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They too had gone to Ye Mo’s meeting today, all of them interested in the Chi Increasing Pill.

If it was just some average thingy then they would fear Ye Mo’s power and not dare take any risks, but the Chi Increasing Pill had sent them into a frenzy. Even an idiot like Lu Si who had no cultivation method could get a pill, how could elite people like them not get one?

One could imagine that if the four of them got the Chi Increasing Pill and all became yellow level, with there being a possibility of Fu Youjin reaching black level, they would then be able to dominate the world! But the problem was, Ye Mo’s name was too great and so was his power that they witnessed. They didn’t know whether they should make a move or not.

"Big Brother, Ye Mo is only by himself, and you’re yellow level. If we ambush him, there’s a high chance that we will succeed," Fu Youyin said. He really wanted to reach yellow level and go explore that ancient tomb again.

The third brother shook his head, "Second Brother, Big Brother is right to hesitate. We saw for ourselves today; although he’s a little weaker than us, that Li Baoya was not bad, yet Ye Mo killed him so easily. And that fire ball is very strange too."

Fu Youjin nodded, "Third Brother is right, if Ye Mo was really that easy to attack, that old fox Jiao Bianyi wouldn’t be so easy to talk to. His subordinate Peng Yang is no worse than me - why doesn't he attack then? Peng Yang fought with Ye Mo last time, and he was no match for him at all. Furthermore, do you think Earth Fiend is that easy to annihilate? I don’t need to explain to you the terror of Earth Fiend, yet they were actually annihilated by Ye Mo! He’s too horrific. If the pill was in anyone else’s hands, I would charge up without a doubt. But this Ye Mo, he’s too strong," Fu Youjin shook his head.

The fat brother stood up now. He was the fourth brother and the most cunning one out of the four. The reason they could have their current status today was heavily related to his work.

Fu Youhai shook his head, "Let’s not talk about who is right or wrong. The use of the Chi Increasing Pill is too great for us. If we have it, then even if we go against the legendary hidden sects, we still might not have to be afraid. And this thing isn't something we can buy with money."

Fu Youjin looked strangely at Fu Youhai and asked, "You’re saying we should attack?"

Fu Youhai nodded, "I support attacking. The only reason why we are where we are now is because we obtained that ancient martial arts cultivation method. What would we become if we got the Chi Increasing Pill on top of it?"

"But Fourth Brother, don’t you know Ye Mo’s power! Not only did he annihilate Earth Fiend, Nan Qing and Metal River were defeated by his hands all the same." Fu Yousan frowned.

Fu Youhai sneered, "Of course we will attack, but the key is how we are going to attack. If he’s really that powerful, Nan Qing would be long dead and not remain the local overlord of Sai Na. Also, Earth Fiend was indeed strong, but that was in terms of assassination. They were assassins. Even a normal assassin would be able to assassinate a yellow level. Ye Mo is strong, I never said he wasn’t. His fireball has the capability to kill, sure, but why does he use it? To make us fear. If he really were strong to the point of killing us just by raising his hand, would he need us to fear him? Plus,"

Fu Youhai scanned his brothers and said, "I suspect that that fireball of his is related to some high tech tricks. Big Brother, let me ask you, if you had such a fire weapon, could you slap and burn Liu Baoya to death?"

"This... of course I could," Fu Youhai answered subconsciously.

Fu Youhai nodded, "That’s right. I think that Ye Mo should be about black level. We know how hard that is to reach. The book said that if you are talented, you can reach black level in 50 years. How old is Ye Mo? So, we’ll definitely treat him as a genius, but he’s at most black level nonetheless."

"But Fourth Brother, I heard that that Daoist Xian of Metal River also died by his hands. Daoist Xian was black level," Fu Yousan commented.

Fu Youhai said confidently, "Let’s not talk about whether Daoist Xiao was black level or not. Even if he was, can’t Ye Mo have ambushed him? That's why, if we want to kill Ye Mo, we can’t fight him head on. We’re no match for him. We need special means - to kill in one strike! This Chi Increasing Pill is worth the risk."

Fu Youyin said, "I agree with fourth brother, his analysis is very sound."

Fu Youjin was obviously convinced and asked, "Fourth Brother, what’s the plan?"

Fu Youhai smiled, "I think we should give him a taste of his own medicine."

"Explain," Fu Youyin said.

Fu Youhai had a cruel look on his face, "We’ll get someone to make a huge bomb, maybe even an incendiary one. I heard that there’s an organization in South East Asia that is able to make laser bombs. It’s tens or even hundreds of times more powerful than normal bombs! But - it’s pricey. Still, I believe that compared to the Chi Increasing Pills, money means nothing."

Seeing that the others didn’t speak up, Fu Youhai continued, "Of course, we need to choose a good ambush location so that we manage to kill him in one go."

"Okay, let’s negotiate how we’re going to act out the plan. It's a pity we don’t have any special bombs ready. If we did, tonight would’ve been the best timing. Ye Mo sent us away, but he kept that sexy Black Widow. Perhaps they’re doing it. I really didn’t expect her to be a yellow level warrior. What a shame, if only I could have a go on her!" Fu Youyin commented in disappointment.

Fu Youjin shook his head, "Second Brother, we’re talking about a serious matter here; this concerns our lives. Ye Mo would never keep Black Widow for sex. Actually, perhaps he has already left Hong Kong."

"Big Brother is right. If Ye Mo was someone like that, we wouldn’t need to be so careful. But if Second Brother wants Black Widow, it's really a simple matter. Even if she reached black level, we could still capture her. However, we shouldn’t try her before we have Ye Mo. I think the reason Ye Mo kept her was due to her intelligence gathering abilities," Fu Youhai warned.

Fu Youyin laughed awkwardly, "It was just a joke."


Xu Yuehua was also being hesitant. She was considering whether she should follow Ye Mo or not.

Ye Mo had stated very clearly that he wanted her to work for him. Xu Yuehua believed that even if she disagreed, Ye Mo wouldn't go back on his words and trouble her. But she had her own hardships too. No one knew that she actually originated from an annihilated hidden family. Only she had escaped the massacre of her family.

Her father had given her an ancient martial arts cultivation method, and it took her almost twenty years to stumble to the yellow level middle stage. She knew that with that kind of progress, she would never be able to get revenge in her entire life. She thought that since Ye Mo had formed such a big company, had connected with Hong Kong’s high profile people and had even annihilated Earth Fiend, this meant that he had great ambition.

If she were to get involved in it, she would be affected for sure. She was used to her current life; although she had no hope at getting revenge, she felt that her current life was peaceful. Even though she was in the mafia society, she never really went to fight and kill. She was doing proper business, which didn’t mean that she didn’t come into contact with the mobs.

The reason why she was called Black Widow was because a medium-sized gang had wanted to take her in and seize all of her business. During the ensuing conflict, she annihilated the entire gang. Just like that, her name got big. That’s why no one in the underground world dared do anything to her. She considered life to be better than before.

But she understood that if she didn’t follow Ye Mo, her life would be just that. There would be no progress. She gave it a lot of thought and in the end decided to have a look and see whether Ye Mo was the ambitious person she thought he was.

As soon as she came back to her hotel though, it turned out that there was already someone waiting there for her.

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