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Chapter 1002
Chapter 1002: Fate of Twins (3)

It was time to part .

Rhode gazed at the familiar face in silence . In fact, he was rather hoping that this was a conspiracy . If it were possible, he wished to abandon everything and remain in this place with her forever . But his rationale told him that it was impossible as all good things must come to an end . Even though it didn’t feel as serious, he realized just how rich his feelings for her were when he faced her directly, so rich that he couldn’t simply say with words that could change everything . But the young lady also seemed aware of it . She quietly gazed at Rhode, her eyes filled with strong attachment . Then, she slowly lowered her gaze and spoke .

“Time is up, Big Brother . You should be leaving now . ”

“Can you go with me?”

Rhode hesitated, before asking the question . The young lady shook her head quietly in response .

“I’m only a spirit fragment, Big Brother . I have reached my limit, showing myself in this form…”

“Perhaps I can turn you into my summoning spirit? You know, like…”

“This is Earth, Big Brother . ”

The young lady chuckled .

“Have you forgotten that this isn’t the Dragon Soul Continent? Our strength as Creator Dragons will only be effective in the Dragon Soul Continent . Earth doesn’t have the rules that fit Spirit Swordsmen . If not, why would we turn back into ordinary humans?”

This time Rhode didn’t say a word . In fact, he tried activating his power earlier but there were no effects at all . Nothing appeared and everything was abnormally peaceful as though he didn’t possess any power and appeared more like a sufferer of the ‘middle-school second-year syndrome’ who lived in his world of delusions . It seemed like the Creator Dragons were right . This world wasn’t suitable for their rules to unleash power . They also didn’t have enough power to change the rules of this world .

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“If it is possible, I hope to continue living . I don’t want to die . But… sometimes we have to accept reality . Big Brother…” The young lady stood to her feet . Then, Rhode also stood up, gazing at her delicate body, slim waist, and bright, dazzling eyes . He knew clearly that she was here . But he was about to lose her again .

“Huhuhu . Alright, Big Brother, don’t put up that expression, you’re making me feel terrible . Besides, you still need to take care of our daughter, so you don’t have a choice to not head back, okay?”


Rhode was taken aback, widening his eyes blankly at the young lady before him . He was completely speechless . The young revealed a witty smile at him, before touching her chin with her fingers and said, “Did you forget what we’ve done, Big Brother?”

“No . But back then… Besides, you… Why am I not aware… The doctor didn’t mention anything…”

Rhode stuttered in disbelief . Indeed, their relationship had developed at lightning speed after their ‘cold war’ ended . Shortly after, they exceeded the boundaries of moral ethics . Due to the strange and mysterious telepathy between them, not only could they sense the blissfulness and comfort in their bodies, but they could also enjoy the sensation from each other . They were addicted to double happiness . Perhaps knowing that she couldn’t live for long, the happiness from abandoning herself to despair gave them the taste of ‘living day by day’ . It was the behavior of being unable to accept cruel reality and continuously indulging themselves in the paradise of illusory fascination . But even so, what they got was far more than what they lost .

“Have you forgotten, Big Brother? I’m the Void Dragon . ”

The young lady held her stomach and revealed a blissful, gentle smile .

“That was my first love . Well, if I die without leaving anything behind, I won’t be able to forgive myself . This body does lack the ability, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have a way to make myself pregnant . ”

Rhode was shocked by this sudden news . He rubbed his forehead and calmed down after a long time . Then, he spoke .

“Who is the daughter that you said? Where is she? How do I look for her?”

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The young lady blinked curiously .

“Haven’t you met her already? I sensed her presence from you, Big Brother . How strange… Didn’t Christie tell you anything…?”

“What you’re saying is…”

Rhode was baffled . Of course, he knew that this ‘Christie’ wasn’t the one who had always been by his side . Instead, she was referring to the powerful figure in the Astral Temple . It seemed like there was only one explanation…

“But aren’t you unable to… How did you…”

“Indeed, I was really weak back then, so weak that I couldn’t return to the continent . But I’m the Void Dragon, after all . In terms of space travel, I have more experience than anyone else . Although I lacked the strength to transmigrate, it wouldn’t be a problem if I have a life form in me made by the strength of my Big Brother . Besides, Christie is my direct subject . In terms of space, she is as adept at it as me . But I didn’t expect that… Huhuhu, you’re still kept in the dark by her . ”

I swear I will catch that little rascal from the Astral Temple and give her a good spanking after I return!

At this moment, Rhode only had one thought . He finally realized that he was cheated by the other ‘Christie’ . The other ‘Christie’ had never explained Christie’s identity clearly . She only mentioned that she was her other self, which was why Rhode treated Christie as a human with the bloodline of the Deity Warden . But now, it seemed like… Damn it . If his younger sister was truly the Void Dragon, Christie would be her creation . And according to his younger sister, the other ‘Christie’ was ‘born’ from his and her combined power . This meant that the two Christies were sisters . In this case, there wasn’t an issue with Christie calling the other ‘Christie’ as her other self… But…

Forget it, I will teach her a lesson after I head back!

Rhode threw this thought to the back of his head decisively . Then, he asked anxiously .

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“By the way, our daughter has poor health, just like you . Even though it is nothing serious, she doesn’t look optimistic . Do you have any solutions?”

“Just like me?”

The young lady stifled her smile slightly . She lowered her eyes and pondered .

“There are ways… Although I don’t understand the specific situation, I suspect it might be due to the tolerance issue of a fragile human sustaining the formidable power of the Void Dragon . I suppose you’re already aware that dragon soul heirs don’t exactly pass on to the next generation by means of heirs . Instead, only talented ones are able to inherit the dragon soul powers . It seems like… our child is facing the same problem . It’s a pity . If I gave her my body back then… No, if I did that, the pitiful child may not be able to survive the spatial turbulence and will be directly ripped apart…”

“Is there any solution?”

“Of course, Big Brother . ”

The young lady smiled at Rhode’s anxious query .

“The biggest problem for our child now perhaps is that her human body is unable to tolerate the overbearing dragon soul powers . All you needed to do is to just transform her body to become the Void Dragon Race like you and I . You know it… Soul changes body, isn’t it?”

“But I don’t have such powers…”

“Yes, you don’t have such powers now . But I will pass you mine . Thereafter, you can become the perfect Void Dragon . This is my mission and my original assignment . And now, it is time for me to accomplish my mission, so please don’t refuse, okay, Big Brother? This is my wish and also for the sake of our daughter…”

The young lady extended her arms and embraced his body . Rhode was taken aback . But he instinctively wrapped his arms around the warm, fragile body . He was aware that perhaps this was the last hug . But even so, he wasn’t willing to let it end .

“If this is a beautiful dream, I hope it will never end . ”

“But one will always awake from dreams, Big Brother . ”

Hearing the familiar voice beside his ear, Rhode felt his younger sister hugging him tightly . He shut his eyes and enclasped the petite figure in his arms .

“Big Brother… please don’t forget . I will be with you forever… I love you . ”

As the gentle voice that resembled sleep-talk sounded in his ear, his vision was filled with an incomparable radiance . Then, he felt the sweet, familiar pair of lips pressing against his again, while a warm, powerful energy flowed into his body . He hugged the warm body tightly as though they were fusing into one, losing the boundary between them and returning to a presence of an eternity once again . The aromatic scent, soft skin, and beautiful, tender body belonged to him now . From this moment onward, they had become one forever .

“I love you too…”

Responding to him was a string of crisp, bell-like chuckles . When he opened his eyes again, there was nothing in his arms .

The spots of bright light drifting before his eyes were the only proof of what had happened .

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