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Chapter 537

This was supposed to be a wonderful night for Celestina . Demons were best in exploiting every advantageous opportunity and a game like this was merely recreation for them . In order to lure a human soul, they had to make use of every loophole in the rules . Of course, the ‘toy’ wasn’t exactly an ordinary one . Every side of the dice was specially produced with a hidden spell that could modify the collision sound within the dice cup and only the Demons could differentiate between them . Celestina had chosen this game confidently because the winner had been decided even before it started .

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In fact, the game started off like she had predicted . With the help of the ‘Adorable Trick’ (named by Celestina), she guessed Rhode’s dice accurately while he lost the second round without even being close to his guess . The Demon young lady grinned proudly and she just needed to win one more round .

Even though she was pumped with confidence, she didn’t dare belittle Rhode’s intelligence . She had discovered from their daily interactions that he was strangely familiar with the cheap tricks Demons would employ . This was also the reason why she had proposed a best-of-three instead of a best-of-five . After all, if they had gone with the best-of-five format, he would have more time to figure out her tricks and come up with a counter solution .

But Rhode eventually surprised her and she guessed wrongly in the third round!

“How is this possible…” The Demon young lady gritted her teeth and stared unbelievably at the three faced-up dice with six points each… That shouldn’t have happened . It clearly should’ve been three sides of threes…

“It’s your turn, Celestina . ” Rhode gestured expressionlessly .

Celestina let out a snort and took over the dice cup . “Hmph, what’s there to be happy about? It’s just a mistake on my part . If I treat this game seriously…”

She shook the dice cup at her shoulder-height and her scarlet eyes gleamed .

Bam! She slammed the dice cup on the table, smiling slyly at Rhode . “Alright, Master . It’s your turn now . Let’s see if you’ll be as lucky as before…”

Rhode ignored her taunts and shrugged his shoulders, sweeping a glance at the dice cup . Then, he erected a finger slowly and his mouth curved into a smile . Celestina’s expression turned pale .

How is this possible? How did he find out? Are my movements too slow? No no no, that’s not possible . But, how did he know… Celestina froze to the spot as soon as she saw Rhode’s pointed finger . She bit her lip fumingly as she couldn’t figure out how he discovered her trick . It seemed that she didn’t truly understand this man as much as she had thought .

Rhode gazed at her conflicting expression silently . In fact, he knew what she was up to ever since she showed the dice . In the game, Rhode had led his guild into battling the cunning Demons in Hell and had a fair share of losses and victories . From the beginning, he lost more than he had won . But victories started going their way when his group unleashed their treacherous and shameless nature as players . If he wasn’t even capable of this, perhaps he wouldn’t have been able to leave Hell with a massive pile of god-like equipment and proceeded to sweep the entire continent .

And now, he naturally wouldn’t avoid Celestina’s taunts . Besides, he was somewhat irritated by her jeering of his female dress-up all day long . It seemed this was a great chance to re-educate her on their Master and Servant relationship .

Rhode lifted the dice cup and the three dice stacked together in a tower, unveiling a single red dot at the very top . “I won, Celestina . You haven’t forgotten our bet, right?”

“… Hmph . I am a woman of my word . ” Celestina bit her lip unwillingly and looked around the room for any signs of hope . Celia had returned to her room after sending Emily off while Celestina had chosen to play this stupid bet with Rhode .  Great, now I don’t even have a reinforcement to back me up .

There was an instant when Celestina had thought of spiritually communicating with Celia to get her out of this terrible situation . But her pride denied that cowardly thought .  It’s just a small little bet . What can this man even do to me? Hmph . As he has mentioned, I will still listen to his commands as per usual even if he won . What’s there for me to worry about?

“So then, what do you want me to do, Master?” Celestina’s confidence seemed to have restored itself and she lifted her head with a smile . Rhode revealed a gentle smile in response, and this expression left Celestina with a bad hunch…

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“Alright then . I shall not hold myself back, Celestina . ”

It was late at night .

Emily laid on her bed and faced the flickering stars outside the window excitedly . She couldn’t wait to experience the life of a Travel Merchant after hearing all the descriptions from ‘Miss Seren’ . In fact, she was imagining herself driving a carriage through the country, mountains, and forests and living her days by the sea… This was her hope and dreams . She shut her eyes and entered dreamland gradually .

