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Book 4: Stellar Transformations

B4C1: Stellar Transformations

In the evening, the setting Sun is going down westward. Its light, despite being not dazzling, is illuminating the entire vast ground.

However, in a courtyard of the East Vanquishing Prince mansion, the atmosphere is obviously gloomy and cold.

Qin Feng, Qin Zheng, Xu Yuan and Fengyuzi, 4 people altogether, are sitting at a stone table. Qin De, however, is standing with his hands behind his back in the courtyard and looking up at a willow. This courtyard is in the courtyard house belonging exclusively to Qin Yu and this willow was planted here by Qin De and Qin Yu together when Qin Yu was little.

No one, whether Qin Feng, Qin Zheng or Xu Yuan, has a bit of a smiling expression on his face.

“Xiao Yu is dead.”

When Qin Feng and Qin Zheng first knew about this just now, they were simply stupefied. They had never imagined that their 3rd brother would die like this and, even worse, die without an intact body, having been struck into nothingness by a wicked thunderbolt.

Qin Feng and Qin Zheng still remember their promise.

They wanted to protect their younger brother, but they will never be able to fulfill their promise.

“Every plan is to be sped up. In a half year, Zheng’er, can the logistics of materials such as army provisions, armor and weaponry be fully ready in a half year?” With his hands behind his back, Qin De suddenly breaks the silence in the forlorn courtyard.

Qin Zheng slightly frowns, thinks for a while then says with a nod: “A half year … father, a half year will be enough to fully prepare army provisions and the other materials. But to transport these materials to every army will need some time. If the deadline is loosened a bit, everything will be perfectly ready in 8 months. But if you want me to race against the clock, I can still manage it in a half year.”

“Um, Xu Yuan, can every step of Plan Flying Eagle be accomplished in a half year?” Qin De continues to ask.

Xu Yuan thinks for a while then says: “Your Highness, according to the original plan, we should still have 2 years to prepare. Now you want it to be accelerated and everything to be ready in a half year so time will be a bit tight. But because we’ve been carrying it out for the last 10-odd years, if it has to be sped up, a half year will still be enough for us to manage to start the entire plan.”


Qin De suddenly turns around and looks at the other people, saying: “All right, I’ll loosen the deadline a bit. In 7 months we’ll launch a full-scale attack. According to the plan, we’ll have to unify the entire Chu kingdom within a half year.” Qin De’s eyes glitter with a shockingly fierce coldness.

“Yes, father!”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Qin Feng, Qin Zheng and Xu Yuan immediately stand up, bow and respond with obedience.

“Feng’er, you must hurry back to the army immediately. We’ll leave the preparation of armaments and materials entirely to Zheng’er. I’ll be in charge of the overall supervision of the armed forces.” Qin De says directly. “All right, everybody can set to work now.”

Qin Feng, Qin Zheng and Xu Yuan bow and leave at once.

“Your Highness, you should rest more and take better care of yourself. Your body is still injured.” Fengyuzi slightly shakes his head and says with a sigh.

Qin De turns around again and looks at the willow: “Rest? Am I still in a mood for resting? If I don’t trample the 4 Eastern region counties to pieces, exterminate the Xiang clan, kill Xiang Guang and Wu De and destroy their souls, how can I possibly ease my mind and recover?”

Fengyuzi cannot help giving a forced smile, but he is not too worried either because, with the effective medicines of the princely mansion in addition to Qin De’s having become an early phase Jindan-stage Xiuzhenist, Qin De’s internal injuries will take at most a month to recover completely.

“I’ll return first, Your Highness. If you have any problems, you can send for me.” Fengyuzi slightly folds his hands and says.

“Please return, brother Feng. I won’t see you off.” Qin De says calmly.

Fengyuzi nods then stands on his flying sword and shoots through the sky immediately to leave.

“We’re going to launch our attack in 7 months. Winthin a half year later, 1,000,000 troops will definitely trample the 4 Western region counties to pieces and exterminate the Xiang clan!” Qin De talks to himself in a low voice. His eyes, however, are filled with a chilling killing intent.


A loud shout comes out from inside the room. Outside the room, Xiang Guang’s body cannot help shaking once.

