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B5C16: Courting disaster

After refining the energy by burning up the impurities, Qin Yu absorbs the life essence that is left in the end. The yuanying of an early Xiuyaoist, and moreover, one whose true form was a blood-red aquatic python, has much more energy than the yuanying of a human of the same power level.

In his dantian,

The various silvery grains have become very big in size. With each of them moving around in a circle, they constitute a huge maelstrom. In the center of the maelstrom is a blue flame — the Stellar Flame. As time passes, the silvery grains become larger and larger.


Suddenly, a silvery grain splits in two. Following this, the other silver grains in Qin Yu’s body all break in half as well. In just a while, the number of silvery grains inside him has doubled. Now, his dantian his thickly dotted with silvery grains, which form a dense maelstrom together.

Late Nebula stage!

The higher the risk, the higher the potential return.

Qin Yu arrived in the underwater world of Xiuzhenists less than a year ago, but he has finally made another breakthrough in power, reaching the late Nebula stage. At the moment, the energy inside Qin Yu is much purer and stronger than it was previously. His overall power thus has improved a lot.

However, even though he has reached the late phase of the Nebula stage, he has only consumed more than half of the yuanying’s energy. Therefore, he keeps absorbing … Time goes by. After spending 9 whole days, Qin Yu has eventually refined all of the yuanying.

He opens his eyes, which have a hint of joy in them at the moment.

“If I ran into that blood-red aquatic python again now, it shouldn’t be so hard to handle him.” He is totally confident.

In the past, the creator of the Stellar Transformations, Lei Wei, was able to single-handedly kill 1 Dacheng stage expert in addition to several loose immortals and several tens Dujie stage and Kongming stage experts when he was only at the middle phase of the Dujie stage and had yet to undergo his tribulation.

Basically, users of this technique can even kill people who are a few levels above them in power.

The Stellar Transformations is different from the other Xiuzhen techniques, in which it is not impossible to overcome the gap between 2 successive stages despite it being relatively great. Each stage of the Stellar Transformations is essentially different from the previous.

At the Nebula stage, the user’s stellar energy is still in its most common form.

To reach the Meteor stage, he will have to refine all of his silvery grains and merge them into a single golden particle of essence. Because this golden particle of essence, which is called a Meteor, is formed by refining all of the silvery grains, its energy is on a completely different level from Qin Yu’s current stellar energy.

“Now I’m already at the late Nebula stage, dealing with ordinary early Yuanying opponents is no longer a problem. It’s still hard to handle top demonic beasts like that blood-red aquatic python but I can manage it. When I reach the early Meteor stage, perhaps I can even handle early Dongxu opponents directly.”

Qin Yu knows his practice technique very well. Once reaching the Meteor stage, he can definitely be considered a humanoid divine beast among Xiuzhenists with equivalent power levels!

Too bad, to reach the early Meteor stage from the late Nebula stage, even if he absorbs demonic beasts’ yuanyings, he will need at least 8 or 9 pieces, and if he only practices by himself, it will take him about several hundred years to succeed.

“Oh, this blood-red aquatic python’s storage bracelet is pretty good.”

A storage bracelet appears in Qin Yu’s hand. It is none other than Cha Ge’s bracelet. As Cha Ge died, this bracelet also became ownerless. Qin Yu’s holy sense immediately enters the bracelet and begins to examine everything.

“Tut-tut, this blood-red aquatic python is really wealthy.”

This bracelet’s space is fairly large, being about 20 m in both length and width. There are a large pile of nothing but normal gold, a 0.5 m high small pile of purple gold beside it, and some other minerals in the bracelet at the moment.

Normal gold is mundane but purple gold can be forged into flying swords. Generally, no more than 2 to 3 jin purple gold can be obtained from refining 1000 jin normal gold. A flying sword that is forged from purple gold alone is only a low-grade holy weapon.

But purple gold works best as a supplement. Melting it then carving written talismans or seals into a flying sword with the molten purple gold will produce excellent results. One should know that molten purple gold is a top-grade material for making written talismans and seals.

As for the other minerals in the bracelet, except for a few good enough to be made into middle-grade holy weapons, they can only be used to forge low-grade ones.

“Oh, authority card?”

Qin Yu discovers an authority card in a corner of the storage bracelet. He gives it a thought and it immediately appears in his palm. This authority card is black and has 2 words Blood-red written on it. Qin Yu’s complexion immediately changes as he sees the words.

“A Blood-red Black Card, only the 3 cave leaders have this kind of card.” His face goes pale in the blink of an eye.

The Blood-red Cave controls an area of 8 million li in radius. It has a cave master and 2 vice masters. These 3 leaders each have a Blood-red Black Card while the 13 guardians’ authority cards are Blood-red Crimson Cards.