In the other room, Celestina was biting her lips and kneeling between Rhode’s legs . She lifted her head miserably before this brutal man . She had never expected that he would give her such an order…

“Do it, Celestina . ”

“I-I know . Why are you in such a hurry… That’s why I say that all you Humans are…”

Celestina ground her teeth as she observed Rhode’s smiling expression . Then, she shifted her attention to the huge lethal weapon before her . No matter how much he resembled a woman, he still had what a man was supposed to have .

I didn’t expect it to be this big…

Celestina drew in a deep, cold breath between her teeth and she hesitated no more . After all, as a noble Demon, breaking a promise was more torturous than anything else .  Besides, isn’t it just doing this? Hmph, it’s not like anything will happen to me…

Celestina extended her tongue to gently lick the presence before her . Then, she put the content in her mouth and moved her head from back to front . “Hmm… Mm… Mm…”

She felt a little uncomfortable as she heard the muffled noises from the sliding of her mouth . But even so, she looked up stubbornly and stared at the man before her .  Hmph, an insignificant Human enjoying this treatment from me . Maybe he has become too excited to stay calm anymore…

But she didn’t expect that Rhode was still displaying his leisurely contented expression .

“You don’t have to worry about me, Celestina . I can still go on . ”

Who’s worried about an irritating bastard like you!!

Celestina was itching to bite off the thick, warm thing in her mouth . But she sucked in a deep breath through her nose and calmed herself down . At this point in time, all she wanted was to wipe that carefree expression off his face entirely .

Okay then, I’ll show you what I got!

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Celestina sped up her motion, licking non-stop, stimulating his every sensitive point . But these were far from enough for him . “Although I’m happy that you’re trying so hard, this will just go on and on to nowhere, Celestina . ”

Suddenly, Celestina felt Rhode’s hands on her head and before she knew it… “—!”

She widened her eyes in shock . The thick presence penetrated deeply into her throat, leaving her in an unbearable state . Rhode pushed his hands against her head and started thrusting his hips . He treated her as though she were simply a tool and shoved his entirety into her . She couldn’t catch her breath and could only withstand the impact helplessly like a doll . Her consciousness began to fuzz and as she tried to speak, Rhode rammed her head once more .

“Celestina, it’s almost out . You have to swallow everything, okay?”

Swallow? What? Wait, it can’t be…!!

Before she could protest, a strong pump of warm current exploded in her mouth and gushed into her throat . All she could do now was to gulp the fervent, fishy liquid helplessly .

“Urgh… Urgh…”

The young lady’s snowy white neck throbbed and Rhode finally released his hands in full satisfaction . Celestina pulled herself out, turned around, and coughed harshly .

Cough… Cough cough…

After a few moments, Celestina raised her head furiously and her scarlet eyes gleamed with indignant and abhor . “Are… you satisfied, Master? How dare you do this to me…”

“Satisfied?” Rhode lowered his chin and gazed at Celestina . “This is only the start . Haven’t you seen it, Celestina?”

Celestina’s expression turned ashen as she gaped at the terrorizing creature swelling up . “H-How is this possible…”

“This is why I said this isn’t the end yet… Place your hands on the window ledge and turn your back against me . ”

“…!” Celestina hesitated .

She turned around slowly and Rhode gently lifted up her short skirt to reveal her slender legs wrapped in suspender-stockings and her round, ample buttocks . Rhode saw the thin, contrasting white undergarment . “I didn’t know you like white too, Celestina . ”

“…!” Celestina felt her face burning .

She gaped but she could say nothing . Rhode fondled her buttocks and a hard object that resembled a shaft pushed against her . This was the first time she felt this fearful . She turned around indecisively and asked with a shaky voice . “N-No…”

But, before she finished her sentence, Rhode pushed forward and penetrated her mercilessly .

“Ah… Ah!!… Ah!!”

The sudden, immense pain forced her to swallow her words . She sucked in deep breaths with a widened mouth . Her legs shivered non-stop, enduring the pain that had infiltrated her body . Rhode heaved a peculiar sigh of relief . “I didn’t expect this to feel so good… It’s indeed Celestina…”

“Mm… Urgh… Urgh…!”

Celestina clasped onto the window ledge with her pale fingertips, biting her lips tightly to stifle her groans . It was no wonder that she felt this much pain . After all, Rhode didn’t show the slightest degree of affection toward her and he thrust into her violently . Celestina felt as though her body was impaled by a massive, burning steel column, splitting her into two from the middle . Moreover… She was still a…

“Eh, Blood?” Rhode noticed a trail of fresh blood dripping from between her legs . “Celestina… Could it be that… this is your first time?”

“What… What a joke…”

Perhaps she had gotten used to the immense pain or maybe due to her prideful nature, she let out a snort in response .