Xiang Guang also feels greatly wronged. As soon as he heard that a Shangxian had returned, he immediately ran over here with enthusiasm, wanting to know if Qin De was dead or not. On the way from the Imperial Palace Xiang Guang’s heart was always excited.

However, just now, before he could say something, he was already scolded by Wu De.

“Screw this Wu De. I already gave them the Red Flourishing Pill. Could it be he returned without killing Qin De?” Indignation continuously surges in Xiang Guang’s heart, but he knows one thing — whatever happens, he must not offend this Shangxian because, after all, this Shangxian is a guardian the Xiang clan relies on.

The Red Flourishing Pill was the reward for Wu De and Wu Xing killing Qin De. If they have not killed Qin De yet, Xiang Guang naturally cannot but resent them.

“Your Majesty!” A eunuch beside Xiang Guang immediately bows.

“Scram!” With a strong wave of a sleeve Xiang Guang pushes the eunuch to one side then tries to say with a forced smile: “Shangxian …”

“Xiang Guang sonny, today I’m in a bad mood. Don’t disturb me.” Wu De shouts coldly.

Xiang Guang swallows then forces a smile, saying: “Shangxian, last time, I gave you the Red Flourishing Pill and asked you to kill Qin De for me, didn’t I? I’m wondering if Qin De is dead or alive.” Whatever happens, he still has to ask about this matter.

Moreover, Xiang Guang does not believe that this Wu De will dare to kill him.


The door is suddenly pushed open. The 2 panels of the door hit the walls beside them. Loose-long-haired Wu De walks out with a face full of anger. His eyes, glittering with indignation and enmity, are fixed completely on Xiang Guang. Seeing Wu De like this, Xiang Guang is so frightened that he continuously backs away.

“Don’t mention anything about Qin De to me. Because we agreed to handle this matter, even my martial younger brother died. Why did you still mention the Red Flourishing Pill and Qin De to me? Go the hell away for me! Don’t think that I won’t dare to touch you just because you’re a descendant of the Xiang clan.”

The air of anger from Wu De puts pressure on Xiang Guang as if it is real.

He and his martial younger brother were friends with each other for several hunded years. There was a deep affection between them. This time, Wu Xing’s death was really a crushing blow to Wu De. Even worse, the 5 middle-grade holy short knives Wu Xing took in at first were also struck into nothingness by a sudden beam of light in the end.

This time, Wu De gained nothing and his martial younger brother even died, how can he possibly not get angry?

“Calm your anger, Shangxian. I will leave right now and won’t disturb you anymore. Calm you anger, Shangxian …” Xiang Guang is frightened out of his wits as he is saying. He immediately runs very helter-skelter away from Wu De’s place with his entourage.

He turns his head around, looking at Wu De’s residence in the distance. Then, with a cold humph, he hurries back to the Imperial Palace at once.

The Immense Wilderness, no one has ever been able to measure its size. The deeper it is in the Wilderness, the higher the density of holy energy is, and the more formidable demonic beasts become. About 100,000 li away from the border of the Wilderness, there is a certain place.

Of course, compared to the size of the Wilderness, this 100,000 li distance is not a big amount of space. After all, the Wilderness is simply too large.

At this place, there is a huge lake. On the side of the lake, there is a huge mountain-shaped structure. That structure has only 2 stories and is only about 8 or 9 m high, but it occupies a shockingly large area, which is both longer and wider than 100 m. In this structure, every room is very luxurious. The rooms are even lit with various kinds of lamplight of different colors that have never been seen elsewhere on the Qian Long continent.

In the spacious entrance hall of this structure, the floor is pure silvery.

A young man with a wounded stomach, a middle-aged man with white brows that touch his temples and a black eagle are lying on this silvery floor. They are none other than Qin Yu, Wu Xing and the black eagle, who disappeared earlier.


Under Qin De’s gaze, the look in Qin Yu’s eyes becomes totally lifeless, his heart no longer beats and his breathing stops.

“Is this the feeling of death?”

Qin Yu vaguely remembers Xiao Hei’s wail but he simply cannot utter any sounds. He cannot even move his fingers a bit. However, his soul and consciousness still exist. After his bodily functions stop, his soul starts to shake.

A basically irresistible sucking force comes from the outside and affects Qin Yu’s soul directly, seemingly wanting to suck his soul away.

