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Chapter 191: 191

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When the curtain of darkness fell, it didn't cause the veteran mercenaries to panic . All of them had rich battle experiences, and such situations weren't uncommon . Other than the instinct to pause for a moment to gather their bearings, these mercenaries didn't stop their advancement and continued on the same path . They were clear of their positions and knew that they had the numerical superiority over their enemies, which bolstered their confidence . They lit their torches quickly without hesitation and charged forward, desiring nothing more but to rip apart the duo and retrieve their target .

Clang clang clang!

Multiple swords were clashing against each other in the darkness . And when the Diamond Mercenary Group's mercenaries lit their torches, the darkness finally parted as a flickering orange glow filled the room . However, what they discovered next gave them a terrible shock . Although these mercenaries believed much in their own abilities, they still couldn't believe what they saw .

Rhode stood in front of Anne . His sword was on his right hand, and his foot was resting on a pile of corpses . Anne had her golden shield raised at the rear, the blood below her seemed to have formed a river mixed with seven to eight corpses . From this, it was easy to deduce who killed the men . The corpses that still somewhat resembled as humans were undoubtedly slaughtered by Rhode, while those who appeared as 'half-split scarecrows' with their heads completely squashed, was clearly done in by Anne . Shield Warriors weren't an exclusively defensive class, they had their offensive skills as well, which could be equally lethal .

But this wasn't the true shocker .

Instead, it was Celia and the Centaur Knight .

The angel held a magnificent silver sword in her hand; her white feathered wings slowly spanned out as she stared straight at her enemies . On the right, the Centaur Knight poised majestically with its shield and spear on the ready . The red gleam between the gaps in its heavily armored helmet grew brighter as each second passed .


Carmen opened his eyes wide . That wasn't all, the other mercenaries also glanced at each other, not knowing what to do .

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They didn't even have the mood to guess where the angel came from, because this angel had already left them speechless!

In the region under the Light Dragon Soul, the angels had a very high rank . Not only due to their race and bloodline, but because of their peerless battle strength and political powers . Of course, in Country of Light, due to the existence of a parliament system, the angels' political power was slightly weakened . But in the Munn Kingdom, the angels were unquestionably ranked the highest within the hierarchy .

It wasn't only because the Munn Kingdom's King belonged to one of the 3 Archangels, but the angel race themselves had a strong influence . They loved peace; they were also kind and passionate . Although sometimes arrogant, they never crossed the line of evil . On top of that, the angels were mostly born beautiful, which could easily gain the likes of most people . Thus, the angel race symbolized justice and kindness . Therefore no matter who, as long as one dared to go against an angel, they would be treated as a heretic .

Just like Lydia, although the Munn Kingdom's King sat the throne and killed many people after that, no one felt that she was in the wrong . Before she killed a person, she would list their offenses . And because Lydia's identity wasn't human, but an Archangel, it gave her justifications for her judgment . At least with her status as an Archangel, most of the people wouldn't suspect her .

Of course, this was only because it happened in the Munn Kingdom where the angels' reputation had already rooted deeply in the hearts of the citizens . If it was the Country of Light, then the angels wouldn't possess such strong influence .

That was the reason why the mercenaries started to waver . It was an open secret that they work for money as a professional occupation, and not as bandits who would do anything for money . Some of the mercenaries even started to worry that the angel would punish them… Although Rhode had provoked them from the start, but with an angel by his side, it was no wonder that the mercenaries entertained such a thought of: 'Actually we were the ones at fault . ' .

Carmen's hesitation was also related to this .

Although he had guts, even if he gave a command for his men to kill this angel, it was certain that these guys would never dare to do it . Even himself included .

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However, Carmen didn't hesitate for too long because Rhode had 'nonchalantly' freed him from his indecisiveness .

"Go . "

He gave a simple command and followed up with his sword . At the same time, the Centaur Knight, Celia, and Anne also charged towards their enemies .

Rhode's sudden decisiveness threw the mercenaries' thoughts into disarray . But now they needn't consider whether to battle with the angel or not because Rhode and his men had come to them instead!

No one would choose to die without a fight . Since the enemies were attacking, then we should also fight! As for the repercussions of killing an angel? What should we do? This matter will be left for later!

The mercenaries didn't have much choice and could only force themselves to rush into battle .

But soon they realized that the enemies were of a different tier altogether .

Rhode was the first to cross swords with the enemies, but the first to explode with vigor was Anne . After hearing Rhode's command, Anne dashed in and tossed her golden shield to the front . The massive bulwark shot forward and spun towards the mercenaries .

In the face of their impending doom, the mercenaries attempted to scatter to dodge .

Alas, it was a pity that the Mystery Hall wasn't large enough for dozens of people to freely move around . The mercenaries were already standing side by side with one another, and now everyone clashed with each other . Some of them ran forward, some backward and some even raised their weapons in a fluster, attempted to block the strike .

The shield smashed into its first unfortunate victim, the sword which was raised in an attempt to defend, snapped in half like a twig . After that, the shield sunk deep into his body, causing him to be sent flying backward . That wasn't the end though, the gaps on the shield suddenly clicked open and sharp knives shot outwards, tearing the mercenary's body apart .


A painful scream echoed through the small room, and many of them felt chills .

But that was only the beginning of the horror . Anne tugged the chain in her hand forcefully, causing the shield and the mercenary on top of it to instantly turn into a fleshy war hammer while she swept it towards the surrounding mercenaries .

Silver light flashed .

The sword which was engulfed with holy flames easily blocked the mercenaries' attacks . Facing the pale and shaking young swordsmen, Celia frowned . Deep down in her heart, she slightly disapproved Rhode's behavior because bullying didn't suit an angel's nature . However, Celia wasn't a real angel to begin with, as she was a being from an evolved weapon spirit . Her true nature was actually a weapon ——— and a purpose for a weapon was to battle .

The angel cleaved her sword downwards without hesitation . In an instant, the young swordsman's chest was sliced open . Along with that attack, silver-white flames erupted from within and scattered towards both sides which forced the other mercenaries away .


A sharp spear pierced through a mercenary's torso, the impact pinned him to the wall . Contrary to how Celia behaved, the Centaur Knight didn't feel any remorse as it smashed its left arm into the men who were trying to escape . Only a deep thump could be heard after two human figures landed on the floor, motionless .

"T-This… monster!!"

One of the mercenaries screamed and raised his ax . Using the momentum, he gathered all his might to cleave the Centaur Knight . The great ax successfully contacted with the Centaur Knight's body, but it didn't seem to cause any damage at all . Instead, a light blue hexagon suddenly shone on its body . Rhode's previously activated passive skill, 'Spirit Armor ' played its role and formed a defensive barrier which deflected the enemy's attack . Not only did the great ax warrior fail to follow up, but it also fastened his pace to death .

The Centaur Knight swung its right hand at the ax warrior and threw aside the corpse that was impaled on its spear . Next, it used its left hand to grab the enemy's ax and struck forward . The poor mercenary could only feel a powerful force landing on his head before he realized that he was already on the floor . As he tried to raise his head to see what was coming, he only managed to discover a pair of black hooves coming towards him .


Before he could even scream, this poor soul's head was crushed by the Centaur Knight like a watermelon .

Traumatized by the scene, the other mercenaries couldn't help but take a few steps back .

The Centaur Knight that came from the Army of Abyss certainly wouldn't have any sympathy for their enemies . It turned its head, and the red gleam between its helmet grew brighter . A second later, the Centaur Knight transformed into a whirlwind and rushed to the terrified enemies .

This wasn't a battle anymore, but a one-sided massacre .

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