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Chapter 157
Chapter 157: Summoning Ritual
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Within the Dragon Soul Continent, the ongoing story content always revolved around the devils attempting to destroy humans . They seek to turn this beautiful world into a scary, bloody and dark world like theirs . While lurking in the darkness, they tempt humans with their deceptive words and irresistible rewards . Once they fall into temptation, the devils would immediately gain a foothold to spread destruction and despair .

When there’s light, there will be darkness; similarly to justice and evil . Some may choose to defend the world as a protector, and some may choose to watch the world burn .

The Summoning Ritual was a byproduct of people who wanted to watch the destruction and chaos of the world . The ritual would tear down the nine layers of space between hell and earth using spiritual energy, forming a spatial tunnel for the devils to pass through freely into the world .

The devil’s world could support their existence was because the power of Light was dim, however, in the Dragon Soul Continent, the power of the Light Dragon Soul was abnormally strong . Thus, the devils could only control and manipulate people from afar . This was why, under the Dark Dragon’s soul, the temptation of power it offered allowed the aristocracy to lead fulfilling lives .

To summarize everything in an unrealistic scenario, if a devil steps into the world through a Summoning Ritual, it would be akin to a newbie player who’d just finished his character creation, seeking a fulfilling adventure in an unknown world . But just before entering the tutorial village, a BOSS monster suddenly fell from the sky and crushed him, thoroughly ending his adventure . Any sane player who met such a situation would smash his keyboard in anger and complain about the balance of this game!

That was the exact situation the devils’ faced . After several attempts, they gave up on utilizing brute force to enter the Dragon Soul Continent . Instead, they devised a plan so they could benefit from it without doing the work themselves . Soon, they found many foolish humans who appeared to be passionate about destroying the world in many various ways . Of course, in terms of techniques, they were a far cry from the devils, but with regards to passion and dedication, the humans’ willpower surpassed their expectations . This prompted the devils to change their methods of attacking . Since these stupid humans wanted to cause chaos and destruction by themselves, why not aid them while watching from the sidelines?

Because of the shift in strategy, the Summoning Ritual that was originally used to ferry the devils across also changed in its usage . Now, the followers of the devils could send pure spirits through the tunnel . They would receive praises from their masters and receive strong buffs . It was a win-win situation for the devils as they could receive sweet tasting, pure souls and they didn’t need to risk their lives in doing so . It was certainly worthy of a celebration for them .

And so, this very Summoning Ritual was right in front of their eyes .

“In other words, there is a devil worshipper here?” Rhode said as he focused his attention on the ritual site .

The bloodstains seem to be fresh which meant that someone had used it quite recently .

“That certainly should be the case . ”

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Celia turned her head and stared at the village surrounded by the forest . She gripped her sword with both hands, revealing a serious expression .

“This will not be a simple mission, Master . I suspect someone there is responsible for this . ”

“Hopefully they won’t get too crazy…” Rhode replied as he turned to Celia, saying, “by the way, how’s the situation in the village?”

“I can’t sense any malicious aura from the majority of the town . Other than some residual dark energy from the cellar area, there is nothing else . ”

“Check it again . ” Rhode went silent for a moment, and after a while, he said, “… Check the graveyard and the forest up north . Since there is a devil worshipper here, I don’t believe he would be untraceable . I will be in charge of checking the village again . Now, go . ”

“Understood, Master . ”

Hearing Rhode’s order, Celia nodded . She swiftly expanded her wings and flew into the air . When the angel maiden was finally out of sight, Rhode gestured to Randolf and the others .

“Follow me . We have something urgent to do . ”

The bustling village suddenly turned oddly quiet . Due to Rhode’s initial arrogance, the villagers had naturally treated them as unwelcomed guests . Even though this was so, they couldn’t take advantage of them . Besides, no matter what, with the presence of an angel and a mage, it didn’t take a genius to understand that Rhode’s group weren’t people to be messed with . Thus, they could only resign to their fate and curse to themselves behind locked doors .

Rhode felt no pressure at all when faced with such treatment . He didn’t even give a damn about the villagers, especially after Christie’s incident . Although she wasn’t his biological sister, to discover a girl who looked exactly like his her getting tortured made Rhode really upset . He even felt that he was being gracious for not setting this whole village on fire .

Hmph . Just a bunch of NPCs . Yet they think they are humans .