“I’m already dead. Is my soul entering the cycle of reincarnation now?” He simply cannot resist. His soul and consciousness can only feel that this sucking force is potent and overwhelming. His soul starts to float up. Apparently it is about to float out of his body.

Suddenly —

A warm stream flows out directly from the Meteoric Tear mark on his chest and enfolds Qin Yu’s soul and consciousness.

“So warm, just like soaking in the hot spring.” Qin Yu’s consciousness has this kind of feeling. At the same time, being directly insulated from that sucking force by the warm stream, Qin Yu’s soul still remains in his body and is not getting sucked away anymore.

Because his soul is engulfed in the warm stream, Qin Yu is simply unaware of what happens outside. Even when a flaming red beam of light shoots down from the sky and hits his body, he feels absolutely nothing.

At the same time, the Meteoric Tear is sending out various clear streams, which are rushing into his wounds nonstop. His body’s injuries are continuously recovering. The stab wound in his heart, however, is healing extremely slowly. But it is gradually recovering nonetheless.

As every minute or second goes by,

Qin Yu’s soul keeps enjoying that warmth. It is absorbing that warm stream of energy like a baby. His soul is gradually strengthening and becoming more materialized as well. It has become a seven-colored disc. The colors of the soul are extremely glorious and alluring. At the same time, energy is flashing around the soul nonstop like bolts of lightning. As the soul keeps absorbing that warm stream, those ‘bolts of lightning’ flash more and more powerfully.

In the blink of an eye, 7 days have passed.

The huge hole in Qin Yu’s stomach has healed without even a scar. It has taken him 7 days only because the heart is the most difficult body part to heal. His ordinary physical wounds needed just a half day to disappear scarlessly. His heart, however, has taken 7 days to recover.

Qin Yu’s soul is still enveloped in that warmth.

Suddenly, Qin Yu feels that warmth disappear. At the same time, a familiar feeling slowly returns. Qin Yu enjoys that feeling very much. It is the feeling of having control over the entire body, which only exists when the soul and the body are completely connected to each other.

He opens his eyes all of a sudden. At the moment his hands are still stuck in the chest of Wu Xing, who is undoubtedly as dead as a doornail. Qin Yu abruptly pulls his hands out and makes a shake with them at the same time. The muscles of the hands immediately vibrate extremely fast for a short time, forcing all the blood on the hands away.


After a roll, Qin Yu pushes himself up from the floor and looks around. At a glance, he sees Xiao Hei not far from him on a side. Xiao Hei has been staring at Qin Yu in a daze. At this moment, it immediately cries out loud in excitement. The cries of the eagle resound continuously. At the same time, it runs up to Qin Yu very fast and hugs him tightly with its huge wings while chirping wildly.

“Ha-ha, Xiao Hei, alright, wow, you’re drooling on me.”

Qin Yu and Xiao Hei start to lark about with each other.

“Welcome, Master. I never thought that after your heart was penetrated your life could still be saved. Starlet is really too shocked by this.” A crystalline childlike voice rises through the entire spacious hall. Both Qin Yu and Xiao Hei are startled.

Qin Yu expands his holy sense and discovers that this is a very strange structure, basically unlike those on the Qian Long continent. However, he does not detect any person at all.

“Who are you?” He immediately says. “Could it be you saved me?”

“I’m Starlet, but I didn’t save you. It’s you who saved yourself.” That pleasant crystalline childlike voice rises again.

Qin Yu slightly frowns. He remembers how his heart was punctured by Wu Xing. At that time the Meteoric Tear seemed to send out various clear streams to continuously heal his heart. Even though the healing speed was extremely slow, his heart was still recovering. Also, when his bodily functions stopped completely and his soul was about to be sucked away, a warm stream enveloped his soul.

“Could it be the Meteoric Tear saved me?” Qin Yu thinks to himself.

This Meteoric Tear is really extremely miraculous. At least for the moment Qin Yu cannot understand how he is still all right after even his heart was penetrated. It should be known that, even Xiuzhenists who have not reached the Dongxu stage will only die if their hearts are penetrated.

If a Dongxu stage expert or above is punctured in the heart, his physical body will be destroyed and he will only be able to rely on his yuanying and soul to practice as a loose immortal. No one has ever heard about anyone who could survive a stab wound in the heart.

