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B5C29: The Meteor stage

Various guard squads are continuously patrolling everywhere in the Blood-red Cave. Even those beautiful ladies-in-waiting on the walkways or in the corridors have also become cautious and no longer dare to banter flirtatiously with the guards as before. The current atmosphere in the Blood-red Cave is very oppressive.

The guardians, consisting of Yan Qing and her sister, the 3 black turtle brothers, the 2 tiger shark brothers, Teng Bi, Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Zhuang Zhong, all stay in their own houses. None of them strolls outside.

Day after day of such a high level of vigilance and pressure passes …

In the Nine Demons Hall’s main hall,

There is a throne on a raised platform. Below it, there are 4 thrones on either side. At the moment, 8 men who are dressed in purple brocade robes are sitting in the thrones. Only the 2nd throne on the left among the lower thrones is vacant.

The man sitting in the highest throne in the main hall has thick eyebrows and big eyes. His body naturally gives off a lordly air.

This purple-robed man is examining a 3-cun long jade sword in his hand. After looking at it carefully several times, he says: “This is the 6th of the legendary 9 Swords. It’s indeed a good sword, very good.” As he exclaims nonstop, his eyes blaze with excitement.

The 1st purple-robed man on the right below him, however, says critically: “Big brother, what’s good about it? Isn’t it just a top-grade holy weapon? Though top-grade holy weapons are pretty precious, this sword doesn’t deserve such fame. Except for some special functions, what’s good about this jade sword itself?”

“What do you know?” The higher purple-robed man says laughingly.

The true forms of the Nine Demons Hall’s 9 brothers are Purple Demon aquatic dragons. Even though they are not divine dragons, they are close to divine dragons in power. A Purple Demon aquatic dragon can defeat 5 or 6 Xiuxianists of the same power level as it. Therefore, by joining forces, these 9 Purple Demon aquatic dragons were able to become one of the 3 superpowers at the bottom of the ocean.

The higher purple-robed man is the big brother among them, Di Long!

Di Long looks at the jade sword with glittering eyes: “Brothers, you all know about those special functions. But this jade sword itself is also extraordinary. Let me tell you something. The material used to forge it was only a chunk of icy jasper.”

“How is this possible?”

Below him, his 7 brothers are all astonished.

It is common knowledge that icy jasper is only a material to make middle-grade holy weapons and cannot be forged into high-grade holy weapons, let alone top-grade holy weapons.

Di Long says with a faint smile on the corners of his mouth: “Don’t doubt it. This jade sword is only a key to open an immortal mansion. It’s simply impossible for you to imagine how powerful the immortal that forged this jade sword was. They certainly had the ability to perform miracles.”

“The fact that this immortal was able to forge top-grade holy weapons from a middle-grade material reflects their power. What things are there in the mansion of an immortal like this? When even the keys to it are already 9 top-grade holy weapons, what treasures is it storing?” Di Long’s eyes glitter.

The eyes of his 7 brothers also glitter. It seems they are also thinking about the treasures in the immortal mansion.

The 3rd brother Di Xu says: “Big brother, according to our intelligence, 7 of the 9 jade swords have appeared. The Xiuxianists of the Penglai Immortal Region got 1. The Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon’s Xiumoists are lucky; they unexpectedly got 2. That azure dragon of the Azure Dragon Palace got 1. We got 1 and that 3-eyed old freak of the Blue Water Mansion also got 1. It seems Azure Dragon and 3-Eyed are contending for the 7th jade sword.”

Underwater Xiuyaoists are very powerful and the number of jade swords they have obtained also partly reflects this.

The big brother Di Long slightly nods and says smilingly: “There are many Xiuxian schools in the Penglai Immortal Region but they only got 1 jade sword so perhaps there’ll be an internal struggle among them for a while. As for the 7th jade sword that has just appeared, we won’t get involved with it. We’d better let Azure Dragon and the old freak 3-Eyed fight each other.”

Azure Dragon of the Azure Dragon Palace and the 3-Blue-Eyed Toad of the Blue Water Mansion are 2 extremely powerful divine beasts. To put up a fight against either of them, the Nine Demons Hall will have to go all out.

“Big brother, now that the 7th jade sword has appeared, where are the remaining 2?” The 9th brother Di Nai asks.

Di Long says very confidently: “Nobody knows where the 9th sword currently is. But … I know where the 8th sword is. This time, 8th brother personally went out because of it. If my prediction is correct, 8th brother will succeed with ease.”

The 3rd brother Di Xu says smilingly: “9th brother, I know about this business too. Big brother told me to send subordinates to gather information about different camps and at the same time search for the jade swords. And I accidentally obtained the information about the 8th sword.”

Searching for the jade swords.

