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B10C35: The return of Reverend Ming Liang

In the dusky, boundless ocean, Lian Chong is teleporting in a relaxed manner while taking Qin Yu and the ink qilin with him. After all, he is an 8th tribulation loose devil so it is not difficult for him to teleport 2 individuals with him.

“Father, mother, don’t worry!” He and his parents are messaging each other for the first time after his tribulation. “Now I know clearly where I am and my power has improved. As an 8th tribulation loose devil with a middle-grade devil weapon, I can only be killed by very few experts. Besides, I can message you when I’m in danger.”

After Liang Chong has persuaded his parents for quite a while, they finally agree not to teleport to him at once.

Moments ago, when he sent them the news that he had survived, the 2nd and 3rd masters of the Devil Peng Islands were still thinking that their son was already dead. Now, knowing that he is alive, naturally they are extremely excited and want to teleport to him and bring him back immediately.

Only after talking so much can Lian Chong soothe his parents.

Indeed, at the moment he is in no danger at all. Even if he encounters a danger, he can call his parents in right away because now he knows where he is.

Lian Chong, Qin Yu and the ink qilin use teleportation when they come across empty areas of the ocean. When they come across some special places, they fly through them while Lian Chong introduces them carefully to his 2 companions.

“Brother Qin Yu, this island is called Coiling Snake. It’s the territory of a 10th tribulation loose demon. This old demon is very abnormal but he still has to be polite when running into me.”

Lian Chong says while pointing to a nearby island.

“Brother Lian Chong,” In the distance, a black-clad old man greets them smilingly while flying towards them extremely fast. When Lian Chong had just arrived in his territory, his demon sense already noticed Lian Chong.

The black-clad old man is forcing a smiling expression on his face. The young man in front of him is a little fiend of the Devil Peng Island so he definitely cannot offend him.

“Ha-ha, Old Snake, come, let me introduce you to each other. This is my brother Qin Yu, a friend I can give my life for. Brother Qin Yu, this is big brother Hei Wu.” Lian Chong says ceremoniously.

“Oh, it’s nice to meet you, brother Qin Yu.” This black-clad old man greets Qin Yu hurriedly, thinking it is better to make friends with him because Lian Chong rarely calls someone a brother he can give his life for.

“It’s nice to meet you, big brother Hei Wu.” Qin Yu says at once.

After chatting for some time, Lian Chong becomes impatient, saying immediately: “Old Snake, my brother and I must rush back to the Devil Peng Island right now. See you later.”

“Definitely, definitely, my Coiling Snake Island will welcome you two anytime.” The black-clad old man says smilingly.

Immediately afterwards, riding the ink qilin, Qin Yu heads for the Devil Peng Island with Lian Chong.

On the way, they visit various places. With Lian Chong’s guidance, Qin Yu finally becomes acquainted with many loose practitioner experts of the Chaotic Astral Ocean. Those experts are very polite to Lian Chong. Qin Yu’s reputation also spreads through the Chaotic Astral Ocean gradually.

The first impression he gives those loose practitioners of the Chaotic Astral Ocean is that he is a brother Lian Chong can give his life for. Now, at least in the Chaotic Astral Ocean, he can be considered a first-rate figure.

Many 4th tribulation, 5th tribulation and even 6th tribulation loose practitioners have been in the Chaotic Astral Ocean for a long time without a reputation. In one respect, someone’s reputation reflects their status.

“Brother Qin Yu, you think this Blue Water Island is formidable? Ha-ha, brother Qin Yu, you can’t have seen the great powers of the Chaotic Astral Ocean. In terms of experts, this Blue Water Island is not even in the top 10 of the ocean.” Lian Chong says in an unconcerned manner.

Just now, Qin Yu’s group went past the Blue Water Island. Because the master of the island was doing closed-door training, the vice master of the island personally welcomed them.

Qin Yu was also able to experience the power of this Blue Water Island. This island is several tens of thousands of li in length and width. It is absolutely comparable to a country. However, in the boundless Chaotic Astral Ocean, an area of land that is several tens of thousands of li in extent can only be considered an island.

But there are unexpectedly more than 2000 loose practitioners on the Blue Water Island, which naturally shocked Qin Yu.

“With more than 2000 loose practitioners, this is indeed a very strong power.” He says with a shake of his head.

Being high up in the sky, Lian Chong points around: “Brother Qin Yu, there are quite a few powers in this Chaotic Astral Ocean. With 2000 loose practitioners, the Blue Water Island is pretty strong, but they accept all kinds of loose practitioners, including even 4th tribulation ones, regardless of quality. You see, more than half of their 2000 people are at the 4th tribulation and 5th tribulation stages. And those from the 6th tribulation up are only 300 to 400 in number.”

He is totally unconcerned: “Brother Qin Yu, the minimum requirement for the loose practitioners of the 3 main islands in the Chaotic Astral Ocean is the 6th tribulation. This is called ‘quality matters more than quantity’.”

Qin Yu’s eyes brighten.

