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Chapter 289

When Rhode arrived at the ‘crime scene’, everything had ended .

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A scorched circle was clearly seen on the flat ground . Sparks danced on the yellow, withered grasses as black smoke billowed . Nearby five to six fully-armored men who resembled guards laid on their stomachs and stared at the ‘main culprit’, who was just a few steps away from them .

“Let me hear such unreasonable words again and I guarantee that all of you won’t live to see tomorrow!”

Marlene glared at the frightened men . Rhode sensed a thick murderous intent exuding from her, so thick that it almost formed a surging, massive flame ball . It was almost miraculous occurence for Marlene to be this furious .

“What happened?”

Rhode walked up to the speechless Lize and asked softly . Lize hurriedly grabbed onto his arm and stuttered .

This group of guards had arrived not long after Rhode’s group began setting up camp . Similar to Rhode, the men had also stopped by this area and wanted to set up camp . However, the guards were violent perhaps after witnessing how timid and weak Lize and Lapis appeared to be, which was why they threatened them aggressively . Lapis was timid by nature, while Lize stood firmly to express her wrath . In Lize’s perspective, this place was huge enough for two teams . Besides, they were the ones who arrived first, so why must they make way for the guards?

Although Lize was reasonable, the world didn’t work this way, as fists overpowered reasons . The guards who failed to defeat Lize in an argument raged . Judging Lize in her Cleric robe, they thought that she was an easy target, which was why they threatened them both . Lize quickly got Lapis to report to Rhode while she continued to confront them .

Up until this moment, everything was within Rhode’s expectations .

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However, what happened next was totally unexpected .

Marlene instantly rushed to Lize’s side . Although Lize could easily handle the guards with her current battle techniques, Marlene still went over to help since they were childhood friends .

Lize indeed didn’t face any dangers .

Although the guards appeared fierce and menacing, they weren’t bandits, after all . It was another matter to bring their weapons out in battle . That was why they only acted on their mouths and not fists, continuing to humiliate Lize without any intention of pulling punches .

But now, it seemed like it would have been a wiser choice had they thrown their punches .

The guards were also down on their luck . As Marlene arrived, they were hurling low-class vulgarities and even mentioned Lize’s private parts . And after they saw Marlene, they dragged her into it as well .

They had messed with the hornet’s nest this time .

As a noble and a prideful person, there was only one reaction from Marlene after she witnessed this bunch of men gesturing obscenely and shaking their bums simultaneously .

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Before Lize could stop Marlene, it was already too late .

Fortunately, those guys weren’t directly barbequed, and they should be thankful to their gods for saving their lives .

At this moment, the guards were pale and shivering in fear as they looked up at the cold-blooded young lady . They realised that they had nearly committed suicide . They humiliated a Mage! Were they sick and tired of living already?

Rhode pondered for a moment before walking up to Marlene and grabbed her shoulder .

“Okay, Marlene, I’ll take over from here . ”

“Mr . Rhode?”

Marlene knitted her brows . She showed signs of hesitations, but eventually lowered her staff and headed off in a foul mood . It had to be said that after training in the mercenary group for so long, Marlene had shown some improvements . If this was her before joining the mercenary group, she would have immediately sent them to their graves .

But now… Although she was furious at them, she knew that most mercenaries behaved like these guards after spending so much time with them, which was why she had gradually gotten used to such behaviors . Of course, acceptance was one matter, while encountering was another .

The guards stood up frantically after Marlene walked off and anxiously gazed at Rhode . They considered running for their lives, but their feet seemed to freeze after sensing the cold stare from Rhode .

Oh my goodness, why am I so unlucky! Damn it, I should have said less just now . Now, now… what should I do!

Just as the guards were speechless, suddenly, a frantic voice sounded from behind them .

“W-What happened? Did you guys do this? What was that explosion?”

The guards calmed down instantly . This usually annoying voice had become angelic in this situation . They let out long sighs of relief simultaneously . It wasn’t up to them to decide what was coming, and they could only leave it to fate .

The guards relaxed at this thought .

Rhode lifted his head and saw a few chariots filled with goods stopped by the main road . A fat figure ran over, which appeared kind of comical .

But for some unknown reasons, Rhode and Lize were stunned after hearing the voice as though it was somewhat familiar…

Soon enough, the owner of the voice appeared before them .

It was a fat merchant who wore a broad robe . His round, bubbly face was filled with oil and sweat . From the looks of it, he lacked exercise as such a short sprint left him panting for air .

“Why don’t you people speak? Mute? Huh? What happened? Who are they?”

The fat merchant turned around and looked at Lapis, who was terrified . He puckered his brows dubiously and turned to Marlene, who was fiddling with her staff innocently . He sulked instantly as he guessed what exactly happened…Damn it . This bunch of idiots messed with a Mage? I knew these idiots weren’t reliable at all . After this transaction, I will definitely fire them!

The fat merchant swore inwardly and took in deep breaths before turning to Rhode and Lize . As a merchant, it was important for him to discern what others were thinking based on their body language . The reason he didn’t immediately turn his attention to Rhode was because he wanted to figure out what exactly happened . Now it seemed to be a troublesome matter as he was clear of the guards’ etiquettes and he had even considered firing these idiots before . But now, he had been dragged into such problems again .  These idiots even dare to mess with a Mage? This bunch of damn… bastards! The fat merchant whined, but it wasn’t nice to delay the time anymore . In the end, he gritted his teeth and faced Rhode, praying that the man would be a reasonable person .

After taking a clear look at both of them, the fat merchant was taken aback . Then, he raised his right arm and gazed with wide-opened eyes .

“I-I-Isn’t… Isn’t this… Mr . Rhode?!”

“Long time no see, Mr . Matt . ”

Rhode nodded expressionlessly . Then, he glanced at the chariot filled with goods by the roadside .

“It seems like you’ve been doing well . ”

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