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Chapter 251

“Master, something’s not right . ” Celia came to Rhode’s side and softly said . “I feel like someone is observing us . I think that we shouldn’t focus just on the front; we also need to watch our backs . ”

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“I understand . ”

Rhode answered while putting on an act . Actually, he had already discovered the Druid that was hiding by the wall . The Druid’s techniques were able to trick the mercenaries, but they wouldn’t work with Rhode at all . Rhode pretended to be unaware and purposely wandered near the Druid while exposing his back . Even though the Druid was able to camouflage perfectly, but he was still a human with a soul, after all . Although it was only for a short instant, Rhode was able to sense the malicious intents from the Druid . In fact, this Druid’s ‘brave battles’ had attracted Rhode’s attention previously . Even though Rhode easily killed a few of them, his end goal was to snatch this Druid’s life . Rhode knew what the Druid was plotting since he didn’t escape or attack foolishly .

It was due to this reason that Rhode had a clear understanding of the Druid’s mentality and actions . Obviously, this Druid held a huge resentment toward Rhode and his men . To stay around after witnessing the deaths of his own kind showed his determination . Previously, the purpose of Rhode and Gillian giving a two-man comical show before this camouflaged Druid was to anger him . However, even though Rhode thought what they said was enough to trigger some actions from the Druid, there were still no movement . This proved that the Druid not only had a determined mentality, but that he was also calm . If not, the Druid would have already seized the opportunity to strike after Rhode when his back was turned .

Gillian and Rhode’s thoughts were interlinked, so they knew what this Druid was plotting . On the other hand, Celia was a little more dim-witted . Although she felt that someone was indeed hiding by the sides, she didn’t understand the situation as much .

Suddenly, a crisp sound was heard . Everyone lifted their heads toward the source of the sound anxiously . A piece of gravel had fallen off the wall and smashed into several pieces upon landing .

Not bad . He knows how to attract attention . There’s a bright future ahead of him .

Although Rhode thought this in his mind, his expression didn’t change at all . Instead, he drew his sword .

“Everyone be careful!”

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Rhode came to an abrupt halt as though he had discovered something .

“Beware of your left!! Take note in your defense!!”

Suddenly, a figure from the left wall darted out . It dashed toward the mercenaries along the wind .

The mercenaries quickly reacted, but the attacker was too quick for them . They subconsciously dodged and baited the attacker into their group in order to surround it .

The Druid missed .

The Druid had no choices left . After the mercenaries dodged his attack, he remained calm as his target wasn’t the mercenaries .


The Druid let out a bellow and supported himself with his left hand on the ground while half kneeling . Suddenly, dozens of thorns shot out from the ground in all directions .

Fortunately, the mercenaries dodged in time and no one was injured . However, it was almost a tragedy for the Ophenians . It was nothing for the mercenaries who were experienced in facing such ambushes, but it would mean their lives for the researchers . Although the researchers had experience living in the wild, it was totally different when it came to battling .

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In an instant, the Ophenians fell to the ground and three to five of them were struck by the stone thorns . Coincidentally, two of them were carrying heavy bags and their contents scattered all around . The already fragile slab carved with essential details were smashed into pieces as they crashed into the ground .

“Go, protect the rest . ”

Rhode commanded . The mercenaries quickly gathered the remaining researchers behind them . Then, they didn’t dare move an inch as the Druid stood before them with an Ophenian’s neck in each hand .

This was the Druid’s plan . Since the sneaky attack didn’t work, he could only take advantage of the situation .

However, the Druid didn’t expect that Rhode had been observing his movements and was also waiting for him to reveal himself . In the end, he had no choice but to grab two of them as hostages .

Time seemed to have frozen at this instant .

“Release them!”

Rhode said with a gloomy face and a deep, angry tone . Although he was actually thrilled, he had to continue with his act . Of course, Rhode didn’t want the Ophenian researchers to find out his plans .

“Release them?”

The Druid let out a grim laughter .

“Why must I let them off? How would people like you who only know how to destroy out forest even understand our feelings?! This is revenge! An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth . You people killed my companions and now I will let you understand the pain!

“If you have maybe a little intelligence, you should know that they’re the ones who attacked us first . ”

Normally, Rhode would have attacked by now . However, he chose to calmly negotiate with the other party .

“If they didn’t attack us, why would we need to kill them?”

“It’s only right that you people receive your punishment!”

The Druid snarled . Along with his movements, the researchers that were choked by the neck let out a horrified shriek .

“Anyone who protects the Yellow Warbler is the biggest blasphemy to nature’s god!”

Protects the Yellow Warbler?

Rhode was taken aback .

So… That’s why .

“It’s possible if you want me to release them . Give me the Yellow Warbler in exchange!”

“I don’t think that’s necessary . ”

Before the Druid could finish his sentence, Rhode’s voice sounded so close to him . The Druid frightenedly widened his eyes as he didn’t know when Rhode had arrived before him . What came after was pain in both of his arms; his wrists trembled in intense pain . The palms on his wrists were gone .

“Thanks for the help, but your work ends here . ”

A scarlet red radiance flashed .

The Druid felt his entire world flip and he flew off to the attack . As he heard Rhode’s words, the last thing that he saw was his own headless body collapsing .

What did he mean?

The Druid had no more chances to understand the real meaning behind Rhode’s words, because, at this moment, the endless darkness had consumed him .

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