In this area, only the 3 cave leaders are given a Blood-red Black Card each, then who was the python that he killed?

“Could it be … that blood-red aquatic python was a legendary cave leader?” Qin Yu is discomposed. While chasing him, Cha Ge transformed in to a huge blood-red aquatic python, but it should be known that pythons are a relatively big clan in the ocean.

Therefore, he did not connect the blood-red aquatic python with a cave leader.

“Right, that fella said he could order Sang Mo.” As Qin Yu recalls that sentence Cha Ge said, he is even more certain about his conjecture. It is highly possible that he has killed a vice master of the Blood-red Cave.

It has never crossed his mind that the blood-red aquatic python might have been the cave master. According to his memories, the cave master can be considered invincible in this area, so how could he possibly have killed someone like that?

“This is … a transmitter?” Qin Yu finds a transmitter in the bracelet. Thanks to having used the Soul Examination previously, he has also got a rough idea of transmitters and other matters related to the Blood-red Cave. When he scans the transmitter with his holy sense, his face changes color in an instant.

“Vice master, you should’ve killed that Xiuxianist, right? Congratulations! My Thunder Hammer is waiting for you to take it.”

“What’s the matter, vice master? You haven’t killed that Xiuxianist yet?”

“Xiuxianist, is that transmitter in your hands? I’m surprised that you was able to kill vice master. Oh my, you’ve really got some power. Ha-ha … but now, even without me offering a reward, you should just prepare to suffer cave master’s furious anger. By killing vice master, you basically signed your own death warrant.”

3 holy-sense-based messages have just been sent to the transmitter in his hand.

As soon as Qin Yu takes a look, his heart trembles. Just as he expected, the blood-red aquatic python he killed was none other than a vice master of the Blood-red Cave.

He has courted danger!

A grave danger!

Within 8 million li of this place, the Blood-red Cave is like a dictator. Even worse, according to the information he got from using the Soul Examination, the cave master, the most fearsome figure in the Blood-red Cave, is undoubtedly someone of peerless power in this area.

Qin Yu is rather confused for the moment. How can the Blood-red Cave’s master possibly let the matter rest when he has already killed a vice master?

“Now there’s only one solution.” His eyes flash with a hint of fierceness. If he wants to go through the underwater Xiuyao world safely, he must grasp how to use the Xiumo Secret Skill Northern Darkness. Only by suppressing his aura completely can he make it impossible for Xiuyaoists to figure out that he is human.

He will suppress his aura first then change his appearance, and even the air about him!

Changing the air about him is the most important. Once it is changed, even Sang Mo will not necessarily be able to tell that he is the Xiuxianist. If Qin Yu wants to change the air about him, he will have to do 2 things — change his mannerisms and learn the Northern Darkness.

Once he has learnt the Northern Darkness, his body will suck his aura in like a black hole, looking very oppressive. Obviously when the air about him, his appearance and his clothes have been altered, Sang Mo will basically be unable to recognize him.

“Learning the Xiumo Secret Skill Northern Darkness is the most important thing to do.” Qin Yu makes up his mind. He must practice until mastering the Northern Darkness, not only to avoid this manhunt for him, but also to prepare for the future.

However, after 3 days of practicing, he has to admit that successfully learning the Northern Darkness is not something that can be done in a short period of time at all.

“Kaka, a bunch of idiots, you’re too weak, too weak!” An arrogant, wild voice rises outside. Hearing it, Qin Yu cannot help but give a smile. It is obvious that the voice’s owner is the Fiery-eyed Aquatic Monkey Hou Fei. He immediately leaves his room and goes outside the bamboo house.

He has been at this place for quite some time, but he has yet to observe it carefully.

The bamboo house is located in a ravine inside a valley deep in the ocean. This ravine itself is camouflaged by natural barriers and, moreover, Uncle Lan has set up restrictive spells at its opening so it is practically impossible for outsiders to enter.

The scenery inside the valley is very beautiful with all kinds of multicolored fish, lustrous green crystal trees, purple lingzhi mushrooms, some luminous silvery-shelled shrimps and huge black turtles that are 7 to 8 m long.

One thing is for sure, this ravine is very beautiful. At the moment, Hou Fei is brandishing a black stick fighting against 3 Xiuyaoists in a place of the ravine.


A man who is holding 2 daggers and wearing a suit of armor is sent flying by Hou Fei with a blow of the stick.

Hou Fei’s stick then instantly turns into 3 blurs. A thin man who is wielding 2 sharp, long spears in his hands can only block 2 blurs in time with his spears. The remaining blur of the stick smashes straight down on this man, sending him flying.

“Kaka, go!”

Right after the stick has been brought down, Hou Fei gently stretches his leg and a fat man with a turtle shell on his back is kicked away at once.

