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Chapter 216

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Although from the surface, Rhode could be sure that there wouldn't be much of a problem because even if those flame reels were really purchased by the Keller family, they still couldn't explain anything . However, Keller was clear that the problem didn't lie there . More importantly, if it was really as Rhode had said, it would only be a matter of time before the Keller family and the Jade Tears mercenary group got involved with each other, which was something that Keller didn't wish to see .

The reason was very simple: the Jade Tears mercenary group's identity wasn't ordinary .

If it was another mercenary group, Keller wouldn't be worried about what Rhode had said since it was normal for the Merchant Association to support a mercenary group . If the reason Rhode looked for trouble was just to complain like a child, then he wouldn't take it seriously, but it was different if things turned out to be related to Jade Tears . As everyone knew, the Jade Tears mercenary group had once been ruled by the son of a noble from the Country of Light—Frank . According to the continuous incidents that happened previously, Keller even heard that this mercenary group was related to the floating ship incident from before; they were most likely spies sent by the Country of Light . Such speculation was spreading among the upper echelons, which was why Klautz sent people to ask a few questions while Rhode almost killed Frank on the street . As for the sudden disappearance of Frank and his followers, although the public seemed to know what happened, the mercenary Association and Deep Stone City officials only kept a strange silence . Keller was not stupid; from their attitude it could be seen that the Jade Tears had most likely done something to provoke trouble . It was possible that those rumors were true . If the Jade Tears hadn't disappeared all of sudden, then most likely they would have been called out by the city guards and brought out to the Town Square to be beheaded in public .

But since they disappeared now, things were better . This could be seen from this incident with Rhode . Originally, even if there was a bet on both sides, the Mercenary Association would still have to confirm it to ensure the Jade Tears mercenary group wasn't being victimized . However, this time, they actually even omitted the necessary procedures, clearly making complete preparation for the Jade Tears mercenary group's disappearance . Of course, the Mercenary Association who had always been working based on mercenary interests and could not possibly give Rhode any privilege just because of his identity . The reason was because they needed to make the Jade Tears disappear .

If the Keller family got involved with the Jade Tears mercenary group, then the matter would only get worse . Thinking until here, Keller broke into a cold sweat . It would be dangerous if the young man before him thought that he did it on purpose to trouble him . From Rhode's actions, it could be seen that he was from the King's party . He had also heard Klautz mentioned Rhode's name recently, and the upper echelons from Golden City seemed to take some interest to him . It could be said that this young man was surely on the road to success . He was only an ordinary merchant . If he offended this promising young man, nothing good would come from it . Moreover, what would they think if Klautz or other people knew about this? The Keller family had been interacting with the Country of Light in private?! Holy spirit above, if such a thing really happened, then the Keller family would be finished! If it were just like usual, people might not mind it, but this topic was currently very sensitive . Although it wasn't widely circulated, many people from the upper echelons knew that the Country of Light would likely plot something to incite riots in the Paphield area . If news got out that the Keller family and the Country of Light were privately involved with each other, then wouldn't he basically be looking for death?

When the time came, not only would his own future be finished, but the entire family would be completely destroyed…

Thinking until here, beads of sweat dropped from Keller's face until Rhode's voice pulled him back to the reality . "I'm still waiting for your explanation, Mr . Keller . "

"T-this, I think I can explain it to you . "

Keller rubbed the sweat on his forehead . Currently, his face was pale, but he was also feeling fortunate that Rhode had looked for him . It seemed like he hadn't yet spread the words, or else, he would have already been finished once Rhode told this matter to Klautz . Even if he wasn't finished, nothing good would happen to him as a result . After all, before he had hinted that Marlene was feeling miserable about this matter . If they knew the culprit behind this problem was actually the Keller family, then who knew what might they do them . .

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"To tell you the truth, this ring is my daughter's…"

"Oh?" Hearing this answer, Rhode frowned and he immediately remembered the fat pig-like woman . "So?"

"So… So… I'm sorry, please wait for a moment, I'll call her right away . " Having said that, Keller picked up the bell on the table and shook it .

Soon, the old housekeeper quickly walked into the room . But before he asked Keller what he could do for him, the former shouted angrily .

"Immediately bring Helen here, no matter where is she . Bring her here immediately, now!"

"Yes, master!" Seeing Keller's pale expression, the old housekeeper quickly followed the order and left . Keller finally felt relieved, leaning on the sofa while wiping the sweat on his forehead . He looked at the dark-haired man before him, but he didn't know what to say . Facing Keller, Rhode didn't speak and only leisurely tasted the black tea and snack in front of him . He looked more like a guest than trouble .

"This… Mr . Rhode, please forgive me for presuming about this matter, about this…"

"I haven't told anyone yet . " Rhode put down the cup . "I'm just a little curious, after all . In my mind, your family does not seem like the type to oppose the Kingdom…"

"This is, of course, Mr . Rhode . We, the Keller family, are forever loyal to the Munn Kingdom, and it will never change . I can swear here by the name of my soul that it is absolutely impossible for me to betray the kingdom . "

Even though he didn't say it clearly, but from Rhode's words, his speculation was eighty to ninety percent certain… It was really troublesome!

