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Chapter 440

The following battles were not challenging for Rhode’s group at all . After all, this underground maze was just an ordinary location and any player could clear it by himself . Furthermore, Rhode had two companions alongside him and the Maze Zombies didn’t stand a chance . These pitiful zombies had turned into Rhode and Anne’s training props and it was equally a great chance for Anne to get accustomed to her newfound Wind Elemental prowess .

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“Heyah!” The young lady dodged the counterattack of a Maze Zombie before swinging the heavy shield to crush its waist . Her powerful strength split the zombie in half and smashed the wall behind it . Anne stood up and took in a deep breath while Rhode nodded in satisfaction . “Well done . For your next target, aim for its head only . Remember, do not attack other parts of its body . If not, this will be considered a failure . Understood?”

“Yes, Leader, Anne understood!” The young lady nodded with a brightened face and she lifted the shield immediately . “Manaitamod!”

Her large shield began to shrink and modified itself using the young lady’s arm as its base . In a blink of an eye, the shield had wrapped around Anne’s arm entirely like an armguard . However, as this armguard was oversized, it seemed as though Anne’s right arm had become a gigantic steel hammer . After the transformation had completed, Anne took a step back with her right foot and leaped back to land a heavy punch on the Maze Zombie that snuck up on her .

Bang! The transformed heavy shield on Anne’s arm was extremely solid and it supplemented her powerful strength . In an instant, the Maze Zombie’s head and chest shattered pitifully .

“Heyah!” Although Anne finished the zombie up with one single punch, she seemed rather depressed . The young lady leapt back and dodged the venom that splattered from the Maze Zombie . At the same time, she gazed at Rhode and asked hesitantly . “Leader, does hitting the neck counts?”

“No,” Rhode replied sternly .

“Alright, Anne understood!” Anne nodded unwillingly and out of the blue, another Maze Zombie came charging towards her with a rusty longsword . This enormous Maze Zombie snarled as it hacked at Anne’s skull . Even though Anne was maintaining her posture while speaking to Rhode, she sunk her body and rolled over sideways to avoid the attack immediately .

The Maze Zombie lost its balance after missing its target . Anne thrust out her slender right leg as she turned and tripped the zombie to the ground .

“Ah! Failed again!” Instead of continuing her attack, Anne hugged her head in regrets . “Leader said Anne must give a single killing blow… It seems that this habit is really hard to change… Forget it, Anne will try again!”

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Anne raised her arm without delay and moved to the next target .

These battles, or rather, training, were for Rhode to explore his compatibility with the two daggers . Whereas Anne’s training was to master the control of her strength . Ever since the trio entered this underground maze, Rhode had set numerous tests for Anne where she could only crush the Maze Zombies into half or only strike their skulls . She needed to kill them in a single hit and moreover, she mustn’t be damaged by any of them within a time limit . Furthermore, while defending against their attacks, she had to ensure their attacks landed on the center of her shield .

Rhode wished that this training with cumbersome requirements and meticulous details would help Anne master her precise control over her elemental strength . On the other hand, instead of resisting such harsh requirements, Anne was having the time of her life as she had never experienced such challenging training requirements before .

Anne was indeed a talent in battle . Although she had a straightforward and innocent nature, Rhode discovered that her battle awareness was much sharper than most players . From the start, Anne couldn’t manage the techniques of controlling her wind elemental powers . However, she was able to control the elemental powers in her body to a certain extent just after two to three hours . Even though she was still lacking in the subtle details of control, she did pretty well for commanding a heavy, steel shield .

Boom! Anne tossed the last Maze Zombie corpse on the ground and the trio arrived at the end of the tunnel . Instead of filthy corridors and rooms, a clean, gorgeous hall laid before their eyes . This hall was so wide that it could hold up to a thousand people . Moreover, this place was much brighter than the dusky, pitch-dark tunnel . Magical gems were inlaid on the walls and emanated with a pale radiance that lit the trio’s path dimly .

This area should be the main sarcophagus chamber because there were over a hundred sarcophagi across the large space . The sarcophagi were arranged in order of social class and were stacked into the shape of a pyramid . The ordinary sarcophagi were set upright below the walls and the flight of steps while six exquisite sarcophagi were set in a circular arrangement above the platform . On the middle and the summit of the platform laid a silver box which fit the description that Rhode had seen on the strategy guide . That square box could be used to shut down the Castel Plateau Ruins’ defense installations .

“Anne, how’s your training? Do you need a rest?” Rhode asked .

“It’s fine, Leader . ” Anne shook her head confidently . “Anne is fine! Anne will do whatever you say!”

“Good . ” Rhode nodded and pointed at the platform before them . “See those sarcophagi there? Those are filled with Maze Zombies, but Gillian will deal with them . Those six sarcophagi up there are yours and they contain six Zombie Witches . Although they aren’t strong, do be careful . ”

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“Zombie Witch?” Anne’s eyes widened curiously at the six sarcophagi . “Are they the same as the Necromancer we fought with?”

“Although they are rather similar to Necromancers, there are still differences . The Zombie Witches are failed finished products with incomplete self-consciousness and are only capable of some low-level undead spells . But curses and poison gases are among these spells . I want you to be careful and keep a distance from them . Remember to use your elemental prowess to protect yourself . Understood?”

“Understood, Leader . ” Rhode could see the urge to jump straight into battle in her eyes .

