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Chapter 462

“P-Punishment?” Although Marlene knew that Rhode wouldn’t hurt her, she was still rather nervous when she heard it from him . Her tender, delicate body trembled under the chilly night breeze while she gazed at the man before her with widened eyes . There was a conflict of unspeakable fear and expectations deep inside Marlene’s heart .

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“That’s right, punishment . ” Rhode held a finger against Marlene’s lips . “You have to be punished for telling lies, Marlene . Weren’t you taught this when you were young? An obedient child shouldn’t tell lies and a naughty child who tells lies will be punished…”

“Indeed there were… such teachings, but… but…” Marlene stuttered .

“But? Didn’t you just lie to me? Shouldn’t you be punished? Or are you insisting that you lie however you want since you’re all grown up now?”

“No, of course not…” Marlene puckered her brows . Although Rhode did make sense, she shouldn’t be punished, right? “No, I have admitted my mistake, Rhode . So… you shouldn’t punish me anymore,”

“For you to say this… means that you haven’t learned the seriousness of your mistake, Marlene,” Under the radiant moonlight, Rhode was presenting his usual calm expression . However, Marlene felt as though there was a strange radiance emanating in Rhode’s eyes: that was an exceptionally bright, yet abnormally dangerous radiance . For unknown reasons, it was precisely this fear that left her hair standing on end that there had a deadly and strange appeal . Marlene gaped and was speechless .

The corner of Rhode’s mouth curved as he rolled Marlene over to expose her back to him .

“R-Rhode? Wait, what are you doing?” With her stomach lying flat on the bed, Marlene could no longer see where Rhode was exactly . She struggled to turn around, however, her body was quicker to realize what Rhode was up to .

Slap! Marlene shuddered abruptly as she turned over nervously . But she didn’t need her eyes to understand what Rhode had done . The long-lost memory of this burning sensation on her backside reappeared in her mind . As the heir of the Senia Family, Marlene had learned not to be willful, mischievous, and self-centered . Therefore, she had almost never tasted this sensation . But now… “R-Rhode?!”

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“What’s wrong? Did I do anything wrong?” Rhode’s voice was as calm as usual . Then, he lifted his right hand and smacked again .

“Ah!” This time, Marlene shrieked in pain .

Although this pain was not worth a mention as compared to the injuries and sufferings on the battlefield, Marlene felt a strange, tingling sensation for unknown reasons . Rhode’s palm was as though an electric current that would make her body shiver every time he touched her body and would leave a scorching pain .

“An obedient child must be honest, Marlene . Lying is not good . Since you are my woman, I need to constantly guide you off the wrong path . Yes… Even if I need to use such intense methods . I hope you can remember this punishment and be more honest next time . ”

“… I, I didn’t…” Marlene found herself in a ridiculed, yet enjoyable mood even though she didn’t know how to react to Rhode’s hooligan-like utterance . Although Marlene admitted that she indeed was trying to hide her true thoughts from Rhode, she felt that he should’ve taken the initiative to care for her instead .  Why must I be the one to bring this up? And now I must be punished by him for lying like a little girl?

Marlene felt that this was too illogical .

“It seems that you haven’t learned your mistake . ” Marlene’s response gave Rhode more room to maneuver as he once again raised his palm and smacked her reddish, swollen backside .

“—!” Marlene’s body suddenly stiffened .

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The young lady’s strong self-control forced herself to swallow her moans . She widened her eyes in uncertainty and her head was in a blank . At this moment, Marlene felt that her body was as though scorching in blazing flames and the pain on the area that Rhode had smacked had turned numb . No, strictly speaking, Marlene felt that the numbness was mingled with aches that spread towards her body gradually . Not only that, she actually felt somewhat—comfortable?!

How is this possible?


“—!” Marlene bit her lips as she tried to cup over her mouth innately . However, she realized that her hands had been bound and couldn’t budge at all . Marlene began to panic and although she had a few intimate encounters with Rhode previously, she couldn’t be as spontaneous and passionate as Canary . Furthermore, the reactions of her own body were something that she had never imagined…

“R-Rhode?” Marlene started to panic . “Can we stop, please? Treat this as my request, no… ah…!” before Marlene could finish her words, Rhode landed another slap which forced the young lady to shut her mouth and hold in the moans that almost escaped her mouth . She continued to bite her lips with a reddish complexion and Marlene thought that all this experience was just an illusion up until now .

The scorching pain faded as the numbness kicked in gradually . While the aching sensation replaced the pain on her backside, she felt her limbs weakened as though a feather was tingling her blood vessels . Marlene felt a sense of mysterious excitement and emptiness while she remained quiet as she shook her head with bitten lips . At this moment, the young lady had devoted her heart and soul in resisting this strange feeling . But she realized that the more she resisted, the more stimulating the sensation became . Marlene had lost all her strength as the ache began to spread to all parts of her body . And, at this moment…


“Ah…!” Marlene used her remaining strength to let out a scream before lying flat on the soft bed .

“Oh?” Rhode gazed at his palm before bending forward to Marlene’s ear while his hands roamed gently on her body like slithering vipers . “What’s wrong, Marlene?”

“You… You’re bullying me…” Marlene said with tears in her eyes and a reddish complexion as though she were a poor little child that had been wronged . She turned her sulky face to the other side to avoid Rhode’s gaze .

“Sorry, sorry . I must have gone too far,” Rhode said with a smile . However, his tone didn’t sound remorseful at all . Instead, he nibbled on Marlene’s earlobe and said softly . “But… It seems that you like it too, Marlene . ”

“Argh… I…” Marlene just realized the dampness between her legs and she knew why her body was reacting this way . She lifted her head and gazed at Rhode unbelievably . At this moment, her head was in a chaotic mess because she couldn’t understand why her body would react to Rhode’s actions? Could it be that I’m a sicko?

However, Rhode didn’t give Marlene any chance to consider . He slithered his tongue through Marlene’s widened lips and at the same time, interrupting her wild thoughts . Then, he leaned forward and against the tender, alluring body .

“Now isn’t the time to think about life, Marlene,” Rhode spoke softly in her ear and he began to thrust his body forward slowly .

“W-Wait…!” The confused young lady was startled by the intense sensation between her legs and her consciousness sobered at the ‘fearful’ thought .

“Not now, not n-…” At this moment, Rhode had entered into her body .

“—!” The painful, yet extremely sensitive part of her body was once again stimulated . This violent feeling was as though hot, bubbling magma drowned her senses instantly . She straightened her body innately to escape from Rhode’s imprisonment . However, Rhode grabbed the young lady’s waist and held her down mercilessly .

Marlene’s mind remained in a blank . Either wailing or moaning, she widened her mouth as though the flames in her body were burning increasingly stronger and she was engulfed in the violent billows . This was a sensation that Marlene had never tasted and felt in her life .

Rhode’s thrustings became faster while he kept Marlene captive below him . His breathing began to hasten and the young lady was shuddering like a beautiful, lovely flower trampled by a wild beast . Her bewitched moans and warm, smooth skin aroused the beast above her to destroy her beautiful presence .

At this moment, both of them had reached their peaks .

“… No, no, don’t…!” Marlene had no idea what she was yelling anymore . She screamed innately while letting go of all her strength in her body . At the same time, Marlene felt an unprecedented torrent of water surging into her in a full, powerful pump .

In an instant, Marlene’s vision was in a complete blank . Then, she lost her consciousness completely…

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