Not only has the Nine Demons Hall been searching for them, the Penglai Immortal Region, the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon, the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion have all sent experts to search for them everywhere as well. They have been searching the islands and the ocean and have even gone to the Qian Long continent to search.

Luckily those Xiuyaoists, Xiuxianists and Xiumoists entered the Qian Long continent only to search for the jade swords rather than to take part in its internal affairs, or else the 3 big kingdoms on the continent would not be able to enjoy such a high level of stability.

“The more jade swords the better. If we can obtain more jade swords, when the 5 superpowers unlock the immortal mansion later, our opinions will carry more weight and we’ll get more treasures. We’ll definitely obtain the 8th jade sword, so now we must try our best to find out where the 9th sword is!”

Di Long stands up and glances at his brothers below him, saying: “Brothers, let’s try your hardest to gather information about the 9th sword now!”

“Yes, big brother!”

The other 7 purple-robed men accept the order in unison.

3 months has already gone by. The Blood-red Cave is still as calm as before.

At the moment in the secret room of the cave,

Cha Hong is sitting with legs crossed. A black jade case is floating in front of him. It is continuously sending out many rays of light. And Cha Hong’s powerful demonic elemental energy is neutralizing the energy of the case’s Dust Removing restrictive spell nonstop. At this point, even Cha Hong has become emotional.

He withdraws his hands and stops sending his demonic elemental energy into the case. There are various beads of sweat on his forehead at the moment.


Cha Hong’s eyebrows are drenched with sweat. Having been in possession of this black jade case for 100 years, today he has been able to ascertain that the case is going to be opened very soon. At that time he is going to obtain the treasure in the case and, as a result, have something to rely on to achieve his ambitions.

Xiuxianists’ Penglai Immortal Region, Xiumoists’ Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon, the Azure Dragon Palace, the Nine Demons Hall, and the Blue Water Mansion are absolutely the 5 strongest superpowers in the overseas Xiuzhen world.

The Blood-red Cave is only one of the 8 minor powers under the Nine Demons Hall. It is simply not in the same league as the 5 superpowers. Because of this, Cha Hong has been trying to lie very low and be very cautious, especially after obtaining the black jade case.

“After 100 years, this bloody restrictive spell is finally about to break. The immortal that set it up was really ridiculous. Isn’t it just a dust-removing spell? Casually using a little power would’ve been enough. Why gave it so much energy?” Cha Hong says smilingly with a sigh.

At the moment he is in a fairly good mood.

However, as soon as he remembers his 2nd brother Cha Po’s sudden death, he has a tinge of a bad feeling.

“Hopefully nothing unexpected will happen at this final juncture. But … I definitely won’t let anyone snatch my treasure.” Cha Hong’s eyes glitter with coldness. Afterwards, he rests for a while to replenish his demonic elemental energy then continues to drain the energy of the Dust Removing restrictive spell.

In Qin Yu’s courtyard house in the eastern part of the Blood-red Cave,

Hou Fei is sitting with legs crossed and eyes closed in the courtyard. There is a black stick next to him. He has been practicing this way for 3 whole months. But he has not been practicing with full concentration because he has been watching the surroundings closely using his holy sense.

He definitely will not let anybody interrupt Qin Yu’s training.

Qin Yu is practicing in the room guarded by Hou Fei. At the moment, his body is radiating an indistinct light similar to starlight. Stellar energy has formed a huge nebula that is enfolding him. Qin Yu is sitting with legs crossed above the bed.

He is currently sitting in midair.


The nebula spins faster. At the same time, the sun above the ocean unexpectedly shoots a blazing stream of energy down towards a deep place in the ocean through the water. This blazing energy stream comes straight into Qin Yu’s room in the Blood-red Cave then fuses with the nebula.

Immediately, the color of the nebula becomes golden. Qin Yu is being surrounded completely in the golden light.

A series of small sounds comes out from his entire body. His whole forehead is being covered in large beads of sweat. He has even begun to convulse due to acute pains but he is still trying to endure the pains because he knows he has reached a crucial point in practice.

Inside his body,

The density of the silvery grains in his dantian has unexpectedly increased by 100%. Countless silvery grains are rotating very quickly. At the same time, various blazing streams of energy are entering the body from the outside. The muscles and bones in Qin Yu’s entire body are undergoing rapid and drastic transformations.

Every muscle, every bone and even every cell in his body are transforming very quickly. The toughness and flexibility of his body are being improved again and again.


The Stellar Flame is blazing nonstop inside Qin Yu’s body, as if it is roasting him. The countless silvery grains in the space of his dantian start to spin extremely fast. Unlike in the past, they are now spinning towards a central point.

Chi chi ~~

Enhanced nonstop by the real sun, the Stellar Flame has become much stronger. Being refined repeatedly by it, those silvery grains spin with ever increasing speed. As time passes, the silvery grains spin faster and faster.

