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Earth level martial artists were much stronger and faster than black level. Ye Mo could easily kill black level but he was having trouble with the surrounded attacks of earth levels.

Other than the old man he killed, there were two earth levels out of the five attacking him and they were both intermediate stage. Although Ye Mo had summoned back his flying sword, he was still a step slower. The flying sword stopped the 3 but couldn’t stop the other 2.

Ye Mo used a wind blade on the black level while punching the back of the sword of an earth level. This was just a moment. The earth level struck back by Ye Mo retreated a few steps and happened to see Ye Mo kill that black level with wind blade. Although he didn’t know what projectile Ye Mo used but it was obviously very strong.

Ye Mo breathed again and didn’t hesitate. He didn’t hold back at all, using multiple wind blades while hurling his flying sword quickly at the earth level he struck back. The moment that earth level was struck back, he felt Ye Mo’s inner qi wasn’t much stronger than his but his flying sword and that invisible projectile was very strong.

Seeing the flying sword come over again, he felt a sliver of fear at the bottom of his heart. He quickly called: "Stop, do you really want to kill everyone? We’re from the He Liu sect, one of the six big sects of the hidden sects. You offend us and there will be no where you can run. You won’t even have a place to bury you."

As he spoke, he dodged the flying sword again. Ye Mo’s guess was right. Once they knew the properties of the flying sword, it would take longer to kill earth levels.

Slash, Ye Mo used wind blade to kill two more, and the remaining one was also earth level.

Those two earth levels obviously knew Ye Mo’s flying sword’s properties and started to stick together to deal with Ye Mo. Ye Mo had used up a lot of spirit chi and his flying sword was getting slower and he couldn’t do anything to them.

At this moment, Ye Mo’s heart was burning with desperation. He had to kill these two very rapidly and run. Otherwise, more and more people would come and his chance of escape would grow less. If it wasn’t that the hidden sect was too threatening, perhaps the police outside would’ve come in already.

His spirit chi depleted rapidly and if he didn’t waste two hours underground, perhaps he would’ve lasted longer but now, although the two earth levels were having trouble with his flying sword, he couldn’t kill them. This made him desperate.

"Stop. Take back your flying sword. If you continue, my sect swears to annihilate your family."

The other earth level didn’t know Ye Mo was low on spirit chi. He only knew that if he continued like this, they would be killed.

Although his face was pale, Ye Mo still sneered and said: "I’m not afraid of threats. Die."

Then, Ye Mo spat out a mouth of essence blood. His flying sword accelerated and made a sharp turn, slicing through their necks. Blood spewed like a fountain and the two earth levels died. Ye Mo stumbled. He burned his essence blood to kill these two and was at the end of his strength.

Although the after effects of burning essence blood was great, if he didn’t do that, then perhaps he would be the one to die soon. Ye Mo stumbled forward. He knew if he didn’t leave now, he wouldn’t be able to. He scanned his spirit sense out 100 meters and another few cars came. They didn’t look like normal men.

Ye Mo quickly picked up the weapons on the ground and resisted the pain of his meridians and threw out a few fire balls burning the bodies. It would be worth it delaying the He Liu sect knowing their men died. But at the same time, a sense of danger surged from behind his heart. Ye Mo was unable to make the appropriate dodged because he already dried up his spirit chi.

The punch struck right into the back of his heart and Ye Mo spat out blood again. He looked back and it was that old man whom he killed first. He had a vicious smile on his mouth.

This old thing had a flying sword pierce his heart but still wasn’t dead completely. His life was really tough. Ye Mo didn’t think and threw back a few fireballs using up almost the rest of his spirit chi. He didn’t even dare to look to see if those bodies were burnt. He struggled and climbed over the wall.

Although Ye Mo’s invisibility were useless in front of ancient martial arts masters but it was enough for ordinary people locking down the estate.


"I smell blood." Police said strangely.

The person beside him immediately made a quiet sign: "This thing isn’t ordinary. We should just listen to orders from above. Don’t say what you’re not meant to say."

Ye Mo was shocked. Although he went invisible, he still couldn’t hide the bloody scent from his body.

But luckily, these two cops didn’t intend on doing anything. He was very tired but still quickly disappeared.

As soon as Ye Mo left, another 7 or 8 martial arts charged into the backyard.

"Martial brother, the He Liu sect people came first right, how come I don’t see them?" A nice looking girl walked around and said with a frowned face.

"Did they chase out already?" The middle aged man who was the martial brother didn’t talk but another youth continued.

That middle aged man closed his eyes and didn’t reply. After a moment, he opened his eyes and said: "It’s possible but outside has been locked down by the government. If people went over, there would be news but there was none. Do you guys smell this burning smell?"

"Mhm, there does seem to be such smell. Hmm, there’s some blood here." That youth was very meticulous and quickly found the blood drops on the ground.

The middle aged man squat down and looked: "Search this place and the well immediately."


Ye Mo really wanted to run out of Liang Pu but he knew that he was in a weaker state than a normal person.

In order to avoid the blood smell on him, Ye Mo went to a shopping mall and changed his clothes. Then, he hid in the back of a ute and didn’t dare to move.

This was because he saw more and more masters rushing into Liang Pu. There were even helicopters above his head.

A young man wearing earrings came in and carried a box of wine with him. He opened the back door and was prepared to put the wine in. Ye Mo used his invisibility skill and rushed in to hide.

As soon as Ye Mo went in, this youth was about to close the back compartment of the car. Ye Mo felt a fit of dizziness and was about to fall asleep.

The car started moving, Ye Mo knew he couldn’t fall asleep now. Although he was very fatigued, he knew that the car had been moving for a while and stopped at a highway toll station. There were people checking at the station but Ye Mo didn’t worry. Although his spirit chi was almost gone, he could still go pass the check point. He was scared that these people was also going to flip around the things inside the car. His invisibility could only last a few seconds.

But Ye Mo soon found that he was worrying too much. This young man obviously had his ways. He just yelled a few sentences and the workers there let him go. They didn’t even open the back of the car.

Ye Mo felt relieved. It seemed that no matter how strong the hidden sects were, they couldn’t control some things. It was obvious that the people working there felt it wasn’t a good thing to annoy the youth. They would rather pretend they didn’t hear the orders of their superiors than offend this youth who could bring trouble to them at any time. If they didn’t do what they were told, they would be fine as no one said anything. But if they annoyed this young master, perhaps they would lose their jobs tomorrow.

Ye Mo actually felt gratitude towards this youth. If it wasn’t for this guy, it would be really hard for him to escape Liang Pu. Perhaps it was completely in chaos already in Liang Pu.

The car was on the highway out of Liang Pu and Ye Mo was completely relaxed.

The blood coral mattered much more than the blue flower blue leaf grass to these ancient martial artists because blood coral could let them ascend great heaven state. But in Ye Mo’s heart, the blood coral was far less valuable than a mature blue flower blue leaf grass. He could use the blood coral now but his blue flower blue leaf grass was still immature so at the current stage, blood coral was still more valuable to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo started to sleep after relaxing. He had heavy internal injuries and his spirit chi was also depleted.

The next time he woke up, he found the car was parked outside a bar. It was dark already. He probably slept for 7 or 8 hours.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense around and didn’t find anyone suspicious. He packed away the box of wine. Although this kid saved his life, he really didn’t have much money now. this wine wasn’t bad, he would borrow it for a drink first.

Ye Mo pushed open the door from the back. He ran his spirit chi and there was no reaction. If he didn’t sleep, perhaps it would be hard for him to even get up now. That last punch from that old man was too heavy.

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