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Hearing the woman’s words, the bargirl immediately nodded and left. She knew this woman, of course. Everyone at the bar called her Sister Ying, she was the one who had brought the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Wine idea to their bar. She had brought the main ingredients for the wine, but not many people knew about it, so there weren’t many sales. For the sales to get better, she stayed at the bar to sell the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Wine.

Her way of promoting the wine was different to others, perhaps even strange. She would only promote it to strangers, she never promoted it to people she knew. And, she only promoted it once, and paid for it herself. The more foreign the customer was, the more she liked to promote it. But she would never promote it again to the same person, no matter what.

And, she didn’t pay for every customer, she only paid for a rare few. For most of them, she would just say, "Would you like a cup of Blue Flower Blue Leaf Wine? It’s not bad."

Her strategy was too simple, the boss of the bar had told her many times that this way of promoting wasn’t good. Even if there were interested customers, they would be put off by her coldness. Despite so, she still promoted her wine to strangers everyday. To her, it seemed that the first cup was what was truly important. She never cared about whether the customer would come back for it or not.

With this kind of advertising, the wine did get better sales, but it was only because the colour of the wine was good. If the wine hadn’t been advertised by her, perhaps the bar would’ve rejected it.

"Blue Flower Blue Leaf Wine?", Ye Mo said subconsciously. He never thought there would be such a coincidence, a wine with the same name as the plant he grew.

The woman smiled, "Yes, the wine is not bad. I’ve never seen you in this bar before, you’ve probably never tried it before."

Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, I’ve never had it, but the name sounds familiar. I’m a little surprised."

The woman smiled, "You probably heard about this wine from someone else. But after you drink it, you will like it. Although it’s still cocktail, it’s got a refreshing taste."

Sister Ying had actually said more than just a few words that day, surprisingly.

Ye Mo shook his head, "No, I know of a grass specie called the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass."

"What? you’ve heard of the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Gras", the woman stared at Ye Mo in shock. Her body was shaking.

Ye Mo stared at this woman strangely. From her tone, she probably knew what it was; he had brought that name from Luo Yue Continent, how could she know? Even if she did, it should be ‘Liu Blue Carrot’, how did it end up being ‘Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass’?

Did this woman also transmigrate from Luo Yue Continent? No way, if she did, it meant that she was a cultivator too, how could a cultivator be a bargirl?

"Sister Ying, it’s here." The girl brought two cups of the wine.

Ye Mo turned his head and looked at the cocktail on the table. It had a blue colour and it looked scary. He smelled it and his face changed immediately.

It had the flavor of the Blue Flower Blue Leaf. Before the woman said anything, Ye Mo drank it all.

A faint almost indistinguishable sliver of spirit chi went into Ye Mo’s throat with the wine. It was the Blue Flower Blue Leaf indeed. Although it wasn’t very old, it was it for sure.

How could someone be using that spirit herb to mix with wine in a normal bar? not even the hidden sects are that rich.

The woman still had excitement on her face, she seemed to really want to tell Ye Mo something but didn’t.

"Have you heard of it?", the woman asked in disbelief.

Ye Mo retained his composure and looked at the woman with interest. He studied the woman. She was around 1.7m, her skin wasn’t too white but looked healthy.

Her hair wasn’t long and she was well dressed. Although she dressed seductively, her eyes didn’t look seductive. If there was something really attractive about her, it would be her big breasts.

Ye Mo was sure she hadn’t cultivated ancient martial arts, nor had cultivation techniques. She was a normal person. The look on her skin was probably due to long time drinking the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Wine.

Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, I do know about Blue Flower Blue Leaf Wine and I know it’s a herb. I even know it’s other name here, it’s called-"

"May I ask for your surname?". there was still excitement in her eyes. She had intentionally stopped Ye Mo from saying the other name.

Ye Mo stopped speaking. He could tell it was intentional; although he didn’t understand her intentions, he still chose to not say it outloud.

"I’m Lu Yingying, I live not far from here, would you like to come over?", the woman asked.

Ye Mo was dazed. This was the first time he had met this woman, she didn’t even know his name, so why did she invite him to her house? Ye Mo could tell she wasn’t someone that loose, why did she sound like a slut?

Seeing Ye Mo’s confusion, Lu Yingying said in a low voice, "I just want to discuss about the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Wine with you."

The bar was busy and her invitation was heard by the people around her. Everyone who knew her was surprised. She had been doing business at the bar for a while but she only advertised the wine, she never sold her body. Yet, she had invited a white-faced handsome young man to her place.

The young man didn’t look very wealthy, but he looked clean. There were many tall, wealthy and handsome men there, how come she wasn’t into them?

Ye Mo smiled, he wanted to ask her what this was all about too. This kind of grass was a low-level spirit herb, but no one there could cultivate it. But this bar used it in wine, it was like mice eating wheat, wasting food. He wanted to know where it came from. Just when he was about to agree, his spirit sense marker was touched.

Ye Mo sneered, that was fast. It had only been an hour.

"Okay, but I need to go somewhere first, wait for me here. After I’m done, I’ll come back for you immediately." Then Ye Mo walked out of the bar without looking back.

Before Lu Yingying could react, Ye Mo had disappeared.

She ran to the door of the bar as fast as she could, but Ye Mo was nowhere to be seen. She pulled her hair in frustration, she had waited there for 3 years and finally had found someone who knew about the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass, but he had left without saying much.

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