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Chapter 176
Chapter 176: Fly Air
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Gustav shrugged his neck while standing on the deck . He was watching the crowd in the port not far before him .

In fact, the weather was not too cold, but the position of the floating ship determined that it needed to float in a high altitude, which was why the temperature was relatively low . But even so, Gustav was still energetic, although his mood wasn’t very good .

Because the trade route had been attacked before, the route toward Deep Stone City was closed for a long period of time, which was very depressing for ship owners . They relied on the ship to live, and now the trade route was closed, it cut off their income . They also didn’t dare sneak out like sea merchants did . It had to be said that the sky was a lot wider than the sea, but the sky was also clean and empty . If anyone saw a ship that broke the rule, the news would definitely spread out by the second day .

The direction of waves and the flow rate was regular in the sea, so there were only a few routes that could be used . If one wanted to use a different route, he wouldn’t be treated like a hero, but rather a fool . When a ship lost wind support, it wouldn’t have the power to continue stay in the sky like an airplane . It would go back to where it belonged .

However, now it was better . The prohibition had been lifted, so they finally regained the opportunity to work again, but for this ship owner, his luck wasn’t that good .

Originally his Fly Air relied on short haul route customers . He was only responsible for flight in the Paphield area and couldn’t be compared to those big merchants . Since the floating ship’s speed was quite fast and it was also relatively safe, his business had always been considered pretty good .

But because the floating ships were attacked, Gustav’s business was obviously harder than before . The merchants who only transported goods might not have cared about this . After all, goods were inanimate objects, different from people . The previous attack still left trauma in their hearts, and they were afraid of encountering similar incidents . Therefore, although the prohibition ban had been lifted, his old guests didn’t come back . After all, they still value their lives, and for them, it was better to wait until the situation was really safe .

That’s why Gustav’s income wasn’t as good as before . Just like last time, there were only 20 guests on his ship . Fortunately, six of them choose the first class cabin . At least it still gave him some profit . If everyone choose economy class, then he would estimately incur losses instead .

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While Gustav was shrugging his neck complaining about his bad days in his heart, he saw two people walk toward him .

The person in front of him seemed to be a man, but his entire body was hidden behind a cloak, so Gustav was unable to see his appearance . Behind him was a girl wearing a white leather armor . The youthful, energetic aura around her attracted people’s attention . It wasn’t only because of her slender figure, her legs, or her face, but because of the huge golden shield behind her . An average person definitely couldn’t lift such a heavy shield .

Although the relationship between these two seemed quirky, Gustav wasn’t surprised by it . He had been in this line of business for a long time, and he knew that curiosity killed the cat . That was why he didn’t inquire much about it and warmly greeted them .

“Hello, dear guests . Welcome to Fly Air . I’m the Captain, Gustav . ” Having said that, Gustav bowed down his head and saw that the man was handing over two tickets . This caused Gustav’s attitude to become even more attentive . It had to be said that they were two first class tickets .

“Welcome onboard, distinguished guest . ”

After receiving the tickets and confirming it, Gustav immediately welcomed the two of them warmly . Rich men were a good source of income, and as a shipowner and a merchant, Gustav knew what he should do next . Seeing these two big shots, naturally, he became more enthusiastic .

“Welcome to Fly Air! This ship is one of the best ships in Paphield . It’s safe, comfortable, and reliable, I assure you . The wave won’t affect the ship and you won’t experience any bumping during your journey . ”

Seeing Gustav talk big, the blonde girl was surprised for a moment and glanced at him, which made the captain felt quite proud, but the man’s reaction made him feel a little disappointed . He didn’t seem to care about this matter and didn’t seem to want to talk much to him . Aware of that, Gustav no longer wasted time and brought them to the cabin .

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Unlike ships in the sea, floating ships in the sky paid more attention to the lower deck design due to the beautiful scenery beneath the ship, good air, and large space . Fly Air wasn’t a very big ship, but it was all encompassing and its environment was still very good .

After entering the cabin, Rhode felt relieved . He took off his cloak and carefully observed the cabin .

