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B10C10: The vanished yuanying

“What? None of you seems very excited to see me.” Dame Yan Ji’s charming eyes cast a glance at everybody. After changing into her true form, the way she talks is also totally similar to that of a woman and very different from that of the black-haired old man just now.

Old Taoist Gan Xu and Gan Ming grind their teeth. By killing their brother Gan Shan, Yan Ji has not only caused a great feud between them and her but also weakened the forces of the Qingxu Temple in fighting for that mansion-guarding stele a lot.

“How is that possible, sister Yan Ji? It’s just that you really startled us very much. Who could have thought … that black-haired old man was a transformation of you? When you change into someone else, you’re really similar to that person both in shape and in spirit.” Reverend Shui Rou says with a smile.

Dame Yan Ji, however, stares at Reverend Yue Yan.

The latter’s heart is trembling in fear. Moments ago, it is he who shouted loudly at the black-haired old man she had transformed into to ask about matters concerning mansion-guarding steles. At that time, the black-haired old man was cowardly and frightened so he simply made nobody doubt his identity at all.

“Reverend Yue Yan, if I remember correctly, just now you threatened to take my life to ask about mansion-guarding steles, didn’t you?” Dame Yan Ji says gently. At the same time, a hint of an indistinct ice-cold light shows up in her eyes.

Cold light spurts out, killing intent appears!

A black silk ribbon suddenly shoots at Reverend Yue Yan.


Reverend Yue Yan utters a loud shout from his mouth. Concurrently with this, his body dodges away. His low-grade immortal flying sword fends off the black silk ribbon directly.

Old Taoist Gan Xu, Gan Ming and Reverend Shui Rou have been mentally tense all the time. The moment the black silk ribbon shoots out, they snap. Immediately, the 4 loose immortals surround and attack Dame Yan Ji together. Another battle has started.

3 3rd tribulation loose immortals, consisting of Reverend Yue Yan, Reverend Shui Rou and Old Taoist Gan Xu, and a 2nd tribulation loose immortal Gan Shan are slightly weaker than a 4th tribulation loose devil like Dame Yan Ji. If they can use some joint formation, they will be able to change the situation.

However, the Qingxu Temple, the Ziyang School and the Lanyang School always compete with each other on the Teng Long continent. As elder-level figures from those different schools, how can the people such as Old Taoist Gan Xu possibly have any formations for executing joint attacks?

Therefore —

“My fellow Xiuzhenists, today if this fiend doesn’t die, we will. So, let’s go all out.” Old Taoist Gan Xu shouts furiously. There is even blood at the corners of his mouth.

While saying this sentence, he attacks Dame Yan Ji with several tens moves. All of his attacks are fierce and absolutely merciless. At the moment he does not dare to show any mercy either. But Dame Yan Ji is a loose devil so her attacks are even stranger.

Poisoned Tail Needles, Black Wind Ribbons,

The 2 main weapons of Dame Yan Ji’s are giving the 4 loose immortals a very hard time.

“Everybody, let’s go all out against this hag.” Reverend Yue Yan’s face is full of blood. His body has also been dyed red by blood. It is basically impossible to effectively defend against Dame Yan Ji’s Poisoned Tail Needles. Anyone who is a bit careless can have their yuanying pierced through by that tiny Poisoned Tail Needle.

Dame Yan Ji does not dare to relax in the slightest either.

These 4 loose immortals also know about teleportation. This technique can only be used in a stable space. If it is used in a space where energy is oscillating too much, the user can very easily fall into a spatial rift and get wrung to pieces immediately.

At the moment, the 4 loose immortals are attacking like crazy, disregarding everything. Even though they cannot injure Dame Yan Ji, they are causing the space around them to shake nonstop, making it impossible for her to teleport.

Wreaking havoc with the Black Wind Ribbons, attacking sneakily with the Poisoned Tail Needles,

But the 4 loose immortals also use their own magic powers. 4 flying swords and all kinds of talismanic seals are shot out with seemingly no regard for costs. Occasionally … these loose immortals even execute some formidable offensive tricks that they have been hiding.

In a certain resting house of the green jade palace,

Qin Yu is sitting with legs crossed and eyes closed on that bed. That black bead, which is lustrous like a pearl, is floating in front of his chest. His golden stellar energy is carrying the deep blue flame from inside his body out to burn the elemental holy essence unceasingly.

“Don’t be anxious, big brother Qin Yu. This is the elemental holy essence processed by Ni Yang at that time. Given your power, you should have a lot of difficulty personalizing it. Luckily, your internal flame is comparable to a Dacheng-stage expert’s so your personalizing speed is increased considerably.”

When Qin Yu has just started the personalization, Li’er advises him.

He then calmly personalizes the elemental holy essence.

Because it is the essence of a deposit of elemental holy rock, its energy is naturally extraordinarily powerful. When immortal Ni Yang forged it into the core of this palace in the past, he had to use quite a lot of immortal elemental energy, which formed the markings and completely fused with this elemental holy essence.

