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Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 34: Ascension, Limitless

This chapter was translated by Rylain at Nightbreeze translations. For various reasons, Rylain’s translations for Stellar Transformations are on an indefinite hiatus. Refer to his blog for more information. You can find his blog here here! Please note that some terms might be different from the past!

On Snow Fish Island, individual large groups rose and flew into the sky, mainly separated into the four large factions. That day was the day for people of the four factions to leave Snow Fish Island. Since the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams was auctioned off, those four different factions naturally would not want to linger there.

“Brother Lan Feng, farewell.”

Sword Immortal Hua Yan smiled as he bid his farewell, and behind him was a large group of Loose Immortals.

“Farewell.” Lan Feng nodded and smiled.

Sword Immortal Hua Yan was instead slightly fearful. “What is the matter with this Lan Feng, I have a feeling that his powers seem to be even more unfathomable and overwhelming.” People who had met him said that the initial Lan Feng was only more or less as strong as Hua Yan, but the current Lan Feng instead already possessed the capabilities of a Third Tier Golden Immortal.

That was also the reason why Qin Yu had saved on using the Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones. After all, against those current few martial experts, a Third Tier Golden Immortal Sword Immortal was already sufficient.

“Brother Lan Feng, Brother Zong Jue, farewell.”

The Dragon Clan’s Ao Feng, Fang Tian, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun, the wilderness Demon Clan’s Man Gan, each clasped their hands.

After the large parade of people momentarily bid their farewells to each other, the four factions split and flew away in two different directions.

The side of the Loose Devils, the side of the Loose Immortals, and the side of the Dragon Clan all flew towards the south, while the wilderness Demon Clan instead flew towards the Ancient Teleportation Array. From the middle of the sky, Qin Yu, Hei Yu, Hou Fei, Lan Feng, Zong Jue and the others saw those group of people off as they left.

Strong winds brushed against him, swaying Qin Yu’s hair at the corners of his eyes.

Qin Yu’s attention was focused at Wu Kong Xue and Reverend Ming Liang.

Meanwhile, at that moment, Wu Kong Xue and Reverend Ming Liang were each having their respective conversations with Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun and Sword Immortal Hua Yan. The smiles on their faces made them seem very humble.

“Ah, take your time to chat. Your days are already numbered,” said Qin Yu silently within his mind.

“Little Brother Qin Yu.”

“Ah?” Qin Yu was jolted awake from his contemplations, and turned his head to take a look. Zong Jue was smiling at Qin Yu.

“May I know if Senior Zong has anything for me?” Qin Yu recollected his thoughts.

Zong Jue nodded, then smiled and said, “I have also been here for an extended amount of time. A day to chance, rather than choice, and today, my men from the Chaotic Astral Sea are prepared to go back temporarily. Still, please let me know in advance regarding the time when you are about to enter Ni Yang’s Realm.”

[Rylain: The Chinese saying, ‘择日不如撞日’ translates to ‘A day to chance, rather than choice’. The literal meaning is, ‘Rather that choosing an auspicious date for an event, a randomly chosen date might not necessarily be bad’. We all know that we are lying to ourselves when we choose an auspicious date to do something, because that day is no different from an ordinary day. Therefore, what it means is: Just leave everything to fate.]

Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun looked at the scattered pieces of flesh and white bones, his chest completely filled with anger that could not be vented out.

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