For the moment, Qin Yu does not consider this matter. He organizes his mind a bit and asks: “You’re Starlet? Who is Starlet? Why have you always called me master? Can you explain everything? Moreover, why is the lamplight of this place so strange?”

Qin Yu raises his head and looks upwards.

There is a huge square transparent product which is radiating a multi-colored light, looking very effulgent.

“Starlet is the manager of this building and is an artificially intelligent being. This separate villa was built by 1st Master, Master Lei Wei. I followed Master Lei Wei wandering the universe. During that time, Master Lei Wei continuously practiced and learned through experience. We originally came from a techno-science universe, where technology and science were extremely developed. Master made this separate villa then sucked it into his Storage Ring. One day, Master ventured into a black hole and was sucked into it. After getting out of the black hole alive, he found himself having arrived in another universe. Master then came to a planet in this universe, which is your planet.”

That crystalline childlike voice says with excitement.

Qin Yu, however, raises his eyebrows.

Artificially intelligent being? Separate villa? Techno-science? Planet?

Qin Yu does not understand what they mean at all. He does not understand how he came to this place either.

“This planet unexpectedly belonged only to Xiuzhenists. Our original universe also had Xiuzhenists but, because it was dominated by science and technology, there were very few of them, extremely few. However, this planet had an unusually high number of Xiuzhenists, thousands upon thousands. After staying on this planet for some time, Master had to undergo his heavenly tribulation. He had been worried that he would fail so he had left me in this wilderness earlier, telling me to wait for 2nd Master. Sure enough, after so many years, the teleportation formation finally started and brought you here, Master.”

Now Qin Yu has gained a little knowledge of what happened, but he still does not understand some words such as technology and science.

“Starlet, why haven’t you come out? Come out and talk with me,” says Qin Yu directly because he simply does not know what an artificially intelligent being is.

“Wait a moment. Starlet doesn’t have a real body. I can only use a simulated image!” An image then appears in front of Qin Yu. It is none other than that of a kitten. Qin Yu’s eyes pop out of his head. He cannot help reaching out a hand. However, his hand goes through the simulated body of the kitten.

At first sight, this simulated image seems to be real. Only when he touched it was he able to discover that it is merely simulated.

“He-he, Master, you’re an inhabitant of the Qian Long continent so you simply don’t know what science and technology mean. 1st Master Lei Wei already prepared a book for you early on. It is written in the language of your Qian Long continent so you can take your time reading it. After reading it, you’ll understand everything. When you want to turn a page, just give me an order.”

A simple-and-ancient-looking book suddenly floats before Qin Yu. Naturally, it is also simulated.

Qin Yu looks at it in stupefaction. After a long time, he swallows and disregards everything else to start reading it carefully. As he goes on, a whole new civilization that is completely different from the Xiuzhen civilization appears before him …

Lei Wei was an exceptionally wise person. The book he wrote contains only several hundred thousand words but it enables Qin Yu to understand the meaning of the techno-science civilization. At least he already knows how to use this separate villa.

“So … I was teleported into this separate villa this way.” A faint smile appears on his face.

He has understood everything.

If a person wants to practice that Art of Stellar Transformations, he must reach the peak of the Xiantian level first, which also means he must completely master the 3 Trans-Heaven diagrams. The sign that he has practiced the technique of the diagrams to the highest level is the tricolor suit of armor formed by the 108 energy streams covering him.

As soon as Qin Yu formed a tricolor suit of armor, that miraculous huge transportation formation sensed it then directly transported him into this separate villa, which had been set up carefully beforehand. At the same time, Starlet automatically took his blood to register him as its master.

“Meow ~~ Master, 1st Master left you a series of images. He wanted to tell you about some matters with it. Do you want to watch it?” Starlet blinks its eyes and wags its little tail.

Qin Yu cannot help getting startled in his heart. He admires this Lei Wei very much.

Obviously, Lei Wei was the mysterious man who killed a Dacheng stage expert, a good several loose immortals, and several tens Dujie stage and Kongming stage experts. Moreover, this expert’s origin was even stranger — he did not even come from this Xiuzhen world.

Is he going to see this senior?