Now, what Qin Yu has to do is burn those markings using his golden stellar energy and internal flame to get rid of that immortal elemental energy then make his own energy and the elemental holy essence fuse together.

Although personalizing the elemental holy essence is relatively difficult, it only depends on his own energy and internal flame and does not require much mental effort.

“At first I thought Yan Mo, Azure Dragon and the like were the top echelons in power, but today various other experts have shown up. Those loose immortals and loose devils have shown up too. It’s laughable that in the past I even considered my power pretty good. Now looks like it’s still far from enough.”

Qin Yu sighs in his heart.

Heaven has given him too little time.

“If I was given 100 more years, I’m confident that I’d be able to fight these loose immortals and loose devils. But, when to open the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion wasn’t something I could decide. Luckily I’ve been helped by Li’er.”

When he thinks about her, his heart cannot help warming up.

“However, luck can only help me temporarily and not in my whole life. Besides, how can I grow up if I stay under Uncle Lan’s wing all the time? Now Uncle Lan is still here but he’s too powerful so he’s very likely an 11th tribulation loose immortal or a 12th tribulation one. When he achieves ascension, what’ll happen to Li’er?”

Whether it is his relatives or his beloved, he does not want them to suffer any harm.

“I’m really too weak.”

Qin Yu feels oppressed in his heart. Even though he has obtained yuanyings of Dongxu-stage experts, now he is already an early Core stage expert so those yuanyings are no longer very useful to him at all.

“If I can obtain a Kongming-stage yuanying or a Dujie-stage one, that will be great.” He talks to himself in his mind.

In terms of soul levels, Qin Yu’s soul is exceptionally solid. He has the right qualities to absorb Kongming-stage yuanyings, only yuanyings of that level are not so easy to obtain. After all, he is much weaker than those loose immortals and loose devils.

Suddenly —

His heart palpitates. He immediately focuses his entire mind on the elemental holy essence. He sees various golden beams of light radiating from the surface of the black bead. Those golden beams of light are created by none other than his golden stellar energy fusing with the markings.

The fingertips are linked with the heart. Qin Yu opens his eyes and pricks a fingertip without hesitation. A drop of blood comes out.

The elemental holy essence easily absorbs that drop of blood like sponge.

It then flashes with a dazzling blood-red layer of light on its surface. Right afterwards, it fuses with Qin Yu’s inside part.

“Congratulations on successfully personalizing this elemental holy essence, big brother Qin Yu.” Li’er’s face is full of happiness and has completely reddened.

Seeing her, he cannot help smiling broadly.

“Yeah, I’ve made it.”

“Oh …” His expression suddenly freezes.

“Are you okay, big brother Qin Yu?” Li’er hurriedly asks doubtfully. Qin Yu is dumbfounded like that in just a while. He quickly wakes up. His face is filled with ecstasy: “Ha-ha, Li’er, now I can indeed find everything in the entire palace of this immortal mansion. Plus, I can totally control those restrictive spells and formations as well.”

However, right at this moment —

Qin Yu frowns.

“Big brother Qin Yu …” Before Li’er can say more, he raises his hand to stop her at once.

When he has just activated the restrictive spells after personalizing the elemental holy essence, a voice unexpectedly rises in his mind.

“Lucky junior, I, Ni Yang, don’t know if you’re male or female, nor do I know if you’re a Xiuxianist or a Xiumoist. I don’t know if you’re a loose immortal or a loose devil either. There’s a sentence for you … I don’t know anything about you, but your luck is not bad.”

“The mansion-guarding stele unexpectedly wasn’t able to fool you. Since you’ve personalized the elemental holy essence, this immortal mansion is yours. Anyway, this immortal mansion can’t be considered precious, so giving it to you counts for nothing either.” Immortal Ni Yang’s tone is very unconcerned.

Qin Yu can also feel that this immortal Ni Yang indeed cares very little about this immortal mansion.

“Good Heavens! An immortal mansion that can drive loose immortals and loose devils crazy doesn’t mean anything to this immortal Ni Yang! What kind of big shot is he actually?” Qin Yu whispers to himself in his mind, but immortal Ni Yang’s voice continues rising in his mind.

“Ha-ha, junior, the real treasure in this Nine Swords Immortal Mansion is definitely not this Qingyu Immortal Mansion. Let’s see if you’ll have a chance to obtain it. In order to get that treasure, you’ll need not only power, but also courage and luck. You can’t lack any of the 3 qualities.”

Immortal Ni Yang laughs out loud.

However, Qin Yu’s heart jumps.

“A treasure even more precious than the Qingyu Immortal Mansion?” He is shocked in his heart.

Because just now he and Li’er talked so much with each other, he knows very well that elemental holy rock is very precious to loose immortals and loose devils. An immortal mansion made entirely of elemental holy ore with various kinds of treasures, restrictive spells and secret processes in it like this Qingyu Immortal Mansion should even make 12th tribulation loose immortals and loose devils excited unceasingly.