But he needed to explain things clearly beforehand . “Anne, recognize the location of the six Zombie Witches . You’ll deal with the three of them on the left while the other three on the right are mine . These zombies are able to fly, so don’t allow them to . Although these Zombie Witches are intellectually limited, they aren’t that easy to deal with . Remember, the gem in the middle of their forehead is their source of energy . Smash the gems and they will turn into normal corpses . ”

“Yes, Leader . ” Anne nodded again but this time, she turned around with a hesitant look . “But Leader, how are you so familiar with this place? Did you come here before?”

“Pfff!” Gillian let out a chuckle while Rhode’s mouth twitched .

After all, Rhode explained the situation too clearly . Nobody would believe that he hadn’t been to this place before .

Without a doubt, Rhode couldn’t tell Anne that he had read through the strategy guide . Gillian’s interest in watching Rhode get out of this situation was undoubtedly more than 120% . However, this wasn’t any danger for Rhode .

“You see the six sarcophagi there? They are carved with unique inscriptions to seal the Zombie Witches and I know what is inside by looking at them…” Rhode coughed awkwardly while suddenly, Gillian burst out in laughter . Fortunately for Rhode, Anne nodded pensively and turned towards the hall . Rhode lifted his chin and gazed at the middle of the platform while placing his hand on the sword hilt by his waist .

“Let’s go,” Rhode said softly .

Anne was the first to storm towards the platform as she couldn’t hold her anticipation in any longer .

“…!” Deep, low growls sounded and the covers over the sarcophagi suddenly flew open . Large Maze Zombies stepped out of their sarcophagi one by one . Their eye sockets radiated in scarlet, negative radiance and their long arms dropped on the ground while revealing five razor-sharp, splinter-like fingers . These Maze Zombies were a totally different type of species from the ones they had seen before .

Rhode obviously had no intentions of classifying these zombies before him like a human scientist . He darted forward in a line of afterimages and left just one word . “Gillian!”

“Yes yes yes, Master . I have been idling around for so long and now; it’s finally time for some activities . ” Gillian grinned and entered the hall while lifting the ends of her skirt gracefully as though she were a rich young lady invited to prom . Sensing a sign of life, numerous Maze Zombies turned around and pounced at Gillian .

Unlike the previous Maze Zombies, these were much quicker . They dashed forward with four limbs like a dog while their swinging long tongues were dripping with gluey saliva . In the blink of an eye, two Maze Zombies arrived at Gillian’s feet . They leaped up with sharp fingers and snarled at their target .

“Yes, this makes things slightly more interesting . ” Gillian continued to grin as she took a few steps back while swaying her fluffy tail . The fox-eared young lady lifted her right arm and snapped her fingers lightly .

The crisp, faint snap was totally unnoticeable in the spacious hall with the growls of the Maze Zombies . However, ferocious flames rose from the ground beneath her feet as though a countercurrent waterfall had swept the Maze Zombies away from her . In a blink of an eye, the zombies burned into ashes . Gillian clapped her hands gently and the flames that spurted from the ground inclined forward like waves ferociously engulfing the place, shrouding everything in sight with a sea of flames .

“Heyah!” Anne raised her shield in midair after dodging a Maze Zombie and smashed its skull . With the crisp sound of fracturing bones, the lively zombie mourned and crashed to the ground . Anne rolled over and used the momentum to strike another uninvited guest away .

“There’s no more time to play with them . Let’s go . ” Rhode’s voice rang in Anne’s ears as she was about to crush the third Maze Zombie . Two strange flashes interwove into a net of light and fluttered before Anne, shredding the zombies to pieces instantly . Rhode continued to dart pass Anne and dashed towards the platform .

Bam! The covers of the six sarcophagi burst open . Under the undulation of magic, the six skeletons in broken robes fluttered while holding the same staffs in their hands . Their dark, endless eye sockets were flickering with the dull, red radiance of their remaining soul . “Who’s there! Trespassing this forbidden place!”

“Woah, Leader, they can talk?!” Anne questioned in astonishment .

“Yes, they can even greet us with ‘Hello, how are you?’ . Now, cut the crap and go!” Rhode ridiculed Anne’s amazement and sprang forward .

Rhode turned into a shadow while shooting straight for a Zombie Witch . The Zombie Witches reacted swiftly by fluttering higher and at the same time, mouthing the words of a prayer . One of the Zombie Witches pointed its staff frontward and shot a dark beam of radiance at Rhode .

“Hmph . ” Rhode swung Madaras forward and blocked the negative dark beam .

Suddenly, a translucent ritual circle emerged before the tip of Madaras and the negative dark beam gradually faded before vanishing into thin air . Rhode jumped up vertically and pierced the Zombie Witch’s forehead with his right dagger without any resistance .

Kacha .  Rhode broke the gem on its forehead into two and vaulted away hurriedly . The Zombie Witch wailed painfully and spurted a mist of bottle green smoke before eroding into magical specks of dust .

“—!” Another Zombie Witch aimed its staff at Rhode . But a sudden wind prevented it from casting its spell .

Bam! A whizzing shield smashed the Zombie Witch’s head perfectly and shattered its skull into fragments . The shield spun in a zigzag direction and swept up a burst of whirlwind instantly . The stream of air whizzed from the whirlpool and overwhelmed the other two Zombie Witches instantly .

“Phew…” Anne heaved a sigh of relief and wiped the beads of sweat off her forehead . “Made it on time, luckily . ”

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