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“This feels great . ”

Joey rubbed his hands looking excited while walking behind Rhode down the empty street . He witnessed how those arrogant villagers yielded to Rhode’s might and didn’t dare to retaliate . After all, the last time he was here, he had been shooed and was even scolded by the kids . But right now, those arrogant villagers were finally put in their place, making him feel quite pleased .

“Leader, you are totally awesome! I’ve never imagined that these bunch of trash would lower their heads and tuck their tails . Haha! It feels so oddly satisfying to see the embarrassed side of them . ”

“Okay, Joey . Cut the crap . ”

Randolf frowned and interrupted his comrade . He knew this friend of his had always been careless and whimsical . But no matter what, he was in front of their leader and Rhode had always been portraying a cold image which worried Randolf . He knew that Rhode was a very strict man who didn’t allow anyone to challenge his rights . Under normal circumstances, he was easy to get along with, but once angered, don’t expect him to go light .

However, to his astonishment, he didn’t expect that Rhode would actually entertain Joey’s crap .

“Strength and status are the prerequisite to ensure dignity . If you mercenaries can kill a few of the brainless idiots here and get others not to find trouble with you, then I guarantee you that next time, other brainless idiots will worship you like their ancestors . The prerequisite is not to allow the villagers to turn the tables . If not, everything will be over . ”

“No wonder you’re the leader! Such brilliant words!”

Hearing Rhode’s response, the thief revealed a grin . As a mercenary, he knew precisely how crucial it was to suck up to the leader . However, Rhode didn’t usually hang out with them, so now that there was a good chance, they naturally wouldn’t give it up .

“With enough power, you receive rights . With rights, you control power . This is the same no matter where you go . ”

Rhode reflected inwardly . When he passed a wooden house, he suddenly halted and stared at it for a moment . It was located near the edge of the village square which seemed nothing out of the ordinary as it was quite similar to other houses, but Rhode could sense an unnerving aura emitting from within .

“What is that place?” asked Rhode .

“Hmm…” Randolf lifted his head and observed the wooden house and said, “that seems like a warehouse . ”

Rhode frowned and walked to the door before knocking lightly .

No one answered .

“Seems like there’s no one, Sir . Do you want me to…”

Before Joey could offer to display his thief skills, Rhode punched the door with his fist . The fragile door broke instantly, and the impact echoed throughout the square . However, no villagers dared to come out to check .

Rhode casually walked into the wooden house as if it was his own . The thief looked around the house cautiously and only relaxed after he confirmed it was safe .

“I didn’t know our leader was so violent… but that felt great! I’ve never tried breaking in by smashing doors before!”

“Urgh . Just shut up!”

Randolf held his forehead and sighed helplessly . He stared into Joey’s eyes and followed behind Rhode .

Inside the room, large buckets littered on the ground . They were stacked neatly side by side and scent of vegetables and wine could be smelt from within . Sunlight entered from the dirty windows which brightened the whole warehouse, revealing the dust that was floating everywhere .

There was nothing .

Rhode slowly scoured the house but didn’t discover anything . However, the troubling sensation in his heart didn’t disappear . Instead, it grew stronger .

A burst of rapid footsteps sounded near the entrance interrupted Rhode’s train of thoughts . He lifted his head and saw the old village chief with a bitter expression .

“Sir Rhode, what are you doing? If you want to enter, you can just inform me…”

The village chief grumbled while wiping his sweat . However, Rhode didn’t intend to take his grumble to heart . He gave up the virtue of ‘respecting elders’ and straightforwardly pointed to the staircases which led underground .

“That’s the cellar?”

“Yes Sir, that’s where Christie lives…”

Hearing the village chief’s answer, Rhode nodded and walked down the stairs .

A chilly air blew from within .

Even under the dim light, Rhode could still easily see the entire cellar clearly . Dry stacked walls supported the entire cellar . And in a dark corner, Rhode discovered a dirty small wooden bed . The colors of the bedsheet were already washed out, and he also found torn clothes placed nearly by the side . But judging from the wrinkles on the clothing, it was evident that the clothes were unable to dry fully .

Other than that, there were no signs of human habitation in this cellar .

“S-Sir, you’d better come up soon . It’s damp and cold down there… It is harmful to your body…”

“Randolf . ”

Rhode ignored the village chief’s words . He hooked his finger and beckoned the ranger to come forward . Randolf quickly made his way towards Rhode with a curious expression .

“Inform the rest to gather at the square tonight . We are going start soon . Make sure to rest up . ” Rhode paused for a moment, and after a while, he said, “… and, bring Christie along . ”

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