“Starlet, give Xiao Hei the right to move in this separate villa. Also, wait for me to deal with the corpse of this geezer. Ah, this is …” As soon as Qin Yu looks at Wu Xing’s corpse, he notices one thing.

Wu Xing is dead, but the flying sword and short knife inside his body and also his storage bracelet have dropped to one side. Qin Yu does not value the flying sword and short knife very much but he has never seen that storage bracelet.

He picks up the storage bracelet in a movement of his hand. The original owner of this storage bracelet is already dead so it is now an owner-free object. Qin Yu immediately personalizes it by blood. A drop of blood falls on this storage bracelet then gets totally absorbed by it.

“So wonderful, it even has a space the size of a room.” As soon as he puts the storage bracelet on, he can totally feel the space inside it.

As he wears the storage bracelet, there is a surge of happiness in his heart. With a thought, everything in the bracelet can appear on his hand then get sucked inside in an instant, which is really extremely convenient and fantastic. In his heart, Qin Yu cannot help getting emotional over how marvelous the storage bracelet is.

“Xiao Hei, from now on you can move freely in this separate villa. Come, follow me to bury this geezer’s corpse.” Qin Yu lifts Wu Xing’s corpse up in a movement of a hand then walks out of the hall in strides.

“Master, follow me, this way. Just now it was the Training Hall. The surrounding silvery walls and floor of the Training Hall are made from an ore that 1st Master collected from a planet with especially strong gravity while travelling the universe. They have particularly great hardness. Even a so-called high-grade holy weapon in this Xiuzhen world can only leave a small mark on them,” says Starlet proudly.

Qin Yu, however, secretly clicks his tongue because he never expected those silvery walls and that silvery ground to be so hard. But he does not know that Lei Wei, while wandering and venturing in the universe, saw a lot of strange planets, some of which had gravitational pulls so great that even Lei Wei did not dare to come near.

Walking out of the entrance of the living room, he sees a relatively large indoor swimming pool. He goes around the swimming pool and come out of this separate villa.

“It’s very beautiful indeed.”

As soon as Qin Yu comes out, he sees a blue lake before him. The side of the lake is surrounded by a green meadow. This separate villa is located beside the lake. However, outside the green meadow, there is a huge mountain forest. In a glance, he can see various kinds of wild beasts.

Qin Yu turns around and looks at the separate villa. From the outside, it looks like a mountain. He says with a smile: “Separate villa, this noun sounds really awkward. This separate villa was built by Senior Lei Wei and looks like a mountain so from now on let’s call it Lei Mountain House.” He has come up with a Qian-Long-continent-style name for it.

After that, he buries Wu Xing’s body at a nearby place.

“Xiao Hei, you can play around here but don’t go too far. This place is in the Wilderness. Maybe there are some strong demonic beasts. If you encounter any dangers, you must return immediately.” Qin Yu says while gently patting Xiao Hei’s head. Xiao Hei flaps its wings and nods in excitement.

Qin Yu gives a smile then goes back into Lei Mountain House directly.

Lei Mountain House is very large. It is divided into 2 floors. The ground floor has the Training Hall, the living room, the Weapon Forging Chamber, the Pill Making Chamber, the storeroom, the swimming pool at the front and the garden at the back. In the back garden there are flowers and grasses taken from some unusual planets.

The 1st floor does not have any techno-science leisure facilities. Rather, it is a place for training, weapon forging and pill making. The 2nd floor, however, is the opposite. It has recreation facilities such as the bathroom, the kitchen, the entertainment hall, the bedroom and the study.

At this moment, Qin Yu is in the Training Hall.

“Starlet, didn’t you say Senior Lei Wei left me a series of images? Turn them on for me to have a look.” Qin Yu is standing in the Training Hall. His heart is beating somewhat fast. After all, he is about to see images of the mysterious Lei Wei.

“Meow ~~~ wait a second!”

Starlet sweeps its little tail then disappears. At the same time … the entire Training Hall’s walls are covered with images of the universe and stars. In an instant, it looks as if Qin Yu is in space. The floor on which he is standing has even become the image of an area of space and simply cannot be seen anymore.

“Cosmos, this is the cosmos?”

