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Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 56: Experts Like Clouds

The stairs rising upwards from the great hall was very wide and spacious, and could allow 5 to 6 people walk abreast. Of the nine survivors, only Lan Feng walked in front. Qin Yu followed Lan Feng closely, and only thereafter followed the seven other experts.

“Man Gan, Lan Feng is really too powerful, even Fang Tian with True Dragon Spirit was easily swept aside. Do you have any hope against him?” Du Zhong Jun secretly used Voice Transfer to ask Man Gan.

Man Gan wore a faint bitter smile, and replied: “Brother Du Zhong, you are really overestimating my abilities. The rank of the True Dragon Spirit is definitely one of the top Immortal treasures available. And when used with the 5-Clawed Golden Dragon gives the best results. Even if I were to use all my aces including my Low Grade Divine Class item. My personal power is only a little stronger than Fang Tian with True Dragon Spirit. But, in front of Lan Feng, they are all nothing.”

Du Zhong Jun was silent and gloomy at Man Gan’s reply.

Du Zhong Jun and Man Gan both felt helpless, but they aren’t the only ones feeling at a loss. Hua Yan, Fang Tian, Ao Feng, Zong Jue and the others all felt depressed and resigned. After all, the power Lan Feng displayed was unsurmountable, unconquerable and unbeatable, even if everyone used their all their aces and ultimate techniques.

They used to have some hope of obtaining the treasures in Ni Yang’s Realm, but Lan Feng overwhelming power had completely crushed all hope of satisfying their greed. Their power gap was simply light years away.

“Haha, look at all the experts’ sullen and withdrawn expressions. They’re quite funny.” Qin Yu casually took a glance at the seven following behind, he secretly snickered with glee, “Ni Yang’s Realm should have a large number of treasures, I don’t need too much. I’ll leave some of treasure which are more common, to them.”

The group arrived at the second floor of the Nine Heavens palace.

The second level of the Nine Heavens was another similarly magnificent great hall as the previous level. At the centre of this hall, stood a Blue-Green Obelisk of about 5 metres in width and depth, about 3 metres tall. Behind this beautifully adorned hall was 3 paths leading to a number of rooms.

But all attention was focused at the Blue-Green Obelisk.

“Congratulations to you all on reaching the 2nd level of the Nine Heavens, the second heaven – ‘From the Next Day’ (自明天). In this test of the second heaven, the victor will ultimately obtain the Painting of the Lost God (迷神图卷).”

Qin Yu read with puzzlement and mouthed: “What is this Painting of the Lost God?”

All the Emissaries: Man Gan, Ao Feng, Hua Yan and Du Zhong Jun, all quivered with excitement. They had all descended and enter Ni Yang’s Realm to obtain this ‘Painting of the Lost God’, known as the greatest treasure in all the upper Demon, Devil and Immortal Realms.

“If my predictions are right then there should be Emissaries from the: Devil Realm, Demon Realm, and Dragon Clan. But, I’m just not too sure that the Emissary from the Immortal Realm is still alive. You all came for this prize right? Except there is only one Painting of the Lost God. Whoever gets it will depend on their own personal power.”

Given the humongous size of the obelisk and the number of words on it, everyone took their time to carefully inspect the obelisk.

“In this realm, my realm, treasures are countless, but the majority are found in the heart of my Realm – in this central area. The greatest and most precious treasures are stored in this Nine Heavens Palace, in the seventh to the nineth floors.”

Everyone’s eyes sparkle with incandescent glee.

In numberless years of the Emperor’s existence, his treasures and wealth was so great that it would be frightening. So the majority could not be stored in the central region, only the most precious treasures could be found in the Nine Heavens. But of the rarest of the central region, the legendary treasures are found in the seventh to the ninth floors.

“From the seventh to the ninth floors of heaven, these three floors each have a Divine Class item. The Painting of the Lost God will be in the nine floor of heaven, because it is the most precious treasure of unimaginable value.”

In the front facing side of the obelisk so many words.

Man Gan gasped in awe: “The Emperor wasn’t acclaimed to have the most Divine items, without good reason. Including the Painting of Ten Thousand Beasts, there is a total of 4 Divine items here.”

“For Emperor Ni Yang to have the Painting of the Lost God and so many other Divine items, is not strange at all.” Hua Yan replied nonchalantly.

After reading through the text and listening to Man Gan’s explanation, Qin Yu came to realise the truth about many things.

“So Emperor Ni Yang is acclaimed to the Emperor with the most Divine items.” Qin Yu thought, “Then for that Painting of the Lost God to make all the upper realm leaders to become obsessed, must mean it has an unimaginable value.”

At this moment, Man Gan the other experts dare not to move to check the hind side of the obelisk. They guessed the hind side must have words as well, but since Lan Feng does not move, nobody dares to make the first move.

“Brother Lan Feng, I’m sure there still are words left by the Emperor on the back facing side of the obelisk.” In a light tone Ao Feng voiced a reminder.

Ao Feng’s broke the silence, and awoke Qin Yu from his thoughts.