But this Qingyu Immortal Mansion is not even the most precious treasure in this Nine Swords Immortal Mansion.

“Power, courage, luck!” Qin Yu talks to himself again and again in his mind and ponders nonstop.

To have high and profound power, he must not only train hard but also have lucky encounters. Entering the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion this time is a lucky encounter to him. He simply does not know what that treasure which is even more precious than the Qingyu Immortal Mansion actually is.

But his heart is burning.

In the main hall of the Qingyu Immortal Mansion,

4 loose immortals are surrounding and attacking Dame Yan Ji. These 5 people are fighting very fiercely. Old Taoist Gan Xu and Reverend Yue Yan are the main force, Reverend Shui Rou uses sneak attacks and Gan Ming uses some attacks to distract Dame Yan Ji.

A sky-shaking boom is heard. A severed arm flies up. Right afterwards, there is an explosion and that severed arm is blown to pieces and a mist of blood directly. The whole main hall is filled with the blood mist.

Old Taoist Gan Xu’s body is sent flying and falls down. Now his right arm has been blown apart and the explosive attack Dame Yan Ji executed just now has even damaged his yuanying. Even though the 4 of them cooperated, in the end he still had to suffer injuries to hurt Dame Yan Ji.

“Senior brother!”

Gan Ming’s face is full of terror.

There is, however, a ferocious expression on Old Taoist Gan Xu’s face. Laughing strangely, he looks at Dame Yan Ji, who has just been slightly injured, and says via holy sense communication: “Yan Ji, you can injure me, but don’t even think you’ll get away with it, ha-ha …”

“Gan Xu, you little thief, you still want to injure me? Dream …”

Before she can finish talking, 2 air currents make her face change color greatly.

There is still a move after a move executed after another move!

“Merciless Fire and Water.”

2 powerful streams of energy twist together according to the mysterious concept of Tai Chi. The one extremely hot is Reverend Yue Yan’s attack and the one extremely cold is Reverend Shui Rou’s attack. Thanks to their profound cooperation, their offensive forces immediately increase exponentially.

A narrow mirage, an unexpected attack,

“Ah ~~~~” Dame Yan Ji suddenly yells. Her face immediately turns snow-white. Her white bones seem to be visible through the skin, which is very terrifying. The 2 Black Wind Ribbons are being waved towards both sides of her arms wantonly like whirlwinds.

At the same time, various Poisoned Tail Needles shoot out from her body in all directions. At the moment, Dame Yan Ji is not holding back in the least.

Reverend Shui Rou and Reverend Yue Yan smilingly exchange a look.

Both of them started to practice at the same time in 2 big schools. They both failed to overcome a tribulation and now they both are 3rd tribulation loose immortals. One is extremely hot-tempered while the other is extremely cold. However, not many people seem to know the true relationship between Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou.

When the 2 of them perform their special skills together, their combined offense is much more powerful than the sum of its parts.

A sky-shaking explosion rises.

“Dodge.” Reverend Yue Yan shouts furiously. By the time he finishes, his immortal sword has already been shot in front of Reverend Shui Rou like a meteor. Needless to say, this is not because he is attacking her but because Dame Yan Ji, who is currently badly injured, has arrived at her side.

A ripping noise of flesh getting mangled which can make people’s hearts palpitate is heard. Reverend Shui Rou’s left arm has been torn off violently.

At the same time, a sharp green needle has shot out from Dame Yan Ji’s finger.

“Are you all right?” Reverend Yue Yan stands beside Reverend Shui Rou and asks nervously. Just now, if he had not blocked Dame Yan Ji for a short time with a sword move, perhaps Reverend Shui Rou would have been killed by a sneak attack from an enraged Dame Yan Ji.

Although Reverend Shui Rou did not die, a badly injured Dame Yan Ji was still able to kill Gan Ming with a green Poisoned Tail Needle.

“Pu ~~~” Dame Yan Ji no longer has the seductiveness she did moments ago. Now she is like a white-boned fiend, her clothes are ragged, her entire body is covered in blood and her hair is in disorder. Only her eyes are even more brutal, ice-cold and bloodthirsty.

“Junior brother.” Old Taoist Gan Xu’s face changes color greatly.

His junior brother has unexpectedly been killed by Dame Yan Ji.

By now Gan Ming has already fallen to the ground. But all of a sudden … his body disintegrates and scatters like ashes.

The core of a loose immortal is the yuanying. When the yuanying dies, the loose immortal body also comes apart. If the yuanying is still alive, the body can recover no matter how badly it is damaged. Now Gan Ming’s body has turned into flying ashes, but … his yuanying is nowhere to be seen.

“Oh, where’s the yuanying?” Dame Yan Ji’s ice-cold face stiffens.

Her Poisoned Tail Needle penetrated the yuanying, but she definitely has not collected it. She has been keeping her eye on all the others so they absolutely could not take Gan Ming’s yuanying either. However … where has the yuanying gone?


Reverend Yue Yan’s name means Flame.
Reverend Shui Rou’s surname means Water.

End of b10c10.

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