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B4C8: Golden Flame Eagle

“Big brother, you finally want to go home?” With a swaying movement, Xiao Hei flies out from inside Lei Mountain House. His eagle eyes radiate intelligence. He has succeeded in practicing his techniques and is of extremely outstanding origins so he can rival humans in brainpower.

Qin Yu takes a glance around then says with a nod: “We’ve been staying here in the Wilderness for 7 months already. Both of us have overcome the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation. Moreover, according to the map left by my master, this place is still far from the central parts of the Wilderness, but it is only 100,000 li from the border.”

Only 100,000 li!

Only after reaching the Nebula stage can Qin Yu dare to say so. If he had not overcome the tribulation yet, it would take him at least several years to travel these 100,000 li because, after all, there are various demonic beasts along the way.

Xiao Hei suddenly says somewhat unwillingly: “We haven’t returned for a very long time, but the mortal world on the Qian Long continent is very boring. Even Xiantian level demonic beasts are a rare sight there.”

Qin Yu naturally understands what Xiao Hei is thinking. As a strong man, he finds it very unbearable to live among weak people, none of whom can be a match for him. This is also the reason why he has been longing to enter the Xiuzhen world, in which Xiuzhenists can be seen anywhere.

“We can run along these 100,000 li and fight some demonic beasts to practice at the same time.” Qin Yu gives a smile. “Going back this way perhaps won’t take much time. Xiao Hei, now I’m already a Xiuzhenist too. After meeting my father again and handling all the matters related to mortals, we’ll leave the Qian Long continent then start to travel the boundless world freely.”

Qin Yu’s eyes have a hint of haziness.

That time, because he was not allowed to become his father’s bodyguard during his father’s tribulation, he vented his suppressed feelings of 10-odd years in front of his close relatives. He then left for a half year. During that period, he always pondered and finally he understood that he should live for himself.

If he lived for someone else, not only would this tire him out, it would also put very great pressure on that person. After his complex was sorted out, by chance Qin Yu was given the mission of protecting ‘Mr. Ying’, which later would lead to his killing 5 peak Xiantian experts in a row then perishing together with Wu Xing.

Qin Yu has resolved that after meeting his father again he will go on a journey of his own. After all, he can only start to walk his own path by doing so. The mortal world on the Qian Long continent has really become too small a river for him. It can no longer accommodate Qin Yu because he has transformed from a fish into a dragon.

“Really?” Xiao Hei’s eyes brighten. “Big brother, are you willing to leave your father?”

Xiao Hei only has affection for Qin Yu. As for Qin De and others, he only cares about them a little because of their relationships with Qin Yu. In fact he feels no affection for them. Even if all the other humans died out, Xiao Hei would probably not bat an eye.

Eagles are basically aloof and proud.

“Father? Actually, when there’s affection between us, why must we live together? Moreover, even father will approve of my decision. After all, as Xiuzhenists, we must strive to ascend to the sky, go into the ground, roam the 9th level of the sky, and go on uncertain journeys.”

“Good, big brother, I’ll go wherever you’ll go. Whether you’ll ascend to the sky or go into the ground, I’ll follow you no matter where you go. I’m sure that later our lives won’t be too boring.” Xiao Hei’s eyes glitter.

With a great big smile on his face, Qin Yu pats Xiao Hei’s back.

“Alright, we shouldn’t waste time. Let’s get going now.” Qin Yu turns around and looks at Lei Mountain House. With a thought, the entire house starts to float up and shrink at the same time. Afterwards, it flies into his hand, having become a very small villa.

As soon as he gives it a thought, this Lei Mountain House is sucked into his Menghuan ring.

“Master’s art of forging is really outstanding. He was even able to forge such a huge house.” Qin Yu praises highly. Forging a xian mansion is considered an extremely great skill even in the entire Xiuzhen world. Stellar energy actually is fire in nature so naturally the flame obtained through practicing the Stellar Transformations is exceptionally formidable. Therefore, when Starlet said that Lei Wei was the number 1 in the Xiuzhen world when it comes to forging, it was not bullshitting.

Xiao Hei, however, is very amazed. He knows that this Lei Mountain House is outstanding but he never thought that it could be shrunk at will like a holy weapon.

“Alright, Xiao Hei, let’s go.”

Qin Yu soars directly into the sky like a wisp of blue smoke. “Don’t give yourself a head start.” Xiao Hei utters a cry then, with a wave of his wings, he soars into the sky. In a short while he has already come up to Qin Yu’s side. A man and an eagle then fly directly westwards abreast.

Various light silvery streams of stellar energy are moving around Qin Yu but his body is not experiencing any resistance and is flying extremely fast through the air.

“Wow, big brother, this Stellar Transformations is very terrific. There are many Xiuzhenist-related things in my memory but, according to them, Jindan-stage Xiuzhenists fly very slowly.” Xiao Hei says to Qin Yu via the holy sense while flying next to him.