“Heh, looks like all these people are waiting for me.” Qin Yu chuckled to himself, while Lan Feng spoke: “Ye, of course I know that, but I feel that all of you seem a little afraid of me?”

Lan Feng said smilingly to the crowd behind him.

Everyone’s smiles froze suddenly.

Lan Feng smiled knowingly: “Don’t worry, did you not see the words left by Emperor Ni Yang? There are Divine treasures found from the seventh to the ninth floors, and I will only take enough for myself. The others will depend on your own luck and power.”

Ao Feng, Do Zhong Jun and the others’ faces light up like Christmas, and smile gleefully like children given candy.

Even if it was not possible to obtain the Painting of the Lost God, obtaining a Divine item was already enough to make people to leap about with boundless joy.

When Qin Yu saw the celebrating faces of everyone else, in his heart he sneered: “Ha, laugh while you can! If Man Gan got a Divine item, then it would be okay. As for Ao Feng, Du Zhong Jun, Hua Yan, you guys would never get one…..even in your dreams!”

He still remembers the hateful Voice Transfer messages these people sent during his turn through the Blue Cloud Road.

From those message, he could easily determine that these people wanted him to kill himself. On top of that, the arrogant and commanding tones, and condemning attitudes towards his life, was already enough to make Qin Yu feel deep spite for them.

But –––––––

Qin Yu couldn’t be bothered to deal with them at this time.

“Gentlemen, let’s go see the rear side.” Lan Fang spoke lightly and strode with dignity befitting a king to the rear side. As soon as Lan Feng spoke, Ao Feng and the others leaped to the opposite as well, to carefully inspect the monument.

“Inscribed below. I, Emperor Ni Yang will give you your last test, it is also the way for you to leave.”

Qin Yu’s eyes lit up.

To enter the Ni Yang Realm, he had methods to do this, but what about exiting? He did not know until now.

“If you want to leave alive or to gain the treasures found in the seventh to the ninth floors, you must reach the third floor of this Nine Heavens Palace. Once on the third floor, you will face a trial and a choice. The choice is to resist the power of the ‘Heaven Piercing Sword Spirit’.”

“In the third floor of the Nine Heavens, there are seventeen rooms. In the first room, the Heaven Piercing Sword Spirit’ of mine will be restricted to a Level 1 Golden Immortal’s maximum powered Sword Spirit. In the second room, the Heaven Piercing Sword Spirit’ of mine will be restricted to a Level 2 Golden Immortal’s maximum powered Sword Spirit, and so on. In the tenth room, the Heaven Piercing Sword Spirit’ of mine will be restricted to a Level 1 Mystic Immortal’s maximum powered Sword Spirit. And in the seventeenth room, is at a Level 8 Mystic Immortal’s maximum powered Sword Spirit.”

“In these rooms, each has three waves of Sword Spirit. Each person must enter a room, once inside they must withstand one wave of Sword Spirit. If you should use body manipulation or your agility to avoid and escape, you will be instantly killed. Failing to resist will result in death as well. Only the ones successfully withstanding the assault will live.”

Everyone felt their hearts quiver with this shocking revelation.

You must directly withstand the sword spirit, and only then the victor could leave.

“If you don’t enter a room, you will also die!” From this sentence alone made Hua Yan and the others hopes of a luck encounter shatter.

“The victors’ results would be decided by the number of points the victor has withstood. For example, suppose the victor chose to enter the second room, and successfully withstood the max power of a Level 2 Golden Immortal, then that means he has passed 2 points. The final results will be ranked by the number of points that individual has passed. The top three will enter the top three floors. The top ranked individual will enter floor nine, then the second will go to floor eight, then the third to floor seven.”

After reading through the densely packed words on the obelisk, the experts’ eyes flash with understanding.

The greater the number of points a person has passed, the higher the chance to obtain the Painting of the Lost God.

Du Zhong Jun felt excited, “Haha with the Blood Spirit of Pu, I can at most withstand a Level 6 Golden Immortal’s Sword Spirit once, which means 6 points passed. That Lan Feng may be strong, but what level could he withstand? 5 points? How could he withstand a Level 5 Golden Immortal’s Sword Spirit?”

It wasn’t just Du Zhong Jun feeling excited, but Man Gan and the others all silently clench their fists in excitement.

This so-called ranking based on the number of passed points, is very favourable for them.

But, they don’t know that the Golden Immortal Lan Feng is just a Golden Immortal Sword Puppet.

“I’m currently a Dacheng Stage expert, if I withstood a Level 9 Golden Immortal’s Sword Spirit once each, wouldn’t that mean I passed eighteen points? Without a doubt that’s a win.” Qin Yu felt completely confident in this test.

[TN: I didn’t quite understand how he could get 18 points when only take one hit. In the original text he says: 如果抵挡九级金仙一击,不就是越十八级了吗?, how could passing/withstanding a one strike from a level 9 golden immortal mean 18 points? I could only assume that it was a typo, and it should be 2 strikes, thought Idk how that’s going to work….]