Moreover, all of them are quickly spinning towards the center.

Of course, the more silvery grains there are in the outer parts of the dantian, the more silvery grains will spin towards the center with time. In the huge space of the dantian, all of the silvery grains are converging towards the center like mad.

While enhancing the Stellar Flame, the powerful and extremely pure solar fire continuously refines Qin Yu’s body as well.

Concurrently with this, various clear streams flow to every place in Qin Yu’s body from the Meteoric Tear, enabling his body to recover very fast. But as soon as it recovers, it is burnt and refined by the fire yet again.

Thanks to getting burnt and healed repeatedly by the fire and the Meteoric Tear, the toughness and flexibility of Qin Yu’s body improve very quickly.

Lei Wei created the practice method of making use of solar fires, but he could only rely on his body’s natural recovery ability, which was much inferior to the Meteoric Tear’s healing ability. It should be known that the faster a practitioner can recover, the greater the number of times his body will be refined.

Outside, Hou Fei suddenly opens his eyes, stands up and stares at Qin Yu’s room.

At the moment, even Hou Fei is very astonished by a powerful undulation of energy.

“Guardian Hou Fei, what has happened?” Guardian Zhuang Zhong runs up to Hou Fei and asks. He has also felt the energy undulation at this place. The 2 snake women, amazed by such a powerful amount of energy, have run into Qin Yu’s house as well.

Generally, nobody will release such a great amount of energy while practicing.

“Bugger off!”

Hou Fei suddenly stares at them and growls loudly, looking frighteningly violent. His fierce look makes Zhuang Zhong, Yan Qing and her sister trembles in their hearts. Immediately, they no longer dare to say anything. They all know that he killed Sang Mo right outside the main entrance of the Blood-red Cave.

Hou Fei then turns around and looks at the room.

“Just now how could that fire come down from the sky?” He is somewhat doubtful in his heart. Actually, there were restrictive spells around Qin Yu’s room so the energy Qin Yu sent out should not have alarmed the other guardians. But that fiery stream of energy just now unexpectedly destroyed the restrictive spells with ease.

Because of this, at a crucial moment to Qin Yu, the energy surged forth from his body caught the other guardians’ attention.

And they have begun to gather in his house.

“Hey, great beauty Yan, what’s happened inside?” Wu Tong of the 2 tiger shark brothers asks Yan Qing. Seeing Hou Fei guarding outside Qin Yu’s room, he does not dare to go into it without permission. Who does not know about Hou Fei’s wildness and insolence?

Yan Qing says with a shake of her head: “I don’t know, but it should be guardian Liu Xing practicing.”

“Practicing? Why didn’t he set up restrictive spells? All of us can feel the undulation of his energy. Could it be he doesn’t know that the Blood-red Cave is in a very tense situation?” Ba Ming of the 3 black turtle brothers frowns and says doubtfully.

When these several guardians are discussing,

The energy coming out from the room suddenly withdraws.

Inside the room,

A faint smile appears on the face of Qin Yu, who is sitting with legs crossed in midair. He opens his eyes then slightly opens his mouth and takes a breath. The remaining third of the yuanying, which is yet to be refined, is swallowed up by him directly.

The outer nebula also disappears in an instant.

In Qin Yu’s dantian,

There is a blue Stellar Flame in the center of the dantian. Inside the Stellar Flame, there is a dazzling golden source of light. By observing carefully, one would find out that it is a very small golden grain. It is called a meteor. This shining meteor is being burnt by the Stellar Flame. Around the shining golden grain, there are a few silvery grains.

Even though their number has become much smaller, they are occupying much more space in the dantian than before.

The remainder of the yuanying has been swallowed up by Qin Yu at a gulp.

A series of cracking sounds rises as the Stellar Flame burns and refines that third of the yuanying completely. Those silvery grains then begin to revolve very fast. They have also become slightly bigger.

“With the help of the solar fire, I had to refine a great number of silvery grains to get a golden grain. This solar fire is really exceptionally powerful. I didn’t think it’d be able to refine a third of the yuanying completely in a breath!” Qin Yu thinks to himself emotionally.

All of a sudden, a faint smile appears on the corners of his mouth: “Let’s see how much faster I’ve become.” A golden ray of light then shoots out from the meteor in his dantian. It fuses with the channels in his entire body instantly.


With a shake of his body, Qin Yu disappears from the room like a golden ray of light. He is at least 10 times faster than before. His speed has reached a simply frightening level. Outside the room, Hou Fei blinks his fiery eyes in disbelief. He suddenly feels Qin Yu’s aura disappear from the room in an instant.

“Fei Fei.”

Qin Yu suddenly appears in front of an astonished Hou Fei and looks smilingly at him.

End of b5c29.

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