“… As a high-class noble, I have… countless men who wished to please me… Ss… I don’t… don’t… give a damn about you . This is only because… Ss… I recently had my period . Besides, you treated me so brutally… Ss… This was why I…”

“Ah, I see . I’m so sorry about that, Celestina . Alright, let’s end this quick, then . ” Rhode nodded apologetically, but she didn’t know if he truly empathized with her or if he did that on purpose . Then, his following actions answered for itself . Rhode grabbed her slim waist and once again shoveled rapidly as though he indeed wished to end everything quickly .

However, this was undoubtedly a torture for Celestina . She thought she could bear the grieving pain until the end, but she finally yelled out under Rhode’s rough violation . “Ah!! … S-Stop! Please! Stop now!”

Rhode halted abruptly after hearing her mournful screams . “Does it really hurt that much? Celestina, I don’t think I’m that gigantic…”

“S-Sorry…” The always prideful Demon young lady lowered her head . “Actually, this is my first time… I hope Master can… can… be much gentler…”

“Alright . I shall do it slowly, then . ”

The corner of Rhode’s mouth twitched as he observed Celestina blinking her tears away . This was the first time he witnessed the soft side of this Demon young lady . He slowed his movements and roamed his fingers around her body .

Celestina had the perfect curves and the tender, soft skin of a high-class Demon . Rhode felt as though he were touching a fascinating art piece . The fragrant, infatuating scent from her body assailed his nostrils and her painful groans transitioned into bewitching moans . “Mm…”

Smack! She felt a sharp pain on her buttocks as she began to enjoy the fondles . She felt two to three more similar smacks and she realized her snowy, tender skin had swelled in red palm marks . She turned around and looked at Rhode in shock . “W-What are you doing?!”

“Nothing,” Rhode calmly waved his right hand . “It felt good to the touch so I accidentally… Don’t you feel comfortable?”

“What are you talking about! This treatment is for children… Why would I feel comfortable!”

Although she yelled sternly, her gaze was wandering hesitantly . In fact, she actually felt great . The mild aching felt as though a lightning bolt had spread throughout her entire body, numbing her in satisfaction . But this ‘humiliating’ action was something that her pride couldn’t accept . While the pain brought her a strong sense of thrilling rejection and she shouldn’t be treated this way, she still yearned to be on the receiving end . This psychological conflict had triggered an unprecedented excitement and anticipation .

When Rhode treated her lies for real and caressed the area where he had slapped, a sense of reluctance and regret emerged deep in her heart… But shortly after, she was once again immersed in his affectionate care . “… Haa… Ah…”

Her spotlessly-white cheeks flushed and the reactions of her feverish body announced to him that she was ready . He adjusted his position and turned up his gear . “Celestina, spread your legs wider . ”


Perhaps this was the first time that she was this obedient . Rhode pandered to her movements and thrust himself forward with all his might .

“Ahhh! … Mm…”

Celestina let out cute, faint breaths, swinging her hips to satisfy her greed and thirst for pleasure . The arrogant young lady had complied to her avaricious instinct and this stimulated Rhode’s desire to conquer and subdue .

“Ah… This is truly…”

While Celestina laid down her strong pride and enjoyed the erotic moment, Rhode was faced with a huge test . The enticing points of high-class Demons had burst out completely . Her scent, temperature, and tender body had sucked him in entirely . There was an instant where he wanted to zone out from all his thoughts and purely indulge in this ecstatic pleasure . All the battles, conflicts, conspiracies… He refused to think about any of them and he just wanted to enjoy this body before him .

Fortunately, these emotions clouded his mind only for a moment . But this was enough to astound him . Although Canary and Marlene were also attractive females, he had never had the thought of giving up his rationale like a mare in oestrus, tempted into disregarding possible dangers . From this aspect, even though Celestina was different from her fellow Demons, she was still a dangerous presence instinctively . Rhode finally understood why so many heroes had given up on their pride and served the terrifying Demons after experiencing this for himself . The soul-snatching pleasure to be in seventh hells was indeed easy to make them lose their heads and even lives .

At this moment, the interactions between them were getting more intense . Celestina’s body trembled as she craved insatiably for Rhode’s invasion . Rhode shoved quicker and faster, both of them reaching their climaxes . “Celestina, I’m almost there…!”

“… Ahh… Ahhh!!” Celestina shivered uncontrollably as a warm, powerful stream rushed into her body . Then, an extreme high rushed in her blanked out mind…

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