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Ning Zhongfei seemed to have realized that he had been a bit too emotional there and slunked down.

Ye Mo felt that Ning Zhongfei might have had too much hardship recently and could only say, "Brother Ning, when the car arrives before the mountain, there will be a road up. Why worry so much? Put in your application tomorrow for the conference. Although the Yuan Bei Corporation will be doing so as well, there’s no rule that says they have to be chosen."

Ning Zhongfei smiled bitterly, "it would already be great luck for us to get a spot as a branch company," then he shook his head. Although Ye Mo said he could help him talk to the Lian Feng Corporation, this spot would be very precious. How could someone he just met give him such a precious spot.

Not to mention, Lian Feng Corporation only had hopes of being chosen. Even though they weren’t small, they were only ranked in the top 10 in Asia. This was far from Yuan Bei.

Ye Mo listened and knew that Ning Zhongfei didn’t have high expectations, so he persuaded, "Brother Ning, everyone can apply in the conference. If you just care about a branch spot, then you might lose your opportunity. I suggest you still go try. How do you know you will fail if you don’t give it a go? If you try, there’s nothing to regret right?"

Ning Zhongfei's eyes brightened up while listening. -Yeah, who said it had to be Yuan Bei that was chosen.- After all, Luo Yue didn’t have any criteria for accepting. Who said their Fei Yu Corporation couldn’t be chosen? Plus, even if they couldn’t, he had to try at least. If he did and it still didn’t work out, he would accept fate.

Considering this, Ning Zhongfei patted the table and stood up, "Yeah, how do I know I can’t get it if I don’t try? Okay, I’ll do my best. Thank you brother."

Then, Ning Zhongfei turned and left. He was going to organize their profile again during the night. He had experienced all sorts of hardships, how could he lose the will to fight now?

Ye Mo smiled. -Okay, so he was being brothers with Ning Qingxue’s dad. What was this?- But he still called out, "Wait, brother Ning, give me your bank details. I’ll transfer the money later."

Ning Zhongfei's ecstatic voice sounded, "A few thousand is nothing, you can pay for the coffee today. I’ll go back to prepare my profile. Regardless whether I succeed or fail, after the conference, I will come looking for you. If it doesn’t work out, I might need your help with business in the future."

After declaring this, he walked out of the café and chose to believe Ye Mo’s words without hesitation.

Ye Mo sat down helplessly. He hadn't been sure whether Ning Zhongfei had seen him before, but now it was obvious he didn’t know him. Ye Mo shook his head and picked up his phone to call Zang Jiayan.

"CEO Ye? Yes, It's Zang Jiayan." Ye Mo had just left and he was calling back. Zang Jiayan felt strange, but he presumed something had to be up with Ye Mo. He rarely called if there wasn't.

"Brother Zang, there’s a Yuan Bei Corporation that will be coming to the conference. I investigated them, and they really aren't up to standard. Leave them out of this. Also, we'd planned to choose two from Asia, but now, change that to one and give it to the Fei Yu Corporation of Yu state. Their CEO, Ning Zhongfei, is a good and very capable person. As for their branch companies, leave that up to them." Ye Mo thought that it was the same no matter who collected herbs for him. Since his father-in-law was interested, he might as well give it to him.

That Yuan Bei Corporation Yuan Qibing dared scheme for Qingxue. This made him very angry. If it wasn’t because he wanted to go to America and look around, he'd like to go teach him a lesson right now.

"I understand. Aside from that, Manager Yu has transferred 10 million into your card," Zang Jiayan mentioned.

Seeing Zang Jiayan had hung up, Yu Miaodan looked at him strangely and asked, "CEO Zang, didn’t big boss just leave? Why did he call?"

"CEO Ye told us to ignore that Yuan Bei Corporation and give the spot to Fei Yu Corporation and only them. He said he'd investigated that Yuan Bei Corporation and didn’t like them," Zang Jiayan replied.

Yu Miaodan wondered out loud, "CEO Ye usually doesn’t even care about such little things. He was just here and he didn’t care. Why would he suddenly think of this? Also, he couldn’t have gone to investigate Yuan Bei Corporation. Although they are the biggest corporation in Asia, I don’t think he even considers them to be significant. Yang Jiu, what are you laughing at? Tell me,"

Yu Miaodan suddenly saw Yang Jiu snickering on the side and immediately asked.