Qin Yu says with a smile: “Xiao Hei, this Stellar Transformations requires the practitioner to reach the peak of the Xiantian level in body training first, do you know why?”

“No, I don’t.” Xiao Hei blinks a couple of times and replies through his holy sense.

Qin Yu’s eyes glitter. He says smilingly: “When a person practices the first stage of the Stellar Transformations — the Nebula stage –, a nebula is formed in his dantian. At the same time, his energy is spread outside through his flesh and bones to form another nebula which continuously absorbs stellar energy outside the body. That stellar energy then goes into the nebula in the dantian through the flesh and bones, forming a perfect cycle.”

“The most important link in this cycle is the body, because whether when his stellar energy goes outside from the dantian or when the stellar energy he has absorbed from nature goes into the nebula in the dantian, his flesh and bones are pierced through by stellar energy. If his flesh isn’t durable enough, it’ll soon be burst by this extremely powerful kind of energy. So, he must have a very strong body.”

“In fact, the practice process of continuously absorbing stellar energy is also a body training process. Every time stellar energy goes through his flesh and bones, they are refined and at the same time absorb a portion of stellar energy.”

Hearing Qin Yu’s words, Xiao Hei is slightly stupefied for a while. After a long time, he says through his holy sense: “Ah, it’s like weapon forging, isn’t it? It forges the body like a holy weapon.”

“Almost, only that the body is too important to be refined directly with the internal flame like a weapon. It can only be refined using stellar energy. As he practices, his body will become stronger. It’s even possible for the body to eventually surpass holy weapons.” Feeling strong winds keep blasting onto his face, Qin Yu is very comfortable.

At the moment he is flying through clouds and looking down. Lofty peaks, precipitous mountain ranges, plains and marshes are continuously left behind.

Generally, a Xiuzhenist’s body experiences huge resistance while flying. Qin Yu’s body can match a holy weapon so he is flying with great ease like a holy weapon. As for Xiao Hei, because he is a bird, he is even better at flying.

When a man and an eagle are flying, a huge pressure suddenly comes to them from up ahead. At the same time, a heat wave blows onto their faces from afar. In an instant, the temperature in Qin Yu’s vicinity increases by several hundred degrees.

Qin Yu’s face slightly changes color. He knows they have encountered a demonic beast. Xiao Hei also stops and stares ahead carefully.

In just a moment, a huge golden eagle appears in front of Qin Yu. Not only does this eagle have golden feathers that look like a crown on the top of his head, the feathers on the other parts of his body are also golden. His whole body is enveloped in fierce flames. This eagle is even one size bigger than Xiao Hei.

Qin Yu immediately recognizes him as a Golden Flame eagle because he read quite a few Xiuzhen books in the study of Lei Mountain House.

“A midget Xiuzhenist and a crossbred eagle? Who would’ve thought you would dare to enter my territory?” The Golden Flame eagle looks disdainfully at Qin Yu and Xiao Hei like an emperor looking at beggars, as if their lives are under his control. However, in fact, the current situation is not very different from that.

“Yuanying stage!”

Feeling the opponent’s aura, Qin Yu quickly figures out his power level. This Golden Flame eagle is definitely not at the Jindan stage. Otherwise, he would not feel so powerless in front of him like this.

“Big brother, quickly get away!”

“Xiao Hei, quickly get away!”

Xiao Hei and Qin Yu seem to use holy sense communication simultaneously. They both realize that they are no match for the Golden Flame eagle before them. After all, a Golden Flame eagle is a king among eagles and has great natural abilities so a Yuanying-stage Golden Flame eagle is basically not something they can fight at the moment.

In an instant, a man and an eagle agree to fly extremely fast northwards together. After all, the west has been blocked by that Golden Flame eagle. Shaking his wings very subtly 9 times in quick succession, Xiao Hei immediately gets away very far with a sudden swaying movement of his body like a flash.

Xiao Hei is not worried about Qin Yu at all because they have raced against each other before.

Xiao Hei has a body-maneuvering skill for eagles in his hereditary memories called the Passing Lightning Flashing Nine Times but Qin Yu also has the Body-Weapon Unification technique in the Stellar Transformations book. The dark golden Flaming Sword, a high-grade holy weapon, flies to the underside of Qin Yu’s feet at once.

At the same time, his light silvery stellar energy comes out from his dantian then spreads throughout his body and the Flaming Sword. Now Qin Yu and the sword are like one. Thanks to this, his speed is suddenly increased by almost 10 times. In an instant his silhouette has already disappeared.

Seeing that the 2 ‘little toys’ before him have left him behind very quickly, the Golden Flame eagle is stupefied.

“When an early Jindan-stage crossbred eagle is so fast, it must have some top-class secret body-maneuvering skill.” When he thinks about this, his eyes instantly blaze. Even a Golden Flame eagle will only be taught a simple practice technique by his mother or another Golden Flame eagle.

