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Chapter 42.2

When they left CBU, they flagged two taxis . Carlo, Nie Chuan, and Reece were in the same car with Nie Chuan and Reece sitting in the back seat .

Reece’s legs were very long, Nie Chuan was careful to not bump into him . Even though he knew that nothing would really happen even if he did accidentally bump into Reece, he inexplicably felt that Reece was a male god who he, this mere mortal, could not touch .  

As soon as Nie Chuan lowered his head, there was a voice message from Ewing .

“When you get back to the hotel, have a nice shower, eat something and then take a nap! After a nap we can accompany Allen out to play!”


He could imagine how Ewing looked counting the things he wanted to do on his fingers and couldn’t help smiling .

At this time, the driver turned a corner and Reece’s leg was pressed up against his . Both of them were wearing basketball shorts so Nie Chuan was able to feel the temperature of his skin very clearly .  

He didn’t even dare breathe . When the taxi was traveling in a straight course again, Nie Chuan hurriedly sat up straight .


He shot a glance at Reece . The other only looked out the window with his chin propped up, not caring at all that his knee had been bumped against just now .

Sitting in the front seat, Carlo turned his head to ask Nie Chuan, “Allen, you kept staring at CBU’s cheerleaders . Which one did you take a fancy to?”

Nie Chuan laughed and didn’t say anything .


But Carlo was unwilling to give up and continued asking, “Tell me! Tell me! If I know your taste, the next time Lily recruits cheerleaders I can refer to them!”

“The third one from the left . ”

“Which one was that?” Carlo then recalled, “The one with brown hair in a ponytail and the blue wristbands?”

“Yeah, that’s her!” Nie Chuan nodded .  

“Ah? Was that girl pretty?” Carlo tried to remember . “If it was me, I would have liked the one in the middle . ”

“The one who was thrown and did a flip in midair?”

“Yep . Anyways, that girl you liked isn’t super pretty and there isn’t big enough……” Carlo gestured . “What do you like about her?”

“Ah? What do I like about her…… she looked good dancing!” Nie Chuan replied .  

“She was pretty good looking……” Carlo suddenly understood, “Ah! I understand! Allen, you like long legs! Her legs were particularly long! Wow, just imagine feeling from her knees down…… that feeling like you can’t feel the end is really the best! I couldn’t tell before but, Allen you’ve got pretty good taste! I’ll go tell Lily when we’re back!”

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“Hey! Don’t just randomly come to a conclusion!” Nie Chuan reached out to smack Carlo’s head .

“Hahaha, my legs are very long too! Allen, how about liking me instead!” Carlo wore an earnest expression .

“Sure, give me a □□ pose then!” Nie Chuan speechlessly gave Carlo a push . [tn: the little squares were censored but I think it’s suppose to be “sexy”] 

However, at the time, what emerged in Nie Chuan’s mind was actually Reece’s legs when he had adjusted his posture in midair while making the skyhook .

It was like he was going to fly .

When they returned to the hotel room, Reece sat at the table to make a phone call while Nie Chuan took some clothes with him to take a shower first .

However, it didn’t take long for Nie Chuan to discover a very embarrassing 囧 problem . He left the clothes he prepared on the bed .  

He wrapped the towel around his waist and opened the door a sliver to see if Reece was still on the phone . He was fine before he looked, but when he did…… he almost had a nosebleed!

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Really…… big……

“If you want to watch then come out directly and watch . ” Reece raised his eyebrow as he watched Nie Chuan’s ears redden .

“No…… it’s not…… you…… could you get me my clothes? I left them on the bed . ”

Reece walked back to the closet and calmly arranged the clothes, “Get it yourself . ” 


Don’t be like this ba……

But Nie Chuan thought, the two of them were both male, what’s there to be ashamed of?

Thus, he came out in a towel . In any case, the first step was to put his pants on under the towel . Once the pants are on then there will be nothing to be ashamed of! 

However, just when Nie Chuan was pulling up his pants, the bath towel fell down as if it didn’t have the slightest moral integrity .


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At that moment, Nie Chuan didn’t know whether he should grab the pants or the towel!

He stiffly turned his head and found Reece watching him with his arms crossed while leaning against the wardrobe .  

He didn’t know if it was an illusion but Nie Chuan felt Reece’s line of sight seemed to slip from his shoulders to his back then his waist, like a gentle caress before finally trailing to his ankles……

Nie Chuan quickly pulled his pants up .

“Really stupid . ”

Reece took a change of clothes and went into the bathroom .  

“If you think I’m stupid then don’t kiss me or you might get infected!” Nie Chuan blurted out .

Immediately afterwards, he felt that he was definitely out of his mind! How could he dare speak to Reece like that!

Was he seeking death or was he seeking death?

“Oh, if you don’t want to get kissed by me then would you rather get beaten by me?” Reece asked coldly .  

Nie Chuan closed his mouth and didn’t speak anymore .

After blow drying his hair, Nie Chuan waited for Ewing’s call . They had agreed to go to the Guangdong restaurant across from the hotel for some prawn dumplings and cha siu bao .

