealed a prideful smile . He gazed at the ashen phantom . “That’s why, I can only say that there are too many women who wish to have their share of me . Ah, I guess you knew about Canary already . After all, you’ve seen it with your own eyes that day . Whereas for Anne… Yes, her body is nicer than yours, but she’s still too young for me . It’s not too late for me to enjoy her after she’s grown up . Oh, by the way, I guess you wouldn’t have expected this other woman, Marlene . We have had our wild encounter during the Midsummer Festival and she was extremely satisfied with my performances . It is too boring to be bound by only one woman…”

“Shut your mouth!”

The phantom bellowed and lashed her whip at the distasteful man before her . But this time, Rhode didn’t dodge her attack surprisingly . Instead, a glint flashed in his eyes and he brandished his daggers .

Countless stars exploded in an instant . Specks of starlight connected to form an omnipresent ocean of light above them . The phantom was taken aback . She never knew that Rhode could use such a swordsmanship . Besides, Rhode came in strong this time and the powerful blade rays struck the phantom distinctively . At this moment, the phantom’s weakness in the lack of battle techniques revealed itself . She stepped back and swung the whip before her . Along with this motion, two spiritual rays flickered like razor-sharp blades that tore into the dense layer of stars .

But Rhode was no longer there .

On the left!

The phantom turned around and defended with the whip . As expected, the black chain sword ejected forward and drew two mysterious arcs in the air . Although Rhode was exceptionally quick and his movements were mysterious, the phantom’s attributes were much higher than his and she swiftly lifted her whip to deflect the viper fangs that were about to tear into her neck .


The pitch-black chain sword sideswiped the whip, but the phantom didn’t let this opportunity slip . She rotated her wrist and flicked the whip upward, striking the chain sword once again . This time, Rhode flung to the side after he succumbed to her immense force . The phantom let out a snort and took a step forward . Then, she came to a stop abruptly and desperately rolled to the side .


The meteors brushed her cheeks and strands of her golden hair fell gently to the ground . She turned around and gazed at Rhode with an ashen expression .  How did Rhode emerge behind her when he was just in front of her seconds ago? The phantom turned around and she had gotten her answer . Celestina held her thorny whip and looked at her with twitched brows .

“Ah, I forgot to introduce to you, Lize . She is also one of my women . Perhaps you’re also aware that she’s a Demon . Yes… You said that you will give me happiness, but I got to say, I’ve received supreme enjoyment from Celestina . So, I don’t think I have to give up the entire forest for a single tree . ”

“Master is right, Little Girl . ”

Celestina glared at Rhode and continued .

“I’m much more attractive than a little girl like you, isn’t it?”


The phantom’s facial expression distorted completely .

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