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He didn't know to what extent Rhode would believe in himself because no matter what, he would just be giving excuses . In fact, as the head of the family, Keller knew to a certain extent what his daughter was doing . It was because of the recent business handover that he thought it would be a good thing to let his daughter learn about investing and supporting the mercenary group . After all, it was important for the Merchant Association to have experience with mercenary groups, but he didn't expect that just because he didn't ask about it, the matter would turn out like this!

Holy spirit above! There were so many mercenary groups in Deep Stone City; why would she get involved with the damned Jade Tears!

"Father, are you looking for me?" At this moment, Helen walked toward the living room, led by the housekeeper . She glanced to the side and soon, she saw Rhode . Helen's fat face immediately darkened, but she didn't make a ruckus in front of her father and only lowered her head while walking toward Keller . On the other side, Keller looked at his daughter and signaled for the housekeeper to leave .

When the housekeeper left and closed the door, he coldly asked, "What are you doing these few days?"

"I… I'm not doing anything . "

"Nothing?" Hearing her answer, Keller frowned . He pointed toward the ring on the table and asked .

"Then what about this ring!?"

Hearing his father's question, Helen curiously looked toward the direction her father pointed and immediately shouted after seeing it . "Ah!! This is the keepsake I gave to Barney . How come it's here!?"

Having said that, Helen immediately jumped up, looking at Rhode . "It's you, isn't it! It must be you who killed them right! It's you! I know it, you…"

"Shut up!" Hearing until here, Keller no longer said anything and slapped Helen while fiercely glaring at her . A crisp sound sounded . She immediately stopped cursing and looked at her father, feeling confused .

"Father, why did you hit me, what did I do wrong!?"

"You dare ask me what you did wrong? Why did you got involved with Jade Tears?! Tell me, why did you got involved with them!"

"I… I…"

Hearing Helen's explanation intermittently, Rhode and Keller finally understood the things that happened . Helen originally did intend to invest in a mercenary group, but at that time she did not know about the existence of the Jade Tears . She heard about them from her servants . The Jade Tears's tragic story touched her, so she sent someone to meet Barney and was moved by his sincerity . Eventually, Helen agreed to support the Jade Tears mercenary group . Of course, she had her own little plan . Because of the previous conflict between her and Rhode, she hated him very much . Although objectively speaking, Rhode had protected her from being abducted, but his rude behavior was too unacceptable for her . Later, she complained about this matter to her father . Instead of punishing Rhode and teaching him a lesson, he even gave the family heirloom to him . This made Helen felt very angry . Originally, if she hadn't heard news about Rhode so often, she would have forget him after a long time . However, because news of Rhode had been spreading in Deep Stone City, Helen was forced to listen frequently . This made her feel even more disgusted, especially when she heard those people praising Rhode . So she chose to support the Jade Tears mercenary group in order to oppose Starlight and Rhode .

Of course, at that time, she had a romantic delusion . She wanted the Jade Tears to grow into the most powerful mercenary group in the Paphield area under her support while Starlight could only work hard in the shadows . She wanted her father to praise her and hand the entire Trader Association to her… For this reason, Helen followed Barney's idea to put the magic reel and sweep out all of the stock in the market . In her opinion, if she could make trouble for Rhode's Starlight, then it would be the best .

It was a pity that she could only daydream .

"You… you…"

Hearing his daughter explanation, Keller was very angry and didn't know what to say . That incident had passed for some time now, so he thought that Helen no longer cared about it anymore . No matter what, Rhode had kindly saved her life . Even if he was rude, did she have to hold this grudge for so long?

On the other hand, Rhode was very open-minded about this matter . He often saw such narrow-minded women . He once had a classmate who held a grudge for half a year just because her boyfriend glanced at another woman . That was why he thought that this kind of thing was just normal .

"Immediately go back to your room! You are not allowed to go out until you realize your mistake!"

While Rhode was dozing off, Keller already made his decision . He slapped his daughter a few times then called out the guard . He wanted them to bring Helen who had flown into rage back to the room and locked her up . No matter what the reason is, she was not allowed go out . The fatty girl kept screaming until she was gone . Keller was finally relieved and sat back on the sofa .

"I'm sorry, Mr . Rhode . It's my fault for such thing to happen . "

"You don't have to apologize to me, Mr . Keller . " Rhode frowned, but his expression didn't change the slightest . "Everyone makes mistakes, right?"

"Right . " Hearing Rhode's words, Keller finally felt relieved . He smiled and rubbed his hands . "Then… although this matter was caused by my daughter, I will of course not run from the responsibility . My daughter's action has caused damage your mercenary group, so our Keller family will surely compensate for it . "

Of course, both sides knew that this was not true . Helen's actions did not really cause any real damage to Rhode and the others; both knew it was just an excuse that Keller made to make sure Rhode would stay silent about this matter . This was equivalent to the "sealing fee," used to ensure the peace of the Keller family .

Rhode naturally had no objections to this . Strictly speaking, this was indeed the reason he came here .

As a player, if he didn't maximize the benefits of the quest, could he still be called a player?

"Since Mr . Keller said so…"

Rhode crossed his hands and leaned against the sofa while narrowing his eyes .

"Then, I have a request …"

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