Qin Yu is somewhat curious in his heart. However, at this moment, a man appears in front of him out of thin air. That man is standing with his hands behind his back and his back facing Qin Yu. After a long time, he lets out a sigh then turns around.

Aloof and proud, swift and fierce,

This is Qin Yu’s first impression of Lei Wei. All of a sudden, Lei Wei smiles: “Hello, if you are seeing this image, that will mean I, Lei Wei, have already failed to overcome the tribulation.”

Qin Yu understands this. If Lei Wei had not failed to overcome the tribulation, he would definitely have returned to this Lei Mountain House and naturally there would not be this scene. At the moment, after Lei Wei has begun to smile, he looks very amiable so Qin Yu is no longer nervous.

Lei Wei’s eyes have grown a bit misty. It seems he is remembering what has happened throughout his life.

“I was a prince of an empire in the Milky Way Galaxy, but I didn’t like imperial power. Instead, I liked interstellar adventures and practicing. Where we came from, there were Xiuzhenists on only one planet, which was the Earth. Only when I had reached a certain level in practice did I know about that.”

“At that time, I practiced nonstop. Then I obtained a secret book — the Trans-Heaven 3 Diagrams –, which had only 3 pages containing 36 pictures each. However, to practice the Trans-Heaven 3 Diagrams, I had to reach the Xiantian level in body training first. I went out of my way to train hard and after experiencing various difficulties I finally succeeded. Then I gave up the prince status and set off for interstellar adventures using my spaceship. While travelling, I continuously practiced the Trans-Heaven 3 Diagrams. Eventually, one day the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation came down. Luckily, I was able to overcome it. However … I didn’t have any techniques to continue my practice with.”

Lei Wei’s face has a hint of satisfaction and enjoyment. He seems to be remembering those daring years.

“While wandering in the cosmos looking for adventures, I heard about the theory of jindan and yuanying, but I still couldn’t obtain any Xiuzhen techniques. They were really too precious. At that time, I, who didn’t have a Xiuzhen technique, chose to create a path of my own. I knew Xiuzhen was to pursue the Way of Heaven … But what is the Way of Heaven? Could it be to form the jindan and train the yuanying?” A hint of haughtiness and confidence appears on Lei Wei’s face.

“No, I definitely don’t think so. In my view, the Way of Heaven is the most original and natural things and isn’t something forcibly prescribed by human attempts. Watching the natural transformations of the cosmos, I gradually gained an understanding of the Way of Heaven. Then I started to create a new practice technique based on my understanding. This technique is modeled upon the evolution of stars in the cosmos so it’s called the Stellar Transformations.”

An idea springs to Qin Yu’s mind. Could the Stellar Transformation be that mysterious technique?

Lei Wei continues: “After going through a series of battles and adventures, I finally knew about the existence of the planet Earth, the only citadel of Xiuzhenists in the entire cosmos. I spent over 100 years on Earth and also obtained several Xiuzhen techniques, but … I thought they were simply inferior to the Stellar Transformations I had created.”

Lei Wei involuntarily gives off an air of lordliness.

“I left Earth and started to venture nonstop in the cosmos. Eventually, one day I was sucked into a black hole. That black hole was really too strong. It was basically not something the human power could resist. Then I arrived in a new space. At the same time, I discovered the planet nearest me. This planet was very large, extraordinarily large. Compared to that planet Earth of the Milky Way, it had to be over 10,000 times bigger. When I landed on it, I found out that it had a shockingly high number of Xiuzhenists, who were counted by the 10,000.”

Lei Wei gives a disappointed smile: “Little boy, this study of mine has some practice techniques, which are all Xiuzhen techniques. I’ve collected quite a few of them, some from Earth and some others from this world. If you want to practice, you can use any of them.”

Qin Yu frowns. Could it be this Lei Wei does not want to teach him his own Stellar Transformations?

“Little boy, the Stellar Transformations is an incomplete technique and takes an unprecedented path. Even after wandering the cosmos for several thousand years, I’ve only been able to create the first 6 main stages — Nebula, Meteor, Core, Planet, Dujie and Star. Moreover, the Star stage has merely been envisaged by me and I have no idea what will come afterwards. If you practice like me, even if you overcome the tribulations, reach the Star stage and ascend to the Realm of Immortals, you won’t have any techniques to continue your practice with.” Lei Wei says with an indifferent smile.