“Brother Lian Chong, I’m not very familiar with the other 2 of the 3 main islands. Can you tell me a bit more about the 2nd and the 3rd islands?” Recently he has become familiar with the Devil Peng Island thanks to Lian Chong praising it to the skies.

But he does not know very much about the 2nd and the 3rd islands, Lianyun and Heifeng.

“The 2nd island is called Lianyun. It has 3 masters and about 3000 loose practitioners as well. The first master of the island is a 12th tribulation loose immortal. The 2nd and 3rd masters are a loose devil and a loose demon. Both of them are at the 11th tribulation stage. Hey, brother Qin Yu, don’t look down on this Lianyun Island. Its first master is no ordinary loose immortal.”

Lian Chong says mysteriously: “In fact, all the masters of the 3 main islands are no ordinary experts. For example, my parents are loose devils of the Devil Path of Asura, who have the most fearsome offense among loose devils! The Lianyun Island’s first master attaches importance to studying formations and pill making. Besides, he has a formation that can allow the 3 masters of the island to join forces even though they follow different practices. It’s extremely powerful.”

Qin Yu nods.

The Lianyun Island can be called a great power so naturally it has its own tricks.

Some experts may have only overcome the 11th tribulation but it is possible that they have even surpassed ordinary 12th tribulation experts in real offense.

“As for the Heifeng Island, it’s a bit weaker. It has 2 island masters. They’re both divine beasts, a very rare type of divine beast called petrifying beast. Brother Qin Yu, these 2 island masters are 11th tribulation divine beasts but they’re extremely powerful, perhaps even more powerful than ordinary 12th tribulation experts. They’re even stronger when joining forces. They certainly deserve to be called the 3rd greatest power of the Chaotic Astral Ocean.” Lian Chong introduces carefully.

“The 3 main islands are all outstanding.” Qin Yu praises.

“Humph, humph, that’s nothing special. Perhaps the Lianyun Island and the Heifeng Island combined can only manage to rival my Devil Peng Island. My big uncle alone is unmatched by anybody of those 2 islands. My big uncle’s got … super strong offense, super strong defense and super high speed … He’s absolutely invincible.” Lian Chong begins to brag about his big uncle.

Qin Yu gives a little smile.

This is already the 18th time Lian Chong has boasted about his big uncle on the way.

Offense, defense, speed;

His big uncle simply seems to be a perfect being. Compared to the other 12th tribulation experts, he seems to be on a whole different level.

“All right, brother Lian Chong, you’ve already said that a dozen of times before.” Qin Yu interrupts Lian Chong’s bragging then changes the subject, saying: “Right, we’re not far from the Devil Peng Island now, are we?”

He has a map so naturally he knows the current distance to that island. He is just trying to change the subject.

“Um, less than a hundred million li, ha-ha, we’re going to reach the Devil Peng Island very soon. Brother Qin Yu, you’ve always marveled at the small islands on the way. When you see the Devil Peng Island, you’ll know how extraordinary it is and why it is called the no. 1 island of the Chaotic Astral Ocean!” Lian Chong says confidently.

Qin Yu looks doubtfully at him: “Could there still be some secret you haven’t told me?”

“Ha-ha, you’ll know when you arrive in the Devil Peng Island.” Lian Chong puts on an air of mystery.

Riding the ink qilin, Qin Yu flies towards the Devil Peng Island with Lian Chong in a relaxed manner. If they used teleportation, they would arrive in no time, but they want to enjoy the scenery on the way so they are in no hurry at all.

The Teng Long continent, in the sky above Mount Qingxu,

He is dressed in a light blue robe. His waist-length long hair is tied together slightly with a straw rope and is fluttering freely in the breeze amid the clouds.

His eyes are like deep ponds. He has red lips and white teeth like a breathtaking beauty.

This is the no. 1 expert of the Qingxu Temple, 12th tribulation loose immortal Reverend Ming Liang.

His lips are very thin, giving him a unique aura. Many female loose immortals adore him a lot but he prefers to be alone.

Even in the Chaotic Astral Ocean, Reverend Ming Liang ranks among the top 10 figures.

Riding a beautiful cloud, he arrives at the outside of the protective formation around Heavenly Palace of the Qingxu Temple. Reverend Ming Shan, Reverend Lan Bing and the loose immortals such as Shan Qu are all waiting for him respectfully here.

“Senior brother.” Reverend Ming Shan bows and says immediately.

“Taoist brother Ming Liang.” When Reverend Lan Bing sees Reverend Ming Liang, there is a tinge of joy in her eyes.

“Uncle master.” The Shan-generation loose immortals all bow and say.

A radiant smile appears on Reverend Ming Liang’s face: “Reverend Lan Bing, Ming Liang can’t be thankful enough that you’ve come round to help.” He says to Reverend Lan Bing first.

Reverend Lan Bing says smilingly at once: “You don’t have to be that way, Taoist brother Ming Liang. The immortal world already gave the order that we personally get into action.”

