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Chapter 476

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The Giant Megadrile let out a shriek and crashed to the ground heavily . Viktor sheathed his sword and heaved a sigh of relief . He flung his hair and patted off the filthy dust on his clothes . Although this Megadrile was powerful, it wasn’t strong enough for this Master Swordsman . Moreover, with the help of Marlene and the other young ladies, they ended its life even quicker .

It seemed that the Chairman has been escorted safely to his destination and we have completed our mission . What’s next?

“Mr . Viktor,” Marlene called out for Viktor and the latter turned around with a friendly smile . “What’s wrong, Miss Marlene?”

“There is something important, Mr . Viktor,” Marlene replied with a dubious look . She pondered for a moment before continuing . “Rhode has an important question for you . He hopes that you can tell us the truth . ”

“Oh?” Viktor widened his eyes slightly . After these few days of getting along, he realized that Rhode had a unique method of communicating with his men . He guessed that it must’ve been the works of some usual magical equipment although it would have been almost impossible for Rhode to obtain that many of them . This made Viktor all the more envious . After all, it was extremely crucial to communicate with one’s men at any point in time . Viktor had even considered approaching Rhode to request for similar magical equipment after the completion of this mission .

But he left this request for the future .

Viktor threw that affair to the back of his head before gazing at Marlene . Even though they didn’t interact for a long time, Viktor knew that Rhode wasn’t a man of many words . Since Rhode had something to ask him and he had specially gotten Miss Marlene to pass the message, it showed that there must be some progression to the situation—just that he wasn’t aware if it was good or bad news . “No problem, what’s the question?”

“Mr . Rhode wants to know what your guild has done upon arriving in Soraka Mountain? What exactly is your mission?”

“This…” Viktor was lost for words as he scratched his hair for an answer . On the other hand, the beautiful young lady revealed an equally confused expression as she couldn’t understand why was Rhode asking about this .

“Just as Mr . Rhode is aware, our guild is here to gather information on Soraka Mountain seeking protection from the Country of Darkness and we must offer help when needed… That’s all…” Viktor shrugged his shoulders as he had no reasons to lie . After all, no matter how much the King’s Party trusted him, he was only a guild leader and Royal Highness Lydia wouldn’t necessarily appoint his guild to complete the other tasks . Moreover, if it weren’t for the special circumstances that regular military personnel from the other representative regions couldn’t enter, Viktor wouldn’t have sent his mercenaries here . This way, even if they were exposed, their true mercenary identities could save them from suspicion . “Oh yes, Royal Highness Lydia also appointed me to deliver a letter . ”

“Letter?” Rhode’s heart pounded fiercely as he listened to Marlene’s descriptions . It felt as though he had found a crucial clue in the game . This wasn’t a conclusion through logical thinking, but more of the instinct of an experienced player . “What letter? Who is it for?”

“I’m not too sure about the specific details . Royal Highness Lydia ordered me to deliver it to a person called the ‘Supervisor’ in this city… I delivered the letter accordingly and nothing strange happened later on . Then, we continued with our mission,” Viktor finished his sentence and observed Marlene as she spoke to her slender fingers by her lips . The young lady shook her head and gazed at Viktor . “Thank you, Mr . Viktor . Rhode thinks that there is going to be some trouble ahead . In order to prevent any accidents, he wishes that you retreat as soon as possible . We will also leave after our headcount . ”

“So soon?” Viktor was startled . Why would Rhode give such an order? Could it be that there are some changes to the situations? No, his words seemed to signify that there would be some troubles . But, shouldn’t I stay around to observe too? Or… “I understand . I will get prepared now,” Viktor nodded immediately . At least for now, Viktor had completed his part and perhaps Rhode had received new orders from Royal Highness Lydia . After all, this young man seemed to have an extraordinary background and he might be the representative of those stubborn people in the Eastern Plain . Viktor knew that he shouldn’t probe matters that he shouldn’t know especially since there wasn’t anything else required of him .

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Viktor turned around swiftly and walked towards the other side of the corridor . Marlene gazed as his figure disappeared by the corner and heaved a sigh of relief . She lifted her head with a stern expression . “Inform Joey and Randolf to gather their men . We have to return to the Fortress as quickly as possible!”

Rhode placed his right hand down and caressed the mask on his face quietly . He approached the passageway on the other end of the standby room . The guards were wary as they witnessed Rhode’s arrival . However, they allowed him through as the Chairman had warned them that the masked man in black was their special guest .

Rhode sauntered to the passageway entrance beside the guards and stood before the banister that overlooked the venue below . The parliament members were seated while the Chairman narrated recent happenings in his resonant voice . However, this was only the opening speech and they hadn’t entered the main highlight of this meeting .