Qin Yu also understands the disadvantages of the Stellar Transformations.

To practice it to the Dujie stage is still not a bad thing because Lei Wei has already done this. However, that Star stage has only been envisaged by Lei Wei and there is no technique for dealing with what will happen after it. Once Qin Yu takes this path and practices to the Star stage, he will have to create a new technique on his own because the practice methods used by the other Xiuzhenists, who all cultivate their yuanyings, will be completely useless to him.

But will it be easy to create a new technique? If he overdoes it and loses his way, both his body and soul will be destroyed.

“Stellar Transformations, ha-ha … is practicing this Stellar Transformations a blessing or a disaster? It’s hard to tell. Alright, little boy, you can choose for yourself. If you don’t practice it, then when you have a chance later, help me to find an inheritor of it, okay? Too bad, to practice the Stellar Transformations one must reach the peak of the Xiantian level in external practice first and use the Trans-Heaven 3 Diagrams as the basis, so, I’m afraid it won’t be easy to find an inheritor, but … You’ll need to think about this matter later.”

Lei Wei gives a disappointed smile and heaves a low sigh: “Milky Way, planet Menghuan …”

The image of his body then disappears completely.

After Qin Yu ponders for a while, his eyes flash with fierceness. He immediately leaves the Training Hall very fast and rushes into the study on the 2nd floor. There are quite a few paper books in the study. Some of them are educational books and some others are practice books. He finds it strange that Lei Wei wrote down various practice techniques in paper books.

The one book that is put highest is the Stellar Transformations.

“Blessing or disaster? Once I reach the Star stage, I can already achieve ascension. Even though afterwards I won’t have a technique to practice, when Master Lei Wei was able to create his own technique, then why can’t I? If there weren’t any challenges at all, practice would be too boring. Only this kind of technique will be able to make my blood boil with excitement!”

Qin Yu sits down on a chair and opens the Stellar Transformations.

“Is forming the jindan and yuanying the correct path of practice? The so-called Way of Heaven that everyone pursues, what is it? After observing the cosmic evolution, I created this technique. It can also be considered a path of Xiuzhen. This technique is divided into 6 main stages, the first of which is discussed in Chapter 1 — Nebula.”

“Generally, after a practitioner overcomes the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, his Xiantian energy will liquefy in his boundless dantian. He will then merge it into a sphere of liquid energy and refine this sphere until it becomes the jindan. However, must this course of action be taken? Must he merge his energy into a single mass? The 1st step of my Stellar Transformations is to disperse. It will evaporate the Xiantian energy again and spread this energy, not only throughout the dantian, but even beyond the surface of the body. It will use the dantian as the center and the body as the bridge to link the cosmos up with the center of the body, allowing the practitioner to evolve together with the natural Way of Heaven …”

As Qin Yu reads this technique, excitement surges in his heart uncontrollably.

Those Xiuzhenists who form the jindan or the yuanying all absorb holy energy nonstop then refine it in their dantians. Their way of practice is really very narrow-minded. If they want to become one with nature, perhaps they will have to wait until the Dongxu stage. Only from this stage, where their yuanyings can leave their bodies, can they get a taste of becoming one with nature.

However, in the beginning, what this Stellar Transformations does is disperse. It evaporates and disperses the Xiantian energy then uses the dantian as the center and the body as the bridge to connect the universe with the body’s center, absorbing the stellar energy in the universe …

“Alright, Master Lei Wei, I’m going to practice the Stellar Transformations. Even though upon reaching the last chapter, Star, I won’t have a technique to practice, I will continue to develop and complete this technique. Even if I fail, I will still pass it down to an inheritor to keep it in practice. Generation after generation, eventually there will be someone who can succeed completely.”

Qin Yu’s eyes glitter. He holds the book of the Stellar Transformations tighter.

Choosing to practice this Stellar Transformations, he certainly understands there is a possibility that he will fail in his attempt at creation and die due to taking the wrong way. But can Qin Yu possibly fear it? Is it still like him to be overly cautious and afraid of death? When approaching death, he even feels his blood boil with excitement. To him, only a life with a lot of that feeling will fill him with enthusiasm and be a perfect life with no regrets.

End of b4c1.

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