Seeing that a mere early Jindan-stage eagle like Xiao Hei can fly at such a speed, he is certain that Xiao Hei has an outstanding technique. Generally, demonic beasts in the Wilderness use the most basic, simplest techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Very few demonic beasts can be lucky like Xiao Hei, who unexpectedly has hereditary memories that contain top-class practice techniques and even forging techniques.


Completely unleashing his Yuanying stage power in the blink of an eye, the Golden Flame eagle suddenly flies faster by several times. He chases after the human and the eagle up ahead like a golden beam of light.

“Big brother, we’re really fast. We’ve left that stupid eagle in the dust instantly.” Xiao Hei says via the holy sense. Now he has become much more relaxed. Qin Yu gives a smile. He also knows that demonic beasts in general only practice some basic techniques and that they basically do not have useful skills such as weapon forging and pill making.

As for Xiao Hei, he is an extraordinary eagle with many fantastic techniques that, when used, have astonished even Qin Yu.

“Crossbred eagle, hand over your secret body-maneuvering skill, I’ll spare your life.” A voice rises in the minds of both Qin Yu and Xiao Hei. At the same time, a heat wave rushes at them. Qin Yu and Xiao Hei, who just now were still relaxed, immediately increase their speeds again with a loud shout.

A black beam of light and a light silvery beam of light fly extremely fast almost side by side. Behind them, there is a huge golden beam of light.

“I’m a Golden Flame eagle, a king with the best flying skill among eagles, and I’ve even reached the Yuanying stage, but who would’ve thought I wouldn’t be able to catch up with a midget crossbred early Jindan-stage eagle? Body-maneuvering skill, he must have an extremely outstanding body-maneuvering skill.” The farther the Golden Flame eagle is left behind, the more he lusts for that body-maneuvering skill.

Even though the Golden Flame eagle cannot catch up with them, for the present Qin Yu and Xiao Hei cannot lose him either.

“Xiao Hei, don’t risk our lives for the moment.” Qin Yu says via his holy sense. He knows Xiao Hei has a special skill that can increase his speed by several tens times instantly, but it is a desperate skill. Qin Yu also has a similar special skill.

Temporarily they cannot give the Golden Flame eagle the slip, but he cannot catch up with them either.

After they have been flying for a while, continuously leaving mountains and forests on the ground behind them, Qin Yu’s eyes suddenly brighten. He has seen a huge lake which is at least several hundred li wide below.

“Xiao Hei, go into the water!”

Qin Yu tells Xiao Hei via the holy sense then dives directly into the water like a beam of light. Xiao Hei dives into the lake with a wave of his wings as well. The Golden Flame eagle utters a sharp cry and also dives down extremely fast.

Birds are afraid of going into water, but both Xiao Hei and the Golden Flame eagle are not ordinary birds. Instead, they are demonic beasts who have overcome the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation. Therefore, their speeds are only somewhat affected underwater. However, it is relatively worse for the Golden Flame eagle after submerging because he is fire in nature.

“Yellow chicken, bye-bye ~~~ ha-ha ~~~”

Qin Yu suddenly laughs out loud. His speed seems not to be hindered significantly underwater. Using the Body-Weapon Unification technique, he instantly gets away a very long distance like a humanoid flying sword. As for Xiao Hei, electric sparks suddenly appear on his wings. These electric sparks zigzag in the area within several meters of Xiao Hei.

Water is conductive therefore, when Xiao Hei goes through water, his speed is affected very little. In a very short while, he has also disappeared.

The Golden Flame eagle, however, can only watch these 2 little preys disappear from his field of vision in an instant. He has his holy sense, but its range is only 10-odd kilometers and, moreover, Qin Yu and Xiao Hei already went out of the range of his holy sense a moment ago.

Shortly afterwards, one watching from the sky would see 2 beams of light shoot out of the lake then rush into a huge mountain forest. That mountain forest is enormous. At first sight, no one can see its other end. After a very long time, the Golden Flame eagle, who has failed to find Qin Yu and Xiao Hei, cries furiously. Eventually he flies back to his nest unwillingly.

In the ancient forest, Qin Yu and Xiao Hei both have a lingering fear. If a real fight had taken place, they would have been no match for that Yuanying-stage Golden Flame eagle, who is unusually gifted.

“Xiao Hei, let’s stop flying. We’ll go through the Wilderness on the ground. At the same time, we’ll have a nice training session by fighting some Jindan-stage demonic beasts.” Qin Yu says smilingly. Xiao Hei flaps his wings nonstop to show his agreement.

Then, a man and an eagle no longer fly. After all, even though they want to end this journey quickly, practicing is also fairly important. Of course, fighting Yuanying-stage opponents is a bit too much.

End of b4c8.

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