Fighting one-on-three, Hou Fei has won with ease.

“Kaka … you’re really useless. Use some power, will you? Let’s fight again. Let’s fight again.” Hou Fei says to the 3 Xiuyaoists while waving his black stick, his fiery eyes glittering with a warlike look.

“Boss, you’re awesome. We give up. We give up,” says the armor-clad man with 2 daggers hurriedly. On one side, the thin man with 2 long spears, who has just dragged himself up, also says hurriedly: “Boss, you’re invincible. Please don’t fight us.”

As for the big fat man with a turtle shell on his back, he is blinking his pitiful tiny eyes.

Suddenly, that fat man’s tiny eyes move. Seeing Qin Yu approaching, he hurriedly says: “Boss, someone’s coming. Judging from his imposing manner and the mighty air about him, I think he’s definitely an expert. Perhaps only you can fight him.”

With a wave of his black stick, Hou Fei turns around.

“Big brother.” His eyes brighten and are filled with fighting spirit. “Big brother, come have a bout with me.” After saying so, without waiting to see whether or not Qin Yu agrees, he brandishes the black stick and rushes at him extremely fast.

Qin Yu has not fought since arriving here so he is also itching for a fight.

Seeing the black stick being thrust at him, his eyes brighten. In an instant, the Flaming Gloves appear on his hands. He catches the black stick with a single-handed grab. Feeling that the stick is carrying a terrifying force, he immediately lets go of it, moves his arm around it like a snake, forms a finger sword with the hand and delivers a thrust to Hou Fei’s palm.


A loud metallic noise is heard. Qin Yu only feels as if his finger sword has hit diamond. He cannot help getting astonished. He is wearing the Flaming Gloves, no less, but his attack unexpectedly could not even injure Hou Fei’s hand. Hou Fei’s defense is really a bit too frightening already.

“Kaka, this is awesome. If only you could be a bit stronger.”

Very excited, Hou Fei slightly shakes his hand. In an instant, the black stick turns into a blur and smashes towards Qin Yu. When he is about to dodge it, Hou Fei slightly tightens his fingers around the black stick. And while coming down, the stick unexpectedly begins to vibrate hurriedly and move in a very strange path too. Concurrently with this, a faint complacent smile appears on the corners of Hou Fei’s mouth.


When Qin Yu sees such a brilliant strike, his heart becomes excited. He moves his arms so fast that their blurs look like a blossoming lotus. His fingers gently touch the stick in quick succession. After the stick is touched several times, its path of travel is affected. Qin Yu suddenly grabs the black stick with both hands.

“Let go!”

He gives a violent pull and throws a kick at Hou Fei’s right hand, which is holding the black stick, using his right leg simultaneously.


Qin Yu’s foot lands heavily on Hou Fei’s right hand, but he seems to feel nothing. He grins at Qin Yu, exposing his white teeth. Then he slightly moves his right arm, sending a powerful hidden force through the stick to Qin Yu’s hands.

Qin Yu’s entire body backs away. That hidden force unexpectedly has numbed his hands. One should know that he is wearing the Flaming Gloves.

Looking at Hou Fei, Qin Yu cannot help but admit inwardly that he is too powerful.

Hou Fei is a middle Yuanying stage divine beast, no less! He is about as powerful as the divine beasts Dragon Rocky lion and Hong Luan that Qin Yu encountered before and is comparable to ordinary Dongxu stage Xiuzhenists. The gap between the 2 of them is indeed so great that Qin Yu could not even breach his defense.

“Ah, sis Li’er, Xiaoyu’er was bitten by a shark outside the ravine. Quickly save it.” Following the urgent shouts, a golden beam of light flashes right pass Qin Yu and Hou Fei to come into the bamboo house.

Qin Yu and the others also run into the house.

Only when the golden light stops can he see clearly that it is a pretty little girl with a golden fish scale on the midpoint between her eyebrows. At the moment she is holding a purple fish, whose stomach has been bitten through. Obviously this fish is on the verge of death.

A blue silhouette immediately appears in the courtyard of the house. It is none other than Miss Li’er.

“Xiao Jin, it’s not serious so don’t worry. Yan Zi, why did you go outside the ravine? Who let you fight that soon-to-reach-the-Jindan-stage shark?” Miss Li’er says smilingly then reaches out her right hand and touches the fish’s wound. In an instant, a green light appears all around her body.

Being enfolded in the green light, Miss Li’er looks so elegant and pure.

As Qin Yu watches her curing the fish, he suddenly feels that she is most charming when she cures someone else. A tinge of affection for her even appears at the bottom of his heart. He cannot help shaking his head with an unconcerned smile.

End of b5c16.

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