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Chapter 452

The Lich .

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Unlike the Necromancer, the Lich had entered the Legendary stage and wasn’t a presence that any ordinary human could defeat . Furthermore, the Country of Darkness was the spawn location of the Liches . There were a total of 13 Liches in the Country of Darkness and these Liches formed the Undead Council of the “Spirit Chaser” Family . Although from a certain perspective, Liches were considered the evolved form of Necromancers, there was a decisive difference between them .

There was a strangely complex emotion, mashed with doubts and insecurities, filling Rhode’s heart .

The dungeon had been modified .

Although Rhode was mentally prepared that game and real life wouldn’t be exactly the same, he felt oddly perturbed when the differences occurred right before his eyes . Although the difficulty of the Castel Plateau Ruins dungeon would change based on whether the players had completed the pre-mission, the final BOSS of this dungeon would still be the Necromancer no matter what, and not the Lich .

It wasn’t the rising of the final BOSS’s level that Rhode was most concerned about . After all, he had no intention of clearing the Castel Plateau Ruins mission by himself . Although the Lich was powerful, it was still lacking against the likes of Gillian . Instead, it was another matter—the changes .

Why did the Necromancer turn into a Lich? Although in the original dungeon, the level of the Necromancer was close to becoming a Lich, it never made a breakthrough . Furthermore, if there was a small probability of the Necromancer evolving into the Lich, why wasn’t Rhode aware of this probability even when tens of thousands of players had cleared this dungeon beforehand? If there really was this small probability, there must be at least one or two teams of players that had encountered the Lich before .

What exactly is going on? Is this the difference between real life and the game?

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Rhode once again gazed at the Lich dubiously . Its eyes, hidden under the pitch-black robe, were filled with negative energy . Although they weren’t as glaring as the Necromancer’s, there was a disturbing and bone-chilling aura emanating from it . Yes, a power that was gained after presenting one’s spirit to the undead and evil . Moreover, Rhode sensed a layer of dark halo around it . It was the pressuring aura that every Lich possessed .  It seems like this hovering figure isn’t my hallucination . If this isn’t just a strange plot twist, perhaps things will get worse in the future .

Shall we attack, Master? Gillian’s voice sounded in Rhode’s head .

This Fire Elemental Lord had been on the sidelines for a while now and Rhode picked up on the eagerness in her voice . No matter what, this was a great chance since the final BOSS had arrived at their doorsteps on its own…

However, Rhode shook his head .  Let’s observe the situation first .

Rhode realized that there were three pitch-dark gems suspended before the Lich, forming an inverted triangle . This was a spatial teleportation location marker that high-level Mages could use and also the item players in the Dragon Soul Continent had the most complaints about . If a high-level Mage wished to flee, no one could stop them, except for the Five Creator Dragons . The Mages might be hurt, crippled, or even face grave failures, but they could get away as long as they wished to . Moreover, this spatial teleportation location marker was also the most important and effective halo for Mages to escape . Rhode was sure that once this damned Lich detected Gillian’s true powers, it would definitely teleport away without any hesitation . If that happened, Rhode would suffer a double loss . Although it was possible to awaken Gillian’s powers and force their way through to defeat the Lich, the Lich wouldn’t be foolish enough to be chased down .

Fortunately, as Gillian and Rhode had equal levels under the limitation of the rules, the Lich dared to appear before them as it didn’t sense her powerful presence . Moreover, it wouldn’t expect Gillian to be able to increase her level from 30 to over 80 immediately . However, Rhode couldn’t act rashly and alert the Lich because there would be huge troubles if anything went wrong .

Can you stop it from fleeing? Rhode gazed at the Lich while communicating with Gillian spiritually .

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Gillian paused for a moment before giving her answer .  It’s hard to say .

This was the thorny problem of a high-level Lich . However, as the spatial location marker would require the Mage to hold still in order to engage in teleportation, Rhode could force the Lich to move and guarantee a kill afterward .

Although Rhode couldn’t deal with a Necromancer, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to stop it from teleporting . But now, it was totally different because the powerful Lich was much more than Rhode could handle . A flick of its finger could make Rhode’s group flee in defeat, not even mention forcing it to shift its position . Anyway, the most important thing now was to survive the day to see the next morning sun .

“You evil spirit!” While Rhode was running through his thoughts, Metzel charged towards the Lich with his lifted sword . As the saying goes, youth knew no fear . Perhaps this newbie had no impression of how powerful this Lich was . Instead of stopping Metzel, Rhode observed silently and shot a glance at Anne while gesturing for them to gather by his side secretly . In an instant, Rhode’s group had turned into the supporting roles .

“What have you done to my companions?” exclaimed Metzel furiously .

“Companions?” The Lich pondered silently before bursting into creepy laughter . “Ah, I remember! It’s you, the little pitiful creature . Ah, I still remember how cute and little you were when you first stepped into my territory . How I wish I could cuddle an adorable unicorn in my arms . Hmm… you’re standing before me now for those useless companions? Could it be that you have a problem with your sexual orientation? Aren’t there a few beauties by your side now? Why would you risk yourself for those two meaningless men?”

The Lich laughed mischievously as it pointed at Shirley, who was beside Metzel . The young lady felt chills everywhere as though ants were crawling all around her body . “This young lady here, I advise you to look after your man because it seems that you can’t satisfy him enough . Oh?”

The Lich raised its right hand and snapped lightly . Its action alarmed Rhode and almost triggered him into unlocking Gillian’s seal .

However, it seemed like this Lich was much more active than Rhode had imagined . It seemed to value its life truly as it maintained its body in midair steadily, even though it was exaggerating its actions .

“Since you came all the way here, as the owner, I would feel bad for dampening your spirits . Now then, I shall return your companions . ” The Lich snapped its fingers again .

A thin layer of murky smoke began to rise from the surface . Then, two figures emerged and leaped over the bone wall and landed before Metzel .

“Grrr…” The two figures let out beast-like roars and terror overtook Metzel’s and Shirley’s face abruptly .

“Carl, Hugh, you guys…” Metzel widened his eyes in disbelief .

He vaguely recognized them through the symbols at the corners of their revolting faces . However, other than this, Metzel couldn’t relate these two walking corpses with his companions . These two corpses had lost all their emotions and spirits .

At this moment, the Lich’s irritable laughter once again sounded . “Heh heh heh… How’s that? This is a touching goodbye, right? Shouldn’t you people react with a little more emotion? It’s not right to stand there like idiots… Go on, my lovely pets, let them feel your enthusiasm!”

The two undead mercenaries widened their mouths to reveal razor-sharp teeth and a pale, ghastly tongue before darting towards Metzel like mad dogs .

“S-Stop!” Metzel raised his sword but his mind was blank .  Although they are already dead and these are only their corpses, can I really do it? Metzel wavered as he gazed at his ex-companions .

“Metzel!” Shirley shrieked in horror as she reached out for two flying daggers from her waist and flung out swiftly . In an instant, the flying daggers struck their foreheads . However, this aggravated them as they sprung in the air and revealed their razor-sharp claws .

“Heyah…!” A steel shield whizzed from the side and smashed into one of the undead creatures like a boulder .

The undead creature crashed to its companion and in an instant, both of them landed heavily on the side . Anne rushed in front of Metzel and Shirley with her shield . “What are you two standing there for? Get ready to fight!”

“Eh?” Metzel and Shirley were still in a state of shock . Then, they felt a sudden, powerful gust of wind .

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