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Chapter 370

Boom! Although she didn’t exert her full power, it was still enough to throw Rhode against the wall . Rhode fell into a daze . He stumbled as he tried to stand up, but he soon regained clarity . Then, a soft, pleasant voice echoed in the room .

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“Mini Bubblegum, you’ve got to fix the problem of attacking without looking at the target . That’s not a pervert . That’s leader . ”


A little girl screamed in surprise . She stared at him in disbelief as if she was looking at something weird .

“He is our leader? Big sister, don’t lie to me! Isn’t leader muscular?”

When Rhode heard what she said, his mouth couldn’t help but twitch in annoyance . Rhode avoided attending the guild meet-up sessions for this exact reason . But now he couldn’t avoid it any longer…

“That’s the appearance of leader’s avatar in the game…”

The red-haired girl crossed her arms and stared at Rhode with a gentle smile .

“… but as much as I would like to catch up with you, leader, at least give us some clothes first . ”

“… Of course . ”

Rhode sighed inwardly and replied her half-heartedly . Then he reached out into his spatial bag, grabbed several clothes and tossed it towards the two girls . After a while, two slim figures wrapped in cloaks reappeared in front of him .

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Canary was calm and steady as ever . Her long, wine-red colored hair complimented her pretty face and pink lips perfectly .

That was her unique charm . She seemed to have a ‘passive ability’ to calm people down . Back in the days, whenever she was around, somehow, nearby players wouldn’t get upset no matter how difficult the dungeon was . She was kind, gentle and once the dream girlfriend of many male players in the guild . Unfortunately, no one succeeded in winning her affection .

Except for Rhode .

The little girl who stood beside Canary was Mini Bubblegum . She appeared to be a fourteen-year-old and had a personality totally opposite of Canary . Her jet black hair was tied in a long twin-tail, portraying her as a lively and energetic young girl .

“Ehhh… . . so this is how the leader looks like? It’s my first time seeing him . Big Sister, have you met leader in person before?

“Of course . ”

Canary nodded slowly . Then she turned around and smiled at Rhode, continuing, “He’s my senior . We attended the same high school, but by the time I enrolled, he had already graduated . We met on a school alumni reunion dinner . ”

Rhode smiled when he heard Canary’s brief but nostalgic recital of his life . In fact, the meeting between them was far more dramatic than what she had said .

It was the school’s 60th-anniversary celebration; coincidentally, it was also Canary’s freshman year . As an alumnus, Rhode came to attend the party . During it, he heard from his junior that there was a freshman who was skillful in Dragon Soul Continent .

Rhode was looking for potential guild members at that time, so met up with that freshman and asked for a PK duel to test her skill . Coincidentally, Canary was actually a Starlight guild member, but since did not know Rhode’s appearance in real life, she took on Rhode’s challenge . And when they logged in and reached the designated place… well, that was the end of that story and a beginning of a new chapter .

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Her personality was rather unusual . Rhode’s first s*x with her was during her freshman summer vacation .

(ED: Woah, that escalated quickly…)

Canary was a hardworking, intelligent and studious girl . Back in junior high, she was the top student in her province, so it wasn’t surprising that she held the top position in her class in high school . However, with intelligence comes fame, and fame fuels jealousy . The competition between the top few students became incredibly intense, so some students decided to gang up and trick her, leading to her failing the first year exam . Such a result was a great shock to her, and when Rhode came to know of this, he began to comfort her . A male and a female started to drink in a room; hey drank and talked and somehow ended up in bed…

After that night, Rhode felt like he made a terrible mistake . After all, Canary was still a freshman and was a top student at a renowned school to boot . However, Canary didn’t seem to mind at all . She didn’t cry, nor did she ask him to take responsibility by asking him to be her boyfriend . Instead, she acted as though everything was the same as before . Though that’s not entirely true… because from that moment on, whenever she had a problem, she would invite him out .

It seemed like for her to spend an ‘intimate’ night with him was a way to relieve stress . And as for Rhode, it was like home delivery . There was no reason for him to refuse, so he never rejected her invitation .

However, on regular days, her attitude towards him hadn’t changed at all . In the game, she was still a good guild member, and in real life, she was still his lovely junior .

Strangely enough, that abnormal relationship lasted until now . During that period of time, Rhode had changed several girlfriends, but the relationship between him and Canary never stopped .

Honestly, not even Rhode knew what she was thinking about . Fortunately, the ‘him’ back then was quite a player, so he was extremely careful not to make a mistake . Otherwise, it would be hard to say whether their relationship would last until now .

“Hmph… I also have a pretty good relationship with leader . ”

Watching their blissful expressions, Mini Bubblegum began to pout . She placed her hands on her waist and pointed her chin upwards proudly .

“Am I right? Leader?”

“What? Um… Yea, you’re right… ”

Rhode spread his hands helplessly and nodded . Unlike the romantic relationship between him and Canary, Mini Bubblegum was like a needy kid who had the ‘chuunibyou’ syndrome . When she invented the ‘treating foes as friends’ method, many players sneered at her . If it was any other girl, they must’ve been already crying in their beds . However, as a rich second generation and a full-fledged chuunibyou, she wasn’t that easily pissed off . Even after being ridiculed, she didn’t give up . Instead, she simply dropped out of school and spent two months formulating the ‘treating foes as friends’ method and slapped the people who mocked her before in the face .

At that time, Rhode was Mini Bubblegum’s only supporter and had helped her in the process of formulating this method . That was why no one in the guild could tame her, except for Rhode of course . Eventually, Rhode had no choice but to make her his ‘Personal Cleric . ’ After all, she was indeed very skillful, but at the same time, her personality was also a real pain .

Seeing the reluctance on Rhode’s face made Mini Bubblegum feel a little dissatisfied . She straightened her body and lifted her head proudly once more .

“Well, my relationship with leader is not so simple and cannot be explained in just a few words . Besides, I’ve also been naked in front of leader before!”


Clearly nothing seemed unusual, but he didn’t know why he felt that the world before him was crumbling .


When Canary heard Mini Bubblegum’s intriguing words, she responded by slightly raising her brow .


“It was her who forced me to see… I didn’t expect that she will do such a thing . Who would know that she would actually do it?!”

As soon as Mini Bubblegum spilled the beans, Rhode immediately denied by shaking his head . As expected of a chuunibyou… even the way to express thanks was different from others .

After helping Mini Bubblegum to invent the ‘treating foes as friends’ method, she sent him a video asking him to see something . Rhode had no reason to doubt her and immediately clicked on her video . But oh holy sh*t, never would he expect a fourteen-year-old girl to speak unabashedly whilst naked!

It was a whole new world for him… when he saw her completely undeveloped naked body in the video, he almost spat out his cola .

“Oh, well…”

Upon hearing Rhode’s reply, Canary nodded slightly and looked at Mini Bubblegum thoughtfully . Then she held out two fingers triumphantly .

“But I’ve already done everything with leader . ”

The room was cold, but for some reason, Rhode felt two hot torrents coming for him .

For the first time, he realized that he probably shouldn’t have chosen these two to be guardians at all…

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