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They weren’t just expensive, they were absurdly priced, but in order to not cause her any mental burden, Ye Mo only patted her hands and said, "Nah. I have a lot of these, but just don't do it again."

"Oh." Tang Beiwei glanced at Ye Mo. She knew he wasn't telling the truth

Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei chatted for a long time before Su Jingwen walked in. She couldn’t believe the effects of the pill. She had had the beauty pill before, but compared to the face-preserving pill, it was nothing.

The pill made her skin smooth like jade, and all of minor imperfections on her face were gone. That pill couldn't be cheap; it explained why Beiwei’s skin was so admiring, she took that pill too.

"Sister Jingwen, you were already very pretty, but now you’re like a goddess," Tang Beiwei said exaggeratedly and walked up to her.

Su Jingwen glanced at Ye Mo, but she didn't thank him. She knew that the pill must be absurdly expensive. It wasn’t for sale in the market yet, which meant that it couldn’t be mass produced.

"Ye Mo, are you busy these days? My mother wants to see you once, but she hasn't gotten the chance yet." Su Jingwen looked expectantly at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo hesitated and said, "I will be staying here for two days, I can go to your house once. Also, I am busy for the next two weeks, but afterwards I have a free month."

"Okay, then the beginning of next month I’ll wait for you at my house," Su Jingwen quickly said.

"I’m free tomorrow and the day after, why next month?" Ye Mo asked curiously.

Tang Beiwei pulled Ye Mo’s hand and said, "If she says that, it must mean that her mum isn’t at home. Brother, you’re a wealthy landlord now, we should go to the biggest restaurant in town tonight. Pity that Sister Yunbing went to Beijing, otherwise she could join us too."

Ye Mo didn’t mind, he said, "Okay, let’s go."


Ye Mo spent the next two days with Tang Beiwei, and he didn’t bring up going to Flowing Snake again. If she wanted to live there, Ye Mo would let her be. In these two days, Ye Mo not only taught her fireball magic, but also wind control.

During this time, Ye Mo, Tang Beiwei and Su Jingwen played around the entire region of Ning Hai. These were the happiest two days of Tang Beiwei’s life. Ye Mo rarely had so much time to come and play with her.

After two days, even though Su Jingwen and Tang Beiwei had unwilling eyes, Ye Mo left Ning Hai.

"Beiwei, you’re really lucky. Your brother is a very capable person. He’s truthful and hasn't indulged himself in hubris, he’s a real man," Su Jingwen was looking at Ye Mo’s back disappear in the distance and said what she thought from the heart. Only after that, did she realized her words were a little awkward. She blushed and wanted to find a way to explain it.

But Tang Beiwei was also looking into the distance, and subconsciously answered, "The fact that he is my brother makes me the happiest, but also the unhappiest."

Su Jingwen looked at Tang Beiwei and immediately understood. Tang Beiwei had never seen Ye Mo after she had matured. Furthermore, Ye Mo cared a lot for her, so no wonder she was very dependent of him.

Thinking about this, Su Jingwen sighed. Even if Ye Mo wasn't Beiwei’s brother, she had no chance.

Su Jingwen and Tang Beiwei stood in the middle of the road without moving, and looking into the distance.


Xi Yue Hotel was the only 5 star hotel in Gui Cheng City, because the building hadn't been haunted in the past half a year. This was very rare in the ghost city. Other hotels would have it once or twice a year. In serious cases, people would died; in lighter cases, people would have to stay in the hospital for half a month.

Many hotel owners had started to leave the ghost city, but Xi Yue Hotel’s business was growing. Other people didn’t know why, but its boss, Wang Xiyue, knew all too well. It was due to the defense artifact Ye Mo had given him.

Wang Xiyue knew there were a lot of hidden masters in this world. Although the government had only vaguely hinted what was happening, he knew this tournament wasn’t like the usual.

Many people of the upper class were coming. More importantly, even these people didn’t get a chance to stay at the Xi Yue Hotel. He could immediately tell this tournament was extraordinary. What is more, these upper class people would come there respectfully every day to visit the people staying in it. Sometimes, they would wait for a whole day, but they didn’t get impetuous at all.

Hence, he ordered all the waiters in the hotel not to offend anyone, even if it was someone who seemed insignificant. Otherwise, they had to be responsible for the consequences.

But now Wang Xiyue was in trouble. He didn’t want to offend anyone, but the people in the hotel were fighting and he couldn’t do anything about it. Someone wanted to stay there, but because there were no more rooms, the person didn’t leave and offended a guest. Now, they were fighting.

Han Yan was annoyed. She had come to the hotel like Ye Mo had told her, and asked the waiter for Ye Mo’s room, but she couldn’t find someone called "Ye Mo" in the system. This made Han Yan feel very embarrassed. Many people were looking at her with weird glances.

"Are you from the Guang Han Sect?" just when Han Yan didn’t know what to do, a man in his twenties approached her and asked nonchalantly.

Han Yan relaxed. It was easy to see it, as she wore the clothes of her sect.

"Yes," Han Yan replied respectfully.

The man said seriously, "Little girl, do you think a nobody from the Guang Han Sect can get a room at Xi Yue Hotel? Are you dreaming? Sigh- it doesn’t even matter if your sect came or not, why suffer for your face?"

Seeing this man’s serious expression, everyone laughed.

Han Yan’s blushed, but she didn’t dare talk back. That person was from the Xia Family. Although she didn't go out a lot, she could recognized him from his clothes. Although the Xia Family wasn’t one of the 6 great sects, they were just below them.

Guang Han Sect was indeed a nobody to them. Han Yan knew that if she made them angry, her sect and even the Han Family might get involved.

"Brother Xia is right. You can come live in my room, my room is very big. Hehe. Although you’re average looking, I don’t mind," Someone in the audience smirked.

There was another round of laughter. People in the hidden sects were always cultivating and rarely came out. They had no empathy, they had been taught that power was everything. No one would care about a weakling like Guang Han Sect.

"F*ck your bullsh*t. Why don’t you go back and sleep with your mum?" Han Yan finally burst out. She had always been treated with respect, since when did she accept to be humiliated like this?

"B*tch, you must not want to live." The man’s face went cold, and dashed in front of Han Yan to slap her.

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