Reverend Ming Liang says with a nod: “Junior brother, let’s return to Heavenly Palace first before discussing anything.”

After going back into Heavenly Palace, Reverend Ming Liang takes the master seat, Reverend Ming Shan and Reverend Lan Bing take the top seats on the left and the right and the people such as Shan Qu take the seats after them in correct order. Gan Xu is also lucky enough to get the last seat.

“Everybody, I already have a rough understanding of the matter. The 3 Heaven-Sundering Diagrams are related to the legendary Ni Yang Realm. Shan Qu, you recount what that expert of the Stellar Tower said that day carefully again, especially in the part where you asked him if he knew me.” Reverend Ming Liang’s expression is somewhat solemn.

Shan Qu is startled: “Could uncle master be annoyed by the opponent looking down on him? This should not be the case. Uncle master is not that kind of man, right?”

Without thinking much, he says carefully: “Uncle master, that day we were afraid of that senior Lan’s power so we mentioned you with the intention of scaring him a bit.”

“Afterwards … that senior Lan said you were a pipsqueak. Naturally I was furious so I said that you were a 12th tribulation loose immortal who not even the masters of the 3 main islands in the Chaotic Astral Ocean dared to look down on then asked him what allowed him to say you were a pipsqueak.”

Reverend Ming Liang says with a frown: “Go on. Say the next sentence carefully.”

Feeling the attention Reverend Ming Liang is paying, Shan Qu immediately ponders for a while. This loose immortal has a really formidable memory. He then imitates Uncle Lan’s tone at the time, saying: “He said: ‘Reverend Ming Liang? I don’t know him, but I know the little golden Peng of the 3 main islands.’”

“Uncle master, it is this sentence.” Shan Qu says respectfully.

Reverend Ming Liang frowns.

“Little golden Peng …”

His pupils, which originally were like deep ponds, now glitter. All of a sudden — his body shakes once and his face even changes color.

“Could it be the little golden Peng is … Impossible! Could it be …?” Reverend Ming Liang murmurs to himself in a low voice with a lack of clarity. On either side of him, Reverend Ming Shan and Reverend Lan Bing both look somewhat doubtful.

He then gives an indifferent smile and regains his former expression, saying: “All right, I already understand this matter. For the time being, we won’t try to get that ink-wash painting of the Stellar Tower’s Qin Yu. Our current target is the ink-wash painting of the Yinyue Palace!”

“Junior brother, how is the investigation?” Reverend Ming Liang asks.

Reverend Ming Shan says with a nod: “Don’t worry, senior brother. Everything is in the palm of my hand. That ink-wash painting is almost certainly on Dame Lian Yue’s body. By now those loose devil experts still haven’t come back …”

“This period is an opportunity we must grab at.” Reverend Ming Liang stands up and says with a sigh.

Grab at this opportunity?

“Junior brother, Reverend Lan Bing, let’s immediately head for the Yinyue Palace tonight. We definitely can’t waste time. If we delayed for just a day, Wu Kongxue would come back in time, and that would be terrible for us.” Reverend Ming Liang says at once.

Night is already falling at the moment. By saying that they would start out in the evening, he meant very obviously that they would start out in just a while.

“Wu Kongxue!”

“Devil King Wu Kongxue!”

Reverend Ming Shan, Reverend Lan Bing and the people like Shan Qu all exclaim. This Wu Kongxue’s notoriety is very terrifyingly intimidating.

“That’s right. This is the news I just received. This time Wu Kongxue is going to return to the Teng Long continent. In the past he once fought the 2nd master of the Devil Peng Island to a draw. There’s basically no need to say much about how strong he is. Even if I fight him, I’ll only have a 50-50 chance of winning.” Reverend Ming Liang is somewhat afraid of this Wu Kongxue too.

After all, Wu Kongxue’s exploits are a bit too shocking, regardless of whether it is massacring large numbers of Xiuzhenists to practice his devil technique, or some glorious achievements of his in the Chaotic Astral Ocean, or having a fight with the 2nd master of the Devil Peng Island.

“So I rushed back at my top speed. In my estimation, Wu Kongxue shouldn’t have returned yet. Therefore … we must take full advantage of this period, which is the most beneficial period to us. Although Xue Yuyang of the Lanyang School and Reverend Chi Yang of the Ziyang School on our side haven’t come back, on the side of Xiumoists, even more loose devils haven’t come back either.”

Reverend Ming Liang’s eyes glitter like the rising sun.

“This time we must succeed at one stroke, snatching the ink-wash painting, allowing our side of Xiuxianists to have the upper hand.” He says very gently but his words contain absolute resolution.

Reverend Lan Bing and Reverend Ming Shan exchange a look. Clearly both of them have prepared themselves well.

Not long after Reverend Ming Liang’s return to Heavenly Palace, when the sky has just darkened, 3 silhouettes fly towards the Yinyue Palace, the current no. 1 Xiumo school, like 3 beams of light.


Heifeng Island means the Black Wind Island.
Lianyun Island means the island that is connected to the clouds.

End of b10c35.

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