Rhode disregarded the Chairman’s words as he couldn’t care less about the decision of Soraka Mountain . Instead . his attention was shifting around the representatives as he searched for the source of uncertainty that he felt .

Rhode was taken aback as several of the representatives were ones he had met in the game . He had once interacted with almost two-thirds of the people present . Some of them were his enemies and allies… And all these people had pasts that were out of the ordinary .

The two black figures that sat in the corner gathered the most of Rhode’s attention: Di-Catlerini . He was one of the most talented Vampires . His life was made up of legendary stories and he could almost be counted as a Conspirator . He was once a human who worked as a slave under a Vampire Mage . Soon, the Vampire Mage realized Di’s talents in spells and promoted him to his disciple . Although this seemed to be a future with great prospects, Di knew clearly that his master only longed for his blood that was packed with magical powers . And indeed, this young man was indeed something else . During his days serving as ‘food’ for his master, he behaved as though he were truly addicted to blood-sucking . He slowly gained his master’s trust and finally received the highest glory that mortals could achieve . The gifted blood from the Vampire and an eternal life .

However, this was only the start . Not only did his prominent magical talent surpass his master, but his abilities did too . Coincidentally, his master died in a ‘sudden’ failed magical experiment . Di took over the prestigious title as a matter of course and rose to the elite ranks in the Country of Darkness successfully .

He wasn’t only great in magic, but also great at utilizing them . He could be said to be a military counselor . In the massive ‘Orchid Ravine Battle’, ‘Raymond’s Major Defeat’ and the most famous ‘Five-night Battle’, this young man was commanding from the backlines . The Country of Light paid painful prices, especially in the ‘Five-night Battle’ where they had almost collapsed entirely . If it weren’t for Rhode who led the players to rise in revolt all the way to the north, perhaps the Country of Light’s Parliament would have been defeated entirely by the Country of Darkness .

The Undead Knight beside him shouldn’t be belittled either: ‘Viper’s Fang’ Elena . Rumor had it that she was once the subordinate of a Vampire Mage and she possessed valiant swordsmanship . She was responsible for overseeing humans such as Di and Di fell in love with her . However, after Di became a Vampire, Elena had already passed on . Di dug her out from her grave and revived her as an Undead Knight . This became a dark love story in the Country of Darkness . But come to think of it, a romance between a Vampire and an Undead seemed rather romantic .

But both of them shouldn’t be disregarded as Rhode clearly sensed their deadly aura which signified that they were powerful presences that had entered the Legendary Stage . However…

Rhode knitted his brows . He recalled that this Conspirator had been in his Mage Pagoda ever since he seized the throne . All the way until the start of the second conquering war, he depended on his original ‘Death Reincarnation’ and received the likings of the Dark Dragon and became its capable subordinate . Why would he come to a place like Soraka Mountain? Could it be that he was on a honeymoon with his zombie girlfriend?

On the other side, the beautiful Moon Elf was an equally difficult character: ‘Sky Arrow’ Corina, the younger sister of the Elf Queen and also the leader of the Pegasus Knights . She possessed the legendary ‘Blue Heavens Bow’ that countless Archer and Ranger players yearned for . This weapon could silence the holder’s attacks, deal critical damage to Demons and Devils, increase the holder’s shooting range, and also conform with the moon to blast the AOE skill ‘Heavenly Meteor’ . In the entire continent, only the ultimate legendary weapon ‘Corona’ could surpass it . Rhode recalled that this beautiful Elf lady had always been gentle and reliable . However, now, she was gazing at the Chairman with frowns and uncertainty . It seemed as though she hadn’t experienced the later war which would make her fully mature . Even though Corina was in the Legendary Stage now, Rhode didn’t spot the ‘Blue Heavens Bow’ that was always by her side . This proved that this Elf Lady wasn’t capable of becoming the leader of the famous ‘Pegasus Knights’ yet .

This was the first time that Rhode felt this strange emotion as he gazed at everyone below him . That was an unprecedented sense of superiority . These people had no idea of their fate, but Rhode knew of both their pasts and futures . He could even describe the growth, experience, and fate of everyone present here . He knew that the Elf who was knitting her brows now would be a legendary figure in the future while the Vampire that was displaying a harmless smile would be a terrifying presence that the human army would run away from after hearing his name . He also knew that the Dwarf who was grinding his teeth and pouting as he stroked his large beard would be the King of the Dwarves three years later . At this moment, there were so many rising stars gathered in this little hall and the thrilling part of this was that they weren’t aware of their futures at all .

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Maybe this was why so-called fortune tellers were usually high and mighty?

Rhode enjoyed this brief happiness for a while before shifting his attention to the few presences that he couldn’t recognize .

