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Chapter 272

As the leader of the White Robe mercenary group, Hubert had always been confident in himself .

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As one of the top five mercenary group in the Paphield area, he had always believed that he and his men were qualified . They had the strength to compete for the mercenary guild quota in Paphield . Even if the Burning Blade or Dark Fang mercenary groups were before him, he still wouldn’t be shaken . In his opinion, those two mercenary groups didn’t maintain the top position because they were strong . Currently, Hiller’s Burning Blade was just living off its past glory; they were gradually declining, so he would certainly have the opportunity to surpass him . As for Dark Fang? They were just a group of killers . Were they even qualified to represent the mercenaries in the entire Paphield area?

Hubert always thought that it would be a matter of time before his White Robe mercenary group became the mercenary guild that represented Paphield . However, now, it didn’t seem to be the case anymore .

Starlight had shattered his dream .

But he didn’t give up .

“Everyone, gather your spirit!”

Hubert angrily shouted . He was wielding his sword while looking at the surroundings vigilantly . The other two mercenaries who were wearing the same white robe as Hubert were also looking around cautiously, trying to find the Thief that suddenly disappeared after going up .

After Lize walked down, the next elite groups changed their battle method . They didn’t intend to fight one by one anymore . They realized that based on their individual ability, it was impossible for them to win . However, if there were more people, then those people from Starlight wouldn’t be able to deal with them, right?

It was absolutely impossible .

Thinking this, Hubert led his two men to fight together . Of course, even though Hubert was very dissatisfied with Starlight, he still didn’t show it . To the contrary, Hubert looked graceful, immediately admitting that their strength was inferior to Starlight’s right after they went to the ring . That’s why they wished to fight in a different method in order to ask for their ‘advice’ .

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Hubert’s method was indeed very clever . Hubert was famous for being ‘stylish’ in Paphield, and he was also a small influential figure . No matter in which era, good-looking people would always receive special treatment . Although Hubert’s features weren’t as striking and handsome as Rhode, his unique demeanor was also popular . In addition to his elegant appearance, he was also the leader of White Robe mercenary, which made it easy for him to win support .

Through such a statement, Hubert had also succeeded in achieving his goal . Even if he lost, he wouldn’t be ridiculed as the people before him since he was frank about his own strength . No one would actually laugh at him for overestimating himself . On the contrary, if they won this 1 vs . 3 battle, it would be a big blow for Starlight . Even though 1 vs . 3 looked unfair, but followed by Hubert’s statement, people had already regarded him as the weak side trying its best to challenge the strong . If they really won, then it would certainly affect Starlight greatly… At least, they wouldn’t be able to become a mercenary guild smoothly . Hubert really had thought it through well . If he really won, then once Starlight became a mercenary guild, they would be able to question their qualification based on their position as the ‘winner’ of the battle! Hubert believed, as a new mercenary group, Starlight being a mercenary guild would easily definitely lead to people’s resentment . Coupled with his protest and others’ actions, it would inevitably delay Starlight from being a mercenary guild . At that time, his White Robe mercenary group would be able to grasp this chance .

While thinking of this, Hubert looked at the crowd and ridiculed them deep down .

These people are really short-sighted; they only see the current result and fail to realize the further impact .

Only he could see through the mystery behind .

What’s more, Hubert didn’t think that he was going to lose .

In his opinion, Starlight was only using a few small tricks . He even suspected that Rhode deliberately used such a method to make him give up the opportunity to continue to fight . Indeed, after the two consecutives failure, the remaining elite teams had indeed lost their morale . This time, no matter how hard they tried, it did not seem like they would succeed . However, Hubert didn’t think so . He believed that he had seen through Rhode’s trick . He was going to take advantage of this opportunity and mercilessly deal him a blow .

Young man, you are still too inexperienced .

To Hubert, this battle wasn’t difficult .

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Or, in his point of view, it ‘shouldn’t be’ difficult .

But reality was totally different from expectation .

When the three of them walked up the stage, the rookie Thief suddenly disappeared in the ring . Although Hubert was down, he was still trying to find the opponent carefully . Until then, this man who had always thought that ‘the situation was under his control’ finally realized that the matter didn’t go as smoothly as he had thought .

He couldn’t find Joey’s shadow .

Although Thieves had the ability to conceal themselves, it didn’t mean that could make themselves as transparent as air . To the contrary, the Thieves’ ability to conceal themselves was based on their ability to utilize the color of their clothing, combine it with their skill, and hide in the opponent’s visual corner . That’s why they were able to avoid being discovered by others and achieve a ‘concealing’ effect .

Hubert, of course, understood this, but he just didn’t expect it because in the ring, everything was flat and there was nothing to hide in . Unlike forests or caves, there weren’t shadows and obstacles everywhere . That’s why in his opinion, the Thieves’ ability to hide was limited .

Unfortunately, the reality wasn’t so .

In his opinion, that Thief was just a rookie Thief with some petty tricks . But now, that Thief had actually disappeared in the ring . It looked as if he had turned invisible . However, Hubert wasn’t as stupid as to really think so . Even so, he had begun to feel restless at this moment . He was clear that he and two of his subordinates weren’t able to find the opponent’s whereabouts . It meant the opponent must be hiding somewhere in his visual corner, waiting to counterattack .

This wasn’t something that an ordinary rookie Thief could do; it seemed that the young man obviously had the strength .

However, it was as he had expected .

“Be careful; don’t rush forward!”

Hubert subconsciously reminded his two subordinates so that they would keep their distance and guard each other’s back . They slowly advanced forward, holding their weapons while cautiously looking at the empty ring .

Where the hell is Joey?


Joey was crawling on the ground while watching the three people in front of him . He carefully took a breath and slowly moved his body to avoid their sights, staying hidden . If it was the usual, no matter how exquisite his movements, he absolutely wouldn’t be able to stay invisible like this . But now was different, because, in his hands, there was an equipment that able to change the situation .

The Secret Cloak . This was a magical equipment that Rhode had previously acquired in the Rock of Lament . It was able to change color according to the surroundings, concealing the wearer’s body in order to blind the enemy’s eyes . Before Rhode activated Dark Dance Swordsmanship, Rhode often used this equipment to perform a sneak attack . But after he learned Dark Dance Swordsmanship, this equipment didn’t really have much use for him, so he gave it to Joey . Now Joey was able to get away from the three of them by using it .

At this moment, Joey was crawling on the ground, holding his breath, while moving his body slowly from his opponents’ peripheral vision .

Soon, he appeared behind them .

It was a little bit crowded inside the huge Colosseum, so a lot of people were unable to see what happened in the ring . They only saw a person suddenly disappeared, and then, the people from the White Robe mercenary group began to look for him carefully in the direction he had disappeared . This scene also made a lot of people feel some doubt . Joey’s action was also very careful . When he was training in the Mirage, he didn’t learn any special skills like Lize . Because Thief skills were just like this . So there was no way for him to make a breakthrough and change .

The only thing that he could do was use what he had .

Master the essence of Thief skills and utilize its power .

Hubert wasn’t able to find Joey, but he wasn’t not anxious . The ring was big, and if he still couldn’t find him when he walked until the end, didn’t that mean the other party had conceded? If so, then what should he be worried about?



At this time, a dull sound echoed, and mixed with crowds’ exclamation, Hubert subconsciously turned around .

Beside him, one of his men was already lying stiffly on the ground, his eyes closed, unconscious .

However, there was no one around him .

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