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Chapter 240

The scorching ray flashed in the air . Fortunately, it missed Rhode and changed its direction toward the crystal ball instead .

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

After a series of explosion, the smoke and dust dissipated, and the dozen crystal balls were nowhere to be seen .

What happened?

The giant of light was appalled . He didn’t expect the light ray to change its trajectory by itself . But he didn’t have the time to consider how all this happened because, at this moment, Rhode dashed over .

Rhode spiralled into the air and slashed a perfect arc with his crimson blade, piercing right into the giant of light .

“How dare you!”

The giant of light let out a bellow . His right arm transformed into an enormous, razor-sharp blade of light and slashed toward Rhode swiftly . If Rhode didn’t dodge, he would surely be dead . However, he didn’t have any reactions at all as though he had disregarded the menacing attack .


Lapis yelled worriedly . Suddenly, scarlet radiance flashed in her eyes .

Bam! Bam! Bam!

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A violent shock blasted from the series of explosions, deflecting the giant’s blade and missing Rhode widely . At this moment, Rhode drew a circle in midair with his sword and stuck it in the giant’s arm .

The giant of light let out a blood-curdling screech as it flinched and half-knelt on the ground . Its right hand had been sliced off at its wrist and dropped to the ground . Losing its source of energy, the hand turned into dust and vanished into the air .

How is this possible?

The giant of light felt unprecedented and immense pain and was terrified . He knew he wasn’t a physical being, so logically speaking, it was impossible for Rhode’s attack to cause him any harm . Since he was an imaginary reflection formed by a coalescence of magical energy, the only thing that could harm him was magic . But, as a swordsman without magical skills, how did this young man do it?

And how did he actually get hit?

Not only did Rhode’s attack damage his body, but it also felt as if ice cold venom had entered the depths of his spirit . This terrifying, evil, and ice-cold energy dulled the emanating light on its body .

Dozens of scarlet rays flashed and erupted into a series of explosions that engulfed his body and limited all his movements .

At this moment, he realized that there was another enemy floating in the air .

Gillian hovered high up in the air . The fox-eared maiden was surrounded by small, suspended fireballs . She smiled and extended her right hand forward, pointing at the giant of light . Along with this action, the fireballs spun and it was apparent that she was the culprit that had diverged his sword attack .

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“Piss off!”

The giant of light swung his hand furiously and countless crystal balls gathered from the surroundings and blasted toward Gillian in a magical light beam .

Then, an astonishing scene happened .

Gillian had no intentions to hide . She shook her finger gently and suddenly, the magical light beam shifted its trajectory along and headed straight back toward the giant of light!

Never did the giant of light expect his own attack to come back to bite him . He clumsily dodged, but Rhode took the opportunity to launch an attack . If the giant of light wasn’t quick enough, perhaps his head would have gone along with his right arm .

Even though he had dodged, Rhode’s attack was still a huge threat to him .

Of course . The giant wasn’t aware that Rhode had used his Dead Soul Blade skill, which was most effective on spiritual targets . Initially, when the Dark Elves created this skill, their main motive was to inflict damage even if they couldn’t kill their enemies . This skill wouldn’t affect mentally strong beings much . However, it was totally different for the giant of light .

The giant was a spirit coalesced from magic, after all . A spiritual being without a physical body had already lost a layer of protection, and logically speaking, Rhode’s sword attacks would naturally cause more damage . This special and proud trait of the giant of light had now become his lethal weakness . Right now, the situation had gone beyond his expectations, especially after his magical attacks had betrayed himself . The giant of light was flabbergasted .

Fortunately, he immediately returned to his normal size after witnessing the enormous threat before his eyes . Not only did his enormous size not give him any advantage, but it also stopped him from dodging Rhode’s attack . Moreover, Gillian’s opportunistic attacks were like adding salt to his wounds . He swung his hands forward and the coalesced light energy around his body spread out abruptly . In the blink of an eye, light figures appeared all around Rhode .


Rhode called out . He had a solution for this situation .

Gillian swiftly retreated . At the same time, she swung both her hands forward and countless fireballs pounced on the crystal balls . The explosions went on for a while and the crystal balls hovering in midair reduced to one fifth of their size . At this moment, about half the number of light figures surrounding Rhode had also disappeared .

Although Gillian’s powers weren’t as powerful as before, she still had absolute control over her flame forte, albeit her attacks lacking a bit in damage . If the fireballs under Gillian’s full potential were considered guided missiles, then the destruction from her fireballs now were only that of grenades . However, from a certain perspective, the difference between 1000 grenades and 1000 guided missiles wasn’t actually that huge .

This was why she chose to win via quantity . Of course, Rhode once doubted this . Since her abilities were limited, why did she chose to use small fireballs? A fire elemental lord should have had many more choices .

However, bombarding the enemy was the best way for her… And Rhode was left speechless .

Who kind of person is he?!

Rafah became completely lost in fear, as he didn’t expect that anybody would be this formidable . Even though this man didn’t come up with a wide range of countermeasures, each countermeasure he chose was very effective . Not only that, this man also knew the secrets of this room . How was that possible? This place was supposed to be the top secret of the Behermes Family, and not even Lapis had been here before, so this man shouldn’t have been aware of it at all!

Rafah definitely wouldn’t know the answers to these questions . Although it appeared to Rafah that Rhode had stepped into this place for the first time, Rhode had actually defeated the boss of this dungeon until he was sick and tired of it . This boss was merely a spirit slightly over level 20 who knew how to use magical artifacts and manipulate magical crystal balls . Rhode had to destroy the crystal ball first before gathering his attacks altogether on the boss . If Rhode attempted to defeat this boss before he advanced in levels, it might be too difficult . However, his current level was higher than this giant of light and furthermore, Gillian was by his side too . So wasn’t this all too easy for him?

The longer the battle continued, the more fearful Rafah was . He realised that this mysterious man wasn’t as easy to deal with as he expected . Right now, he couldn’t even think of a way to make use of Rhode in cracking down on Lapis as Rhode’s attack could inflict damage on himself . Not only that, this young man even knew the weaknesses of the central core . The central core of the Behermes was a magical space formed by past Behermians through alchemist skills . They sealed their own corpses into a magical crystal and used the crystal’s powers to maintain the lifespans of their spirits . As days passed, other than the spirits who lay undiscovered here, this secret was never leaked . But this young man appeared extremely familiar with this place . He even ignored the presence of Rafah’s phantom and figure and continued to attack the crystal ball!

This can’t go on!

Rafah’s heart sank . He hadn’t experience such anxiousness for a long, long time . He looked at the crystal ball that was slowly shedding and losing its magical powers under the attacks of Rhode and Gillian . This was definitely something that Rafah didn’t wish to see .

There was no other way .

Rafah no longer hesitated . He swung his hands forward and suddenly, the whole area shone brightly . After a few moments, Rhode, Gillian, and Rafah were surrounded by a dazzling radiance, then disappeared .

However, this was only for an instant .

In a blink of an eye, all 3 of them reappeared . However, this time, Rhode and Gillian were thrown into the left and right corners of this huge area . It was as though a pair of huge hands had positioned them . Then, Rafah flew into the air and stood at Gillian’s previous position .

“Meet your doom!”

Rafah let out a snarl while raising both hands . Shortly after, the entire room flickered, trembled, and powerful magical powers erupted . The crystal balls had become glaring suns .

Lapis shrieked in horror and shut her eyes tight .

A powerful shockwave came thereafter .

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