That’s an Angel .

An Angel from the Munn Kingdom .

Rhode saw the flag hanging on the wall behind her seat . He was familiar with everyone except this woman . She had a refined and beautiful appearance, but strangely, Rhode couldn’t sense the strong powers that Angels should be born with naturally . Her eyes were closed as though she were blind and she was listening attentively to the Chairman’s speech .

So, she must be the Supervisor? Royal Highness Lydia’s letter is dedicated to her?

As Rhode was pondering, the Angel turned around as though she sensed something .

“—!” In this instant, Rhode felt an unspeakable sense of disgust . He held down the hilt of his daggers by his waist using all his might and forced down the explosive murderous intent within himself . He turned around and pretended to gaze to the side . After a few moments, he calmed down gradually .

So close…

Rhode sucked in a deep breath . His murderous intent came too suddenly . She was a beautiful Angel and this was the first time he had met her . However, Rhode felt as though he had just met a foe that had killed his entire family . He had the urge to unsheath his daggers and slash her apart instantly… Where did this sense of vengeance come from?

If it weren’t for Rhode’s rich experience to shift his intent almost instantly, everyone in the venue would’ve noticed him . After all, there were six to seven figures in the Legendary Stage here . If his murderous intent erupted, perhaps those figures would’ve misunderstood and think that Rhode was targeting them .

Ever since Rhode came to this world, he had seen countless Angels . To be frank, this was the first time Rhode had met an Angel he hated at first sight . However, if this was the Angel’s unique ability, why didn’t others harbor such hate towards her too? Apart from those in the Legendary Stage, ordinary humans surely shouldn’t possess such determination . Rhode scanned the guards by the side and discovered their respect and admiration towards the Angel . This should’ve been the most ordinary behavior .

Could it be that my aesthetic conception has changed? But it shouldn’t be this extreme, right?

“… Next… Regarding Soraka Mountain seeking protection from the Country of Darkness,” the Chairman stood to his feet . “… I, as the Chairman, veto this proposal . ”

“…” Zieg gritted his teeth and clenched his fists tightly .

I failed .

As soon as Zieg witnessed the damned old man before him, he knew that he had no chance to succeed anymore . The Chairman’s decision was absolute and final, and there was no one to overthrow it… Zieg knew that there was no meaning to send out his written letter because he would soon return to the Country of Light’s Parliament to report his failure .

Damn it!

Zieg lowered his head .

Why? Why did it fail?

But, at this moment, a voice sounded and hauled Zieg out of the abyssal of despair .

“Please wait, Mr . Chairman!” A parliament member stood up out of the blue . He yelled with a pale face and clenched fists . He gazed at his colleagues around him while gritting his teeth . “We… We, parliament, think that more consideration should be given to this proposal!”

The Chairman’s expression sunk slightly .

Apart from the Chairman, the others in Mithril Hall revealed various emotions . Di twitched his brows slightly and displayed a graceful smile . He changed his posture so ever gently as though he were a VIP admiring the stage show coming to the climax in the opera house .

Corina puckered her brows as her expression tensed once again . The Elf-lady gazed forward with uncertainty, at the same time, whispering to her maidservant beside her .

On the other hand, a Dwarf occupying two seats and carrying an ax shook his head from side to side while mumbling . Apart from them, the other representatives had begun to whisper in each other’s ears .

After all, these representatives of various forces were dispatched in Soraka Mountain and they clearly knew of the parliament regulations . The Chairman’s decision was final . However, in order to prevent monopolization of powers, the decision could only be reconsidered if all parliament members rejected the Chairman’s decision .

Everyone was clear that it didn’t only affect Soraka Mountain if they sought protection from the Country of Darkness . It would affect the entire continent . This was the reason why the representatives were gathered here . Although they had perceived these state of affairs to a certain extent, it was still best to hear it for themselves and view the confirmation in black and white for political matters .

The Chairman was back, but the parliament chose to betray?

“…” The Chairman disregarded the chatters as he gazed at the parliament members . He let out a long sigh and said in a deflated tone . “Fine, we… shall re-examine . ”

Rhode sensed as though the elderly man had become visibly feeble and the strength that supported him back here had seemed to vanish . Then, the Chairman lifted his head once again . “Madam Supervisor, we hope you can participate in this deliberation . ”

“No problem . ” The Angel with her eyes shut stood up and nodded slightly . She, along with the parliament members, disappeared into the other end of the corridor .

Rhode finally let loose of his grip on the hilt .

His knuckles had paled .

That woman…

Rhode had never expected this feeling where he desired to kill a woman just from hearing her voice .  What exactly is happening?


Rhode glanced towards the meeting hall .

What’s going to happen next?

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