But all the same, the Emperor’s declaration puzzles Qin Yu.

The results are based on the number of points and not the challenger’s personal power.

“Is this –––––– to determine the hidden potentials of the challengers?” Qin Yu ponders and scrutinizes each phrase of the Emperor’s words. This means those that could exceed the Sword Spirit wave, would be able to exceed their normal power levels.”

“Not good, if that Lan Feng discovers this rule is not in his favour, will he just kill us now?” Du Zhong Jun started, and was the first to reach this conclusion.

Even if they could gain more points, but if Lan Feng killed them before they try, then wouldn’t that mean all the treasure would belong to Lan Feng?

Suddenly, a gust of wind whistles by.

Du Zhong Jun was the first to rush in the direction of the stairs to the third floor. As soon as the gust whistled by, Hua Yan and the other also reacted, and in quick succession rushed towards the third floor. In a blink of an eye, only Qin Yu and the Immortal Sword Puppet remain in the second floor’s hall.

“So anxious. Were they afraid I would kill them? If I wanted, they’d be dead already.” Qin Yu chuckled.


[TN: not sure how to translated 闯关, since I used passing gives points, and normal this would mean checkpoints or level rush or to rush through stages. I called it blitz.]

How could they surpass eighteen points? The treasures found in the ninth floor already had his name on them.

“Well, first let’s see what this Atlas of Ten Thousand Beast is.” Qin Yu was not at all hurried to go to the third floor, but withdrew the Atlas and carefully started the Blood Possession Contract with the item.

The surface of the golden scroll quickly absorbs the drop of blood, and it starts to emit golden light.

“To my lucky junior, congratulations on acquiring the Atlas of Ten Thousand Beasts.” A familiar voice rang midst Qin Yu mind, and at the same time an aloof figure appears in his mind. His knew this was the –––––– Immortal Emperor Ni Yang.

When he obtain the second ring – Lord of White Ice’s ring, within Qin Yu’s mind, a similar silhouette also appeared.

“This Atlas of Ten Thousand Beasts is a very valuable Divine Class item. Junior, allow me to explain to you the properties of this Atlas. In the Atlas there are 3 Levels, each level contains a world. In the first level, the inhabitants are Divine Beasts at the Demon Level. In the second level, the inhabitants are Divine Beasts at the Demon King Level. Finally in the third level, the inhabitants are Divine Beasts at the Demon Emperor Level.”

Qin Yu was absolutely stunned, and gasped: “My god, isn’t this equivalent to having countless Divine Beast Collars? And not to mention, in the third level the Divine Beasts are at the Demon Emperor Level!”

“Only when you have reached the Immortal Stage or equivalent, can you open the first world and control all the beasts in there. Once you are at the Golden Immortal stage, the second world will open and allow you control all the beasts in that world. Finally, when you reach the Mystic Immortal stage, only then will you be able to open the third world and control its beasts.”

“Junior, for those of you who are much weaker, this Atlas of Ten Thousand Beasts is indeed a very precious treasure. Use it wisely. With this……Surely you can enter a more powerful room in the next test, and earn more points.” Emperor Ni Yang advised kindly.

Through all this, Qin Yu’s heart felt like it was trembling at the amount of power held in this Divine item.

At the end of the explanation, Qin Yu starts to channel his stellar power from his Star into the Atlas, to see if he could open the first level’s world.

Although he was just at the Dacheng Stage, but with the Dacheng Stage of the Stellar Transformations path, his combat power is at least a Level 1 Immortal. Based on the description of this Atlas, opening worlds should only depend on the combat power.

Alas ––––––

The Atlas within his body started vibrating, and with a burst of power, Qin Yu’s mind enter the first world.

Within was a vast green space and a boundless land with dense Spiritual Energy.

In just a short moment, Qin Yu could sense all the beasts in the entire first world. He could feel a bonding-like feeling within his soul, and he instantly knew, he controlled all the beasts’ lives.

The Atlas of Ten Thousand Beasts has the same kind of ability as the Divine Beast Collars, except there is no limit to the number of Divine Beasts, one can control. All the beasts within the world will submit to the master of the Atlas.

“Who is the master of this first world of the Atlas of Ten Thousand Beasts?” Qin Yu issued a mental command to all the inhabitants. Each beast could hear this command resound in their souls. Soon all had heard Qin Yu’s command.

In the fourth floor of the Nine Heavens.

A thin, black youth sat cross-legged in the centre. The youth’s eyes shone like black pearls glistening with worldly wisdom, and yet his physique resembled a child’s. The thin black youth’s muscles emitted a strange and ghastly dull glow.

Suddenly, his eyes shot open.

Where his vision fell on, the space collapsed!

“The challengers have finally arrived, Ni Yang, I will soon leave this Mortal Plane as well. Haa –––––– Those years ago, how could I fall for your tricks? Trapped for a day turned into trapped for life.” The thin black youth eyes flash with a hint of frustration.

~End of Chapter 56~

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