But when Ewing’s call came, Nie Chuan found that Reece was still in the bathroom and the sound of water had never stopped .

Nie Chuan knocked on the bathroom door, raised his voice to say, “Reece—— are you done? Let’s go out to eat!” 

After such an intense practice match, Nie Chuan was very hungry .

Reece didn’t reply .

Inwardly, Nie Chuan wondered, this guy wouldn’t have fainted inside ba?

“Reece! Reece are you ok?” 

After a while, Reece’s voice came through the pitter patter sound of water, “You go first . ”

“Ah, alright!” Nie Chuan put on his jacket and left first .

In the hallway, Nie Chuan, Ewing and Carlo faced one another .

“Hey Allen, is Reece not coming?” 

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“He’s still in the bathroom . ” Nie Chuan looked at his sports watch, “He’s been showering for almost 40 minutes . Is he washing clothes in there?”

It doesn’t seem like Western people have the habit of doing laundry while showering ba? Not to mention the hotel has a dry cleaning service .

“Allen, you really don’t know what Reece is doing in the bathroom?” Carlo smiled ambiguously .

Nie Chuan naturally understood what Carlo meant . “But that’s impossible?” 

“It must have been that pretty girl I saw on the cheerleading team today . He’s definitely taking a cold shower while fantasizing right now!” Carlo said very assuredly . (Drea: Well you’re not entirely off the mark…)

Ewing smacked Carlo severely on the head . “Can you not talk to Allen about these random things? Do you think Reece is like you, can’t control himself the moment he sees a pretty girl?”

Nie Chuan tilted his head . He completely couldn’t imagine what Reece would be like when he was passionate?

Because Nie Chuan always felt he seemed as if he didn’t have even the most basic human desires .  

Carlo slung an arm around Nie Chuan’s shoulder and said very seriously, “I was only joking with you just now . You must not tell Reece what I said! He’d kill me!”

“If you know you’ll get killed then good!” Ewing shook his head helplessly . “In any case, with Reece’s character, ordinary people can’t move his heart . ”

“Then what type do you guys think he likes?” Nie Chuan asked curiously .

Ewing thought about it for a moment then said with uncertainty, “Probably the elegant and noble queen type like Cate Blanchett?” 

“Eh…… maybe……” Nie Chuan nodded .

Carlo was speechless . Who was it just now that told him not to imagine random things?

When there was nobody in the room, Reece, who had been keeping his eyes closed under the water, finally exhaled .

He wrapped the towel around his waist and walked out of the bathroom . He sat on the bedside and tilted his head back as if he was trying to calm down from something . When he got up, he saw the underwear that Nie Chuan had just finished washing on a hanger on the wall as soon as he looked up .  

Black cotton……

Reece strode forward to take it down then hung it in the closet and slammed the door shut .

At this time, Nie Chuan and Ewing were already ordering very seriously .

“Prawn dumplings, cha siu bao, and chang fen are a must . Oh what is this!” Ewing pointed at the menu and asked .  

“Water chestnut cake . It’s soft and sweet with crispy chestnuts on the inside . ” Nie Chuan thought for a long time before he could describe it to this extent to Ewing .

“And what about this one?”

“Radish cake . I quite like them . ”

“And this one?” 

“Steamed dumplings . The stuffing is made of pork and shrimp and there might even be some sticky rice!”

“Forget it, let’s not think so more, let’s just get seconds of everything!” Ewing declared .

“By the way, isn’t Reece’s home in New York? His father’s firm also seems to be here?” Peter asked .

“Ah, Lawyer Reddington . In New York he’s known as the ‘great white shark’!” Zack was a law student and was therefore quite familiar with Reece’s father .  

“Then since he’s back in New York, maybe he won’t be coming to eat with us if he’s going to see his father?” Ewing asked .

As soon as he finished, they spotted Reece walking across the road toward them with his hands in his pockets . When he turned his head to watch the moving vehicles, the standard 45 degree angle of his face was truly very handsome .

“Ai, handsome to the point of having no friends,” Nie Chuan said in Chinese .

“Ha? What did you say?” Carlo asked .  

“I said, eat your cha siu bao,” Nie Chuan answered in English .

Reece came to their table and sat down . Because it was a window seat, they would frequently see passing girls stop to look at them . Nie Chuan also received a lot of attention .

Reece seldom spoke while eating but he has a strong presence . Peter and Zach also talked less than before .

Ewing yawned after eating his fill, “I’m going to take a nap! What about you, Allen?” 

“Me? Well we’re going back tomorrow so I don’t want to take a nap, I want to go out . ”

“Go out where?” Ewing asked .

“We seem to be very close to Wall Street . I’ll go walk around there first if that’s okay?”

“But I really want to sleep . ” Ewing was still hesitating between whether to take a nap or go to Wall Street with Nie Chuan .  

“You guys go rest, I’ll take him to Wall Street . ” Reece’s eyes remained lowered .

Everyone looked over .

They all felt as if they had misheard . Reece actually offered to be someone’s tour guide?

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