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Chapter 42.1

 The corners of Owen’s lips curled as he waited for Nie Chuan to change hands . Whether it was the left or right, both were within his defensive radius .  


    Who knew that Nie Chuan would jump and hold up the ball as if he was going to shoot .



    Owen and the person behind Nie Chuan jumped simultaneously, but Nie Chuan turned his hand and pushed the ball to the side . Ewing received the ball and scored .


    Owen held his forehead and looked at Nie Chuan playfully, “Do you know the price for playing me?”



    “Then you can slit my throat . ”



    Nie Chuan coolly replied with this sentence before turning around to go back to defense .


    “Owen, didn’t you say you’d deal with that brat?” Wright ran over and asked .


    “Isn’t the game still going?” Owen smiled .  


    CBU’s next round of offense was even more ferocious . Wright broke through Ewing with the ball then passed to Thomas before coming face to face with Nie Chuan while Thomas was in a stalemate with Carlo at the free throw line . Owen directly took the ball from Thomas but before he could make a layup, Reece defended in front of him while Nie Chuan arrived behind him .


    “Owen——” Thomas rushed over to provide support .


    Just when Owen was about to push the ball in Thomas’s direction, Nie Chuan stretched his arm out to intercept while Thomas’s position was instantly occupied by Carlo .


    Owen hooked the ball back then turned the other direction . Just when he thought he had broken past Nie Chuan, Nie Chuan unexpectedly turned back and almost batted the ball away with his outstretched hand! 


    Owen dribbled the ball but in that instant, Reece took the ball away, rapidly dashed to the basket and jumped . Under the interception of two opposing players, he sent the ball into the basket from between their arms .  




    CBU’s cheerleaders shouted slogans again . By the end of the game, Reece’s fan base is expected to increase .  


    Owen glanced at Nie Chuan and found Nie Chuan staring at him .


    He was very clear that if it hadn’t been for Nie Chuan keeping a close eye on him then it would have been impossible for Reece to cut off the ball .  


    For these two people to cooperate…… if he gave Nie Chuan a little more time to grow, how formidable would this kid be ah .  


    Nie Chuan’s amber eyes were still watching him very attentively which gave Owen an intriguing feeling .  


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    He suddenly reached his hand out and rubbed Nie Chuan’s head, “Ah, how cute . ”


    “Hey! Owen Wishaw! Don’t go touching our Allen’s head however you like!” Carlo was the first to shout out .  


    Thomas and Wright were also stunned .  


    “Owen, what are you doing?”


    “This isn’t an official match, why are you being so serious?”


    Nie Chuan, however, was annoyed .


    Who let you rub my head? 

    Who gave you the right to touch my head?


    Do you think you’re really tall ma, to actually dare rub my head!


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    Llr nblmf vlvc’a mbcajlc atf rilutafra tlca bo oglnbilas ktlif tlr fsfr, bc atf mbcagjgs, kfgf nfgs rfglber .  


    Owen used the Euro step again to try to pass Nie Chuan . He made another exaggerated change in direction but Nie Chuan kept up . His body clearly looked as if he was going to fall but he would always stabilize his center of gravity at the last moment .  


    Immediately after seeing that his change in direction didn’t throw Nie Chuan off, Owen suddenly jumped in place in preparation to shoot in that moment when Nie Chuan caught up . Nie Chuan knew this guy’s shooting ability and immediately jumped to block .  


    But he didn’t expect Owen would retract the ball back and cut pass Nie Chuan through his right side .  


    Right at that instant, there was only a “pa” sound as the incoming Reece stole the ball away .


    Owen immediately went back to defence .  


   At this moment, there were only three seconds left in the game .


    Everyone held their breaths as they watched Reece jump .


    In the face of Thomas and Owen’s double defense which was completely impenetrable, just when everyone was thinking it was absolutely impossible to score, Reece adjusted his body in midair and turned to his side . Then, with a turn of his hand, hooked the ball from Owen’s side into the basket with his fingers .  




    Everybody exclaimed .

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    Reece’s posture in midair was so elegant that Nie Chuan stood rooted in place and watched foolishly .


    Faced with the exclamations of admiration from the audience when he landed, Reece acted as if nothing happened as he lifted the collar of his shirt to wipe his sweat .  


    Afterwards, he walked toward Nie Chuan and knitted his brow, “What are you doing?”




    You’re handsome ah! Nie Chuan almost blurted out these kinds of words but he was able to restrain himself .  


    “I’m what?” Reece asked .


    “Teach me next time?” Nie Chuan said foolishly .


    “Idiot . ”


    Like this, the match was concluded . UDK beat CBU by one point .  


    Looking at the basket, Owen and Thomas both let out their breathes . Owen turned to walk toward Reece and cocked his head, “Why didn’t I see you like this when I was with you?”


    Reece didn’t answer, he only returned to the sidelines and took out a bottle of mineral water .  