He had to admit that the design here was indeed very fresh; even Rhode who came from the advanced scientific and technological civilization of Earth couldn’t help but praise the breathtaking view before him .

The first class cabin was located in the forefront below the hull, where half of the front was covered with thick, crystal glass . Through the glass, the passengers could clearly see the beautiful scenery in the front and the bottom . Soft and comfortable sofas were placed in the center, surrounded by green plants . They were firmly tied to the wall, and it brought a pleasant, green touch to the environment . In the cupboard, there was a bottle of wine and fresh fruits . Even though Rhode had been in floating ships in the game, unfortunately, those foods couldn’t be eaten . However, now he finally had the chance to enjoy it .


While Rhode was looking at the surroundings, Anne suddenly shouted and threw herself against the sofa, moving back and forth . She placed her shield on the shelf in the corner after entering the room . She wasn’t interested in the beautiful scenery before her . She only had three interests in life: eat, play, and sleep .

Now, she was steadfastly implementing her life goals .

“It’s really soft and comfortable . ” Lying on the sofa, she buried her head into the soft and comfortable cushion . Like a cat, she narrowed her eyes . It seemed like she wanted to lie there for a lifetime and didn’t seem to have any intention of getting up .

Rhode didn’t know why he unconsciously remembered a dog wagging its tail when he saw Anne like this, relaxedly sleeping in the sofa… Ah, or was a wolf more accurate?

However, Rhode didn’t say anything more . According to the plan, they will reach Deep Stone City in central Paphield . After that, they’ll live there for a night and then depart to the Black Pine Ruins in the morning . This wasn’t too difficult for him; it was just that the time was longer than he had expected . He also had just learnt about the approximate time after he asked the captain before he left . It was only an approximate because even Gustav himself couldn’t be sure; the floating ship wasn’t an airplane, so it didn’t have its own power or machine and could only rely on the wind . Sometimes the wind was faster, and sometimes it was slower . These days the wind speed was nothing to speak of, so if nothing happened, they would reach their destination by dusk, and the evening by the latest .

Since Rhode didn’t expect this coming, it seemed that the return time might have to get extended…

After briefly looking at the surrounding, Rhode sat on the sofa beside Anne and began to concentrate on enjoying the view outside the window . Anne narrowed her eyes, comfortably lying next to him, but unlike Rhode, she was obviously uninterested in the scenery outside the window . It was already evident in less than five minutes: Anne issued an intoxicated sound…

When Rhode turned around, Anne had already fallen asleep . She was smiling sweetly, her blonde hair covering her cheeks, and she curled up her body, making her chest looked even more obvious…

Thinking until here, Rhode helplessly shook his head and sighed . He couldn’t understand just how this girl could sleep just like that . Before they arrived, he had just pulled her out of bed . In addition, after eating dinner last night, she also immediately went to sleep . She had been asleep for more than ten hours already…

Looking at her now, it seemed like she didn’t get enough sleep .

Seeing Anne who was happily sleeping, Rhode said nothing . He only shrugged and covered her body with his cloak, then sat back down on the sofa to appreciate the scenery outside . Suddenly, Rhode had a very strange feeling . At this moment, he noticed something . Anne, who was asleep, also moved her body, but she didn’t wake up .

What happened?

Rhode frowned, trying to figure out the hunch that flashed by him, but couldn’t figure anything out . There seemed to be nothing strange happening on the floating ship .

Was he just being oversensitive?

Thinking until here, Rhode nodded and sat back to the sofa .

Soon, followed by the slight quake, the scenery before him also shook up, signalling that the floating ship had begun to depart .

He didn’t realise that at this moment, on the ladder not far from him, two figures were walking down . One of them, a girl with a petite-figure, took off her hat and looked at the room not far away from her with excitement .

“Sir Amund, the information you got isn’t wrong right . ”

“Of course, Your Highness . Although I don’t know the reason, but I’m sure he’s on this ship . ”

“Very well . ”

Hearing the white-bearded old man answer, the young girl lightly smiled and covered her mouth . She rolled her eyes and revealed a cunning expression .

“This is our chance, isn’t it?”

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