Yang Jiu and Han Zai have been living a very comfortable life now. They had nothing to worry about and their salary was absurdly high. They’ve already bought houses in Flowing Snake. Now, if they were sent to live the killer life again, they might as well die.

So, not only were they respectful to Ye Mo, but to Zang Jiayan and Yu Miaodan as well. However, he just couldn’t help but laugh after hearing Yu Miaodan’s words.

Other people didn’t know why Ye Mo took care of Fei Yu Corporation, but he knew all too well. He had investigated it countless times and Ning Qingxue had been one of his targets before.

"Manager Yu, um, I just laughed for no reason, um…" Yang Jiu didn’t dare expose what Ye Mo thought and was annoyed at himself for not being able to control himself.

Yu Miaodan said casually, "Oh, it’s fine, you don’t have to say it. Then, Yang Jiu, you can take the plane back to Flowing Snake this afternoon. We're fine with just Han Zai here. You won’t get your holiday next season since you need to work extra shifts."

"Uh, no, please Manager Yu, I’ll say it, so please." Yang Jiu cursed in his head. He finally got to come out once and so glamorously even, yet now he was going to be sent back like this this early. He wouldn’t do it. In order to come out this time, he fought with Fang Nan over it for a long time before getting the spot. How could he be willing to go back?

Plus, the holiday of each season was their most happy moment. How could he let this holiday be taken away. If it was taken away, even Han Zai would be able to show off in front of him, much less Fang Nan.

Yu Miaodan said plainly, "Oh, what do you have to say? If you don’t say it, I’m going shopping."

Yang Jiu didn’t dare hesitate and quickly answered, "the CEO of Fei Yu Corporation is big boss’s wife. They’ve already gotten a marriage certificate, but because of some things, there have been some problems between them, so, so…"

Yang Jiu’s heart skipped a beat. He didn’t know if Ye Mo would punish him for saying this.

"Oh so that’s it…" Zang Jiayan and Yu Miaodan looked at each other and came to a sudden realization.

If Ning Qingxue was Ye Mo’s wife, then she would be the future CEO of the corporation. They had to take this seriously.

"Yang Jiu, tell me why CEO Ye dislikes Yuan Bei Corporation?" Yu Miaodan immediately grasped the focal point of the issue.

Yang Jiu wiped the sweat from his head and said, "This I really don’t know."

Yang Jiu didn’t lie. Ever since he quit and started following Ye Mo, he didn’t investigate such things anymore.

"Oh. In fact, you might know but if you really don’t, then I might have to tell what you just said to CEO Ye," Yu Miaodan grabbed some tea and said.

Yang Jiu looked at this woman and said bitterly, "Okay, give me some time. I can find this out."

Seeing Yang Jiu leave like that, everyone in the room laughed.

However, only one person didn’t laugh and that was Luo Fei. Not only did she not laugh, but her heart had sunk. She didn’t expect Ye Mo to be married, and he seemed to be taking care of his wife a lot. For some reason though, there was some conflict between the two for now.

If Ye Mo was married, what would Luo Xuan do?Had she guessed wrongly, or did Ye Mo not like Luo Xuan at all? But if her guess had been wrong, how could Luo Xuan tell Ye Mo about the inner hidden sects? Ye Mo could remove the qi restriction meaning that Luo Xuan’s restriction must’ve also been removed. If Luo Xuan was out by herself, wouldn’t she be off worse than her?

Although she didn’t know why Luo Fei was unhappy, Yu Miaodan had a superb perception.

Other people didn’t know what was the most important aspect of Luo Yue. They would think it’s prediction and sales, but Yu Miaodan knew that the most important part was to collect herbs and find new ones to provide for Ye Mo.

And now all of that would be managed by Luo Fei. Since Ye Mo invited Luo Fei to take care of the most important part of the company, it meant that Luo Fei was a very important person. Yu Miaodan didn’t dare overlook such a person.

Thinking about this, Yu Miaodan walked in front of Luo Fei and grabbed her hand saying, "Luo Fei, let’s go out and have a walk. Beijing is one of the most prosperous cities in China. I haven’t seen it yet, so since we're here, we need to go have a look."

Luo Fei looked at Yu Miaodan in disbelief. Strictly speaking, Yu Miaodan was above her, but meeting her for the first time, this higher up seemed to be intentionally getting close to her.

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