    Nie Chuan followed with Carlo and Ewing supporting him on either side .


    “Not bad, Allen! Compared to the last practice match, it’s simply worlds apart!”


    “You sure have guts! To actually dare compete against Owen!”


    “Hehe……” Nie Chuan rubbed his nose .


    Even though CBU lost by one point, their cheerleaders still gave an enthusiastic cheer .  


    Nie Chuan had never seen a complete cheerleading routine, even the action of unwrapping his chocolate paused in place .  


    The graceful jumps, neat kicks, and all kinds of highly difficult moves that were comparable to gymnastics, Nie Chuan found all of those extremely good looking .


    At this time, Owen came over with a towel and waved his hand in front of Nie Chuan .


    “Hey, baby . ” 


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    “If you call me ‘baby’ one more time, believe it or not I’ll make you regret it, ” Nie Chuan narrowed his eyes and said very seriously .


    “Oh, how will you make me regret it?”


    Owen’s voice just fell when Nie Chuan ruthlessly stepped on his snow white basketball shoes with his foot .  


    It was so unexpected that Owen couldn’t move his foot back in time .


    Just when Nie Chuan was exerting more force, someone pulled the back of his collar . Reece’s voice came from behind him, “Was there anything else, Owen?”


    “I just wanted to tell him that if he really likes CBU’s cheerleading team then he can come over,” Owen said with a smile .  


    Reece didn’t answer as he pulled at the back of Nie Chuan’s collar and hauled him away .  


    Nie Chuan couldn’t help looking back as he walked .  


    Ah! What an awesome backflip!


    Carlo used his elbow to nudge Ewing and said very seriously, “Should we suggest learning from CBU’s cheerleaders to Lily? Otherwise Allen will get cheated away by them!”


    “If you want to then do it . ”


    Ewing glanced at Carlo blankly .


    At the end of the match, Thomas came over to Carlo and shook hands with him . “Today’s game was very enjoyable, when will you come again? Don’t make it so that we have to wait until the leagues before we can play each other again . ”


    “Haha, how about you guys come to UDK?”


    “Sure, give me a date, we’ll pay a visit . ”


    “The level of our cheerleaders aren’t as high . ”


    “No problem, we’ll bring our cheerleading team along,” Thomas said with a smile .  


    “Why, I was just about to say I’ll let our cheerleaders bake cookies for you!”


    The two looked at each other then smiled .  


    “Hey, Reece . ” Owen walked up to Reece, “Since our confrontation in the league last year, I haven’t enjoyed myself when playing in a long time . However, there’s one thing I need to remind you of . ”


    “Oh?” Reece slowly raised an eyebrow and turned around with his arms crossed .  


    “If you’re always worrying about him getting hurt then he will never be able to truly grow up . ”


   Reece stared into Owen’s eyes, sparks seemed to be flying between the two of them .


    Ewing tensed, “They won’t start fighting, right?”


    “They won’t, don’t worry . ” Wright reached his hand out to Ewing, “The next time we meet, I’ll be faster than I am now . ”


    Ewing was stunned . He knew where his strengths and weaknesses lied . He seems to have steady scoring skills but he is very dependent on his teammates to create opportunities for him . He couldn’t compare with Nie Chuan in terms of dribbling and passing, couldn’t compare with Carlo and Montenegro in terms of blocking and explosiveness, and he fell even further when compared to the all-rounder Reece .


    He must improve as soon as possible and become strong enough to be able to create scoring opportunities for himself without relying on others .  


    “Reece, what’s wrong?” Nie Chuan was a little worried that Owen cared about him stepping on his shoes and was going to openly fight with Reece .


    “It’s nothing . ” Reece pushed Nie Chuan away by his head then turned back to Owen and said, “Thank you for not killing him for real . ”


    With a noble air, Owen smiled slightly, “I also really want to know what height you can bring him to . ”


    After they left the stadium, Thomas led the players in cleaning up the court .  


    Owen stood on the edge of the court with his hands in his pockets, in his mind was the scene of Nie Chuan passing him with the ball .  


    “Hey Owen, are you thinking of slacking off again?” Wright said discontentedly .  


    “Ah, I’m just thinking about something . ”


    “What are you thinking about?” Wright leaned on the mop and asked helplessly .  


    “Should I also raise a little pet? The kind of pet that thinks it’s fierce but is actually really cute? And it needs to be smart, will be able to know what to do with just a little bit of teaching…… have any suggestions, Wright?”


    “A pet? Forget it, I’m afraid you’ll get complaints from animal protection organizations . ”


    “Ah…… is that so?”


    “Yeah, being your pet is too pitiful,” Wright said very seriously .  


    “So it’s like that,” Owen stroked his chin, “Since he isn’t suitable to be my pet then…… just grow a bit faster and a bit sharper and be my enemy . ”


    “What random things are you thinking about again? Believe it or not, I’ll pour this bucket over your head!”

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